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Hello everyone! This is my first fanfic ever, and I'm really very excited :)

I've wondered about this for a very long time, and I hope writing about it and seeing my reader's replies will give me more clarity.

Most people seem to have these on their fanfics so...I do not own any of Stephanie Meyer's characters and do not want to offend anybody. I just enjoy writing about them and exploring their lives in places that have not been explored.

Alrighty! Oh, I'm so nervous.........


Chapter 1

Sun and Surf


Leah Clearwater's POV


 Sam said he didn't mind, and he's the only one I have to clear anything with these days. Mom's permission is something I never need anymore. I'm a legal adult at basically 20, although, in "dog years" I'm supposed to be 37 or something insane like that. Anyways, Seth was actually the one with the idea, and he did a whole lot of convincing on my part, because having me-time isn't the best thing

I'm still recovering. I will be for the rest of my life. After Sam, after those long hours accepting my existance as nothing more than a genetic dud...that's something you don't forget. But I'm not a quitter, never a quitter. Why else would I still be here, alive?

Leah, I think to myself, relax. Don't think about Sam, about your life, just try to have a good time. Today was a good day. Let's keep it that way for another 7 hours and then we'll start again tomorrow. We'll start again with another good day, won't we? Yes, I suppose I have started reffering to myself in the plural tense, we, us, and all that, but I suppose it makes me feel less alone.

Quit moping, Leah! I chastize myself angrily. Get a grip! Good day! Good thoughts!

Okay, good thoughts, I agree with myself. And that is how I spend the rest of my evening.




The next day I cheer up considerably. I wake up in my small hut hidden in a grove of palm trees, only 50 or so yards from the beach. My front and back yards are sand, dirt, and scrubby grass, and of course, it's littered with coconuts shed from the towering trees surrounding me. The Sun is shining brightly, making a pale green, dappled, shadowy pattern on the ground, something I notice immediately as I peek through the tiny window above the sink. I'm fixing up some mangos and yogurt as some scrambled eggs sizzle into an omlet on the stove crammed into the corner. The toast pops out of the toaster just as I pour a glass of milk. Breakfast time.

I've been here in San Diego an entire three years, but Sam promised me it would be okay, and I haven't phased once to check in. Or to contact all those noisy, perverted werewolves. Or Sam. And I would like to forget that I'm something irregular for a while, so forgive me, but the last time I was a wolf was when I ran patrol with Embry over three years ago. I guess you could say I'm taking a sabatical, although a long one. And I am having fun, despite my hesitations. Believe me, I'm at least a much better swimmer. Speaking of which...

The breakfast remains safely located in the sink, my bikini on, all I do is yank on some shorts for modesty, grab a towel, and toss open the door. I don't bother locking it; I haven't once since I first got here.

I break into a run, the only thing that reminds me of my other form. As I begin to reach a possibly populated zone I slow to a proper speed, eventually jogging then walking as the beach-goers come into view. Tourists enjoying the waves, locals chatting about the latest gossip...the familiar scene soothes me. I spread out my towel in a clear area and sit down for a moment. I dig my toes into the soft, grainy, sun-warmed sand. I bury my feet up to my ankles, tightly packing in the sand. As I wriggle my toes deeper, I feel the colder, damp sand lurking beneath the surface and sigh delightedly. The coolness is very welcome one my naturally 105 degree skin. An even better remedy would be the chilly ocean water, but not know, I don't want to get wet just now.

Some cute, half naked toddlers run by on chunky legs, giggling uncontrollably. A little girl in a pink swimsuit, complete with the little frill skirt lets out a squeal of sheer delight as her half naked twin brother, toting a bucket almost as tall as he, trips, smacking straight on onto his plump little belly, his bucket skittering across the sand. He looks quite shocked and lays there for a moment. I lean forward and extend a hand to him, offering a genuine smile. He couldn't have been more than 3, and I love kids. They are so innocent and sweet, and I want some of my own some day. He puts chubby hands into my mine and scrambles to his feet. I hand him his bucket and he grins adorably. Just then his mom comes jogging over and scoops up the girl into her arms.

"Thanks for helping out Thomas," she says sweetly to me, smiling appreciatively. "I lost these rascals for a second." 

"They're cute as can be," I tell the woman. Lucky girl. Happy kids, no doubt a loving husband, a day at the beach. But instead of feeling jealous and ungrateful, I feel warm and happy. Hopeful. Even optimistic. The woman takes Thomas's hand and turns back, leading her kids towards their spot on the beach. I watch them leave, the strangest feeling of sheer content spreading through my whole body. Thomas hands his bucket to his mommy and turns right around as he walks, thrashing his little palm in the air in front of him. A moment later I realize he's waving at me. I flash a smile and wave back. His enormous grin widens even further, popping the cutest dimple in his left cheek. The foreign feelings of hope and happiness and all these others without names expand and consume me until I start laughing, actually laughing for real. I lay back and stretch out on my towel, smiling sucking in the warmth, and enjoying the San Diego sun and surf.

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so a happy moment for Leah, yay! and to clarify, the dilemma i talked about, the one i've been thinking about, hasn't been addressed yet. i'm still "setting up" :)

enjoy, and thanks for reading!


Nice Lilly :)

Post soon!!


@Rachel DreamerOfTheSky

-thanks to both! I knew you would be my first readers :) it makes me really happy

i will definitely post more and keep you updated as soon as i do!

thanks guys!

I loved it Leah sounds like she's happy for once(: I can't wait for more
thank you! i wanted to make her happy because i like Leah but she will have some major conflicts coming up in the story, but it should hopefully turn out okay :)
thanks! I'll post soon

that's alright, thanks for commenting in the first place! 

its always appreciated whenever you "stop by" :)

You'll see! As the author, I can't morally tell you the plot ahead of time :)

okay i will update soon it is just i've been on a science trip to florida with no internet access! got back only yesterday

i will post ASAP :)


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