The Twilight Saga


         I looked at the now silvery pink scars that ran down my entire arm.  Had he really done this?  Had he really scarred me for life?

         It made sense that I would get hurt, I hadn’t wanted to see myself fighting my best friend.  I hadn’t opened my
eyes once. 

         Had I really been angry enough to attack him?  My hands shook with fury.  I
wasn’t angry with him, I couldn’t stay mad at him; I had never been able to.  I was mad at myself.  Mad at myself because I had been so
close to hurting him.  When all he
had done was try to protect me.

         “Kensee, I’m so sorry.  Please, you have to forgive me.” I hadn’t heard him come up behind me, but now that I knew he was
there, I couldn’t help but be angry. 

“Look at what you did!  And all you wanted to do was help!”  I held out my arm so he could see it… still without ever looking at his face.

“Please, look at me!  You have to believe me!  I… that… that wasn’t me!”  His words forced me to
turn around and look at him in disgust.

“What do you mean it wasn’t you, you-“ I stopped, unable to think around the feeling overcoming me now.  He looked at me like a blind man seeing the light for the first
time.  I must have been staring at
him the same way.  The fragile
lines that ran down my arm had not only caused me pain, but had also given me a
reason to turn around and face the one thing that was my life now.  My only reason for living.




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God, Austin sounds hot. *wipes sweat away from brow* Please post more soon!!!

Love, Lexi Volturi
i bet austins going to imprint on kensee! :) loved it!! update soon!
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well i think they shared a moment back there =) So bring on the drama!! So they can be together already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So UPDATE SOON!!!!
You guys have NO idea how amazing it is, to wake up every morning, and log on, and see all your comments!(: It makes my day!:D so thank you SO SO SO SO MUCH for reading!(:
loved it!!!!!
Hey great story write more soon
I just read all 3 stories from beginining to end (Or what you have) and i am in LOVE with your writing!! its amazing!!!
Thank you SO much!!!:D
"Austin, yesterday, when I asked you if you wanted to go dress shopping with me, I was kidding.  You know that right?" "Yeah, I know." he chuckled as he looked through the dress racks.  We were at the mall, it was Saturday and cram packed full of people, all of them seemed to be intent on crushing Austin and I.  "Besides… Alice told me to take you shopping.  She said she was too thirsty to come today, that she needed to hunt, otherwise she would be here." "But, Austin…" "No but's, to the dressing room!" he led the way, pushing people out of the way as he went.  There were at least a dozen dresses in his arms, he hung them all up for me and closed the door.   "Austin… this is insane!"   "Just start trying things on!" I groaned and started stripping out of my clothes.  "I want to see them on you!"   "You sound like my mom!" he laughed. "Actually, I was trying for Alice." "Try again, your voice needs to be squeakier." "I want to see them on you!" he repeated sounding like he had sucked in a bunch of helium.  I threw my head back, hitting my head on the wall and started to laugh. "Oh god I wish I had recorded that!" "I'll do it again later, so you can." I could almost hear him grin through the door. It took 2 hours to try on all the dresses.  Every time I handed Austin a 'take back' dress, he would bring 2 more back for me to try on… he was just as bad as Alice. We ended up stuck between a ruffly, white one, and a blue satin dress.  Austin decided, that if Alice were with us, she would buy both.  So we did.  After I made Austin redo is Alice impersonation, we put the dresses in the car, then drove down to the bay. "This is nice…" Austin murmured as we walked along the tiny shoreline, picking up seashells.  "But First Beach is so much better, though." "It's a lot bigger, too." I laughed.  We had already walked the length of the beach, and were now sitting at the very edge, around the corner from the docks.  No one, unless they had saw us walking, knew we were over here.  It was nice, to say the least.  Despite the fact that we could still hear the sounds of the busy little town behind us.  First Beach was much better… "I love Saturdays." Austin said, leaning back in the wet sand.  "You don't have to do anything." "Except go dress shopping." I mumbled.  Despite the fact that I lived with Alice, I had yet to inherit her love of shopping. "Oh, come on… You didn't have fun?" "I had fun because I was with you… not because I was shopping." "Aren't you related to Alice?" "That doesn't mean anything… I just haven't inherited it yet." I laughed and stood up to brush the sand off of my jeans.  "We should probably head back." "Translation: This beach sucks, we should go somewhere else." "Exactly." I grinned.  I loved how he could tell exactly what I meant when I said things. 
We didn’t really end up going anywhere else, just back to the familiar cabin that was my home away from home.  We sat in my room eating popcorn and watching Tom and Jerry reruns.  Laughing at the stupid things Tom and Jerry would do to each other… even though it really wasn’t that funny.  
We had both fallen asleep watching TV, when I felt my phone vibrate in my lap.  I sighed and picked it up, taking it out of the room to answer it so I wouldn’t wake up Austin.
“Kensee, it’s Edward… Sam just called wondering where Austin was.  It’s almost time for them to start patrol, I think Sam wants Austin home…” I sighed, and rubbed my eyes trying to wake myself up.
“Okay.” I grumbled.  I didn’t want to have to move right now, I wanted to sleep…
“So wake him up and send him home.”
“Oh, and Kensee.  Come over after Austin leaves.  We need to have a family meeting.”
“Okay…” What could we be having a meeting for?  I hung up and rubbed my eyes again, stumbling back into my room and shaking Austin awake.  
“What?” he said rolling over and groaning.  
“Your dad called.” I murmured.  “It’s almost time for patrol.
“Aw man…” he sighed and rolled off of my bed, and hit the floor.  I helped him up off the floor then walked him to the door, watching him phase and run off into the woods.  My werewolf best friend… who could ever dream of the crazy world I lived in?
I walked to the main house slowly, enjoying the misty rain that was starting to fall around me.  But when I walked into the main house, I wished I had just stayed out in the rain.
They were all sitting around the table, none of them speaking.  They all had the same looks on their face’s; uncertainty, and sadness.
“What’s wrong?  Did something happen?”
“No, nothing’s happened.” Edward answered.  Nothing had happened… but something was wrong.
“Then what’s wrong?”
None of them answered, they just stared at the table.  I silently walked to the empty seat by Bella.  When I sat, she patted my knee.  They stayed quiet for a few minutes, none of them wanting to admit what was going on.  It was Carlisle, the favorite of my grandparents that spoke up.
“We’ve been living here, in Forks, for around 50 years…”
“People are growing suspicious.” Esme said quietly.
“We don’t go out much anymore, because we’re supposed to be much older than we look.” Rosalie didn’t look up from the table as she spoke.  Their words finally sank into my head… I knew what they meant by their words, the reason for the meeting was obvious.
“W-we’re l-leaving?” I stammered, tears welling up in my eyes.
“We don’t have any other choice…” it was my mother who spoke now.
“What about us!  Why can’t we stay?” I shouted at her.  She bit her lip.  
“I don’t want to be separated from my family…” she murmured.  “I know that’s not what you want either.”
“I don’t want to be separated from everything I’ve ever known either!”
“We don’t really have a choice Kensee… its part of this life, and so are you…  I’m not that happy about it either.”
“What about the pack?” I said, glaring at my dad now.  “Are you going to drag them away from their families too?  Or just leave them without an alpha?”
“As far as I know, Leah will be taking over.” He said.
“Oh, so you’re leaving them with a tyrant… because that’s so much better!”
“They can take care of themselves.” He said sternly.
“So can I.” I mumbled harshly.  “I can live here by myself, get a car.”
“Kensee, you can’t live by yourself, we want you with us!”
“Then we can be like real vampires and never leave the house!  We can tell people we’re leaving, and keeping this as a vacation house or something… then just stay here!  It’s not like we have to go anywhere!”
“People will still be curious… they’ll come snooping around and they’ll see we’re still here.”
“We can say we’re on vacation!” my pitiful attempt at changing their minds had come to an end.  I could hear the defeat in my voice, and I knew they could hear it too.  “There has to be something else… some other option.” I sobbed standing up and running out into the rain.  I heard my mother try to get up and follow me, but someone stopped her.  
I did nothing but walk the path Austin and I had walked the other day.  By the time I reached our little clearing, it was pouring.  My clothes were soaked through.  My hair hung in wet twists that clung to my back.  I sat where I had the other day, and let my head fall forward into my lap, my tears soaking into my already soaked jeans.
What about Austin?  That was all I could think about… if I moved, I wouldn’t see him.  There would be no more walks on the beach, no more races to our secluded clearing, no more tapping on the window late at night… no more comforting hugs, no more kisses on the top of my head…
Then, what about Roark?  What would I do without him around?  I had to admit, things weren’t the same as they used to be with him and I, but we were still together, as far as I knew.  I enjoyed seeing him everyday, more than I probably should, but I did nonetheless.  
The long day of shopping, combined with my crying episode had exhausted me.  My eyelids felt heavy; my eyes stung with tears and were blurry from the cold rain.  I knew nothing good could come from falling asleep in the forest, but I curled up on the wet ground anyway.  Squeezing my eyes shut and trying not to let my body shake to pieces because of the cold.  It was getting dark, the rain had stopped, and all I could hear was the sound of my quiet sobbing and water dripping down through the leaves.
It took me a while to drift off, but I did eventually.  Before I drifted into unconsciousness, I could have sworn I heard the sound of leaves rustling beside me… could have sworn, that when I opened my eyes, I saw a dark wolf standing guard by my side. 


Austin was guarding her!!(; 

How sweet!  But sad chapter!! :(

Austin is just ... just ... so cute and sweet and caring !!

Ahh how can theu move why now *sobs* Austin needs her Austin is so sweet I bet it was him guarding her lol write more soon


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