The Twilight Saga


         I looked at the now silvery pink scars that ran down my entire arm.  Had he really done this?  Had he really scarred me for life?

         It made sense that I would get hurt, I hadn’t wanted to see myself fighting my best friend.  I hadn’t opened my
eyes once. 

         Had I really been angry enough to attack him?  My hands shook with fury.  I
wasn’t angry with him, I couldn’t stay mad at him; I had never been able to.  I was mad at myself.  Mad at myself because I had been so
close to hurting him.  When all he
had done was try to protect me.

         “Kensee, I’m so sorry.  Please, you have to forgive me.” I hadn’t heard him come up behind me, but now that I knew he was
there, I couldn’t help but be angry. 

“Look at what you did!  And all you wanted to do was help!”  I held out my arm so he could see it… still without ever looking at his face.

“Please, look at me!  You have to believe me!  I… that… that wasn’t me!”  His words forced me to
turn around and look at him in disgust.

“What do you mean it wasn’t you, you-“ I stopped, unable to think around the feeling overcoming me now.  He looked at me like a blind man seeing the light for the first
time.  I must have been staring at
him the same way.  The fragile
lines that ran down my arm had not only caused me pain, but had also given me a
reason to turn around and face the one thing that was my life now.  My only reason for living.




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Not much going on in this chapter, but still good(:
Sorry, about how pointless that chapter was... but i needed a way to start everything out again, and this was the only way I could think of doing it/:  It'll get a lot more interesting... i promise(:
good as ever
loved it!!
post soon!!
AWWW they are super duper cute together!!!! cant wait 4 the visitors!!!!!!! lol update soon!
loved it!!
I love the end. It was so eerie and perfect for this chapter!
I'm in love with your writing *screams*


Wow..Im glad you posted again..I  was beggining to wonder..Lmao

I love it..Im glad Austin and Kensee are good

I wanna see action between Austin and

Cant wait for more

Thanks for update!!! can't wait to see how the rest all unfolds...................until you post again

i hope that you update soon!!!!

i love the story!!




that was so so so so so so  so so so goooooddddddd keep going!!!!!!!!!!! :D





“Kensee, please don’t argue… just trust me.  You’ve blown out almost all of your “patrol clothes” and you’ve outgrown all your school clothes.  Whether or not you want to shop with me today, you’re going to.” Alice dragged me behind her, into the biggest mall in Seattle.  Apparently Port Angeles wasn’t good enough for this shopping trip.

“Alice, I really don’t think this is necessary now… it can wait a week or two can’t it?”

“I’ve already waited as long as I could!  Yesterday, you wore sweats to school Kensee!  Sweats!” she spat the word out as if it tasted bad in her mouth.

“They were exercise pants, for one, and two, they were Burberry for crying out loud!”

“You still wore them!” I sighed, and continued to let her drag me further into the mall.  There was no winning with Alice.

“Just pretend this isn’t going to be as much of a hassle as it will end up being in the end.”

“Are you telling me this or yourself?”

“Does it matter?”

“I guess not…”

“Then don’t worry about it.”

“Sure thing Alice… sure thing.”

Jane and Bailey weren’t even on my side.  They followed behind Alice and Rosalie, throwing clothes over their arms for me to try on.  Jane and Bailey were looking for patrol clothes for me, while Alice and Rosalie were looking for “normal” clothes.  You could hardly call $300 shirts and $500 pants normal clothes, but they threw them over their shoulders without a care in the world.

And of course there was always the icing on the cake; Bailey and Jane were grabbing ridiculously bright and fluorescent jogging pants and sports bras… for some reason they seemed to believe that the brighter the clothes were the better.

“It’ll be easier for you to find them in the dark!” Bailey said enthusiastically as she grabbed another bright pink jogging shirt.

“For one: It’s not like I’m jogging down a highway at night… the point is for people not to see me.  And two: I didn’t have a problem seeing my clothes before…”

“Well, don’t you hide them in the woods or something?”

“Yes… but I know where I keep them… we keep the right by the house.”

“But these colors are so fun!”

“You should have stayed in Florida…” she giggled and gasped in excitement as Jane threw a fluorescent green pair of shorts at me.  Bailey picked them out of the air before they could hit me.

“I’m keeping these for myself!  These are amazing!” I rolled my eyes and went to sit by myself on a bench right outside of the store they were in.

I took three steps towards the bench, and almost turned back around and ran into the store again.  But of course my luck got the better of me; Roark turned around at the same time I did.

“Kensee, is that you?” No kidding, who else would it be?  I spun around, an obvious grimace clear on my face.  My hands and arms began to shake.  In an effort to try and keep myself under control, I clenched my teeth.

“Roark.  Great.  Thanks for ruining my day.”

“You don’t have to be so hostile.  It really is unattractive.”

“I suppose I should thank you… after all, if it wasn’t for you being an ass, I would have never realized who I ’m meant to be with.” He rolled his eyes dramatically and changed the subject.  I sensed a small amount of jealousy and smiled, it would be fun to use it to my advantage. 

“I don’t see you around school much anymore.”

“Its because I’m avoiding you, I thought it was pretty clear myself, but then again maybe its not so obvious to an idiot.”

“Now that’s just rude.”

“So is what you did to me.”

“I thought you were thanking me for that, though.”

“I was being sarcastic.  If I were thanking you, I would be much happier.”

“Are all the girls in the Cullen family this way, or is it just you?” he sneered.

“Oh no, it’s all of us.  You mess with one of us you mess with them all.  So I would be careful if I were you… just a thought.”

“What are a bunch of rich, snobby girls going to do to me?”

“Rip your head off.  Shove you through a wall.”

“I’d like to see you try.”

“And I’d like to see what your face looked like if we ever did try.”

“What’s up with your arms Kensee?  It looks like you’re having a seizure.”

I looked down to see me arms shaking harder than they had before.

“It’s none of your business.” I muttered before turning around and walking quickly back into the store.  I almost ran into Alice as she made her way out.

“What’s wrong?”

“Lets get out of here.  Please.” I glanced over at the bench where Roark sat, staring.  Alice followed my line of sight, and let out a hiss.

“I’m with you.  We’re done with this mall.  The other malls have better stores anyway.”  Alice led the way past the bench where Roark said, and to the escalators.

Our mood for shopping had evaporated by them time we got to the cars, so instead of going somewhere else, we loaded up and drove home.




“I could kill him… I could-“

“Austin, honestly, it’s not that big of deal.  I made it worse by making my stupid remarks.  Don’t do anything you’re going to regret, please.”

Austin had been fuming for almost an hour now, growing angrier and angrier by the second.

“It makes me sick to think that he even has the nerve to talk to you!”

“That’s enough Austin!  Now all you’re doing is reminding me of something that ruined my day, so please stop.” He grew silent, looking at me apologetically.  I felt bad for phrasing it the way I had, but I really just wanted him to stop talking about it.

“Sorry…” he mumbled, pulling me into a hug.  He let his hands linger on my waist as I pulled away.

“It’s fine.” I smiled, and leaned in to give him a kiss.  “I love you.”

“I love you too.” He kissed me back.  We stood staring at each other for a moment before he broke the silence.  “So what did Alice buy you?”

“Everything.” I mumbled dramatically.  To be honest, I really wasn’t sure what all I had been bought.  I saw a few bags from Victoria’s Secret, and swooped in to grab them before Austin could search through those… who knew what Alice could have bought there.  I threw them in the closet before Austin even knew what I had done.

“What was that?”

“Nothing…” I grinned, and began to go through the clothes and separate them to be put in the closet, or in my dresser.

There were a lot of fluorescent colored sports bras, and jogging clothes that were supposed to be for my “patrol clothes” when in all honesty, I probably would only wear them to sleep in.  There were a few pairs of sweats and t-shirts that had been bought for me… so I could always use those.

Most of the normal clothes, were perfect for the “new” me though.  They were made to look thick, but were really thin enough not to suffocate me, of make me sweat out all the water in my body.  Most of the jeans were cotton, rather than real denim.  The shirts were as thin and lacey, there wasn’t much to the shirts, so I would have to wear an undershirt at the very least, but that I could deal with.

The sweatshirts and jackets were made to look thick, but really were a waste of money; they were almost as thin as the shirts.

I had been bought a few pairs of boots; all of them except for one pair were made of some kind of thin fabric.

There were two pairs of flip-flops amongst the shoeboxes, along with a few pairs of strappy sandals, and a couple pairs of heels.  

A few pairs of cotton pajamas had been bought, and to top it off, all the mysteriously lacey items in the bags I had thrown in the closet, which quite frankly, gave me the heebie jeebies.

The entire shopping trip, not counting anything the others might have bought for themselves, would have cost around $2500 dollars or better.  The sad thing was, though, it was probably one of the cheaper Cullen family shopping trips.

Even after I went to bed, I still couldn’t sleep.  My run-in with Roark would be keeping me up all night… that was just how my mind tended to work.

Austin tried a hundred times to take my mind off of the horrible urge I had had to rip Roark’s head off… but it was no use.

So now I sat in the dark silence, listening to Austin snore beside me, fuming over everything that had happened that day.

It was just my luck that today was Sunday… that meant school in the morning.  I had already missed enough school this year, and I couldn’t afford to miss anymore.

Looks like I was going to school in the morning.

That should end up interesting.


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