The Twilight Saga


         I looked at the now silvery pink scars that ran down my entire arm.  Had he really done this?  Had he really scarred me for life?

         It made sense that I would get hurt, I hadn’t wanted to see myself fighting my best friend.  I hadn’t opened my
eyes once. 

         Had I really been angry enough to attack him?  My hands shook with fury.  I
wasn’t angry with him, I couldn’t stay mad at him; I had never been able to.  I was mad at myself.  Mad at myself because I had been so
close to hurting him.  When all he
had done was try to protect me.

         “Kensee, I’m so sorry.  Please, you have to forgive me.” I hadn’t heard him come up behind me, but now that I knew he was
there, I couldn’t help but be angry. 

“Look at what you did!  And all you wanted to do was help!”  I held out my arm so he could see it… still without ever looking at his face.

“Please, look at me!  You have to believe me!  I… that… that wasn’t me!”  His words forced me to
turn around and look at him in disgust.

“What do you mean it wasn’t you, you-“ I stopped, unable to think around the feeling overcoming me now.  He looked at me like a blind man seeing the light for the first
time.  I must have been staring at
him the same way.  The fragile
lines that ran down my arm had not only caused me pain, but had also given me a
reason to turn around and face the one thing that was my life now.  My only reason for living.




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Hahaha, Just because I tell you EVERYTHING, doesn't mean you can ruin it for other people!


*Edited by mod for vulgarity*

AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWho did she choose?.....She said new alfa does that mean she pick sam so she could be with Austin?.....urrr  ..............until you post again

:O !!! Who does she chose!?!?

Please post soon Rachel !! :)

Aawesome. :)

I cant wait to find out who she picked. :))

plz tell me she choose her father right?


OMG that sucks they have to pick..OMG

No cliffs..why??why??

Oh lord I wonder who Kenssee pick

her daddyo or father in

Updated Me soon

NO ! how could you ?>< I'm going to be so obsessive over this now !¬¬ 
It was amazing though. As Always !:D xx
I think shes gonna become her own alpha! Because she couldnt hear the other wolves in her head but the alpha! Love it btw!
Who the hek did she choose?????? post REALLY soon!!!
all three stories in one ight! exausted.

new reader... please post soon...the suspense on which pack she chooses is making me crazy.


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