The Twilight Saga


The sound of glass breaking startled her already fast beating heart. Who had glass? How did they have glass? Where did it come from? She looked around the forest, it was entirely still and yet she knew that something was wrong. He wouldn’t just leave me, she thought desperately. She knew that in the past, it might have been a different story, but now it was different. Now they were connected. He wouldn’t leave her and she wouldn’t leave him. They had been through too much to let go now. She thought of all the monsters, all the wicked people, all of the things that they had seen. He would not leave her, especially not without saying goodbye. She heard a scream, female by the pitch, off in one direction and some inhuman gurgle in another and then only the silence from before remained. When finally a familiar voice called out her name she stumbled forward, following in the direction it come from. Her feet fumbled into a small clearing, what her eyes saw before her ripped her heart from her chest. Literally. The sky was suddenly in front of her eyes along with the tops of the trees. Her clothes began to feel wet and warm as red liquid leaked from the hole in her chest. She vaguely heard her name being called and saw a flash of brown hair before everything went black and her senses died.

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I like this a lot! I really do hope you continue! Oh Jesus, what is happening to her?!

Haha! Thank you! I definitely will! I'm working on the first chapter right now! 

Sounds mysterious!  I would like to read more.

Thanks Seugnet!

I'll post as soon as I can!!!

oooh interesting!!! post more soon!!!!

Thanks vamplvr27!

I'll hopefully be posting the first chapter, or part of it, by the end of the weekend. =D

Mystery, mystery....

Who is he?

LOL. Do continue Claire, I'm glad to see you writing again.

Haha, thanks for reading girly!

I'm glad to be writing again. I've missed it so much!

So very mysterious Claire!

I really like it! :)


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