The Twilight Saga

It's been years now since the Volturi left Forks. But one thing is evident, they aren't happy. They were outnumbered greatly, with much more than just vampires. The gifted, they were everywhere. Bella, the shield. Edward, the mind-reader. Alice, the future seer. So many more were lined up, waiting to strike. How could it have happened? Aro had collected so many talented vampires. But that wasn't enough. He needed more. Now with the guard creating more and more newborns, they've created a little army of their own. A strange, new, powerful army, capable of luring in the gifted Cullens and taking down any who refuse. Such a pity, so destroy such power. But the Volturi know, if means collecting the gifted... it's worth it.

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Chapter One.....

Not in shyness but in disgust the young man turned his face from me and strode down the cobblestone road, hurrying until he was out of sight – and after all, even if we came by some miracle upon a language we both knew, what is it I might saw there in the orange light of early morning, in the young man’s resting time, that would have any pluck or worth in it?

As I sat on the hotel balcony, my legs dangling freely through the rusted bars and over the edge, I pondered calling after him. For, if I were to call after any stranger, he would be the one. Unhappy with the idea of finding myself thinking of boys, I decided to direct my train of thought other places. To the sunrise, to my teacup, to the tall vase of poppies sitting on the hotel dining table, or maybe to where my gaze currently lay, out observing the view of Volterra, Italy.

Volterra hadn’t been my first choice. I had wanted to visit Greece or Hawaii, but my class had chosen otherwise. It was a tie between France and Italy. Both locations seemed to sappy to me. Of course, that hadn’t stopped my junior high school class.

“Kitty!” called a high tune from the balcony doorway. Kitty, I mused. What an awfully stupid nickname. But I appreciated it. It was the first nickname a friend had ever given me. I didn’t bother to glance behind me. I already knew who it was. May.

“Yeah?” I called back, placing a hand around my warm porcelain teacup. My gaze flickered to where the young man had left.

“We’re almost ready to leave for the tour. You coming?”

I nodded, turning to reply to her, but she was already gone. Off to fix her makeup I presumed. Our teacher had booked us a tour of Volterra, recommended by the locals of the town. Three classes from other schools and colleges had already taken the tour. It was highly enthused.

Taking a soft breath, I helped myself up and took the teacup, setting it upon my bedside table. Twenty-five kids had gone on the trip, three per room. I was housed with May and Jessica. May was easily dealt with. She was talkative, but not to chatty, friendly, but not to clingy. Jessica however was less of a three. She had never wanted to be roomed with us, and it showed. She was model beautiful, with long light brown hair and bright hazel eyes. But her face was nearly always pinched and her eyes frequently narrowed, one could rarely tell. Manipulation was the name of her fane, yet her large collection of friends was so large you could barely notice.

Taking a look into my suitcase, I knew she had stolen my top. “Hey, Jess did you-?”,I faltered. They were gone. Without taking a moment to think, I dressed myself in a matter of seconds, checking the mirror as I finished. I wore a fresh white summer dress with silver flats, and my pale blond hair tumbled down my back in tousled waves. I frowned. My pale gray eyes seemed nude without any makeup. I cursed under my breath and grabbed my tan messenger bag. I had to leave.

“May, Jessica, wait up!” I called, running down the stairs without bothering to use the elevator. The dimly lit stairway was deserted. No friends in sight. And the rusty bars that helped me from falling gave me no comfort. “C’mon, c’mon,” I muttered, running as fast as I could. I was fast, but leaping down the stairs I felt as if I might trip and stumble. I turned a corner and found myself in the front of the hotel. My entire class was lined up for role call. I sighed in relief.

“Oh, Stella,” May cried, running to me as she brushed a strand of pin straight black hair out of her face. “I wouldn’t have left you but Jessica was impatient.” She frowned, as if made at herself.

“No, it’s okay,” I replied. I shook my head, trying to soothe her. Honestly, I couldn’t stay mad at her for long. “Someone decided to steal my top.” I stole a glance at Jessica as May followed my gaze. She smiled softly. It was so like her.

“Ms. Savage!” Our teacher stood on his toes, looking into the crowd that had now gathered.

“Here!” I raised my hand.

Finally, May was called. “Wu!”


We both settled in the back of the bus, coughing and waving away the heavy fumes of the gasoline. “Ready?” she asked.

I set my bag at my feet and nodded. “Yeah…”

Our tour was suspiciously short. We hit all the major spots of Volterra, lingering only for a minute or two before moving on. The towers appeared centuries old, standing tall like great reminders of the city’s former glory. In the bright glittering sunlight, the bumpy roads and side streets seemed sprinkled with gold. Yet it wasn’t all pristine. Pale green weeds sprouted from the tiny cracks in the paths and tiny yellow daisies jutted through the stones, tiny pops of color brightening the neutral brick houses. I sighed and relaxed into my seat, finally succumbing to the city’s beauty. Our tour bus, a bright silver bullet that sped through the city, didn’t seem to at all match the location’s rustic feel. But it made me feel at home.

“Stella, look!” May pointed out a tall stone clock tower. It was grand, but not at all what I had expected for our next stop. It was lighter than the other towers, casting a foreboding shower over our bus as we neared it. With a medieval feel, I expected it to be one of the oldest buildings. Still, I expected more.

“Are we stopping?” I asked, reaching for my small bag. It held all my essentials; wallet, phone, camera, student I.D.

Before she could reply, our teacher began to direct us. “Alright, we’ll be stopping here for a while. Our second tour guide will lead the way.” He began to blab on about staying polite, not wandering, hands to yourselves. It was nothing I hadn’t heard before. But that didn’t mean I would follow them. I turned my head to gaze out the darkly tined window. I couldn’t see our guide, but standing in the deep shade I knew she was there.

“You may go,” sighed our teacher, attempting to count heads as we all rushed out of the bus. We flooded the tower entrance, all twenty-five of us standing in a mob of anxious teenagers. Out teacher herded us inside, snapping at us until we formed into a semi-straight line. But judging by the way he rubbed his temples, I knew he had already given up.

Standing inside under the soft natural light of the clock tower, I immediately felt cold. Should I have brought a sweater? I looked to the others who seemed just as chilly as I was. I rubbed my arms. Strange, though at least I wasn’t the only one. Suddenly, the boys began to murmur. Four began to giggle. One brave child whistled.

“Hello and welcome to Volterra!” our guide cried, clapping her pale olive toned hands together. She flashed a terrifyingly bright smile, but some instinct I had told me it was false. “I’m Heidi, and I’ll be showing you around today!” Another smile spread across her pale lips, this time more convincing. We were all enchanted. All but May and I, who exchanged skeptic glances.

The hall was silent and unresponsive, the only noise coming from the loud gong that rang outside. I glanced to the large rustic wooden doors from which we had entered, but they were shut behind us. I frowned and looked back to Heidi, who’s sparkling smile had faltered ever so slightly.

“Well, then I suppose I’ll show you to the main chamber then.” She led us through multiple doors and stairways, every turn we made least bit old or medieval. In fact, they all seemed quite new. But no one paid any attention to the scenery. They all looked to her, Heidi, our stunningly beautiful tour guide with the thick brunette hair, strikingly long legs, and strange violet eyes. She was what kept the boys whistling and the girls silent with jealousy. Yet her looks meant nothing to me, when all I could think about was how frightening she was.

Then, I stopped. May stopped with me. “What are you doing?” she mouthed, keeping silent as not to get us in trouble. I put my index finger up to my lips and began walking in the opposite direction. I’d give us a real tour. May shook her head and took a step back. I had already begun walking. With a tiny pout, May chased after me.

The tower seemed to have a simple layout. But none of it was impressive. The rooms were all clear, empty, and monotone, smelling heavily of scented air freshener. Any interesting rooms were locked and the cracks one could normally sea through were sealed. “Let’s go,” May whispered after we were good and separated from out group. “They’ve probably noticed we’ve been gone by now.” May began heading back to the main chamber, but I headed to the front desk. Panicked, she followed.

“Excuse me,” I murmured once we had reached the receptionist. “We lost our group.

The young woman looked up, strikingly pretty, with dirty blond hair and soft brown eyes, which appeared suddenly frightened. Had I said something to scare her? I looked to her name tag, which read in clear black letters. Julia. I stared at her in confusion, trying to find an answer. But all she could do was bob her head quickly and point us to a seat. The, I heard the shrieking… right before the footsteps arrived.

“Jane, I told them. I would find five gifted vampires and they would promise me safety. I found five,” a sharp voice spoke from up the hallway. Vampires? I began to panic. Vampires?

“Unique gifts, rare gifts, gifts we haven’t seen before. That’s what they wanted,” a younger man replied. He sounded soft, cool, soothing, but the first man wasn’t convinced.

“Not silly mediocre gifts that mean nothing to us.” This time, it was a girl who cut in, calm, but slightly snappish. I could only imagine it was Jane.

I looked up to Julia who had begun to sweat, although the room had suddenly become cooler. May and I exchanged frantic glances. Could we run? No. We’d have nowhere to go.

“Now, now, sister… Eleazar,” the young man replied.

“I give you one more and then I leave. No more, Alec.”

“Aro appreciates it,” Alec replied.

They all turned the corner, falling silent the moment they spotted us. They were unreal. The middle aged man widened his eyes in surprise. The two twins, no more than my age, looked absolutely bored, although the brother seemed slightly disturbed. The brother! Oh, the brother. He was the young man I had spotted from the balcony. Then, I really saw them, their pale porcelain skin, oddly colored eyes, angelic features. How could I have not seen them before? They were radiant. Beside me, I could hear May choke out a soft cry in shock. She had seen them to. Great, so I wasn’t crazy.

“Eleazar,” the young sister began, breaking the unpleasant silence even the receptionist had been trapped in. “Are you sure you don’t want a bite to eat?” The girl’s deep red gaze locked on me. “Of course, we’ve already had our fair share… But you seem hungry.”

Eleazar shook his head, still staring at me. Why were they all staring at me? Had I done something wrong? Did I look strange to them? They were the strange ones. I hadn’t even spoken.

“Fine,” she sighed, as if May and I were some tiring chore. “I guess I’ll settle for dessert. Brother?”

Alec broke out of his trance, pulling his gaze of me.

“You take Buttercup. I take Bubbles.”

Before I could speak in protest, both twins had already lunged.

“Wait!” Eleazar cried, pointing a finger to me. “That one’s gifted. I can tell.”

Something sharp tore at my throat, crushing my airways as I released a raspy gurgle in distress. Dark blond hair blocked my vision, darker than my own. A body dropped to the floor. May! I struggled for a moment. Then, I went numb.

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Ta-da! :3 There, all done! I hope to update soon. I've just been itching to write more. Obviously, I don't own Jane, or Alec, or Aro, or Eleazar (poor Eleazar, forced to find vampires set against killing his friends). I do not own any Stephenie Meyer characters, only my own (Stella & May... -sigh- May D: R.I.P). I really don't know why I'm posting it, you really should already know I don't own them. Oh, well xD So, yeshhh. Feel free to comment! In fact, I'd really appreciate some encouragement & feed back. And if you don't have anything nice to say, well, come at me bro! -bares teeth and growls- Just watch, no one's going to comment........ Oh, by the way, that supermegaawesomefoxyhot banner up top -points up- was made my your's truly. So, feel free to make some requests!

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