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Harry Potter/Leah CrossOver Fic! CANON.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or any references to Stephanie Meyer's works. I do not own Harry Potter or any version of J.K. Rowling's works.

Chapter 10

"It's quite simple, actually," he said with a grin that dispelled the serious mood a little, but not completely, "if we want to do something, then we should just do it."

Leah smiled back. "That's simple enough. So if you want to go on a date, then you just do it?" she smiled, a bit challengingly.

"Ah," he said, acting all wise, his fake voice making her giggle. "But, what is a date, my dear?"

She pulled a face at his acting, but thought about it nonetheless. A date was... "I don't know..." she shrugged, "movies, dinner, dancing, I guess. Stuff like that."

Harry's smile became victorious. "Exactly my point. If you feel like movies, you go to the movies. If you feel like dinner, you go to dinner... you get the point. Why the need to call it a date?" he asked her, challenging her right back.

She thought about it. She wanted to say it made it more special, but that was exactly his argument. It would only end in him smiling victoriously and probably some gloating. "I know!" she cried out happily. "It gives it a different mood. Like, it signifies that you can do stuff like kiss, and hold hands," she brought up their hands to show him the example, "and gives the whole thing a more romantic feel. So that you can hold hands throughout the dinner, instead of just eating breakfast before work and stuff." This time she smiled winningly.

She expected him to bow down to her superior logic, or at least grumpily concede defeat. What he did, though, was just look at her condescendingly. "And why can you not do stuff like kiss, or hold hands, or just eat breakfast and leave when you feel like it?"

Leah pulled a face, thinking she felt a bit like she was cheated. It was basically his same argument, only reworded."It makes it more special," she grumped stubbornly, going back to the original argument, even though he would be all victorious about it.

But he wasn't.

Instead he asked a question, "Which do you think is more special," he asked, pinning her with an intense gaze, making her pout disappear, "if I were to kiss you after a date..." she looked at him with wide eyes, her breath speeding up, "or if I kissed you every time we were to be apart for a few hours - if every time you went to patrol, I gave you a kiss to think about," he started to inch closer to her, his eyes smoldering into hers. "Tell me which you would prefer."

Leah stared back breathlessly. It took her a full ten seconds to get lungs under her command again. Her eyes were wide and couldn't close them even if she wanted to. He got even closer to her. "Would you rather have an amazing first kiss that you'll always remember..." she could feel his breath going straight to her nose now, making her even more light headed, "or not being able to remember it, because each and every last one of our kisses are just as amazing as the first?

She stared, wide eyed.

"Hmm?" he asked her in a hum, their noses almost touching.

The only thing that brought her out of her shock, was the small warning her subconscious gave her, giving her a passing thought about how much she'd be laughed at if she froze, especially after all the time that she wanted a kiss. She had day dreamed about it, even when her packs were phased with her, every day – practically hourly. They would never let her live it down. Hell, she'd never let her live it down. Their first kiss... and she'd ruin it.

"The second," she stuttered out.

"Me too," he whispered. He brought a hand up to her face and caressed her cheek just a bit. "But," he suddenly said cheerfully, fully opening his eyes, which she just noticed had started to get hooded, "since this is a date, I guess you'll have to wait for a regular time," and with a last grin, he got up and started to walk away.

Leah gawked at his retreating form, her whole being protesting. All she could think was: foul! It took her a few seconds to get out of her shock, her mind screaming at her that she should not just let him do that.

That [vulgarity removed] was so not cool.

She got up and stalked over to him. However, just as she reached him and was about to unleash a torrent of profanities his way, he turned around and grabbed her face. Shocked once again, she didn't react when he touched her lips with his. She could only stand there like an idiot while he grabbed her lower lip with both of his and very lightly tugged on it. The pleasure of it would have probably frozen her anyways, since she felt her eyes want to roll to the back of her head.

And just from a kiss! She was quite frankly a little scared to do more.

He pulled away from her, and she finally told herself to stop being stupid, and to finally do something. She grabbed his face with both her hands and brought him back, putting everything into the kiss. She put all the love she'd had, all her gratefulness and devotion for how much he healed her, all the disire and the outrageous amount of need that she had every time she saw him but couldn't touch him; she put all of that into the kiss.

While all of that went through her mind as she was kissing him, he had started to kiss back again, grabbing her waist with one hand and pulling her closer roughly, bringing their bodies together snugly. The other hand went to her other hip, but this one caressed rather than gripped, touching the patch of skin that wasn't being covered by her shirt. It felt like her skin there was even hotter than her normal one oh eight.

It was quite frankly a sacrilege that she'd gone the past weeks without doing this.

It was blasphemy. It was an insult to her life. Never again would she let it go that long without kissing him.

She moaned into his mouth and opened it a little, flicking her tongue on his lip ever so lightly, trying not to get too carried away, but already gone enough where she couldn't have stopped it. He instantly responded, touching just the tips together, but didn't try to deepen it more than that, neither of their tongues going into their others' mouths.

Their lips had started out dry from the cold, but they were wet now from their tongues coming out to play. She could feel Harry's cold face, and she pressed hers harder against his, trying to share warmth, and getting an appreciative moan from him.

Although, his moan was music to her ears, the position made it harder to deepen their kiss.

In a way, she was thankful for that. She always day dreamed about taking him practically anywhere, and even imagined all the different outrageous scenes that she would willingly do. But they were all just dreams.

Right now, she was very close to losing control and making them reality.

So she took her hands away from his chest, where they had been caressing him – and when had that happened – and one down to her side to take some of the intensity away. The other went back to his face, to push away if she needed to.

She felt him push his forehead into hers and pull his lips away. When she opened her eyes, she found his hooded ones smoldering right into hers...

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