The Twilight Saga

This is a story about when the world gets cut in two. which side of the wall are you on?oh and all the charaters in this story are mine/totally random names.

Chapter 1
What Happened?

im a 14 year old girl named Holly and im telling you my story.

it was a normal Saterday morning, just sitting around, watching tv in my pjs. When IT happened.

the terrible earth quake that turned the world agaist each other. Thousands-no MILLIONS of people

died. They now had 2sides of the earth seperated by a giant hole 1/4 of a mile long. And wouldnt u

know it the place where the quake happened was a oil/gold field and each side wanted it so they

build a glass wall in the middle(or close anough). Why Glass? SO they can see if the oppisite side

was planing an atack. And thats exactly what happened.

Chapter 2
The Fight

coming next week...

i want all your comment-good or bad i want bad to so i can improve on my writing skills

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ummm...good start but it was kinda like a movie preview in my eyes, barely enough to give the reader a taste of whats gonna happen. my advice is to keep writing, it looks really good.


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