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The third story in Twilight-Harry Potter Cross-Over, the Half Blood Vampire follows the Cullens as they become further involved in the world of Harry Potter during the events of The Half Blood Prince. What happens when a rapidly maturing Renesmee and Jacob's wolf pack become more and more connected with the world of wizards? And how is Aro and the Volturi involved with He Who Shall Not be Named and his followers, the Death Eaters? Is it all connected?


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Chapter 1: A New Adventure

** The last week of School **

“Come on, Kristina,” the girl called, “We’re going to go outside.”

Kristina barely paused as she ignored her friend. Ug, we always go outside. “I wanna go explore.” She called back as she jumped up the marble staircase two steps at a time. Her foot caught the corner of one of the missing steps after the second landing, causing her to stumble, but she quickly righted herself and continued on, breathing heavily as she reached the third landing and waited for the section of stairs to shift their positions so she could go further.

She loved the homey closed-in feeling of her Hufflepuff quarters in the basement near the kitchen. The circular shaped halls and dimly lit rooms were comforting and secure. But today, she had a sudden burst of curiosity to explore this castle she’d called home for the past six years. Aside from going to classes, she’d not wandered far from the Hufflepuff house, the grand room or the Quidditch pitch. In fact, she spent much of her time curled up in one of the plush chairs in the Hufflepuff common room or, on nice days, out in the grounds reading a book.

She loved books. She could spend hours immersed in stories and she had a particular fetish for muggle fiction. It amused her how so many of the fantasy fiction books had their basis in actual history from the days before the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy. Over the years the actual accounts grew and became more elaborate until they were written down and bound into books like her favorites, Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. In fact, she very much felt like Frodo, in her little Hobbit hole in the lower level of the castle.

The Hogwarts library was sadly lacking in muggle fiction except for a few classics. But wondrously, after her first year, a novel would show up now and then in the Hufflepuff common room. Her interest, a source of great amusement to her classmates, and embarrassment to some, was always encouraged by the headmaster. Dumbledore would stop her periodically in the hallway and ask her what she was reading now and how she was enjoying it.

And so, Kristina’s life of adventure had existed primarily between the pages of books – except that today she felt the sudden thrill to seek her own adventure. Perhaps it was the end of her History exam, or maybe it was simply the fact that she was between novels right now. Whatever it was, it drove her higher and higher up the stairs pausing only to catch her breath now and then. Finally, when she hit the seventh floor, she took off down the hall.

She’d heard there was a secret room up here – the place where Harry Potter and his group had practiced Defense Against the Dark Arts. It hadn’t sat well with her how Harry and the others had been portrayed – as the villains. Something told her there was truth to Harry’s story – the one she’d secretly read in The Quibbler, hidden between the pages of a large book of spells. Besides she never did like Professor Umbridge, even though the woman praised her for sitting dutifully in class and taking careful notes.

“You’ll go far with that attitude, young lady,” she’d said in her sickeningly sweet voice, pulling Kristina aside after class. “I’m sure there will be many doors open to you in the Ministry, perhaps as a court recorder, or even an aid to one of the higher ranking officials.”

“Thank you Professor,” she’d said politely. She hadn’t pointed out, as she wanted to, that she had no interest in working with the Ministry of Magic and especially not with a high ranking official if they were anything like Professor Umbridge. It wasn’t like Kristina to be impertinent or question authority or break the rules. But ever since the Weasley twins had left, she’d felt more of a desire to do… something, though she wasn’t quite sure what that was.

What if I found that room? She thought suddenly. I could practice like Harry’s group… She froze. She’d never done anything like that. To even think of doing something that was forbidden nearly drove her back down the stairs to her friends who were surely waiting for her by the side of the lake, sitting peacefully, enjoying the warm weather. But the curiosity to at least see the room drove her on.

It won’t be breaking any rules to just look at it, she reasoned to herself as she set off down the hall. If she’d been paying more attention to the gossip, she’d know that the entrance was hidden opposite the tapestry depicting the attempt of Barnabas the Barmy to teach trolls ballet. But she’d just been at the climax of The Wizard’s First Rule when the news broke. Try as she may to pay attention to the conversations around her in the common room and at the dinner table, the story was just too fascinating and so she’d only caught snippets here and there.

Now she cursed herself for not paying closer attention as she faced a series of corridors and had no idea which way to go. Taking a deep breath she headed down one, got to the end and turned, looking for anything that might resemble a secret passage. Of course, having not explored the castle previously she had no idea what she was looking for and at one point found herself staring into a broom closet full of… brooms and a few boxes.

She’d just about convinced herself to leave and go back downstairs when she heard some voices coming down the corridor.

“Pick up the pace Crabe! Umbridge just summoned us.” the unmistakable sneer of Draco Malfoy echoed against the stone walls.

Kristina looked around. She had no reason to be up here and suddenly felt a lump of fear fall from her throat clear to the pit of her stomach at the thought of being discovered. She thought back to the broom closet. If she ran, maybe she could make it before the voices caught up to her. She started retreating as quickly as she could without allowing her shoes to clink against the stone floor.

“But what about the room? I thought you said you wanted to see how…”

“Hush, Goyle… Leave the thinking to me!” Draco snapped back cutting him off.

The voices were closing in fast. Kristina was sure they were going to turn the corner any minute. Instinctively she backed against the wall as she rushed. The footsteps were getting closer.

Maybe they won’t notice me if… opps! Suddenly she slipped, falling hard on her bum. WHAT? She gasped looking up. In front of her, where moments before she’d been looking down the hall, she saw only a stone wall. Hesitantly she reached out and touched it. The tips of her fingers passed effortlessly through the surface. She snatched her hand back.

The foot steps stopped.

“Hey, I just saw-”

“Crabe, you imbecile, if we don’t return to Umbridge immediately, we risk the position we’ve built for us. Being on the Inquisitorial Squad provides us the freedom… Ah, why am I explaining this to you – come on!” Draco huffed.

It sounded like they were right in front of her, but she could see nothing but the wall. The footsteps started moving again and quickly faded away.

She didn’t know what to do. Could she now leave? Had they gone far enough that she could escape undetected? Or had they simply paused at the end of the hall, waiting for her to emerge?

She didn’t think that was likely. Draco seemed in a hurry and it was unlikely Crabe or Goyle would deter him. They weren’t exactly Ravenclaw material, either of them. She laughed as she imagined the expression on Crabe’s face when he saw her fingers protruding from the wall, only to have the entire experience ignored by Draco Malfoy.

She’d never had much use for Draco. Though he was a year younger then her, he’d always acted superior, as if she and the rest of the Hufflepuffs were to be completely ignored.

Now that the immediate danger had passed, she wondered, what were they doing up here anyway? There were no classes or exams up here now that Divination’s been moved to the main floor. And the Slytherin common room was down in the basement somewhere, just like Hufflepuff.

Draco said something about a room, she pondered. Could he mean the room Harry and his group practiced in? But what would they need that room for now?

As she pondered this, she looked around at her surroundings. Only now did she notice that she wasn’t sitting on the floor, but on a step. In fact, as she glanced back, she saw that she sat on the first of a series of steps that ascended up toward one of the towers. Where did they go?

She’d heard enough from others to know the castle held many secrets. Of course, she’d never gone exploring any of them. She’d heard though, of hidden passages to Hogsmede, stairs that appeared out of nowhere that would take you from the basement up to another floor undetected. She’d even heard about the various secret passages Harry Potter and his friends had discovered – like when he found the trap door under the three headed dog… or the Chamber of Secrets where that awful beast was…

She hesitated. She could never be brave like Harry. The thought of simply being somewhere she had no good reason to be terrified her. And yet, maybe just this once, she could be brave enough to see what was at the top of the stairs.

You’re being silly, she told herself. It probably just goes to the Divination room or one of the other towers… no big deal.

Still she sat deliberating. She wasn’t sure how long she’d been there when she thought of Frodo, and how he was just a frightened little hobbit, but he went on to do such brave things. It had only taken one step at a time. And so, with that thought blazoned in her mind, she stood up and turned to face the stairs.

One step at a time, she told herself as she rose higher and higher up the steps. Before long the steps ended at a large wooden door.

Now what do I do? She wondered, I could just go back… But even as she thought it, her hand reached for the door knob. I hope there’s not a giant three- headed dog in here, she thought as she pushed the door open.

Two things flashed through her mind at once. First the recognition that she was in Professor Dumbledore’s office and second, that it wasn’t a giant three-headed dog, but a giant one-headed wolf.

It heard me, she thought as it turned its huge head. I’m going to die.

And then the room spun before her eyes and faded to black.

** EDWARD **

“Do you ever wonder what your life would be like now if you’d never met me?” I asked Bella as we lay, curled up with one another in the huge post bed at a large manor house, in Little Whinging, half a kilometer from Four Privet Drive. We’d moved in a week ago, after our visit from Dobby the house elf. The bed, the plaster walls, the hard wood floor and the scent of the ancient home, all reminded me of the nights at Venlaw last year. Of course, there were some distinct differences, I thought as I looked over Bella – for one, she didn’t sleep through the night anymore.

She scowled back at me in the dark, “You’re not going to go into that again…” she barked back, “I thought we’d settled all this, Edward. I had no life before you. You’ve given me every-”

I cut her off with my kiss. No, I didn’t really wonder anymore. Somehow she was meant to be a part of my life. Without her, I’d never learned what it meant to love. Without her faith, I’d never have discovered my soul. Without her persistence, I’d never have come to meet my beautiful daughter, sleeping soundly in the next room – our miracle baby.

Hardly a baby any longer. Carlisle continued his regular examinations, now down to once a week. He confirmed her rapid growth and development was slowing. Still, by 3 months of age she’d been closer to five years. At six months, she was seven and a half in her physical development and even more mature in her mental abilities. And now that she was just past nine months, she was beyond nine years in maturity.

And she was a voracious learner. While we’d continued to monitor Harry over the past year, Carlisle had taught her mathematics, geometry, biology, and social sciences beyond her grade level. Esme and Rosalie rounded out her education with classical literature, history and geography.

It was the one grievance of this gift that her childhood would be so short. Carlisle projected her non-linear growth pattern would even out at around two years when she’d hit her teens and continue at a steady pace until age seven at which point she’d be a mature seventeen. This left little time for a true childhood and all the normal experiences I wished for her – school, friends… It really was a small thing. I’d already been given so much. I dare not ask for more.

I was startled from my thoughts by a crash in Nessie’s room.

“Renesmee!” Bella exclaimed as she dashed from the room, snatching her robe along the way. She beat me by three point two seconds.

Nessie looked up at us with those huge brown eyes she inherited from her mother. Those eyes, like her mothers’ had been, were filled with wonder and ageless wisdom… and now were filled with tears.

“I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean to…” She stumbled over her words.

“It’s okay, baby.” Bella went right to her, scooped her up and cuddled her on her bed. “It’s alright…” she soothed as the tears fell.

I glanced from them to where her bedroom lamp lay smashed in shards across the room – fifteen and a half feet from where it should have been on her bed stand. What would have possessed her to throw her lamp across the room? And, moreover, I wondered as I examined the wall from where I stood by her bed, why didn’t it hit the wall? It would have taken little effort for her to have thrown it with enough force to have left a dent in the plaster. Instead, there were no signs of any contact with the wall. The remains of the lamp simply lay on the floor, sixteen inches from the wall.

Edward – let it go…

Bella’s stern warning echoed through my mind. From my daughter I got only a cacophony of pictures – mixture of memories of similar times with Bella or I or both of us comforting her along with the memory of the lamp smashing to the floor and her feelings of shame.

I’m so sorry, Dad. The thought was accompanied by a reflection of my face – bewildered, calculating, cold.

I felt ashamed. Here she needed reassurance and I was caught up in the puzzle. I sat down, wrapping my arms around both of them. Kissing her head, I whispered, “It’s okay… no harm done.” The following series of projected images from my daughter showed only the pleasure and warmth of acceptance and love. I marveled that I should be so fortunate as I basked in the love of our small family – the next adventure of my life.

Edward. My father called to me as I watched Bella go through the motions of creating Nessie’s breakfast in the kitchen. Though Nessie was more then capable of preparing her own breakfast, and truly preferred blood, Bella held on to this one tradition as often as she could. It had been in her nature as a human to be a caregiver, something the harshness of her transformation had not burned from her.

Edward, I’m wondering if maybe Renesmee is going through a preteen awkward stage… Bella communicated, momentarily lifting her shield. She flipped back through a recent onslaught of injuries and damaged property.

“She is your daughter,” I teased as a kissed her neck. She quickly jabbed me with her elbow. I wrapped my arms around her, following the line down her neck to her shoulder, inhaling her scent, still so potent though not nearly as painful. “Let’s discuss this a little later. Carlisle wants to see me.” I whispered in her ear, nipping on the lobe before tearing myself away. It was nearly impossible as I was tempted to pull her from her food preparation duties and take her back to test out the sturdiness of the four post bed.

If you can spare a minute… Carlisle pushed with a hint of amusement.

Finally, I fully turned from Bella in the direction of Carlisle’s temporary study. He smiled as I walked in. “Everything okay?”

“Nessie’s broken another priceless antique.” I offered, eyebrow raised. I didn’t think he’d called me here to discuss his granddaughter’s emerging clumsiness.

He waved it off with an indulgent smile. “Actually I was wondering if I could take another DNA sample.”

“Sure…” I replied, scraping the inside of my cheek with my finger nail, stronger then any stainless steel instrument. “But you already did tests years ago?”

“There’s a new method of mapping the genetic code coming out of the University of Cambridge. It is truly fascinating. I’m running the house elf sample that Dumbledore convinced Dobby to provide as well as Jacob and Nessie. It far surpasses the technology I had back when I first analyzed our DNA. The advances in the past few years…” He continued as he passed me a dish to deposit my sample.

“Sounds like something that will keep you busy for at least a couple days.” I smirked, enjoying seeing the look of adventure on my father in the face of new discovery.

Carlisle’s mind was racing – an amazing feat for a vampire. “…I’m going to need a sample from Bella as well. I want to compare it against the sample I collected prior to her transformation…”

“What are you thinking you might find?” I interrupted. Could there be a way to return? Could we become human again? These were the questions I wanted to ask. Any one of us would give all we had – well perhaps not Bella. She seemed extraordinarily pleased with her new life.

Carlisle knew what I really wanted to know and evaded the questions. “I have no idea, Edward. I’m just curious.” You should understand that.

“Of course” I knew that all to well. Carlisle’s thirst for new knowledge was almost as insatiable as Nessie’s… I turned for the door, pausing before leaving, “I’ll ask Cedric to look at the lamp when he wakes… or” I paused cocking my head to one side, “when I see him. He’s up.”

Sure, sure…Carlisle thought then smiled, amused. It would seem Jacob’s influence on the family had extended beyond Renesmee’s nickname. “Let him know I’d like to see him.”

I nodded, leaving. Cedric had already made his way to the kitchen. His mental voice was working through the preparations for a bacon and cheese omelet for Leah.

“Morning, Edward.” He greeted as I silently entered the room. He was getting better at that.

“Morning…” I eyed the various ingredients. The smell still caused my nose to wrinkle in disgust. Even with familiarity, my aversion to human food hadn’t dissipated. “Later, when you’re done with Leah…” I started.

He immediately flushed red, misinterpreting my comment.

“I mean, when you and Leah are done with breakfast, we have a lamp in Nessie’s room-”

“Leah heard – I took care of it on my way down.” He smiled.

“Great” How did I miss that? Oh yes – my preoccupation with Bella’s neck… “And Carlisle would like to ask you for a sample of your DNA to do some genetic testing.”

“Oh… okay…” he said uncertain, “Ah, do you think it will take long for him to find my DNA? Mum’s coming to the city. I’m trying to arrange a visit.”

“I’ll only take a few seconds,” I assured him as he continued to wonder what his DNA was and what would be involved. “He’s learned of a new technique for mapping our DNA. He wants to do some comparisons…”

He stared back at me blankly. Clearly terms like genetic testing and DNA mapping were not part of the standard curriculum at Hogwarts. “It’s where he looks at the smallest building blocks of what makes you, well, you. He’ll just scrape the inside of your cheek.”

“Oh, is that like when he talked about Leah having an extra… um… chromosome?” Cedric asked, trying to piece together some past knowledge.


“But why-“ he started to ask, then paused unsure if he should – if he really wanted to know.

“He’s curious,” I replied. It was the easiest explanation without divulging the details of our secret longing. “Carlisle is a scientist. He’s always looking for answers – gaining greater understanding.”

Like Dumbledore Cedric mused as he flipped the omelet in the pan. “Well sure, he can take a look.” Maybe he’ll find an answer for Leah having a child…someday.

“Maybe he will.” There was no secret longing in Cedric’s thoughts. He was in no hurry to move down the path of parenthood.

I left him to his chore and sought out Bella and Nessie. I was amused to see Nessie dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. Alice and Jasper were away on a hunting trip and Rosalie and Emmett were out watching Harry – or at least we hoped so. The last time they were on duty, they became otherwise occupied and Harry slipped out for a tour of London’s Tube.

Nessie was nose deep into a Jane Austen novel. I recognized the worn, dog-eared copy from Bella’s collection. Meanwhile Jacob sat not so patiently in a nearby chair, shuffling his feet, pretending to watch soccer, or rather football, on the TV.

“If you’re so bored why don’t you get out for a run?” Nessie suggested with a hint of annoyance. She’d started to become a little more testy at his constant attention in the past week, a development that didn’t fail to please me.

“I’m fine.” He sulked, watching her long finger brush a strand of copper curls away from her face. Every day he made note of how much she’d grown. And though his thoughts had remained pure thus far, is observances never failed to annoy me.

Edward, he can’t help it. You know that. Bella cautioned, as she reflected back the murderous expression that crossed my face. I quickly rearranged my features into a pleasant smile.

Jacob shifted in his chair, torn between his desire to get outside for a run and his need to be with Nessie. “So, uh, do you wanna go out… later?”

“Mmmm, I don’t know.” She replied purposefully annoying him.

“Oh,” he replied, getting up to stretch and stalk off to the kitchen to rummage around for nothing in particular. She watched him go over the edge of her book, bemused at his frustration.

Bella watched the entire transaction intently. Once Jacob was out of the room, she turned her gaze on Nessie. Nessie stiffened, knowing what was coming. She reached out for Bella’s hand before Bella said a word.

I know I’m not being nice… she flipped through several incidences in recent weeks where she’d acted like this. I don’t know why, but part of the time I just want him to leave me alone – but then I miss him when he’s gone.

Bella squeezed her hand, leaning in to whisper too quiet even for Jacob’s keen ears in the next room. “I know it’s hard to spend every waking minute together. Just remember that he’s your friend. You don’t need to hurt his feelings.”

I know. I don’t want to…I always feel guilty after… It’s just – I don’t know… she huffed.

“You’ve been cooped up in the house for a few days. Maybe you should get out for a bit.”

“Go out by myself?” Nessie exclaimed out loud.

“You know we can’t allow that.” I jumped in. “With everything that is going on – it’s too dangerous.”

She slumped forward, just as Jacob rounded the corner. “If you want to go out, I’ll take you.” He said with a huge grin on his face.

For half a second, Renesmee’s face tensed as if considering something painful. Then, in a move that she could only have inherited from me, she smoothed out her expression and placed a smile on her lips. “Sure, Jacob. That would be great.”

“Talk to him.” Bella whispered as Nessie got up, acting as if she hadn’t heard a thing and joined Jacob.

“We’ll take a new Portkey this time,” he suggested, “someplace you haven’t been yet.”

“Oh,” Nessie’s interest suddenly piqued, “Okay, that would be great… Can we hunt?”

“Yeah – for sure.” Jacob grinned, suddenly switching which Portkey he was going to use in his mind. They were heading for the cave up in northern Scotland, the one we’d gone to when trying to evade the Volturi.

“Be safe.” I warned.

“I’ll bring her back safe and sound.” He nodded solemnly, then took Nessie’s hand and pulled her to the door.

“I’m not sure what to do with her.” Bella said after they’d left.

“She’s growing up… It’s hardest for her – this wasn’t her choice, to be stuck in a house most of the time, hiding from Death Eaters and watching over a young wizard. She should be with kids her own age, in school.”

“Kids her own age wouldn’t be out of diapers yet.”

“True – but you know what I mean.”

Bella nodded her head. “It’s like the clumsiness. That was what it was like for me just before I hit my teens. I was never very graceful, but I recall it got significantly worse after I turned nine. It was so embarrassing. I guess I went through a growth spurt or something.”

I wanted to ask is she was sure that was all it was. Something about the recent occurrences was bothering me, but I couldn’t put my finger on what. So I just agreed, “Well, can you imagine how you would have felt, being stuck inside with no friends, no one to talk to.”

Bella frowned, “I never had many friends. I just hung out with my Mom.”

“But after you came to Forks…”

“I was with you.”

“Angela… Jessica….” I named, frowning. I wouldn’t have really counted the last as her friend.

“Okay, I see your point. I seem to recall being rather put out when I wasn’t allowed to go to La Push.” She crossed her arms, glaring at me.

I narrowed my eyes at her accusation. She smiled back, teasingly. She got up and wrapped her arms around me, kissing my chest, reaching for my neck and, finally my lips when I bent to meet hers. The brief tension melted away under her touch. How had I ever come to deserve her? To deserve a family, a child… and now a purpose – a way to help and, in some way, to atone for my sins? I had indeed been blessed.

NOTE: Welcome back everyone! Thank you so much for continuing with this story. I really hope you like it. There should be some interesting developments along the way and, as always, I'm glad to have you along for the ride!
love it and can't wait to see where you take this one Erica
thank you so much Ellaryne! I can't wait either! :-)
awesome fabulous fantastic marvelous rocking...
I really loved it ur just a great writer u have a real talent and i wish that you shud write a book of ur own ur own creativity this too i cud call ur own book but u know the character aint urs and i wud love to read ur book.
U know have read many crossover but this is just outstnding
many of them can make beautiful ff and crossover but urs give me a fresh feeling as if m reading it all for the 1st time.
Hope u update asap...
Loads of hugs love and kisses
Wow, thank you so much sadaf! I too hope someday I'll have enough creativity and talent to write something of my own. In the meantime - this is a lot of fun!

thanks so much for sticking with it! :-)
love it cant wait for more!!!!!!!
Thanks Sabrina! :-)
i love it!!!!!!!!!!1 great start to a new story :))) cannot wait for more!!!!!!!!
Oh my goodness - Harry Potter - it's you! :-D (okay, maybe I'm a bit tired - I'm getting silly) Thanks so much! Hope you like it!
okay, I lied - my document was 16 pages, but I realized when I looked back at it - that included the beginning of chapter 2... so this was only about 11 or 12 pages! :-)

And yeah - he's figured it out... Actually he's more worried about the fact that I follow peterfacinelli.
Thanks so much nik - I'm just glad you're still reading it!
Awesome! I am soooooooo glad that you are continuing!!!!

Love it and can't wait for more!!!!



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