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The third story in Twilight-Harry Potter Cross-Over, the Half Blood Vampire follows the Cullens as they become further involved in the world of Harry Potter during the events of The Half Blood Prince. What happens when a rapidly maturing Renesmee and Jacob's wolf pack become more and more connected with the world of wizards? And how is Aro and the Volturi involved with He Who Shall Not be Named and his followers, the Death Eaters? Is it all connected?


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Brilliant as always
Thank you Zathura! :-)
Ah, the Denali's - yes we hear a bit about that in the next chapter. It was a difficult phone call to be sure!

And thank you so much! Again, I'm honored and glad to be a highlight! :-) and I hope you're right!
Great chapter as usual! :) Interesting about the vampire that took part in the witch hunts! Can't wait to find out more about that! And congrats on getting into the creative writing program!! Hopefully I'll see your name on the shelves of Borders one dayy!!! :D
Thank you Tabitha! ah yes... very interesting! And I would more then love that... :-)
Thank you so much B! I just hope I can learn something and improve!
Damn it, this sucks! I'm all caught up now. :(

I had gotten busy with work and had to stop reading half way though the last book and I've spent the last two days catching up. It was sooo awesome! Both the story and being able to binge on chapter after chapter. I need more Erica, this is all your fault that I'm addicted to your stories and am going through withdrawls. HELP!
LOL! I had to share your comment with the husband. I found it amusing as well!

And, I'd appologise, but to be perfectly honest - I'm sorta glad you're addicted! But not to worry, I have more available. I just posted below! :-)

Thank you!
Eriica where are you
I need more
seriously though I mean I know you need to take your time
to write so great but im dying
Here I am... and here is more
Chapter 4: Where There’s a Will…

** EDWARD **

“Can I please come with you?” Nessie asked, her bottom lip slightly protruding, her eyes wide in earnestness.

Please let him say no, please let him say no… Jacob chanted in his head. We’d agreed to take her with us to watch Harry the previous day. Alice had seen nothing more then some wandering around the neighborhood and a good hour spent sulking in the playground. It had been torture for Jacob as he remained back at the house. His misery had provided a bit more pleasure then I really should have let it.

Bella looked between us, biting her lip. I didn’t need to read her mind to know she wasn’t sure this was a good idea. We were to the Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix. And though there was no evidence the Death Eaters knew about the house, the chance that they could, at any minute, arrive should have been more then enough reason to leave her at home.

Instead I asked, “Dumbledore what do you think?”

“Certainly enough time has passed – if Bellatrix knew of the location of the house, someone should have arrived by now.”

“Please!” she insisted, “I know I need to listen. I won’t get into trouble.” She touched Bella’s face as she flickered through pictures of the past few days, focused especially on the day spent with Bella and I under cover. Please, I need to get out of the house…

“Well, I suppose we’ll just be in the house…” Bella started to say, looking at me for a reaction. Imperceptibly I nodded.

Groan Jacob sighed.

“I can come!” She grinned excitedly.

“Yes.” I replied to her delight, “But you must stay right with us and if anything happens…”

“Nothing will! It will be fine…” She said excitedly.

“Well, seeing as that is settled,” Dumbledore smiled, his eyes twinkling, “Shall we?” he gestured toward the back door, to the yard we often departed from, either by apparition or Port Key. And, in very little time we were experiencing the now familiar feeling of being squeezed from all sides before arriving in the middle of the street.

“Normally I’d have us arrive right on the porch, but seeing as you’ve never been here, well, we must take the normal route.”

“Normal?” I asked as I looked at the houses before me. There seemed nothing particularly unusual about them. In fact, they seem rather ordinary. From the sound of heartbeats there were humans in both and from their various conversations, it was unlikely they were magical.

“Why are the numbers off?”

I glanced from Nessie to the houses again. Yes, she was right. The numbers were off. It skipped right over 12 going from 11 to 13…

Dumbledore handed me a slip of paper. “I suppose I could find a more fantastical way to do this, but this is traditional.”

I looked down at the slip of paper. The headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix is 12 Grimmauld Place.

Instantly a crack emerged between numbers 11 and 13, and amazingly the street began to expand as a house suddenly pushed the other two houses away to create space for it. I felt Bella squeeze my hand as she experienced the wonder with me. I pulled my self away just long enough to appreciate the expression on both my wife and daughter.

“Shall we?” Dumbledore gestured toward the steps.

I’d seen the house through the memories of Alice, but it wasn’t the same as being here myself. I already knew how important it was to remain silent as we entered through the front door, avoiding the wrath of Mrs. Black. I already knew that at the end of the hall was a doorway that would lead us down to the kitchen, and that the stairs would take us past a series of house elf heads hung on the wall in honor of the past servants.

“While you’re here, I’m assuming you’d like to gather any of Tanya’s personal effects for her family?” Dumbledore asked tentatively.

I felt a sudden tightening in my stomach, like it was experiencing apparition within me. The memory flooded back, the phone call to Kate, Carmen and Eleazer.

“Eleazer.” Carlisle had said as he answered the phone. “Are Carmen and Kate with you?”

There was a brief pause, “Yes, they are now.” Eleazer answered. “And Garrett as well.”

“I think, perhaps, I should speak with Kate directly.” Carlisle said. The phone was handed over.

“Carlisle, what is this about? How is Tanya? We haven’t heard from her in a few days.”

“Kate, as you know, Tanya became very close to Sirius over the past few months. It’s just becoming clear how close they’d become.”

“Yes,” Kate said, pleased. “I think they’ve mated. I’ve never known Tanya to be like this in all her many centuries… Have they gone off somewhere?”

“In a matter of speaking,” Carlisle hedged. He’d never been one to avoid a problem, but this was infinitely more difficult then anything he’d had to face yet. “You are quite right. As we hear more and more, especially from Cedric and Leah, it is clear they were quite… in love.”

There was quite a pause before Kate replied, “Carlisle, why are you speaking of them as if in the past…” her pleasant tone was suddenly sullen, “Carlisle, tell me right now – what has happened?”

And with that the flood gates were opened. Carlisle spewed out the entire story, the retelling affecting me as much when I first saw it in Cedric’s mind. My body ached, my eyes smarted with the lack of tears.

When he was finished, the line was silent. Then a wail pierced the silence. Kate’s cry hit me to the core. I could hear Garrett’s voice in hushed tones, and then Eleazers tense voice came on the phone, “Carlisle, thank you for calling us. This is very grave news… Please give us some time. We’ll call you when we’re ready.”

Bella squeezed my hand, “Edward… are you okay?”

“Yes,” I nodded. Nessie reflected the expression on my face. “I’m okay,” I told her, “Let’s take care of that first.”

Dumbledore showed us to Sirius’ quarters. Being there, I could almost hear his soul. I wondered where he was now and, if someday, we might meet again.

The closet contained Tanya’s fine clothing, none of which her family would want back. Bella shoved them into a bag. “We’ll leave them for goodwill or something.” She said. I nodded. On the bedside table were a few personal heirlooms, an ivory comb that I knew had been her mothers, a handwritten copy of The Praying of Daniel the Immured – a gift she’d shown me once, obtain from the author himself, but she’d never told me his name. It was written in ancient Russian and looked much too delicate to dare to open. Only the fact that it had been touched solely by immortal hands that had kept it intact. There was also another book, ornate and beautiful, but without a title. As I picked it up, it fell open to a book marked page.

Bella glided to my side. “What does it say?” she asked.

I quickly translated it for her, for it was written in Tanya’s Russian dialect. She’d taught it to me once, when we’d first met. And then continued on to modern Russian since her tongue had long died with the passing of the centuries.

Each day it amazes me that I could feel something even more for this man. I’ve loved many… No, not loved. I knew not was love was until now. In all my millennia, I’ve only known lust. I thought, at times, I knew love. I felt for some of them. Those whom were more compatible, more interesting… less tedious. But Sirius is my life now. Without him…

There was nothing. Perhaps that was more telling then any words.

“She really loved him.”

I nodded, closing the book. These were her private thoughts. In her life, I’d never given her a moment of privacy in my presence. In her death, at least I give her it now. “Her family will want this.” I added it, the book and comb to a chest Bella had found for packing. There was more – books, some modern, other priceless treasures of eras past, several original manuscripts from the authors themselves. She’d always been drawn to men of artistic talent. I knew of many of them, but I was sure there were nameless others whose lives she’d touched, whose minds she’d inspired over the years. She’d been a muse to many of them and simply a companion to others. But Sirius had been her love, and now they were both gone.

It didn’t take us long to complete our task, but still I felt tired and weighed down as we left the room with the small chest that represented Tanya’s life. From the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of the miserable Kreacher before he disappeared in an adjoining room.

“Filthy creatures… HE comes, as if he belonged here, bringing THEM to pilfer and take what they want…” vile creatures, every one of them. We thought, once Master was gone our most honored lady would once again…

It took me a moment to realize I was hearing both his voice and his thoughts. “Bella,” I started, “do you suppose either of them had a will?” I said more loudly then would have been necessary even if she was still human.

A will – they wants the masters will? Well they can have it for all I care. If it weren’t for his order, they’d have it already and then the lady could return, the most honored lady… He went on and on, but in his meandering pathetically sad mind I caught snitches here and there, glimpses of a place, a safe of sorts.

“Of course, isn’t that why-”

I paused her with my hand.

Oh, you’re listening, aren’t you?

I nodded once. I was catching more and more pictures, memories of Sirius sealing his will, placing it in a linen cloth, putting it in an ancient ornate safe, like the ones you saw in old banks, only I knew this one would not be protected by a simple combination, something I could pick with ease.

“What did you hear?” Dumbledore asked as he joined us, at which point Kreacher’s mind went suddenly blank.

In hushed tones I described the safe – the size and appearance. There had been snatches of wall paper all around it. I recalled the color and texture of the flooring they’d walked across and the scent that wafted through the air.

“There are a few rooms that could fit that description… and it would likely be hidden.”

“By a picture or something?” Bella asked.

“More likely magic,” Dumbledore replied, “It could be in plain sight, but for an illusion that makes it look like a part of the wall, or only appears to certain individuals. Come, let’s go.”

He lead up to the top most floor of the house, to a room that had been emptied of much of it’s contents. “Buckbeak stayed hidden up here.” Dumbledore said as we looked around.

It could have been it – the wall, the flooring, the way the light filtered in… but something was off. The others started looking around, Dumbledore carefully brushing his hand along the wall, not quite touching it. At one point he stopped, rested his head against the wall and inhaled.

That was it – the smell. “It’s not here,” I said suddenly, “The place had a different scent. This place smells of Buckbeak.”

“It could have been placed before his arrival.” Dumbledore suggested.

“It’s more then that. There is something else… The air here is less stale, as though there is an open window.”

Dumbledore pulled open the curtains. Sure enough, the window was stuck, not quite closed. He played with it for a moment before conceding. “It appears this has been stuck for quite some time. Even with Kreachers less sensitive senses, he would smell the fresh air.”

We headed down to the next room, which I rejected almost immediately. “It’s much too bright,” I said as I eyed the large window along the outside wall.

“It could have been evening?”

“No, there was light streaming into the room, but the path was much smaller, and the light was more disbursed, as if it came through a small, window, high up…”

“Perhaps a basement window?” Dumbledore suggested.

“Yes, that could be…” I replied, “Yes – there was dankness to the odor.”

Dumbledore flew down the remaining stairs leading us to the basement. Nessie was close by our side. She’d been quiet since we entered the house, awed in silence. But as soon as we got to the basement she couldn’t contain herself.

“Wow, this is an even bigger dining room then back in Forks!” She marveled. “And that table could sure take a pounding, even from Uncle Emmett.” She said as she looked down the long, sturdy solid oak table.

“And that,” she went on to the kitchen, “An old ice box… like the one in the cabin… with no ice.”

“Magic.” Dumbledore smiled.

“Oh, I know,” she replied, not rudely, but with wonder, “And the pictures upstairs were like at Hogwarts, they all move… This really is a wonderful house.”

It was a horrid house. Yes, it was marvelous in it’s magic, but it felt dark and dreary to me – sadder for the loss of Sirius, but even without that, the place felt cold and uninviting.

“Don’t you find it, dreary?” Bella asked her.

“No, not really,” she replied, “Though I could see how someone might feel that way. No, it feels, warm and comforting, like being snug in a blanket.”

Dumbledore chuckled, “I’m glad someone feels that way. Come on, this way…”

There was a small room off the kitchen. Almost like a utility or storage room, though it was empty. There was a small window, six feet up, that half looked into a stone window well, and half to the space just above the ground. The glass itself was warped with age and filthy. All around the walls were plain – painted plaster, but the outer wall was decorated with the same intricate wall paper as the two rooms we’d look at upstairs.

“I only glanced in here, once in passing,” Dumbledore said. “Of course, seeing as it was empty, I should have realized this could be it.”

“I’m quite sure it is,” I said. It all fit, the way the light filtered in a narrow and not overly light beam lit the room, the flooring, the wall paper, the smell. It all matched the memory from Kreacher’s mind.

Dumbledore was already at the wall, skimming his good hand over the surface starting from the far right corner. “Magic leaves a mark, you see,” he said, “Even if you can’t see it, you can feel it…”

“Should we..” Bella took a step forward.

“No, sorry my dear. I’m afraid you’ll not be able to sense it.” he continued his slow, meticulous investigation of the wall, starting from the base, slowing making his way up, reaching as high as possible before moving a little further along the wall and following a similar path downward. He moved gracefully, as if part of some strange foreign dance as he worked. I imagined it would be much like sensing blood to us. Even if it had been wiped up, we’d sense the presence of the cells that remained.

“Dumbledore?” Nessie asked, a bit to our left, looking intently at something. I immediately zoomed in to assess what had caught her attention, reaching out for any sign of danger.

“Yes child.”

“There’s something strange – here – I don’t like it, it makes the hair stand up on my arms.”

Dumbledore was suddenly at her side, “Interesting…” he felt the place in the wall Nessie was staring at, “Very interesting…” He pulled out his wand, aiming it at the place. “Aparecium!”

Nothing happened.

“Well, it was worth a try.” He sighed, thinking. He tried several more to no avail. “It must open to a password or code. Something that only the person who would know him, would know… I need Lupin!” With a wave, a silvery phoenix emerged from the tip of his wand and flew out of the room. It was barely gone when we heard someone pass through the front door.

“We’re down here,” Dumbledore called out. The sound of footsteps approached down the creaky steps and finally on the solid floor beneath out feet. The man who entered the room looked older then his thirty-odd years would presume. He seemed to have aged even more in the time since we’d seen him last. His eyes looked weary and broken. He did not smile.

“You summoned me?” He asked.

“Yes, I think we’ve found the location of Sirius’ hiding place.” Lupin winced at the reminder of his friend. “only I’m quite sure Sirius has used a spell or a pass phrase that would only be known to his friends.”

Lupin thought for a moment, “He used to say he’d leave the retched place to the family.” He suggested.

Dumbledore leaned forward, “He’d leave the retched place to the family.” Dumbledore said as he tapped the wall. Nothing.

“I assume you’ve tried his nickname? Padfoot?”

“Actually, no I hadn’t,” he tried that, still nothing.

“Snuffles? Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs? Tanya?” he suggested.

Dumbledore tried them all in succession, but to no avail.

“He wouldn’t… well I suppose it’s something only the few of us knew. Try: I solemnly swear I’m up to no good.”

Dumbledore didn’t have to, for at his words, the wall dissolved before our eyes, leaving the door of a safe. There was a series of clinks as the locks one by one released and a creak as the door swung open. We peered inside.

It was empty but for a small sack on the ground. We knew what it was without opening it. Dumbledore reached in and pulled it out, opening the bag to retrieve a parchment. “It’s Sirius’ seal,” he said as he showed the parchment to all of us. It was joined at the serrated edge of the parchment by a circle of black wax with an insignia impressed into the wax, the same insignia that adorned the chairs and the crest inlaid into the large covered frame at the front door.

Everyone, human and vampire alike held their breath as Dumbledore examine the parchment carefully before breaking the seal. The only thing that happened was the uncoiling of the paper. Dumbledore quickly picked it up and started reading.

“Hmm… well…” he murmured as he read, “of course… I wonder…” He looked up as he finished. “He’s left everything to Harry.” He said.

“Well, that’s good then,” Bella said, “the house is safe.”

“Well, yes, it would seem that way…” Dumbledore hedged.

“What are you thinking, Dumbledore?” Lupin asked.

“I’m not sure whether there could be any magic over the house itself that may preclude leaving the contents to someone other then a blood relative.”

“You mean, it could automatically pass down to Bellatrix, regardless of what Sirius’ will says?”

“Quite possibly,” Dumbledore said, “which is why I must urge you to not move back in quite yet.” He said, hastily stuffing the parchment into a pocket in his robe and starting back up the steps. “I’ll have to test it, find out if it’s truly passed on…” he murmured to himself as he hastily walked until we reached the front porch.

“Lupin, why don’t you come visit us?” Bella exclaimed.

“Oh, you wouldn’t want…”

“No, truly Lupin. Please come and stay with us – at least until they settle things here.” I added.

He hesitated, then looked to Nessie and back to us, “Alright then, I’ll come.”

And we apparated back to our little yard in Little Whinging.

“Grandpa, Grandpa, we found it,” Nessie cried as she ran into the house.

Carlisle joined us in the living room. “You found it – so all is well?” he asked.

“He left it all to Harry. But I still suspect there could be other magic, older magic that may require it to be passed onto someone within the bloodline. It passed automatically to Sirius, though he’d been disowned by his mother some time ago. Whatever passed it on to him, could still pass it on to another blood relative.” Dumbledore explained. “I’d like to do some tests before I’m certain.”

Carlisle nodded, while Esme joined us. “I’ve got a pot of tea on, would you care to stay for a cup? I could also bring out some scones or” she eyed Lupin critically, “something more substantial?”

“My dear, if I might trouble you – I am feeling a bit peckish.”

“I’m hungry too.” Nessie chimed in and Bella joined Esme to put on some lunch.

“Carlisle, have you had any further results on your tests?” Dumbledore asked.

“No, it will take a few more days. The lab is busy and my contact is doing the work at more… sensitive hours.”

“Of course.” Dumbledore nodded. “I was able to obtain the other two samples you were looking for. A squib and a magical sibling. I would be most fascinated to find out what you discover.” His eyes twinkled as he passed over the vials.

“Well it will be interesting to say the least. To know we can map the entire make up of a being is quite amazing.”

“Well, you’ll have to let me know,” he said, and then turning to Esme who’d appeared with a tray with tea and cups. “Ah, thank you my dear,” he set it down next to the tray of sandwiches, scones, muffins, fruit and other treats that Bella had brought in – enough to feed them and Jacob’s pack, though they were all away for the day. Leah and Cedric were on Harry surveillance, Seth was visiting Kristina and Jacob had gone hunting, keeping himself busy in Nessie’s absence.

Dumbledore poured a cup for Lupin, then another which he offered to Nessie. She refused, wrinkling her nose to the smell. He chuckled and kept it for himself, taking a sandwich as well. Lupin dove into the food. It was as if he hadn’t eaten in weeks. I wondered if he had.

NOTE: Hey guys - thanks for hanging in there with this story. And thanks for all the reviews.
great chapter!!!!!!!!
it was kinda sad when they went to pick up tanya's stuff it made me miss her and sirius even more.
cant wait for more!!!!!!!!!


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