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The third story in Twilight-Harry Potter Cross-Over, the Half Blood Vampire follows the Cullens as they become further involved in the world of Harry Potter during the events of The Half Blood Prince. What happens when a rapidly maturing Renesmee and Jacob's wolf pack become more and more connected with the world of wizards? And how is Aro and the Volturi involved with He Who Shall Not be Named and his followers, the Death Eaters? Is it all connected?


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wow that was a great chapter i feel bad for lupin can't wait to see what happens next most more soon
Thank you Terry - me too! Poor lupin!
hey erica i love it update more was awesome i love it...
it wasnt what i expected it tobe..
Thanks... and I'm kinda glad it wasn't what you were expecting... but I hope in a good way!
Way to go babe !!!! Nice chapter...Eagerly awaiting more...Please post soon !!!


Thank you Juie! Glad you liked it! :-)

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Chapter 6: History and Biology

** EDWARD **

No, this doesn’t make sense. In this sample there are variations here, but in that sample… and Dumbledore has variations here, but they only over lap with Cedric.. Carlisle poured over the detailed mapping results he’d received only a few minutes earlier. He’d sped all the way back from Cambridge with less then his usual careful effort to maintain a human façade.

I was sure as soon as I got the detailed results it would just pop right out.

I left him to his research. I was currently sitting with Bella, part of my vampire brain was focused on Lupin, while most of it was enjoying the company of my wife and daughter as they both read quietly after a long day of watching out for Harry. It has been a depressing day.

Lupin’s thoughts didn’t brighten even as we watched over the son of one of his best friends. If Jasper were around right now, he’d be moping around the house from the heavy emotions coming off Lupin. A part of me had thought that it would be good to have him involved in our daily detail. I’d expected that getting him involved might get his mind off Tonks for a short while and help put him in a better frame of mind to start talking to him – though I had no idea what I’d say.

However, what I hadn’t counted on was the fact that Harry, as well, was sinking into a state of depression. Today he hadn’t even bothered to make his way to the nearby playground. He spent the entire day in his room, except for the brief moments of reprieve to collect a sandwich and duck back into his room to avoid the emotional abuse heaped upon him by his so called family.

“I’d reconsider my stance on killing humans for their sake.” Bella hissed as we watched one particular exchange between Harry, his Aunt Petunia and Dudley in which his aunt insisted that Harry only take one piece of cheese so there’d be enough for “Dudders” to have a snack later.

“You don’t want their blood in your body.” I advised. I knew – I’d gone down that road.

Bella wrinkled her nose. “I wouldn’t drink them.”

Lupin sighed, “I know what you mean, though. I wish I’d been able to take him after his third year at Hogwarts. But the life of a werewolf provides little comfort or protection. Not that he receives much comfort at his Uncle and Aunt’s.”

“I suppose I can understand feeling obligated to take him, but they seem to outright hate him.” Bella growled.

“It isn’t terribly surprising – something I’m sure Dumbledore must of foreseen, but I guess his protection was more important.” Lupin replied, “I’m sure you must realize the kind of reaction muggles, or in your case, humans have to anything other then normal.”

He eyed us both knowingly. He was right, why else would we keep our existence a secret? The humans would panic, flee and find ways to eradicate our existence if they knew vampires existed. I supposed their reactions wouldn’t be much different to wizards.

Lupin continued, “I think the hatred goes even deeper for those muggles who know of wizards. It could be part fear, part jealousy. Of course, wizard families haven’t been exactly innocent in the divide. We don’t have the best history in the treatment of muggles, or, even worse, squibs. I wonder sometimes if the closer we are, the more pronounced the differences become in our mind.”

Of course. That was what I was hearing in his Aunt’s thoughts. It wasn’t just irritation over the obligation her sister left her with – she was also jealous – jealous of the power that she would never have.

Lupin’s guilt now weighed even heavier as he reconsidered whether he should have taken Harry after third year, if it would have been better then being here. Harry’s depression added to his own, and his thoughts grew more morose as the day continued. It had been a relief to return to the sanctity of the house.

Unfortunately the day away, hadn’t done much to improve things for Renesmee. She was getting more and more irritated at being house bound and the constant attentions of Jacob. She’d taken up her usual stance on the couch, reading a leather-bound first edition of War and Peace that Tanya had given her last Christmas with promises she’d teacher her Russian so she could read it. It looked like she was doing fine on her own, only occasionally asking for a translation from Esme or Rosalie or once I got home, me.

“Can’t I come with you tomorrow?” Nessie looked up from her book long enough to ask.

“I don’t think you’ll find it any more exciting then staying here.” Bella replied.

“But I just need to get out!” Bella and I both looked up sharply at the uncharacteristically whinny tone. Until recently, Nessie had been a pretty much perfect child, hungry for new knowledge and content to spend hours with our very close circle of family and friends. And until recently, she’d been inseparable from Jacob. But now her eyes flashed with pent up frustration and her cheeks were flush as she jumped to her feet and stormed out to the back yard.

“Jacob.” Bella warned as he went to follow. “Give her some space.”

His panicked look shifted from where Nessie departed to Bella and back. Resigned he sighed and returned to his chair, fidgeting uncomfortably.

Emmett was smirking from his place in front of the big screen TV he’d had delivered the day after we moved in along with a Wii, PlayStaion and X-Box. Ah, young love… This is getting fun. Edward you really missed out today. You need to leave them both here more often. He recounted the day – a mixture of different scenes that outlined the same story – Jacob’s infallible attention and Nessie’s annoyance with it. The last one had a now familiar twist.

“I’m getting something to eat!” Nessie announced as she stormed off to the kitchen.

“Do you want to go hunting? I could take you-” Jacob started.

“No!” Nessie snapped, turning on him. “No, I do NOT want to go anywhere with you – not to hunt, not to run, not to walk, not to just see a new and yet terribly familiar landscape.”

I would not, could not in a box. I could not, would not with a fox… Emmett chuckled to himself.

She’d escaped to her room while Jacob moped around the living room. That was, until, the both ran up the stairs in response to the sound of wood breaking.

“Nessie, Nessie are you okay?” Jacob yelled as he ran up the stairs, for once beating every single vampire in the house.

They’d found Nessie sitting on her bed, her face in her hands as she sobbed. Her bed side table was broken in several large pieces, lying in the middle of the room.

“Nice one, Nessie” Emmett had teased, “But if you want to let out some destructive energy, we could get you a boulder, like for your mom.”

He’d expected her to give him at least a wry smile. Instead she just burst out into more sobs. “You just… I don’t… You don’t get it…”

Jacob had taken a few steps toward her, but Emmett had pushed him aside and gathered her up in his arms as Jacob ached to do. “Hey kid, I know. Being stuck up here – it’s driving me nuts too. Maybe we can take off, just you and me one of these days.”

“Really?” she sobbed into his chest.

“Yeah! Let’s blow this popsicle stand.”

“Right now?”

“Well, your mom and dad will be back soon. I’ll talk to them…”

“They won’t let me go.” She sighed, resigned.

“Hey, don’t discount your Uncle Em.” He smirked confidently, “I have a few tricks up my sleeve.”

“A few tricks up your sleeve?” I asked as I pulled back from his memory.

“Well, you’re gonna say yes, right?”

I shook my head. He was right. It pained me to see her frustration. And Emmett would be a good reprieve from Jacob’s constant attention. And he was just as protective of her as the rest of us. “If Bella agrees.”

“Yes!” He cheered and bounded away. “Hey Nes – it worked!”

“So what am I saying ‘yes’ to?” Bella asked.

“Emmett wants to take Nessie for a little trip tomorrow – get her out of the house.”

Jacob groaned from his seat in the living room.

“That’s actually a good idea.” She agreed. “And Jake, why don’t you see about taking a day of Harry surveillance with Cedric or Leah?”

“Sure,” he replied, less then enthusiastic.

It hadn’t solved anything, but for at least one more day we had a short term solution to the increasing tension. But something had to give and I wasn’t sure what would happen when it did. I made my way over to the upright piano that was in the house when we arrived. It was less then ideal. I missed the grand piano that still sat in the living room in our now deserted house in Forks. I let my fingers form to the comforting position and start gliding over the keys. Effortlessly a tune began to emerge as I replayed the scene from Emmett’s memory in my mind.

Something other then the obvious bothered me. Clearly we had to do something about her tendency to take out her frustrations on the furniture. It was fortunate we had Cedric to fix things. Ancient antiques were not as easily replaced, even with limitless funds. Maybe we needed to be stricter with her, or find a more constructive outlet... At least it had just been the table…

Wait! Just the table. I flitted back through the memory. There I saw it. In a neat pile on the floor were the contents of the table – the crystal lamp, the wind up clock, three books, a diary and a pen. Why would she take the time to clear the table before taking out her frustrations? And, again, why had it not crashed against the wall. She had more then enough strength to hurl it through the wall into our room next door. Yet it lay in several large pieces on the floor, eight and a half feet from where it should have been beside her bed. In fact, the more I analyzed it, the position, the trajectory were all off. I played out the scenarios. Assuming the contents were already removed, if she came at it from the bed, it should have flown in at least a forty-five degree angle from the bed. Or if she’d been pacing around the room, it could have been parallel to the bed or 90 degrees in a perpendicular path to the bed. But, where it fell, it was as if she’d picked it up, walked eight and a half feet and dropped it.

My fingers hit a sour note. I stopped.

“That was different.” Bella said. She’d quietly crept up behind me and was now standing with her hand on my shoulder. “It’s intense, and uncertain… It reminds me of some of the faint memories of when I was younger – when I’d be at home waiting for mom to come back from a date, worrying about her, and maybe a little frustrated that it was her out and not me. Not that I could have been out at that age…” She paused. “It sort of sounds like Nessie right now.”

I nodded. “I suppose that’s what it is – she’s starting puberty. The frustration, the anxiety, the need for more freedom…her hormone levels are at an all time high.”

“It seems hardly fair,” Bella replied softly, “We’ve had her for less then a year and we’re already entering the pre-teens.”

I cupped her hand on my shoulder, “It’s much, much more then I ever expected.”

“You’re right,” she said leaning over and wrapping her arms around me. “I wish, though, I’d had more time to prepare for this. She seems so unhappy. I don’t know how to fix this.”

“We have to find a way for her to have some normalcy. Maybe if she had some friends, people her own-” I’d been about to say age. “maturity level.”

“I don’t think we’re likely to find that.” I felt Bella’s smile on my shoulder.

“No… But, I’ve been thinking about this lately. We don’t have much time with her. We need to give her every opportunity to make the most of her life, to have some-”

“Human experiences?” she asked.

“Yes, I suppose. Though I’m not sure how human her experiences are going to be. I was thinking, though, that if Carlisle’s projections are correct, her aging will be slowing down dramatically after her first year. She might not be far off a human aging pattern. Maybe she could… go to school?”

“Where? Here, in London?” Bella asked, a hint of panic in her voice.

“I know – it’s dangerous. But maybe there is a place nearby – some place we could walk her to and pick her up every day.”

“Very human.” Bella murmured sarcastically, “Having your teenaged parents pick you up every day from high school.”

“Maybe we should go too.”

“What about our mission – Harry – Dumbledore…” Bella said.

“True. Once Harry is gone back to Hogwarts, I’m not sure where we’ll be.” I pondered.

“You know, we have the summer. Maybe by fall she’ll be fine.”

“Maybe.” But that didn’t change the fact that she really should have as many normal human experiences as we could provide for her.

In the end Leah accompanied Jacob for a day of surveillance. Cedric tackled the bedside table repairs while Emmett took Nessie out for a trip of their own. Dumbledore showed up mid-afternoon. After the traditional tea, baking and idle chatter with Lupin and Carlisle, he asked for an update on Harry.

“We’re keeping him safe,” I concluded after I gave him a report on the last few days, “But he’s not happy.”

“I know.” He replied. “His staying at his Uncle and Aunt’s was never about him being happy. It was about keeping him safe. It’s the safest place for him. The protection his mother bestowed upon him through her sacrifice lives on through his Aunt.” He explained. “However, I’ve decided that he’s stayed there quite enough for this summer.”

“You’ve concluded he can return to headquarters?” Carlisle asked.

“No, not quite, though I’m close. I have one last test and that will involve Harry himself. And then we have a little errand, after which I will be taking him to the Burrow. Arthur and I’ve given it as good of protection as we can manage, with a little help from the new Minister.” He frowned a little at that. “But I’m thinking perhaps a move to the country would be good for all of you – and would allow Cedric to spend a little more time with his family as well.”

“Oh, Dumbledore,” Esme exclaimed, “I think that will be wonderful.” Nessie can have more space to move as well.

Her thoughts echoed my own. But this would do nothing to help her have some more normal experiences, to gain friends outside our close knit circle.

“When are you making the move?”

“Tomorrow. I already sent Harry notice a few days ago. I just needed to check on a few things first and ensure all was in order.”

“Funny. He hasn’t thought about it… He hasn’t packed.” I thought out loud.

“It wouldn’t be the first piece of Hogwarts mail he didn’t receive promptly.” Dumbledore said grimly. “Now Carlisle how is your research coming?”

He shook his head, “I can’t make heads or tails of it, Albus. I was quite certain once I had the detailed mapping, a gene for magical ability would be evident. You see, there is a significant portion of DNA that is currently misunderstood. It’s been termed junk DNA, primarily because they don’t know what it is used for.”

“Seems likely. I suppose since this mapping is all done in muggle universities, it is unlikely the researchers have ever had an in-depth look at wizard or other DNA?” Dumbledore mused as he sipped another cup of tea.

“Exactly. Humans or muggles have no idea either our kinds exist, so why would they use our DNA in the human genome project. It limits their results in a way they could never understand.”

“So I’m assuming from your frustration that you didn’t find a gene for magical ability?”

“No, well…” Carlisle shook his head, “There are some similarities in the additional chromosomal pairs among all the magical samples. But where I thought there would be one common pair, there are several overlapping pairs in the magical samples. And, then when I cross analyzed the samples with my family, well, there were some similarities there as well.”

“Fascinating,” Dumbledore sat back, his eyes twinkling.

Carlisle patiently kept his frustration from exploding. He’d been so excited about the possibility for discovery that he was finding the results far from fascinating.

“So, you did find some overlap in the magical samples?” Dumbledore prompted.

“Yes. In total there are five pairs of chromosomes I narrowed in on. In your sample there are four with interesting markers indicating a significant difference from the samples in the human genome project. Three of these were shared by Cedric. And, the same three were shared by the house elf sample, along with one additional one. But then when I looked at the sample you provided of the wizard and squib from the same family, there was only one maker different between them.”

“So you narrowed it down.”

“That’s what I thought initially, but then I looked at the mapping for my family and some of them share the same markings. In fact,” he looked up from me to Cedric, “I’m quite certain you must come from the same genetic background. Your DNA is as close as cousins.”

“But I’m not magical.” So it must simply be a coincidence.

Dumbledore held up a hand. “Are you quite certain?”

“Of course, I can’t do magic – you saw that for yourself last year. If it wasn’t for your special wand-”

“No, of course not now.” Dumbledore explained, “I mean before you were changed. Do you recall anything unusual happening when you were younger?”

I shook my head, “I don’t really remember much from my life before I was changed. I have faint memories of my mother and father – but only pictures in my mind of how they looked and the echo of feelings I had for them. But I’m sure if I was a wizard, I would have known.”

“Perhaps.” Dumbledore said slowly. “I’ll admit, when I first met you I was terribly curious. As you can imagine, your physical similarity to Cedric didn’t escape my notice.”

“Nor I. It is almost like looking in a mirror.”

“Exactly. And Carlisle shared your last name in our earlier correspondence – back when you were changed. So I’ve done some digging. Forgive me that I didn’t share any of this earlier.”

My interest was piqued. I could barely contain my curiosity, “What did you find out?”

Dumbledore’s eyes twinkled. “Back in the late 1800’s, Cedric’s great-great grandmother had a twin brother who turned out to be a squib, Edward Masen. Edward left England when he was still quite young – about fifteen, hopping on a ship to America. There was no further record of him, but it matches with Carlisle’s account of your father, his age and what little he knew of when he arrived in America.”

“My mother mentioned this!” Cedric jumped in as he’d wandered down the stairs during the discussion. “Apparently there was a rift created in the family around the existence of a squib sibling. They kept the brother hidden, ashamed of his lack of magical ability.”

“But how does Kristina’s family fit into this?” I wondered.

“Kristina’s great grandfather was a much younger sibling. In fact, the twins would have been fifteen when he was born.” Dumbledore added.

“That might have been the catalyst for Edward’s father leaving,” Cedric mused, “I imagine he didn’t have a very happy upbringing.”

“That could explain his drive.” Carlisle jumped in, “He was a very successful and very determined man. He seemed driven to prove himself.”

I shook my head, “I don’t remember any of that. All I can remember of him are brief images, though they all seem happy.”

“Edward, relax your mind for a minute. See if you can recall any strange occurrences as a child.” Dumbledore pushed, “Any unusual abilities.”

I paused for a moment, searching for something that just wasn’t there. Again I shook my head, “I really don’t recall much from my human life.”

“Given his upbringing, Edward Sr. may have been hesitant to encourage any magical ability. You could have exhibited some power, but without training and encouragement, it would have likely only manifested itself in talent or skill.” Dumbledore replied.

Carlisle had been concentrating hard on something, or rather on not thinking something during the entire conversation. Finally he spoke, “When Edward came to the hospital, his mother did say something to me. She told me that Edward was special, more special then others – that he had a talent. She begged me to do whatever I could to save him. I never thought much of it at the time. Most mothers feel thus for their children. But now, in hindsight, I wonder if he had exhibited some magical abilities.”

“It’s very possible,” Dumbledore added.

“But – I can’t do magic now.” I objected.

“That would be because of the change, the venom changes the blood, destroying the magical particles in the bloodstream.” Carlisle reminded me.

“Yes, of course,” I replied. I knew this, but still, almost a century later, it was disappointing to find I no longer possessed a skill that I might have had in my human life.

“You can read minds.” Dumbledore proposed, setting his cup down and gazing at me intently. “I’ve long held the belief that magical ability enhances skills. That’s how we get wizards like Tonks who can also shape shift, or others like Severus who are particularly skilled in Legilimency, or Prophets, or others who are natural flyers. Others can learn to be competent, but some are naturally talented in certain areas.”

“Of course! That’s it!” Carlisle exclaimed, rifling back through the results in his mind. “That is the piece I was missing. Assuming Edward is magical, there was a marker that was consistent with all the known magical samples. But the other pairs – they would indicate other skills.” He paused for another second, rechecking his known data. “I think, in the unknown DNA strands, are pairs that are coded for extraordinary physical abilities, like Tonks’s shape shifting, there is another that was only in Dumbledore and Jasper’s sample. I’m guessing that would indicate the ability to either detect or manipulate emotions.”

“I don’t have the ability to manipulate emotions.” Dumbledore said quietly.

“No, but you read people – as well as if you knew exactly what they were feeling.” I pressed.

Dumbledore nodded, “I suppose I could see how that might fit.”

“There was one that I’d suspect has to do with mental abilities, like Edward’s ability to read minds. And then, there was a marker that must have to do with the ability to read or manipulate time. Oh, and assuming the marker I think has to do with magical ability is correct, Alice might have also been a witch prior to her change.” Carlisle exclaimed.

“That would make sense. She was in an insane asylum.” Bella said. “I can recall enough from my own human life to know if I started seeing the future and exhibiting magical ability, I would have been committed.”

Carlisle nodded in agreement.

“But, what about Renesmee?” Bella asked. “If Edward had magical ability, does that mean-”

“Not necessarily,” Carlisle cut her off. “Having the genes is one thing. I’m sure you must realize that many people have the genetic make up for certain things, but they could be recessive or require some sort of stimulus. In the sample of the squib and wizard, there was overlap, and the magical gene was there, but significantly less pronounced.”

“Like the wolves.” I added. “They must have the genetic material for shape shifting, but they only start to change when vampires are in the area.”

“Have you noticed anything out of the ordinary?” Dumbledore asked. “Any recent skill developments, anything new?”

“There’s something new almost every day with Renesmee,” Bella said, “I mean she’s grown from an infant to a pre-teen girl in nine months. But lately she’s just been moody, emotional…”

Pictures – pieces of a puzzle started snapping into place. The smashed lamp, the broken bed side table, the unusual circumstances around them…

“There has been something.” Dumbledore said, eyeing me.

I nodded slowly. “I can’t be certain. We’ll need to ask Renesmee. Tell me, when do these abilities first begin to manifest?”

“It could be at any time.” Dumbledore answered, “Some children start demonstrating magical skills when they are quite young. But certainly there is a big influx as they hit puberty. Those who haven’t shown any magical skills previously seem to suddenly start one day. Some think it is triggered by change of the body, but I have a different theory. So often, magical skills seem to present themselves in times of need. And so, my hypothesis is that magical ability appears at that time more then others as a means to deal with the emotional stress.”

“Renesmee’s certainly had a great deal of emotional stress.” Bella said slowly, “But all she’s done is destroy – oh my goodness. That’s it.”

I nodded, “Yes. Where we found the items and saw how the broke, it was as if she’d carried them to a certain point in the room and dropped them.”

“Levitation is one of the earliest skills to develop.” Dumbledore mused. “I remember sitting in my room concentrating on items to see if I could make them move. It was an escape.”

Bella’s wonder filled smile suddenly turned to horror, “Edward, if Renesmee is magical, on top of everything else, what about the Volturi?”

The realization had hit me in the same instance. Aro was already overly curious about Renesmee and how she would develop, though he was even more interested in Nahuel because he was venomous. But if he were to learn that Renesmee was magical… I shuddered. “We’ll have to keep her protected.”

“Even more then she is already?” Bella sighed, “She’s going to hate us. So much for her human experiences. School is out of the picture now.”

“I don’t see why that would be,” Dumbledore interrupted, “If she’s a witch, she should soon be receiving her invitation to Hogwarts.”

My heart leapt and sank simultaneously. It was the ideal solution, but I wasn’t ready to let my daughter, my miracle child, go quite yet. I glanced at Bella. She looked like she was having the same battle. “Well first things first. When Renesmee comes home we’ll talk to her about the incidences in her room. There may be another explanation.” But in my heart, I knew we’d hit the nail right on the head.
hey erica!!
Ur a marvelous writer...
Geez i didnt think it that way,but i thot maybe she will go to hogwards.... But not like this...
Ur just making it a new story all over again...
Ur talent is spentacular.....
Pllz update sooon....

Thank you Sadaf... the story surprises me as much as you... I never expected any of this. I'm glad you're enjoying it!
omg renesmee is a witch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
talk about special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cant wait for more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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