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The third story in Twilight-Harry Potter Cross-Over, the Half Blood Vampire follows the Cullens as they become further involved in the world of Harry Potter during the events of The Half Blood Prince. What happens when a rapidly maturing Renesmee and Jacob's wolf pack become more and more connected with the world of wizards? And how is Aro and the Volturi involved with He Who Shall Not be Named and his followers, the Death Eaters? Is it all connected?


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I forgive you :) Especially now that I know when to check back and that I might get two chappies :)
hi erica! im a new reader. awsome chapter! can you keep me updated?
Chapter 7: Young Love, First Love…

** SETH **

How far were we going to walk? I reveled in every minute as Kristina’s side… ah Kristina… but we’d been walking steadily uphill for about two hours. Not that it was physically demanding. I could have run this far and back a hundred times over, but when Kristina walked, she stopped talking and I wanted to know more – what did she think about being a witch? What did she want to do when she graduated? And, most of all, what would she think of me if she knew what I was?

I was dying to tell her and at the same time, dreading it. She seemed interested so far. I really had no experience in the whole dating thing. Sure, there had been a couple girls, giggling as I walked by – but I had no idea if that meant they like me or my fly was down. What if she didn’t like me? I felt like hurling at the thought. It didn’t really matter. I would do anything to make her happy, to protect her, to make sure she was taken care of…

“So, uh, what are you learning in school this year?” I asked.

“Oh, well, I am working on my NEWT level in Muggle Studies, Herbology, Charms, Transfiguration, Potions and Divination. I was thinking of dropping Divination, but then they got one of the centaurs to teach it the end of last year and it was really fascinating. They take such a different view of things – none of that tealeaf reading stuff. No, they see shifts and movements in the world on a much larger scale.” She sighed. “It’s quite fascinating to think that some things in our lives are destined, without it being every little detail like Professor Trelawney would have you think. I mean there has to be some free will in all this, don’t you think?”

“Uh…” what did I say to that? Free will? “Yeah, I guess.”

“You guess? Don’t you know? I mean would you want every thing in your life to be laid out for you without any choice – what you will become, who you’ll marry, what you’re going to eat for dinner next Sunday?”

I swallowed. Two of those were already decided, well that is if she agreed. Oh my gosh, what if she didn’t agree? Why am I already thinking about marriage? I glanced up at her expectant face and realized she had stopped, waiting for an answer. “I suppose as long as it’s meat, I don’t really care what’s planned for next Sunday.” I smirked, hoping the humor would deflect the question.

“You’re quite the smart arse.” She snapped, a smile tugging at the side of her lips. They suddenly captured my attention. How had I missed the perfection of those lips – petal pink in color, not too thin or full. She started to turn, to continue our walk, but I wasn’t done yet. I tugged on her hand. Her eyes met mine and her lightly freckled cheeks flushed pink in color.

I wanted to kiss her. I’d wanted this since the day I saw her, but only now realized it. I wondered how her lips would feel against mine. If they would be warm and moist, or cool in comparison. Would she want to kiss me? I’d never kissed a girl. I knew through the minds and memories of my brothers the basic mechanics, but that knowledge failed me now. I had no idea how to initiate a kiss.

“We’re almost there.” She said, breaking my train of thought.

“Sure, sure,” I replied as she turned and pulled me further up the hill. We were nearing a grove of trees. There was a small pool of water, just large enough to go swimming if I’d only brought my trunks.

A movement caught my eye. I turned my head to the side. A man on a horse – coming up fast. He was going to attack. I didn’t stop, I didn’t even think. I only reacted to the threat barreling down on us.

I was already on all fours, growling ferociously when I realized the figure and the horse were both palest white and transparent. Ghosts! Of course. She’d told us about the ghosts she’d met up here now and then. Some protector I was.

Crap! I looked down at my huge paws and the fur that now covered my legs. Okay, Seth. What are we going to do now? It occurred to me that I hadn’t yet heard a scream or even a cry of fear. Maybe it was okay.

I looked back up ahead. The ghost on the horse had stopped and was staring at me curiously. He then looked past me, “I’m glad to see you’ve not ventured out without protection. I fear they’ve taken my daughter. .Have you seen her?”

There was no response.

My gut tightened within me. I swallowed hard and turned slightly to see what was going on behind me.

Kristina simply stared back at me, her mouth half open, her eyes unblinking in shock. A few explicative ran through my head. I’d blown it. In a minute, she was going to snap out of it and run away screaming to her mom and dad and then they’d come after me with their wands. I wondered if it would hurt terribly when they attacked. It didn’t matter. Nothing could hurt more then the weight in my heart. Kristina would never want me now.

I turned so I wouldn’t see it – the loathing, the hatred, the fear. It was better this way. Maybe she’d quietly slip away. But then what would I do? I could go wolf, like Jacob had. But in Jacob’s case, Bella wasn’t his imprint. Even thinking about leaving was impossible. I couldn’t. I knew, even if she pushed me away, I could never leave. I’d shadow her as long as I lived – like some kind of freakish psycho. Man, I was lame.

The breeze brushed my fur at the shoulder. I shook it off. It came back. Wait – that wasn’t the breeze. It was a hand – cool and comforting. I glanced back again. Kristina stood, her head barely reaching the top of my leg, her arm extended, her hand wrist deep in the sand colored fur that covered my shoulder. Her nails scratched the skin buried deep under the fur. Oh damn, that felt good.

The vice grip around my heart began to loosen. Was she really still here? I blinked once and looked back at her face. She wasn’t looking at me, but at my shoulder as she moved her hand up to the scruff of my neck. Oh, behind the ear, behind the ear. Yes! I could never quite reach it with my hind paw. I sat back, allowing her better access.

Slowly, she moved her way around until she was staring at my mouth. Her pupils dilated as she took in my incisors and I snapped my mouth shut. She jumped back. No! Don’t! But she didn’t run. Instead, her eyes traveled up until they joined my own. She stared at me for what seemed forever.

“It was you.” She said softly, amazed.

I hung my head. Two cool hands clasped my jaws and pulled upward. I raised my head in compliance. There was no fear, no horror, only wonder.

“In Dumbledore’s office – it was you.” She said a little more confidently.

I tried to shrug. Instinctually my jaw relaxed and my tongue fell out of my mouth. She giggled. “You look silly like that.”

I barked out a laugh. I couldn’t believe it. She was completely cool.

She stroked the fur above my eyes and down my cheek again. “You’re so warm, even more so now then usual. But you’re not a wizard. How is it you’re an Animagus?” she wondered out loud.

“I’m not,” I tried to say, but it just came out as a bark. She jumped back a little, recovered and stepped back again.

“We have so much to discuss,” she said in wonder. “Can you change back?”

Crap, crap, crap! I should have worn Tonk’s out fit! Instead I’d put on my old blue jeans and a t-shirt today, all of which were in tatters about the hill.

Kristina caught my glance, noticing the scraps of cloth strewn about the hillside. “Oh, your clothes.” She flushed, “Of course… I remember…”

I didn’t have time to consider what she remembered, for she was suddenly pulling hard on my fur, and then her body was next to mine. Oh Lord, that felt good. She’d crawled up on my back. “Take us home,” she ordered, “I’ll find you some of my brother’s clothes when we get there.”

I didn’t even consider the ramifications. She’d given me a direct order and I could only obey. I jumped to my feet, pausing slightly only when I felt her slip. She up-righted herself, tightening her grasp and I took off back to town.

“Tell my daughter to stay away from the man with red eyes,” the ghost called as we left him behind.


“Mum, I need-”

‘Where is your friend, Seth?” Mrs. Mason interrupted her daughter.

“Oh, he’s out back. He had a bit of a mishap. I need to get him some clothes.”

“A mishap?” she asked, sounding concerned, “What happened?”

“He uh…” Kristina paused. “His clothes got ripped.” She finally said. “He’s really embarrassed. Can I give him something of Charlie’s to wear?”

“Oh, of course.” I heard them walking through the house and rummaging through drawers, before I heard Kristina emerge and approach the large overgrown bushes where I was hiding.

“I have some things.” She said hesitantly, searching the bush. I poked my head out, taking the clothes in my jaw and backed into the bushes again. I relaxed, feeling the tension ease, allowing my body to fold back into itself, back to my human form. I quickly pulled on the pants and shirt. They were a little short in the legs and arms, but otherwise not a bad fit.

I stepped out. Kristina eyed me up and down. “Oh,” she said disappointed, “They don’t fit.”

“They’re great.” I replied, “Really… I can’t believe, I mean…You didn’t run away.”

“Of course not!” she said indignantly, “You were only protecting me. Of course, it was ridiculous to think you had to protect me from a ghost. I mean, really – they’re completely harmless. But you’re not a wizard so how would you know? But how in Merlin’s beard can you change into a wolf if you’re not magical?”

“You’re really not, well, totally freaked out?”

“No.” She said softly, “It explains a lot.” She reached out and touched my cheek. “I thought maybe I’d only dreamt it. I’ve dreamed it since. I thought maybe my imagination was getting carried away with me. My Mum always told me that all my reading would get me carried away.”

I was distracted by the feeling of her hand on my cheek. It was cool, but not cold, refreshing and yet it made me feel even warmer then my 108 degrees.

“Is that why you’re so hot?” she asked, “I’d wondered about that. You always feel so warm – warmer then normal.” Her hands moved down my face to my neck, my shoulders and my arms. I was embarrassed to think of how her touch affected me, but I didn’t dare tell her to stop.

“Oh, I’m being quite forward, aren’t I?” Her hands dropped as she blushed. “What must you think of me?”

“I think you’re wonderful.” I blurted out. Stupid! Why did you just say that?

“I think you’re wonderful as well.” She said shyly. I looked up, staring hard at her. Did she really like me? Was she really okay with this? I reached out to touch her face – just to touch her face. But then I was pulling her closer and, without really thinking, her lips were on mine. It was better then the cool water from the creek on a hot day. Her touch washed over me. I could feel her everywhere, yet we were only joined by our lips and where my hands held her face.

“Oh my goodness.” She gasped as we pulled away.

“Is this ok-” I started but she cut me off, diving at me, wrapping her arms around my neck and pressed her lips back to mine. Oh… Wow! My lips automatically moved against hers. Without thinking, I wrapped my arms around her waste and pulled her to me. She liked me… she really liked me – and wanted me and was kissing me whole heartedly… and… “Kristina…” I gasped as she pulled away, “Oh Kristina, I love you.” I winced. This was too much, all at once.

“You… love me?” she pulled back. She wasn’t frowning. But the shock on her face was a little disconcerting.

“So, me being a wolf is okay, but…” I tried to lighten the situation.

“No, it’s good. I’m just… surprised.” She smiled, “I wasn’t expecting that. In all the books I read, it’s always the girl who says it first and then is completely buggered for saying it first.”

I chuckled. “That’s a good way of putting it. I thought I freaked you out.”

“No, not at all. Perhaps a tad overwhelmed. I’ve never had a… boyfriend.” She looked up at me shyly.

“Well, I’ve never had a girlfriend,” The word seemed completely wrong for how I felt for her. She was everything. She was my life.

“You never told me how you change.” She pointed out.

Well, might as well get this over with. I took in a deep breath to start when a voice called from the house.

“Kristina… Are you and your guest ready for dinner?”

“Later.” I promised her.


“Mum,” Kristina said as she cut into a piece of chicken. “Would it be okay if Seth stayed here for a couple days? He could stay in Charlie’s room.”

Mrs. Masen looked from her to me. I could see her eyeing me critically. “I’m not sure, Kristina. It’s not precisely proper.”

“Oh, please, Mum. It would save the trip to and from the city, and there’s so much I want to ask him about America and muggle life and everything. And if he doesn’t stay, he has to leave right after dinner and we won’t get to complete our discussion.” Kristina pleaded.

Her mother sighed, “Well, your father will probably be displeased with this. But he won’t be back until quite a bit later. Young man, I trust you’ll behave yourself.” She stared at me harshly.

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied, trying hard to hold the giddiness that threatened to erupt. Leaving her each night was painful. I could feel the pull on my heart as if it was being torn from my chest each time we parted.

“And Carlisle and your family won’t mind.”

“No, I’m sure they’ll be fine with it.” I replied, knowing they’d have no difficulty. “I’ll have to step out to the street to use the phone and call them.”

She nodded and I stepped away as she waved her wand and cleared the table. My call to Carlisle was quite quick.

“Seth.” He said quickly.

“Hey Carlisle. They’ve invited me to stay over night.”

“Sounds good, Seth.” He said briskly.

“Uh, is there something wrong?”

“No, not at all, just in the middle of a project.”

“Oh. Sure. sure. So, I’ll call you tomorrow.”

He clicked the phone shut without a farewell. Strange. He wasn’t usually so sharp. Regardless, I was staying here for the night. The realization thrilled me as I ran back up the stairs.

After desert, we picked back up where we’d left off before dinner. “So you mustn’t delay any further, Seth. Tell me, what are you?”

“I’m just a guy” I started to her disbelieving look, “most of the time. But then, when I’m mad or upset, it’s like I explode out of myself.” I tried to explain. “I used to think I was a werewolf.” I glanced up, worried at her reaction, but she simply sat there pleasantly as if we were discussing nothing more then the weather. “But after learning about wizards, I realize now that we are more like shape-shifters.”

“An animagus.” She added.

“Well, similar. Only… I never chose this. It was inherited. It’s in my family. And when there are vampires around, then we start to phase and…”

“Vampires? Like real vampires? I’ve read about them and I know they exist, but I’ve never actually met one. Are they quite as dangerous as they sound?”

“Um…” I paused, I realized I’d said too much. How would I explain about vampires without tell her about Carlisle and Edward. “I don’t really know many of them.”

“But you know some.” She prompted.

“Yes…” I struggled for a way to balance my need to share everything with her with my responsibility to keep the Cullen’s secret. “I’ve met some. We’ve even fought some… but... like humans and wizards, some are good and some are not.”

“Really? I’ve always wondered that. It seems to me that anyone, regardless of what they are, can choose to be good or bad. But everyone talks about vampires being dark creatures. I suppose the whole, drinking blood thing makes it difficult to believe any of them could be good. Tell me… how can they be good if they, well, kills people?”

“They do drink blood, but some choose to drink only animal blood.” I said.

“How brilliant!” she clapped her hands once, “Of course, why didn’t I think of that. You know I’ve read some muggle stories about vampires. Some are really quite funny. I mean, can you imagine anyone believing they can be killed by the sun? But a few of them have them spot on – at least compared to what I’ve learned.”

“Yeah,” I chuckled, recalling the rapid learning curve when I first phased. It had been both a relief and annoying to know why the guys were all hanging out all the sudden.

“Wait, did you say you fought some? You’ve been in an actual fight? How old are you? Do you age?”

“We had to protect our people from a vampire a couple years ago.”

“We? There’s more like you?”

“We have two packs. Three of us are here. There is another pack back home.”

“Pack, like real wolves?”

“Yeah, I suppose.”

“Wow!” she marveled.

“And, no, as long as we continue to phase, we don’t age.”

“So you could be like hundreds of years old.”

I laughed, “Yeah, I guess. But I’m only seventeen. That’s why I’m supposed to be going back to school.”

“Oh, right. You’d said that before.” She mused. “Wow, this is really amazing.” She reached over and squeezed my hand. “I’m really glad I met you. So what were you doing in Dumbledore’s office?”

“Uh…” I’d just been congratulating myself on carefully navigating that conversation, but there was really no way out of this one. “Um… Would you believe I can’t really tell you?” I winced. It went against everything in me to refuse her.

“Oh… OH!” Her eyes widened, “It’s confidential.”

“I really should tell you.” I admitted, “You’re my imprint, I should tell you everything. I don’t want to keep it a secret, but there are some things that aren’t up to me to tell. I’m sure, eventually, you will know, but I just can’t… I’m sorry…” I struggled against my natural desire to her everything.

“I’m your imprint? What does that mean?”

Crap. Why did I keep putting my foot in it? “Uh… Well, um… it means that… I’m in love with you.”

“You said that.” she said with wonder, “But we’ve just met. How can you know…” She flushed and stared down at our joined hands.

How the heck to explain this? She was going to be totally freaked out now. “It’s something in us – when we meet the person who we should be with, well it’s like… love at first sight.”

“So, you knew – ever since Dumbledore’s office?”

“No, not really,” I answered quickly, “You see, you fainted so I never really got to see you.”

“But you carried me. I remember you setting me down on the couch. You were…” she flushed red, “You didn’t have any clothes.”

“You, uh, saw that…” I thought she was completely out. Guess not.

“I didn’t look.” She laughed.

“Yeah, well, I guess that’s good.”

“You guess.” She smiled.

“No, it’s good.”

“So, you didn’t really see me? Then how did you carry me to the sofa?”

“I saw your body – but that’s not really you, is it? It wasn’t until I really saw you – saw into your soul, that it happened.”

“What happened, precisely?”

“My entire life changed. It was… it was as if everything that meant anything to me suddenly didn’t matter anymore and the only thing that mattered, the only thing keeping me here, was you.”

She stared back at me, wide eyed and, for once, silent.

“There will be no one else for me now. There will only be you for the rest of my life.”

She stared back, wide eyed. “But… but what if… what if I didn’t feel the same way?”

My heart crushed in my chest. My lungs were suddenly congested. I couldn’t breathe. I labored to keep going. “It wouldn’t matter. Even if you sent me away, I’d continue to love you – to want the best for you – to protect you.” I slipped my hand out of hers and sat back a little, giving her some space.

“Wow. That is… blimey… A lot to take in.” She stood and started to walk around the room. “You’re kind of buggered aren’t you?”

“I’m sorry, Kristina. I shouldn’t have said so much. I’ll call Carlisle to come get me. I’m really sorry.”

“No! Have you gone mad?” Her hand was on my arm. “It’s a bloody aweful lot of information, but that doesn’t mean I can’t handle it. Just give me a minute to process.” Her hand moved down to mine. The relief flooded through me as she took my hand back in hers. “We’ve got time to figure this all out.”

I squeezed her hand gently. Yes, we had some time… but there was more – much more. And what if she decided, in the end, it was way too much? Or I wasn’t enough. I already knew the answer to that.

I’d stay.
wow i think she took the imprinting thing pretty well!!!!!!!!!!!!
cant wait for more!!!!!!!!!!!!
Awwwwww :) This is soooo adorable :D Write more soon and i love it as always
But they are so young!! Well how old is Christina? But they are so young.....cute but...*sigh* cant wait to read more.Its cute and pure and innocent. -sigh-
i LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!! but i'm kinda sad i didn't get to hear anything happening with nessie :( still amazing job Erica!!!
like i said before: WHAT exactly r u doing in accouting? You should be a bestseller author. This is amazing stuff. You should show it to Stephanie before they film breaking dawn. Too bad the harry potters are already done....
All that angst Seth suffered, worrying about what Kristina would think if she knew what he really was ......

And he phases infront of her and loses his clothes in the process !

In the immediate aftermath of his transformation, he had a terrible attack of " Edwarditus "
The self-loathing.
The fear of her running, screaming.
The hating himself.
The fear of losing his only love
The whole nine yards .... plus he had the added complication of Mr & Mrs Masen chasing him with their wands !

The amazing thing here is that neither him or Edward never really realised the strength of character of their women............. typical men !

" In Dumbledore's office - it was you "

At least the cat is out of the bag now ( or the werewolf is out of his clothes... ) and Kristina is fine with it.
She's rather like a second Hermione - only a bit calmer.

As she touched his face, his neck, his shoulder, his arms - she must have got an inkling of the effect that her fingers were having.
" What must you think of me ? "
" I think you're wonderful "

Ahhhhh - young love.
Yippee - they kissed - and then -
" Kristina, I love you "
Loved the way that he described imprinting, and of course, being a witch, it didn't gross her out - just made her more curious ( Yep- she's another Hermione in the making ... )

There is the little matter of Edward still being alive, the vampire clan and the Volturi to exlain yet, but I think she can handle it.

Carlisle is usually so pleasant and accommodating that it threw Seth for a moment when he was so brusque when he telephoned to say that he was staying overnight at Kristina's ( Anybody want to take bets on how many ' stay-out-of-my-daughter's-bedroom ' spells will be floating around come nightfall ? ) but he's not aware yet of Carlisle's head scratching over the DNA project, or the connection with Kristina.

Of course even with her hand in his and her " We've got time to figure this out " - Edwarditus strikes again.
" And what if she decided , in the end, it was way too much > Or I wasn't enough ? "

Great storytelling Erica, and thanks for the heads-up reference Eclipse. I've got to say that I agree with you on all points. At times, all that I wanted was for it to slow down and relax. Even when he put a five carat diamond on her bracelet it was done at break-neck speed with no explanation. The cinematography and makeup was miles better in this film, but ... for me it lacked Chris W's touch. As for the father-daughter chat scene, we all laughed when Bella gave a grin and bounded up the stairs, and just as it all went quiet again, my friend's eight year old said in a loud voice ... " What's a virgin ? ", Without missing a beat, Tracie said " Ask Auntie Margaret ! "
With friends like that, who needs enemies !!!!
Glad you had a fantastic time with the ' Sisters ' - it really sounded like a fun filled break for you all. x x x
loved it
wow she really took all that really well i am really happy for seth he is in love aww first love is always nice. can't wait for the next chapter post more soon
That went pretty well.
Looking forward to chapter 8!


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