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The third story in Twilight-Harry Potter Cross-Over, the Half Blood Vampire follows the Cullens as they become further involved in the world of Harry Potter during the events of The Half Blood Prince. What happens when a rapidly maturing Renesmee and Jacob's wolf pack become more and more connected with the world of wizards? And how is Aro and the Volturi involved with He Who Shall Not be Named and his followers, the Death Eaters? Is it all connected?


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Chapter 8: Hogwarts Recruitment Drive

** CEDRIC **

It was a lot to take in. Edward and I were cousins… and he had likely been a wizard before his change, though he could still read minds. And I didn’t quite understand all this talk about DNA, but it would seem Renesmee might be a witch. It seemed a wonderful turn of events. To think, not long ago, I had no connection to my mother’s side of the family and now I had both Kristina and Edward.

Does Kristina know? Or Seth? Where were they?

“Kristina’s invited Seth to stay over.” Edward answered my unasked question. “We’re debating on when to bring them back and what to share, if anything. We’re not quite sure what there is to share.”

I glanced at the clock. It was getting late. Emmett should be back with Renesmee by now.

“Yes, he should.” Edward said, a little more sternly. He and Bella seemed tense, unsure about all this and how it affected their daughter. I suppose I could understand. If it was me and my daughter had gone from baby to Hogwarts student in a year, I might be a bit put out as well.

“That’s putting it mildly.” Edward grimaced.

“Edward,” I proposed, “Why don’t you let me talk to her first? I had wondered about the accidents. I can bring it up; ask her about what is going on. Maybe she’ll talk to me.”

“You don’t think she’ll talk to us?” Bella asked.

“You’re a bit… worked up.” I replied, “and you’re her parents.”

Bella exchanged a panicked look with Edward. Some silent communication flowed through them before Bella sighed audibly, throwing up her hands.

“I suppose it might break it a little more softly coming from you.” Edward conceded.

“Should I tell her about being related?” I asked.

“At this point it appears to be unavoidable.” Edward allowed.

I nodded. It was the least I could do for Edward, after all he’d done for me.

“You’ve done much more for me.” He clamped a hand on my shoulder, “But thank you!”

It was dark when we finally heard the sounds of someone arriving through the back.

“Emmett, what are you thinking – bringing Nessie back at this hour? Are you crazy? There are Death Eaters and the Volturi and who knows who else out looking for us…” Edward burst out as the sight of them.

Renesmee ran for the sanctity of her room while Emmett held up his hands, “Chill. I wanted to show her the sunset. It took us a little longer to get back then I’d anticipated. No big deal.”

“It is a big deal. This is my daughter you’re talking about. Don’t you realize how worried…”

Emmett chuckled, “Oh, I realize… Believe me, Edward. You’re the most insanely, over-protective vampire I’ve ever met.”

A growl sounded from Edward’s chest. At almost the same moment, Carlisle appeared in the room. “Edward, all it well. Renesmee is back safe and sound.”

I escaped up the stairs, excusing myself from the tense family discussion that was about to ensue. Instead I headed for Renesmee’s room. I could hear her sobbing before I knocked on the door.

She ignored the sound. I knew she could hear me, so I knocked again.

“Mom, Dad, I really don’t want to talk about it.” she called out.

“It’s Cedric. Can I come in?” I asked as I cracked open the door.

“Oh… Okay.” I could her sniffling, trying to pull herself together. “Come in.”

I was already half way in the room. I slowly made my way over to where she was sobbing on her bed. I pulled up a chair and sat across from her. My heart ached for her pain. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. I just… it’s just that we had such a fun time today. It felt good to get out of the house – get away from everyone. But when I saw that it was getting dark, I knew Dad would be getting worried. I stressed about it all the way home. I knew he’d take it out on Emmett… And now, he’ll probably never get to take me anywhere and I’ll be trapped.”

“You feel trapped.” I repeated, not sure what else I could say.

“Yes… I feel like I can’t go anywhere or do anything. I can’t meet anyone new and… it’s like my whole life is already set out for me and I have no choice in the matter.”

“Like Jacob.” I prompted.

She sniffed, “Especially Jacob. I’ve heard some of the others talking. I know I’m his imprint – that I’m supposed to marry him someday. But what if I don’t want that?”

“You don’t like him?”

“No, I like him a lot. He’s my best friend. But I never even thought about anything else until recently. And now, well, how am I supposed to know what I want? I will never meet anyone else. I might as well marry him now and get it over and done with.”

I sighed, “No, I don’t think you should do that.”

“I don’t want to hurt him either – but I keep doing that too. Just because he’s always around.” Fresh tears began to flow as she cried silently. “I don’t even know what I want or what I should want or errrr.” She growled, “And I have all these feelings and I don’t know what to do about them and…”

“Nessie – it’s completely understandable. You’re way too young to be making those kind of decisions.”

She wiped away the tears, taking a big breath, and tried to pull herself together.

“Maybe this isn’t a good time, but I wanted to talk to you about something.”

“O-okay. What is it?” She sobbed.

“Well, this may sound odd. You know how your grandpa is doing research on DNA?” she nodded yes. “Well, we found out today that it is very likely that Edward and I are cousins.”

“Well, that’s not surprising.” She said stubbornly.

I smiled, “I know, we look a lot alike.”

“Well, yes, but it’s not just that. You act like him. The way you move your hands or gestures. Sometimes, if I see you from the corner of my eye, I think you’re him.”

“Really?” I asked.

She nodded again.

“Huh.” I considered that. Amazing that she had figured out what had taken days of DNA and historical research.

“So is that what you wanted to talk to me about?”

“Yes, well, no – not all of it. I’ve been asked to fix a few things in your room…”

She shifted uncomfortably in her place, looking down at her hands. “Sorry ‘bout that.”

“Well, what I wanted to ask you about is – how did those things break?”

“They broke against the floor.” She deferred.

“I realize that, but you didn’t throw them, did you?”

She didn’t respond.

“And you didn’t carry them half way across the room and just drop them, did you?”

She started to play with the edge of her bedspread. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” She said softly. “It just started a couple weeks ago. I went to my room to escape from Jacob. He is always around. I was thinking about everything, and just staring at the lamp when, suddenly, it moved. At first, I thought I imagined it. But then I tried again, and I moved it off the bedside table and it smashed. That was the first time.”

I remembered that day. Edward asked me to fix the lamp. It was an antique, impossible to replace. “You kept this from your Dad?”

“I’ve learned to not think of things.” She replied, “And then, at night when they think I’ve gone to sleep, he’s not paying attention.”

Um yes – not paying attention. I cleared my throat awkwardly and went on. “And so, that’s when you work on moving the lamp.”

She nodded, “I do it almost every night. When I do it… everything else goes away. It’s all I think about.”

“It’s like an escape.”

She nodded again.

“Nessie,” I said softly, “I think you might be magical.”

“What?” she stared up at me, “Magical? But how can that be? Oh – we’re related.”

“Yes, even though your father isn’t magical, he could pass it on to you.”

“Oh great!” she said, defeated, “Now they’ll never let me out.”

“On the contrary,” I heard Edward’s voice as he walked into the room. Bella was at his side.

“You were listening? Of course you were listening!” Nessie fumed. “You’re always listening.”

“Renesmee,” Bella chimed in, “Don’t be angry. We only just overhead as we were on our way to our room. We try to give you as much privacy as we can.”

“So I suppose you heard that I’m a freak.”

“Oh, honey. You are not a freak. You are remarkable.” Bella replied as she sat down next to Nessie and wrapped her arm around her. “A true miracle.”

Nessie stiffened and rolled her eyes. “So I suppose no more trips with Uncle Emmett.”

Edward chuckled, catching Nessie off guard. “Well, no. I wasn’t happy with how late Emmett brought you home, but he would never put you in danger.”

The tension seemed to ease from Nessie’s shoulders.

“Nessie, Dumbledore was here earlier today. If you are magical, then he said you should be receiving an invitation to Hogwarts.” Edward said as he exchanged a look with Bella.

Nessie sat up straighter. “Hogwarts? Me… go to Hogwarts?”

“You don’t have to.” Bella quickly added. “Honey, if you want to stay with us, that is fine, too.”

“No, really? Hogwarts? And you’d really let me go?”

“Well Carlisle thinks you’ll be about ten this fall, so you could pass for a young 11 year old. And you’ll be aging from 10 to 17 in the next six years.”

“So, this could actually work?” Nessie asked.

“And you’d be safe.” Bella added, clutching Edward’s hand, trying hard to put on a positive face.

She waved away the concern with her hand. “Do you really think I can go?” she asked excitedly.

“Well, it’s ultimately up to Dumbledore. But yes, we think so.” Edward said.

“Oh, thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you.” She repeated as she threw her arms around each of them in turn and then both of them together before jumping off the bed and throwing her arms around me too.

“Okay,” Edward said, “We just want you to be happy.”

Bella hesitated. “And, if you change your mind, you don’t have to go.”

Nessie laughed, “I don’t think so, Mom.”

I slipped out as they continued to talk and enjoy Nessie’s renewed optimism. It was then, as I escaped into the hall, that I saw him. Leaning against the wall was a man that faintly resembled Jacob Black. Only this man appeared completely destroyed.

“I know it’s what’s best for her.” He said quietly, not really speaking to me, but there was no one else in the hallway. Then he turned and walked away.

** Jacob **

I had to get out of here – away from… I walked down the stairs and into the backyard, waiting for the release of phasing, the escape from the pain – like when Bella… It never came. I couldn’t leave. I couldn’t escape. A string of profanities flowed through my head. This was so messed up.

I remembered the pain of losing Bella. It was nothing – nothing compared to this. She was leaving me – really leaving me. I couldn’t even think her name. I took a step away from the back porch. My chest constricted against my lungs. I took another step. I could barely breathe. How was I going to get away from this? Maybe if I phased. I had to actually make an effort to phase – an action that had always come so naturally before. It didn’t help. The pain was still there and I couldn’t leave, couldn’t escape, like I was held in place by a steel chord tied through my heart.

I swore audibly. It came out as a bark. I couldn’t even swear properly. I sank to my haunches and rested my head on my front paws. I heard a whine and realized it came from me.

“Tough break, mutt.” A tall, pale blond leaned against the porch. Great, Rosalie – just what I need right now.

“Bug off Blondie” I replied, but, again, I simply barked.

She smirked.

I growled.

“Hey, dog-breath, don’t take it out on me. It’s not my fault you’re having girl problems.” She replied, taking a step down.

I murmured a growl under my breath. Why didn’t she just go back into the house and leave me alone?

“Listen,” she hissed, “I’m gonna say this once so listen up. And if you tell anyone I was nice to you, I’ll tear your tongue out through your ear.”

Like she could…

“Nessie likes you – a lot. But she needs to have a choice. She can’t just grow up and only be with you. She has to find her way.”

But what if she found someone else, I grumbled.

“You’re just gonna have to let her go – give her some space. I can’t read minds or see the future, but trust me, it’ll be okay.” She walked away back into the house and left me to wallow in my misery.

What did she know about it anyway?


** Dumbledore **

My mind had never been so thoroughly engaged. Of course, navigating the political circus of the past year had taken much of my considerable abilities. However, reaching out to my old friend two years ago had been a particularly brilliant move, though at the time, I’d not guessed why. Interesting how that was often the case.

The combination of the supernatural and the natural – the study of our building blocks – was fascinating. Some of it was obvious. I’d known, or rather, I’d suspected Edward and Cedric were connected the first day I’d met Edward. It was only a matter of time before the pieces came together. And, of course, his daughter would carry on the family traits. She would be a welcome addition to Hogwarts. And there, she’d be as safe as anywhere, considering.

I lifted my hand to knock on the door of the muggle house I’d left Harry at fifteen years earlier. The blackened, gnarled appendage caught my attention. I sighed. No, there was no amount of medical attention, magical or muggle that could help this. It had been pure, bullheaded, foolishness on my part, but no need to think of that now. I needed to collect Harry. It had been a busy evening and we had even more to do before it concluded.

Ah, yes – the buzzer. I lowered my withered hand and stuck the muggle device that would sound my arrival. It was foolishness to think I’d be well received at this or any hour really. The Dursleys had been a rather inadequate choice of guardians. If it wasn’t for the protection his mother’s blood provided through her sister, I’d not considered it at all. Even now, with Harry alive and relatively well as unspoiled as he undoubtedly would have been in any wizard’s house, I doubted the choice I’d made. Well, there’s no undoing what had been done, and he’d fare much better with the Weasley’s for the rest of the summer holiday.

“Who the blazes is calling at this time of night?” Vernon Dursley hollered from his place of comfort in the parlor. I sighed and took a deep breath, preparing for a most unpleasant evening. Alas that I could not teach them some manners… or could I? I smiled devilishly to myself. Perhaps a few instructive moments were in order.

“Ah, good evening, Harry,” I greeted as he opened the door. His eyes were panicked and relieved all at the same time. But at least he was safe and, for once, not locked in his room. “Excellent, excellent.”

“I don’t mean to be rude,” Vernon began, clearly meaning to be rude.

“Yet, sadly, accidental rudeness occurs alarmingly often,” I pointed out, doing my best to appear quite grave, “Best to say nothing at all, my dear man. Ah, and this must be Petunia.” I turned to the horse faced lady of the house, dressed in her night clothes and rubber gloves. How peculiar. I recalled the day, it seemed not that many years ago, when she’d come to me, begging to come to Hogwarts, begging to be part of this magical world she now shunned.

“Albus Dumbledore,” I offered my name, pointing out, once again, their rude behavior. I feared I’d have little success, but I am a teacher, and a teachable moment must not be missed. “We have corresponded, of course. And this must be your son Dudley?” I turned to the large, blond, budging head that now peered out at me from the parlor. If I’d feared for Harry’s well-being, it was nothing compared to what they had done to their own son. The boy was practically exploding out of himself, and was apparently unable to form cohesive sentences as he stared, mouth agape.

“Shall we assume that you have invited me into your sitting room?” I said as I made my way to the parlor. There were limits to a man’s patience. Fortunately I had many years to test mine.

Harry followed quickly behind me, the remnants of his packing in his hands. “Aren’t – aren’t we leaving, sir?” he asked.

“Yes, indeed we are, but there are a few matters we need to discuss first.” I began, “And I would prefer not to do so in the open. We shall trespass upon your aunt and uncle’s hospitality” such as it is, “only a little longer.”

“You will, will you?” Vernon Dursley challenged as he entered the room, Petunia at his shoulder and their son quivering in fear behind them. Well, at least one of them had a bit of sense. Perhaps the boy wasn’t as bad off as I’d initially thought. The parents still needed a bit more tutelage.

“Yes, I shall.” With a flick of my wand, I drew up the sofa to deposit them handily into it, before returning them and the sofa to its original position. I hid my amusement at their shock. “We may as well be comfortable.”

“Sir – what happened to your-?” Harry began to ask, noting the injury to my hand.

“Later, Harry. Please sit down.”

“I would assume that you were going to offer me refreshment, but the evidence so far suggests that that would be optimistic to the point of foolishness.” With another flick, I conjured a setting of glasses and a dusty bottle. “Madam Rosmerta’s finest, oak-matured mead,” I pointed out. It was charity on my part, to share such a treat with them. It was unfortunate, though not unexpected that they chose attempt to ignore it. I, however, vastly enjoyed the insistence of the glasses drawing home the point of their extreme rudeness given the situation.

“Well, Harry, a difficulty has arisen which I hope you will be able to solve for us. By us, I mean the Order of the Phoenix. But first of all I must tell you that Sirius’s will was discovered a week ago and that he left you everything he owned.”

That got Vernon Dursley’s attention. He couldn’t hide the hungry look from his face at the potential of some financial gain for himself.

“Oh. Right.” Harry replied tonelessly.

“This is, in the main, fairly straightforward. You add a reasonable amount of gold to your account at Gringotts and you inherit all of Sirius’ personal possessions. The slightly problematic part of the legacy-”¬

“His godfather’s dead?” Vernon demanded, as he incessantly ignored my offering of mead that continued to bump against his face. I suppressed a smile. “He’s dead? His godfather?”

“Yes,” I clarified. “Our problem is that Sirius also left you number twelve, Grimmauld Place.”

“He’s been left a house?” Vernon clarified, his mind clearly at work trying to recall the current market conditions for real estate in the greater London area.

“You can keep using it as Headquarters,” Harry said, dispassionately, “I don’t care. You can have it, I don’t really want it.”

My heart warmed. How Harry had escaped the greed and lack of common decency of his adoptive family was a remarkable achievement. It was clearly a sign of his own personal character that he’d risen above the examples before him. He could have become just like his uncle, only more conniving, more aggressive, or he could have been bitter. The fact that he was caring, loving and clearly unaffected by material wealth was amazing. Perhaps the choice was not ill-made. Somehow he managed to turn out.

“That is generous,” I replied, “We have, however, vacated the building temporarily.”


“Well, Black family tradition decreed that the house was handed down the direct line, to the next male with the name of Black. Sirius was the very last of the line as his younger brother, Regulus, predeceased him and both were childless. While his will makes it perfectly plain that he wants you to have the house, it is nevertheless possible that some spell or enchantment has been set upon the place to ensure that it cannot be owned by anyone other than a pure-blood.”

I watched the flash of intuition cross Harry’s eyes, “I bet there has,” He agreed.

“Quite. And if such an enchantment exists, then the ownership of the house is most likely to pass to the eldest of Sirius’s living relatives, which would mean his cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange.”

Harry leapt to his feet, the telescope and trainers on his lap fell to the floor. “No!”

“Well, obviously we would prefer that she didn’t get it, either.” I replied calmly, aching for the pain that now crossed Harry’s face. “The situation is fraught with complications. We do not know whether the enchantments we ourselves have placed upon it, for example, making it unplottable, will hold now that ownership has passed from Sirius’s hands. It might be that Bellatrix will arrive on the doorstep at any moment. Naturally we had to move out until such time as we have clarified the position.”

“But how are you going to find out if I’m allowed to own it?” He asked.

“Fortunately, there is a simple test.” I pointed out, setting down my glass, preparing to call Kreacher who was bound by magic to come upon my bidding. It has been a particularly brilliant bit of magic to bind a house elf, if I did say so myself, and I was about to enact it when I was rudely interrupted.

“Would you get these ruddy things off us?” Vernon bellowed.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” I replied, as politely as possible, flicking my wand to unconjure the refreshments. “But it would have been better manners to drink it, you know.”

I ignored Vernon Dursley’s obvious desire to supply a retort. Wisely he held it in as I was nearing the end of my patience with the man. It would have been satisfying to provide a more potent lesson, but I’d have to satisfy myself with these small pointed remarks.

I turned back to Harry to explain the situation. “You see, if you have indeed inherited the house, you have also inherited-” and with a flick I called upon Kretcher. Petunia’s shriek was really uncalled for. Perhaps his appearance was a bit rough, but for a house elf, he wasn’t much worse for wear then most.

“What the hell is that?” Vernon bellowed.

“Kreacher,” I pointed out.

“Kreacher won’t, Kreacher won’t, Kreacher won’t!” He yelled as he stamped his feet and pulled at his ears. “Kreacher belongs to Miss Bellatrix, oh, yes, Kreacher belongs to the Blacks, Kreacher want’s his new mistress, Kreacher won’t go to the Potter brat, Kreacher won’t, won’t, won’t-”

“As you can see, Harry, Kreacher is showing a certain reluctance to pass into your ownership.”

“I don’t care,” Harry looked down on him with disgust, “I don’t want him.”

His reluctance was understandable. It was Kreacher’s treachery that had lead to Sirius’ death. Certainly I’d be glad to let him go to his Mistress. She’d certainly reward him with a level of servitude that would rival the worst conditions possible. But there were other things to consider. “You would prefer him to pass into the ownership of Bellatrix Lestrange? Bearing in mind that he has lived at the Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix for the past year?”

“Won’t, won’t, won’t, won’t…”

I waited as Harry let that sink into his consciousness. I’d never wish harm on another creature, but the risk was too great. If necessary, I’d have to find an alternative way to limit the risk to the Order. Yet taking the house elf captive was not my preference. It would be easier on him if he could simply serve Harry as master, some place where we could keep an eye on him.

“Give him an order. If he has passed into your ownership, he will have to obey. If not, then we shall have to think of some other means of keeping him from his rightful mistress.”

“Won’t, won’t, won’t, WON’T!”

“Kretcher, shut up!” Harry ordered.

He grabbed at his throat, coughing silently as if choking, his eyes bulging, gulping in an attempt to make some noise. As realization hit him, he fell to the ground and threw a silent fit. He was, clearly, Harry’s, as was the house and the protections it provided. Excellent.

“Well, that simplifies matters. It seems Sirius knew what he was doing. You are the rightful owner of number twelve, Grimmauld Place, and of Kreacher.”

“Do I – do I have to keep him with me?” Harry asked, unable to keep his eyes off the house elf thrashing at his feet.

“Not if you don’t want to. If I might make a suggestion, you could send him to Hogwarts to work in the kitchen there. In that way, the other house-elves could keep an eye on him.”

“Yeah,” Harry nodded, “yeah, I’ll do that. Er – Kreacher – I want you to go to Hogwarts and work in the kitchens there with the other house-elves.”

Kreacher shared one last long look of pure hatred before being compelled under the ancient magic that ruled him to obey. With a sigh of relief I watched him disappear. He would now be safe as would the headquarters of the Order.

“Good. There is also the matter of the Hippogriff, Buckbeak. Hagrid has been looking after him since Sirius died, but Buckbeak is yours now, so if you would prefer to make different arrangements-”

“No,” Harry quickly replied, “he can stay with Hagrid. I think Buckbeak would prefer that.”

“Hagrid will be delighted. He was thrilled to see Buckbeak again. Incidentally, we have decided, in the interests of Buckbeak’s safety, to rechristen him Witherwings for the time being, though I doubt that the Ministry would ever guess he is the Hippogriff they once sentenced to death. Now, Harry, is your trunk packed?”


I smiled inwardly. “Doubtful that I would turn up?”

“I’ll just go and – er – finish off,” Harry called over his shoulder as he gathered the belongings he’d dropped on the floor and rushed up the stairs.

It wasn’t the most enjoyable ten minutes of my life, as I waited for Harry to gather his things together. But, in fairness, I’d had much worse. Not soon enough, Harry came thumping back down the steps with his trunk in one hand and his owl in the other.

“Professor – I’m ready now.”

“Good. Just one thing, then.” I turned to the Dursleys, “As you will no doubt be aware, Harry comes of age in a year’s time-”

“No,” Petunia interrupted, for the first time tonight.

“I’m sorry?”

“No, he doesn’t. He’s a month younger than Dudley, and Dudders doesn’t turn eighteen until the year after next.”

“Ah, but in the wizarding world, we come of age at seventeen.”

“Preposterous!” Vernon muttered. I ignored his rudeness, but he’d pushed me over the edge. I was going to speak my mind and they were going to hear me as I concluded this one last piece of business.

“Now, as you already know, the wizard called Lord Voldemort has returned to this country. The wizarding community is currently in a state of open warfare. Harry, whom Lord Voldemort has already attempted to kill on a number of occasions, is in even greater danger now than the day when I left him upon your doorstep fifteen years ago, with a letter explaining about his parents’ murder and expressing the hope that you would care for him as though he were your own.”

I took a breath and shared a leveled look at all of them before I continued. “You did not do as I asked. You have never treated Harry as a son. He has known nothing but neglect and often cruelty at your hands. The best that can be said is that he has at least escaped the appalling damage you have inflicted upon the unfortunate boy sitting between you.”

Dimwitted as they were, they actually glanced around wondering if there was another boy I was referring to before responding. “Us – mistreat Dudders? What d’you-?” Vernon began to roar. Glaring sternly at him I raised one finger demanding silence.

“The magic I evoked fifteen years ago means that Harry has powerful protection while he can still call this house home. However miserable he has been here, however unwelcome, however badly treated, you have at least, grudgingly, allowed him houseroom. This magic will cease to operate the moment that Harry turns seventeen; in other words, the moment he becomes a man. I ask only this: that you allow Harry to return, once more, to this house, before his seventeenth birthday, which will ensure that the protection continues until that time.”

They were struck silent, as they should be. Except for the son. He was quite unaware of the failings his parents had passed upon to him. One could only hope he’d realize before it was too late for him as well.

“Well, Harry… time for us to be off.” I turned to bid adieu to the Dursleys. “Until we meet again.”

“Bye” Harry said hastily as he followed me into the hall.

“We do not want to be encumbered by these just now,” I gestured to the trunk and owl cage, pulling out my wand, “I shall send them to The Burrow to await us there. However, I would like you to bring your Invisibility Cloak… just in case.”

Harry attempted a slothful extraction of his cloak, but clearly his trunk was a disaster. I hid a smile as I whisked his belongings off to the Weasleys. We had a much more important task to complete this evening.

It would take every bit of my considerable conniving and wit to get Horace Slughorn to Hogwarts. He’d said, in no uncertain terms, he would not be returning – not with the threat of Death Eaters and the potential return of Lord Voldemort to power. I held no illusions; Slughorn was Sytherin through and through. He’d save his own skin before any others. But he had something I needed.

And Harry was the key. All we needed was to find him and wave Harry before his eyes. He would be unable to resist the opportunity to collect the “boy who lived”… to add him to his collection. He would be his crowning jewel... Or so I hoped. Well, by the end of the evening we’d know for certain.

I gestured toward the door. “And now, Harry, let us step out into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.”
first to reply this is so good i love it post more it gets better everytime
Awesome :) I love it :D Nessie is going to Hogwarts!! Wooo!!! :D Post more soon :)
i felt really bad for jacob though; it was a total shocker that rose was nice to him.
cant wait for more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FANTASTIC!!!! Erica I really am enjoying this story. Keep up the grat work!


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