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The third story in Twilight-Harry Potter Cross-Over, the Half Blood Vampire follows the Cullens as they become further involved in the world of Harry Potter during the events of The Half Blood Prince. What happens when a rapidly maturing Renesmee and Jacob's wolf pack become more and more connected with the world of wizards? And how is Aro and the Volturi involved with He Who Shall Not be Named and his followers, the Death Eaters? Is it all connected?


If you haven't read the other two, please click here for the first story in the Series, Cullens go to Hogwarts, placed during the Tri-Wizard Tournament or here for Dawn of the Phoenix: Cedric goes to Forks for the second book placed during Order of the Phoenix and Breaking Dawn.


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HBV Ch 1.pdf   Chapter 1: A New Adventure

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HBV Ch 17.pdf Chapter 17: First Day of School

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Thanks Twihard! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.
Hey Becca - thank you! I love writing EPOV. I like the others, but EPOV is my favorite.

And thanks for asking. I'm doing much better now. :-)
that was great i loved it post when you can do not rush it can't wait for the next chapter
Thank you Terry! :-)
Good Lord ! It sounds as if our intrepid bunch have landed in a re-make of ' Bleak House ' Erica.....

What an awful woman !
She was very rude to my Hero, Albus Dumbledore - and that's unforgivable.
Loved brave Alice correcting her regarding Esme's hair colour, and then slapping her down when ' Mrs Nasty ' made snide remarks about them wanting her property.

So - all the men passed muster... and all the women didn't, except for lovely Leah, of course.

" I'll put the boys down the one hall, the girls down the other "
Yeah - in your dreams ' Mrs Nasty ' ... not a snowball's chance in hell that's ever going to happen any time soon lady, knowing our group's nocturnal needs ( As we do... ! )

Oh dear. Methinks the kitty cats are going to be an on-going problem.
" I think it's nice " Nessie said softly " I've never had a pet before "
" I thought you had Jacob " Rosalie sniped ( Naughty Rosalie ! But I have to admit that I had a quick grin at that - just a little one ... )

" The dragon lady is coming, the dragon lady is coming ... "

That woman must have a secret death-wish ... but ... she managed to scare Cedric, Seth and Leah into rushing out to find something, anything, to do - and the rest quickly followed suit.
Even when Emmett flashed his vampire teeth, she took no notice.
And throughout her verbal altercations with Carlisle and Edward, not one ounce of self-preservation-type fear crept in.
Dragon lady or not, you've got to hand it to her .... she had the lot of them running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Not bad for a mere human !!!

It's a shame Carlisle didn't get the Dark Arts position, but I'm glad that Renesme is still heading to Hogwarts ( What will the Sorting Hat do with her ? )

It's good that she's going to the Burrow first, it'll give her a chance to mix with others nearer her own ' age ', and also get to make a few friends before she moves away from her family. I think the twins will think it's really cool when they find out the whole vampire, Edward, werewolf things ... and Molly will take charge of making sure that Nessie is accepted into the Weasley fold.

Lovely, funny chapter Erica - worht waiting for.......

( PS .... whatever the problem, whatever the question ..... chocolate is the answer.
Forget the ' lips to the hips ' thing.
As far as I'm concerned, chocolate is nature's Vallium - and it works quicker as well... tastes better too !!! )

Thanks so much for the quick review.

What an awful woman !

So - all the men passed muster... and all the women didn't, except for lovely Leah, of course.
> chuckles - yeah, that part was fun... I have to admit, I didn't see that coming, but when it came I had to laugh.

Yeah - in your dreams ' Mrs Nasty ' ... not a snowball's chance in hell that's ever going to happen any time soon lady, knowing our group's nocturnal needs ( As we do... ! )
> No kidding. I'm still wondering if she'll show up for an evening check - but somehow I doubt she wouldn't be bothered to go to that much trouble. I suppose we'll see.

" I think it's nice " Nessie said softly " I've never had a pet before "
" I thought you had Jacob " Rosalie sniped ( Naughty Rosalie ! But I have to admit that I had a quick grin at that - just a little one ... )
> Yeah me too. Rosie caught me off guard with her quick retort.

Dragon lady or not, you've got to hand it to her .... she had the lot of them running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Not bad for a mere human !!!
> Oh yeah - this is either one very brave or very stupid woman. She's got nerve!

It's a shame Carlisle didn't get the Dark Arts position, but I'm glad that Renesme is still heading to Hogwarts ( What will the Sorting Hat do with her ? )
> You know, I'm not really sure what will happen with her and the sorting hat. She's a true witch so she must get sorted somewhere, but where? I really have no idea. I suppose once we get there, we'll find out.

It's good that she's going to the Burrow first, it'll give her a chance to mix with others nearer her own ' age ', and also get to make a few friends before she moves away from her family. I think the twins will think it's really cool when they find out the whole vampire, Edward, werewolf things ... and Molly will take charge of making sure that Nessie is accepted into the Weasley fold.
> I agree! I suppose we'll see if Edward and Bella also agree.

( PS .... whatever the problem, whatever the question ..... chocolate is the answer.
Forget the ' lips to the hips ' thing.
As far as I'm concerned, chocolate is nature's Vallium - and it works quicker as well... tastes better too !!! )
> Okay, I completely agree on that front! Chocolate it is - stocking my shelves as we speak for future needs!
Chapter 11: Should I stay or should I go?

** EDWARD **

I took a deep breath to settle myself as we left the cover of the nearby orchard. Bella squeezed my hand and Renesmee, well, her enthusiasm was unconcealed as we approached the architectural impossibility that was the Burrow.

I’d seen it in the minds of others and yet it still shook my ability to believe my eyes, as I looked at the accumulation of poorly constructed rooms that defied the laws of physics. The only explanation for the way they held together was magic.

“The house and grounds are protected by every magical protection provided by the Ministry of Magic while Harry is here.” Dumbledore said calmly, “Which means we can’t arrange a PortKey in and out of the house, nor may I apparate within the grounds. When we enter through the gate, the Weasley’s will be warned of an intruder, so be prepared.”

I leaned over to my practically vibrating daughter, “While you’re here, I must stay within the grounds. Do you understand?”

She scowled back up at me, an expression that was hauntingly familiar, one that reminded me of the many times Bella complained of my over-protectiveness before her change. However, this was not my girlfriend, this was my daughter and over-protectiveness was entirely appropriate.

“I’ll bring Jacob back to keep watch…” I warned. Despite the recent peace between them, she’d absolutely insisted that he not come with her today. Again, nothing in her thoughts gave away the mystery of this contradiction.

She frowned, but said no more as we approached.

A faint familiar odor hit me as we approached. “Lupin?” I asked.

“Ah, yes. Remus and Mad-eye are visiting for the day.” Dumbledore replied as he held open the gate. “Just a precaution.”

“Thank you.” Bella said as she stepped through.

“Who approaches?” Molly Weasley’s voice sounded shakily from the house, “Identify yourselves.”

“Albus Dumbledore, Molly.” Dumbledore called out, “With three guests.”

The frazzled, wild-haired, stout woman who was Molly Weasley launched herself from a worn, poorly hung door and hurried down the steps. “Albus, so pleased. And of course,” she looked over to Renesmee, “Dumbledore has told us about you.” She wrapped her arms around our daughter, pulling her into a warm hug and only wincing slightly as the hug returned was a bit too strong.

When she straightened she looked Bella and I once over. Molly Weasley, you know they’re harmless. She scolded herself as her heartbeat increased in response to being face to face with two vampires.

“Not harmless,” I replied, with the face I normally reserved for calming humans, “But we mean you no harm.”

“Of course, of course,” she batted at Bella and I with a cloth she held in her hand. It was the best she could manage at a warm welcome without actually touching us. “Well, come in.” She gestured toward the door, but unwilling to turn her back on us, she stood back, watching as we walked past and then following us in the door.

The room we walked into was a crowded kitchen. Unlike the cavernous space at the headquarters of the Phoenix, this was barely comfortable for anyone other then Molly. As I looked around I took in the sight – a washcloth at work, scrubbing dishes that magically doused themselves in the sudsy water and then moved to be rinsed, dried and then returned to a nearby cupboard. Across the way, potatoes were busily being pealed, cut and dropped into a pot, while a set of knives chopped up carrots, onions and some sort of meat. A table in the middle of the room was clear but for a newspaper I recognized as the Daily Prophet, the front page picture moving as did the pictures that lined the walls. Haphazardly placed on the adjacent counter was what looked like a grandfather clock, except instead of a clock face and hands, there were nine hands, each with a separate name of a member of the Weasley family. At the top were several possible positions such as at home, traveling, at work, at school. At the present all pointed to “Mortal Danger.”

He looks so much like Cedric… think of him like Cedric… Molly was encouraging herself.

We make her nervous, don’t we? Bella asked, lifting her shield.

I looked up and down by way of signaling my agreement.

At that moment, Renesmee lifted her hand to Bella, showing her all the marvels before her in the kitchen. I thrilled to see this, not just with my own eyes, but also through my daughter.

“Well, would you like something to eat?” Molly offered.

“I’d be honored for a spot of tea.” Dumbledore replied, “And perhaps a scone if you have one.”

“We’re fine.” I replied.

“Er, of course…” she paused, unsure what to do next. It took her a moment to gather her wits and then, with a flick, a kettle flew from a cupboard, just missing Bella on it’s way to the sink where it filled with water and set itself on a lit stove. “Excuse me a moment,” she said as she hussled out of the kitchen.

“We’ve got visitors.” She called out pleasantly from a few steps into the house. There was no response. After a moment she called out again in a harsher tone, “You’d better get down here.” To which the thunderous sound of several steps shook the house to the point I was certain even the magic holding it together would fail.

“Ah,” Molly started a bit more composed as she reentered the kitchen, “Why don’t you come and make yourselves comfortable in the sitting room. Arthur is there visiting with Remus and Mad-eye.”

A bit of sadness touched her thoughts as she said Remus’ name. A memory floated past her eyes.

“I just can’t stand it… I don’t know what to do.” Tonks sat hunched over a cup of tea, peering into it as if the murky liquid held the answers. She shook slightly, weighed down with emotion and grief.

“Dear, Sirius’s passing is not your fault.”

“It’s not just Sirius…” she said quietly. “Remus won’t even look at me.”

“Well, I highly doubt he’d hold you accountable.” Molly said with a bit if indignation.

“No, it’s not that…” she sighed heavily, took a sip of her tea and set it down, drawing a finger along the edge.

Poor dear. She loves him. Molly suddenly realized, but said nothing, only patting her shoulder soothingly.

We found the three men in the sitting room. They stood immediately as we entered.

“Lupin, Arthur,” we greeted each warmly. The few days Lupin had spent with us were enough to remove any remaining hesitancy between us and our natural enemy. “And Mad-eye.”

“Well, hello.” Mad-eye offered his hand in greeting. “Very pleased to see you.”

“And you” Bella and I returned the greeting. “and this is Renesmee.”

“Why the last time I saw you, you were about this high,” he said gruffly.

Bravely, Renesmee ran right up to him, pressing her hand to his weathered cheek. The sight of his blue eye flashed through her mind with a question hanging in the air, though I didn’t see the transaction repeated in his. I sucked in a breath unsure how he’d take her forwardness.

But my initial worry was unfounded. Mad-eye chuckled, “Well, I’ll have to tell you about that sometime. But perhaps not now. It looks like we have a few others who might like to meet you.”

We turned and there, standing in the entrance were Ron, Hermione, Harry and Ginny.

“Bella,” Hermione launched forward, throwing her arms around my wife. Ron stiffened as he took us in, his mind working to fit the pieces together.

“But – aren’t you… didn’t you…” he grasped, pointed at me, his eyes flashing from Bella to I, “and you look…”

“Don’t be daft, they’re vampires, silly.” Ginny Weasley gave Ron a backhanded slap.

“And when did you learn about this.” Ron exclaimed as he turned to his sister.

“Hermione explained it to me this morning when Molly said they were coming.”

“Hermione? But why didn’t-”

“I assumed,” she glared at Harry, “that Harry would have already told you.”

“Harry?” He turned, his voice breaking.

Harry shrugged, “Sorry mate. It didn’t come up.”

“But what – how in the – when…” Ron flustered through.

“Shut it, Ron,” Ginny slapped him again, “It’s a big secret. And besides, we’re here to meet their daughter.”

“Their daughter!” Ron was now beside himself, “They’ve got a daughter? But they are vampires!”

“Ron, stop making an arse of yourself and I’ll explain it later.” Hermione hissed at him.

“But they’re vampires.” He repeated a little more weakly.

Ignoring him, Hermione turned to Renesmee, “Hi, I’m Hermione.”

“I remember,” Renesmee said, overwhelmed at meeting someone she’d heard about so much from her mother.

“I’m sure. When I saw you a few months ago, you were much smaller…”

“But Hermione, how can that be? She’s got to be at least ten. When did you?” Ron started.

“Ron!” Hermione glared at him in exasperation.

Dumbledore interceded. “Renesmee will be attending Hogwarts this fall. I thought it might make the transition easier if she met a few students ahead of time. Of course, she’s much younger, but it’s always nice to have a few familiar faces.” He looked pointedly at Ron and that seemed to shut him up for the short term.

“Of course. It’s nice to meet you Renesmee.” Ginny offered her hand.

“Nessie,” Renesmee corrected, “Everyone calls me Nessie.” She smiled and then, reaching up to Ginny’s face she suddenly showed a picture of Ron’s pale face, mouth gaping, eye’s round in shock.

“Oh, wow. That is a neat gift.” Ginny jolted back, startled.

“What, what did she do?” Harry asked, suddenly protective.

“She showed me an image.” Ginny said calmly, not taking her eyes of Renesmee, “And don’t mind my brother. He’s bonkers. I’d be glad to introduce you to some of your classmates when we get to Hogwarts. And if you want, you can ride on the train with me.”

Renesmee smiled widely, “On a train?”

“Haven’t you ever taken a train?”

“No… I’ve only traveled by car and plane and PortKey.”

“You’ve gone on an aeroplane.” Arthur Weasley suddenly piqued. “You must tell me how that was – and how do they keep those things in the air.”

Dumbledore chuckled, “Perhaps we should allow Renesmee to get to know the students better while we enjoy some of Molly’s tea.”

Ginny took Nessie by the hand and drug her off up the stairs, the others in pursuit. The last to leave was Ron, who gave us another look, shaking his head. Vampires… having babies… bloody hell...

“I’m afraid we’ve thrown them for a bit of a loop.” I said as I took a seat. Bella backed away to the kitchen to try and help Molly. I could see, however, that Molly would not be accepting any help and not too long after Bella was back taking a seat.

“I’m sure they’ll get over it quickly.” Remus smiled. He was just as worn and tired looking as the last time we’d seen him in Little Whinging. And when Molly appeared with a tray of tea and scones, it didn’t escape noticed that she also had a plate with some human food which she handed to Remus.

“Very true,” Mad-eye nodded, “That lot – they’re very good with all the changes that have been thrust upon them.”

“Too good, if you ask me.” Molly said as she fretted about the room, tidying, picking at things that seemed find, straightening items that didn’t need to be straightened. “They just children…”

“Children who will, all too soon, find themselves in a position where they must either defend themselves or parish, Molly.” Dumbledore said calmly.

Molly just huffed, not responding to his argument directly, “It’s hard on everyone, even Tonks is having a rough time dealing with Sirius’ passing.”

At her name a flood of emotions, thoughts, and memories flooded through Remus’ mind. It was always strange being around these elder wizards. Though I’d come to realize not all were trained occlumens, those who were, kept their thoughts from me – except on occasions when they were surprised or, perhaps like now, overcome with emotion such as Remus Lupin was now.

“We all are dear,” Arthur patted her hand as it fell temporarily on his shoulder.

I momentarily focused my attention back to Remus’ thoughts which now all a jumble. Tonk’s face was clearly in focus and surrounding it were several exchanges – conversations, shared looks, times when he watched her unknowingly. But the thoughts were tainted with deep heavy emotions, so weighty he was almost drowning in them. Paramount was love. He was deeply, and seemingly tragically in love with Nymphadora Tonks and, whereas he’d seemed completely unaware of it previously, it was now a certainty in his mind. And, accompanying that, was a deep sense of guilt and rejection of that love. I’m not worthy of her… she could do so much better… I’m a monster… It was all too reminiscent of feelings I held for far too long.

He loves her doesn’t he? Bella asked me as we made our way back to the bed and breakfast.

I nodded.

And he thinks he’s not worthy.

I nodded again.

Well, that’s just plain dumb!

I smiled. Yes, it was plain dumb, just as I had been just plain dumb at one point. Which was precisely why I’d invited him to stay with us. Perhaps I could make him see reason.

Renesmee was skipping down the way at our side, lighter and happier then she’d been in a long time. “They’re having a birthday party for Harry. Can I go?” she asked.

“Have you been invited?” Bella asked.

“I think so. Ginny told me about it. And then they said they have to go to Diagon Ally to get supplies for Hogwarts. When do you think we’ll do that?”

“We’ll have to talk to Dumbledore.” I replied, uneasy about parading her through such a public place. We’d need to ensure adequate protection.

“And she said I’ll have to get a wand – and that the wand chooses you.” She said in awe, pictures flitting through her mind of all the things she’d seen today, the various insignificant household spells that were a marvel to us, Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny playing Quidditch on their brooms, Ginny telling her about the sorting hat and the various houses. Renesmee had been in the castle once, but she’d been much more interested in playing with Jacob at the time and exploring the long vast hallways of a castle to pay attention to much else. She’d been so young. Bella looked over at me with a questioning arch of the eyebrow as I chuckled. It had only been a little over a month ago. She’d grown up so much in the past few weeks, it was hard to keep track of, even with my vast vampire brain.


I’m going to Hogwarts, I’m going to Hogwarts… I sang in my head all the way home. Would I really be able to do all those tricks? And have a wand of my own? And learn how to fly – really fly, like on a broom? Harry was, like, wow. And Ginny was pretty awesome too. And pretty. And smart. And I had friends, like real friends… and I was going to a real birthday party, I think. Mom never really answered that. And I had so much to tell Jake…

I paused. Jake. The reminder brought a sudden pain in my chest and I wasn’t sure why, but I quickly shuffled that thought away. The way they talked about Diagon Ally… and the way Harry said ‘brilliant’ and ‘fantastic’ and Ron said ‘bloody hell’. They were all such fun – well except for Hermione. She reminded me too much of Mom, always telling me what I should or shouldn’t do, worrying over every little thing. I mean, chill out!

Oh crap! I thought as I saw the crazy car parked in the driveway. That mean lady is back. I immediately took off to the shed out back. I’d discovered it the first time she’d visited. It wasn’t much, just a plain box of a building with rakes and brooms and yard equipment that Uncle Emmett used. But it was a good place to hide until she left.

In the dark of the shed, while Mom and Dad and Grampa were dealing with the lady while the rest of them busily worked on the various chores, I pulled out the thought I’d hastily shoved aside.

I didn’t think about Jake in front of Mom and Dad anymore – and I tried my best to act like everything was normal. It was too embarrassing having Mom give me that look like she was both scolding and sympathetic, and Dad looking smug every time I got annoyed with Jake. It wasn’t any of there business, I huffed.

But what was I going to do about Jake. The pain came back as I thought about saying good bye. Suddenly I couldn’t breathe. It was too stuffy, too tight, too…

“Nessie?” Strong, cold arms wrapped around me and pulled me out into the light. “Renesmee honey, are you okay?” Comforting hands stroked my hair as my breathing slowed.

“I’m fine, Mom” I said, not convincingly. I winced. “I think I just… reacted to the small space or something.”

“But what were you doing in there?”

“Is the lady gone?” I asked weakly.

Mom smiled at me with sympathy and understanding. How I hated that look. “Yes, she’s gone…” and then I was flying through air cradled in her arms like when I was a baby. She didn’t let me down until we were in the kitchen where Dad and Grandpa were talking in low tones with Grandma. By then I was just plain embarrassed. Hopefully Uncle Emmett didn’t see that. He’d tease me mercilessly.

Gramma set a dish with a blueberry muffin, some fruit and a glass of milk in front of me. I wrinkled my nose. I’d much rather go hunting right now. But I suppose if I’m going to Hogwarts I’d better get used to this. Dad had explained to me that Wizards and Witches didn’t typically hunt or drink blood, which just reminded me how different I am. I tensed again. What if they don’t like me? What if everyone thinks I’m a freak? What if I can’t learn how to fly and everyone finds out I’m not a real witch and then they kick me out?

A larger, cool hand brushed my hair, flipping one of my crazy curls away from my face and behind my ear. I swatted at it. Dad – come on!

He leaned over and whispered, “You’ll be fine, Renesmee. Please don’t worry,” before kissing me on the head.

Okay, honestly I didn’t mind the reassurance, but really. I leaned away, cutting the kiss short and reached for the muffin, breaking off a piece and stuffing it in my mouth. I cringed at the spongy texture. The taste wasn’t bad, but what I really wanted right now was warm thick liquid from a fresh kill… the thought made my mouth water. I reached for the milk, surprised to find the glass warm. I took a tentative sip. Hmm… the taste was all wrong, but it felt similar. It would have to do.

“I found her freaking out in the shed, Edward.” I overhead Mom telling Dad. They were hiding out at the front of the house.

“Dumbledore is working on our arrangements to move up north,” Dad replied calmly. “I don’t like this either, but it’s a minor inconvenience.”

“For us, but Nessie is just a child. She can’t possibly understand all this.”

Anger flared up in me. How dare she? How could she know what I can or can’t understand? I’m not stupid!

The voices fell silent. And then they and their owners were suddenly hovering over me. “I’m so sorry.” Mom was saying, “I didn’t mean - I just don’t think it’s good for us to stay here.”

I looked from her to Dad and back. Oh crap – Dad heard me and told Mom. He picked me up and held me, stoking my hair. It calmed me a bit – and annoyed me too. “Sorry Nessie.” He whispered into my hair.

Something about Dad just made me feel better. I’m still mad you told Mom.

He chuckled, “I’ll always tell Mom when I think we need to do something to help you.”

I sighed and rested my head against his shoulder. It was ridiculous that he still held me like this. I mean I was already almost as tall as Aunt Alice.

I waited until night to think about Jake again. I’d started waking in the middle of the night. The first time it happened, I’d had a strange dream that I couldn’t remember when I awoke, but left me with an uneasy feeling and, for some reason, I’d thought about Jake. It had been the night I’d found out I was going to Hogwarts.

That night I’d felt crappy about everything – how I’d been acting toward Jake. He’d been my best friend forever. But lately he just annoyed me. He was always there, always at my side, always patient, always helpful. Just once, I wanted him to get mad, or do something that he knew I wouldn’t like, or just leave me alone. What I’d said to Cedric was exactly right. I didn’t know what to do about Jake. He was perfect. But compared to what?

I’d gotten up and walked around my room in Little Whinging, settling at the window overlooking the back yard. A whine caught my attention down below. Oh double crap. It was Jake, curled up in his wolf form. He knew. I didn’t know how, but I knew he knew I was leaving him. That was when the pain began, the one that felt like my chest was going to explode. I’d make it up to him. I’d be on my best behavior. I’d be as nice as I could be, spend whatever time I could with him. I wouldn’t snap at him anymore. I wouldn’t ignore him when he wanted to do something… I made that vow that night and now, almost a week later, I thought about it again.

The pain hadn’t lessened. I wanted to go to Hogwarts more then anything I’d ever wanted in my short life. But every time I thought about leaving Jake, the pain throbbed in my chest.

Maybe I was just worried. This was huge. I mean, I’d never left home before. I didn’t have friends, I didn’t know anyone other then my family. Today was the first day I’d ever... hung out with someone who wasn’t related to me in some way or wasn’t… older. And it had been great. I mean, they were still older then me, but… they were like almost my age. And they went to school. I could barely wrap my head around the idea of going to school with other kids my age.

I cringed. My age. No, there wouldn’t be anyone my age. I was a freak. And now that Ron and Ginny and Harry and Hermione knew about Mom and Dad, they’d know too. And the whole school would know. I thought about going to Diagon Ally. It sounded so exciting – but then going with Dad, who was apparently supposed to be dead, and Mom who apparently looked way different then when everyone saw her last… We were just going to be the centre of attention and everyone would know. I’m a freak.

I stared up at the ceiling. Maybe I should just forget the whole thing. Mom would be happy. Jake would be happy. Dad and Grampa could stop worrying about me. In a few years I would be older and then I would marry Jake like I supposed to and that would be it. I sighed and rolled over to my side and for the first time in a long time I felt the pillow get damp with my tears and a squeezed my eyes tight, trying to block out the predetermined future I had no power to change.

It was light out when I opened my eyes again. Strange. Nobody woke me up. Typically Aunt Alice or Rosalie were already in my room picking out some outfit for the day before I woke up… or Jake would be pacing out side the door… or Mom or Dad would be sitting in the chair by my bed and I’d wake up feeling their eyes on me. But today, nothing.

It was later then I realized. The sun was already high in the sky and my stomach growled. For the first time since we left Forks, I picked out my own clothes, brushed my own hair and picked out some barrettes to hold the curls back from my face. Still no one showed up to insist I choose a different set, or perhaps a head band, or to set a tray of food down on my dresser to munch on while I got ready. What the heck was going on?

I made my way to the kitchen. The house was quiet, devoid of the busyness of the last few days as everyone pitched in to complete the list of chores for that horrid lady.

“Oh, you’re up, dear,” Grandma greeted me. She was in her work clothes, covered in dirt. She must have been working on the yard. “There’s some baking on the counter, fruit and milk in the fridge, cereal in the cupboard. Or I can make some eggs and bacon…” she offered. “What would you like?”

What would I like? I’d never been asked that before. At times I’d demanded what I wanted, but usually I got up and everything was just ready. “I, ah, think I’d like to hunt.” I said.

“Oh, well the others have already left,” she replied and my heart sunk. They’d left without me? But in the next breathe, she relieved my worries, “Jake said he’d stay behind in case you wanted to go. Carlisle found some suitable area, far enough from humans to be safe.”

“Great!” I replied, looking around. Where was Jacob?

“He’s out in the yard, dear. Kristina is visiting Seth for the morning and Jacob is embarrassing him.” Grandma laughed kindly. “Maybe you should go rescue him.”

Huh. Me rescue someone else. I laughed as I launched out into the yard, finding Jacob, Seth and Kristina seated near the trout pond. They were fishing, I realized, and Jake was chatting away and I was sure Seth was blushing under his russet skin. Oh, of course, Kristina is his imprint like I’m Jakes. Only she’s older… though not much older. Maybe a year older then Harry, Ron and Hermione. And so was Seth. So were they, like dating then? And what exactly did that mean? I’d been so caught up in Hogwarts and Jacob and everything, I hadn’t really thought much about it before – and all I knew on the subject was what I’d read in a few of the novels Auntie Rose had leant me under strict orders to only read them at night and return them as soon as I was finished.

“Hey Nessie,” Seth greeted me as I ran up. “Jake’s been dying to take you hunting.”

I laughed, realizing for once that his words had less to do with me and more to do with him. He wanted to be alone with Kristina.

“Hi Seth, Hi Kristina.” I said, suddenly embarrassed as I noticed their hands clasped, fingers interlocked.

“Hi Nessie,” Kristina said, “I heard you met some kids from Hogwarts yesterday. Are you getting excited?”

“Um, yeah, I guess.” I replied. Was I still going? I guess I hadn’t really talked to Mom and Dad after all my thinking last night. I’d basically been decided last night as I clenched my eyes shut against my pillow that I’d stay. But now in the light of day, Kristina’s question reminded me that I was excited about going.

I glanced over at Jacob. He had his big goofy smile plastered on his face and I’d think he was completely unaffected by Kristina’s question, except that his eyes did that squinty thing when he was trying to not be sad.

“So, is Seth lying about the hunting thing, Jake?” I asked, trying to be as enthusiastic as possible, “Or what?”

“You want to go hunting?” He asked, truly happy this time.

“Uh, yeah. I’ve been craving…” glanced once at Kristina. If I did go to Hogwarts, no sense in giving them more freak material then necessary, “Some fun.” I finished up.

“Great, let’s go. We don’t have a lot of time. There’s some family meeting later this afternoon.” He phased, I jumped on his back and he took off in a full run across the field to the nearest clump of trees. Dad would be mad at us for taking the risk of running out in the open like that, but I didn’t care. I laughed, enjoying the wind whipping around my face and tangling my hair. It was like before – when we were in Forks – before the Volturi came and it was just Jake and me.

The forest was old – real old. And the trees creaked and murmured as if they were talking to each other, passing on secrets and information of our arrival. I imagined they were real live beings as we stalked through the brush. Jake sensed it first – a herd of deer thirty feet to our left, lapping up water from a nearby stream. It wasn’t my favorite, but it was way better then warm milk.

Jake was already in a dead run. I brought my feet up into a crouch on his back, holding on to the fur around the scruff of his neck. I felt the thump-thump of his paws hitting the forest floor echoing through my chest, matching the beating of my heart. We were getting closer. They hadn’t sensed our presence yet. We broke through the trees. In an instant the four deer looked up. In the next they turn to run, but it was too late. Jake had launched himself at the largest of the four.

Mid-air, I leapt from his back, picking out another good sized deer. I landed on her back just as she reared to get away. I felt her heart quicken, the blood pounding in her veins as I swung around her neck and my mouth found that spot where the blood was the loudest. She squealed as I sunk my teeth into her neck, slicing through the fur and thick skin beneath.

Ah… this was what I’d been craving. When she was completely drained, I kicked her body off mine toward Jake. He’d taken down the largest of the four doe, but was waiting for me. He nudged the deer in my direction. I smiled and took its neck, draining it as well.

It was how we’d always hunted. I drained our kills then Jake took the flesh. He always said it made it better for him – less clean up. But, for the first time, I realized it was like so many things, it was a small kindness he did for me – giving me the first of our kills. And I’d always taken it, not thinking.

“Thanks, Jake.” I said softly when I finished the second deer. He shrugged and tore off another piece of flesh. I wrinkled my nose. Ug! As much as I enjoyed drinking of them, I couldn’t bring myself to eat the raw flesh. I shuddered as I watched him now.

I leapt over to the stream, rinsing my hands and splashing my face. The water felt good and I cupped my hands and took a drink, rinsing my mouth. Last night’s thoughts returned. I wouldn’t be able to do this at Hogwarts. I didn’t think Ginny or Ron or Harry or Hermione – especially not Hermione – would want to go hunting with me. Maybe I should stay. I felt my eyes smart. I took a big breathe and splashed my face to fight off the tears. Jake didn’t need to see that. I wanted to go. I felt I should stay. I didn’t know what I to do.

I felt a nudge at my side and a whine. I looked up. Crap. I could see Jake knew I was struggling. He always knew.

“I’m fine, Jake…” I huffed and then cringed at my tone. I took a breath and focused on plastering a happy enthusiastic expression on my face and turned to face him, “Actually, I’m great! This was – great.” I said.

Jake’s big furry head cocked to one side. “Erm?”

He wanted to know what was going on. I ignored his question and posed one of my own. “Do we have time? Like do we have to go back right now?”

He shook his head no.

“Do you think we can go for a run? It’s not like back home, but I miss running through the forest. Maybe we can find a rock ledge or something.”

He chuckled and nodded his head in agreement. Awesome! I jumped up on his back, this time holding myself close to his body, pressing my knees into his side and wrapping my arms tightly around his neck, careful not to choke him. I knew what to expect. He was going to go fast, real fast – and give me the ride of my life. Sure enough, before I knew it, we were speeding through the forest. The trees were a blur as they passed by, and we started climbing, leaping from rock to rock. At one point he found a bit of an outcropping and he fearlessly launched himself into the air and I heard my laugh twist away into the wind. Was this what flying was like?

All too soon, I sensed the change. No longer was he exploring new ground, but he’d turned back for home, running in a straight line except where he had to detour to maintain our cover.

The entire family, Cedric and Leah, Seth and Kristina were already gathered in the kitchen when Jake, back in human form, and I walked in. Dad glanced in our direction and I momentarily froze, afraid he was going to get after Jake for bringing me home late, but he just smiled and gestured for us to sit down.

“Thank you all for joining us for an extended family meeting.” Grandpa started. I glanced back at Dad, surprised they waited for me. I looked back to Grandpa as he launched into the meeting. “There’s a few things we need to discuss. I think the foremost on everyone’s mind is the current living situation.”

“I say we kill the Dragon Lady!” Emmett spoke up. I snickered.

“I hardly think the wolves would be too happy about us killing a human.” Dad pointed out.

“Heck no – I don’t see her as being truly human.” Jake chuckled.

Grandpa glared at him, but I thought maybe he was trying to fight from smiling. “Other then killing our hostess, are there are other alternatives?”

“I found a place we could stay,” Alice piped up. “There’s another Bed & Breakfast not far from here. It’s a little smaller – but there is a family taking up all their rooms who are going to get a call tonight that will result in them having to leave early. We can get the entire place to ourselves if we get there by ten in the morning tomorrow.”

Grandpa nodded, “Okay, we could simply make our own arrangements. I presume this place is close enough to meet our obligations to watch over Harry?”

“Oh yes, it’s just 5 miles north of here.” Alice grinned. “And it’s got high-speed internet, Egyptian cotton linens, goose down duvets, spa tubs and walk in showers, luxury bath products…” she went on and on, actually moaning at one point. It sounded nice, but really, other then that awful woman, this place was okay.

“Will we get our own room?” Emmett asked skeptically.

“Well… it’s got 4 luxury suites.” She hesitated, “And there’s a meeting room that would be perfect for a shared room for Jacob and Seth and one of the suites has a dressing room with a sofa bed.” She paused, “I can’t see the outcome but the proprietors have been debating taking a vacation after the current guests leave. That would give us three more bedrooms and an office.”

An office? Grandpa would be pretty happy.

“But what about the project,” Grandma asked.

“What, that woman hardly deserves-” Auntie Rose started.

“Rose. Regardless, we made an agreement. I don’t want to bring shame on Dumbledore’s head by not living up to our end, regardless of what that woman does or does not deserve.”

Auntie Rose pursed her lips.

“How long would it take to complete the list?” Grandpa asked.

“By myself, the next week and a half. But if everyone pitched in, a couple days.” Grandma said.

“I suppose if we meet our end of the deal, she can’t come find us.” Dad added.

Uncle Emmett shrugged, “So what if she does, but whatever. I’m happy to get the work done.”

“It would be easier to just get it done and over with and move on,” Jasper added. “Fewer complications.”

“You know, she’d probably end up kicking herself for driving us away.” Jake chuckled. “That might be worth it in itself.”

“Cedric, Leah, Seth, Kristina? Any thoughts?” Grandpa asked.

Cedric and Seth just shrugged. “We’re open to getting away from the dragon lady – or taking a round out of her.” Leah replied.

“See, that’s what I’m talking about!” Emmett grinned.

“Alice, you and I will go visit the other Bed and Breakfast early tomorrow morning and see what we can arrange. Esme, hand out the projects and we’ll see what we can accomplish. Alice, when do you see the lady returning?”

She thought for a minute before smiling, “Actually, I see her having a series of appointments tomorrow. She shouldn’t be back until the day after.”

“Perfect.” Mom replied.

“Well, that brings us to the second thing I think we need to discuss. As you know, Bella and Edward introduced Nessie to the Weasley children. This necessitated informing them of what Edward is, and by extension, what Nessie is. That was for them to decide and I support that decision.” Grandpa seemed to look pointedly at Uncle Jasper.

“I’m not saying I don’t support their decision regarding Nessie.” Jasper started to say. “But with the Volturi involvement up in the air, and the impending war. Wouldn’t it be… prudent to limit the confirmation of our existence any further?”

“They’re going to talk anyway,” Mom objected.

“Talk is one thing, walking into Hogwarts and announcing what you and Nessie are to the student body is quite another… and” Uncle Jasper paused and looked to Auntie Alice, “the further you take this, the more it impacts on all of us.”

My heart sunk. I was torn enough about going – now my going to Hogwarts was putting everyone else in danger. I shouldn’t go. I should stay.

Dad reached over and squeezed my hand. I looked up and he shook his head.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot, Dad. I think I shouldn’t go.

He shook his head again, holding up a finger that told me to wait and see. I crossed my arms. Wasn’t this my decision?

“I don’t think Harry or Hermione would tell anyone other then Ron, and Ron now knows.” Cedric said. “I don’t know Ginny very well, but maybe if we spoke with them… stressed the importance of not talking about things.”

“But then where does she come from? What is her cover story?” Uncle Jasper asked.

“But, I don’t-” I started to say, but Kristina jumped in.

“She doesn’t need a cover story. She’s mine and Cedric’s cousin. And she’s muggle born. We can simply avoid mentioning your names. I see no reason to make up some silly story.”

“That would work,” Seth added, looking at Kristina with a really silly look on his face.

“I could escort her to Diagon Ally to get her supplies-” Cedric started.

“No.” I jumped. I’d never heard Mom so… fierce.

“S-sorry?” Cedric said, flustered.

“Not that you can’t accompany her, but, I’ve got to be there, somewhere. I’m sorry, but we have to have more protection then just Cedric. If the Volturi are involved somehow – and they got in there…” she shuddered.

“I agree.” Dad said, “We’ve got to go…” He squeezed my hand again. “But perhaps Bella and I can run surveillance.”

“You’re going to Diagon Ally? Count me in!” Uncle Emmett grinned.

“What’s Diagon Ally?” Seth asked.

“Oh, you so got to go. It’s full of wizard stores and stuff.” Uncle Emmett launched in, describing the various places Ginny, Harry, Ron and Hermione had described to me just the other day – book stores full of books on magic, a place where you can buy all sorts of ingredients for magical potions, a store where your wand picks you, a place to get a broom. I could imagine it now – a broom of my own…

I felt the cool breathe on my ear before I heard Dad’s voice, “And that is why you have to go.” He said softly. And my eyes smarted again, because I really did want to go.

“What about protection while she’s there?” Jasper asked.

Grandpa smiled, “We’re working on that with Dumbledore. We have some details to finalize, but…” he smiled, “he was wondering if Jacob and the pack would be interested in being part of the heightened security measures at the school.”

“I’m sorry, what?” Jake said, shaking his head.

“Yeah!” Seth jumped to his feet, “I mean, if Jacob decides.”

“Going to Hogwarts?” Jacob asked.

“Yes,” Grandpa replied, “You’ll be busy, running the parameter and” he chuckled, “to sniff the incoming and outgoing packages.”

Uncle Emmett burst in to uncontrollable laughter, “You’re going to be sniffing dogs?”

Aunt Rosalie and Alice giggled quietly and even Grandma smiled.

“It’s not glamorous,” Grandpa added, “but Dumbledore wants to make sure he’s covered all the bases. He and the Ministry have put all the magical controls in place. It’s the non-magical that he’s now concerned about. With the potential for Volturi involvement, who knows what is possible anymore.”

Jake grinned, “We’ll do whatever we can to make sure Hogwarts is safe.”

And suddenly the pain in my chest evaporated.
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Hey sadaf - I'm just glad to hear you're still reading and enjoying the story! Thanks so much!

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And yes, I think Renesmee did... I think that Renesmee cares deeply for Jacob, but is having difficulty dealing with having her life predetermined, as I would guess we all would. That coupled with being hit with preteen hormones all at once... Man she must be going through some serious mood swings!

Hey congrats on first comment! And again, thanks!
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