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The third story in Twilight-Harry Potter Cross-Over, the Half Blood Vampire follows the Cullens as they become further involved in the world of Harry Potter during the events of The Half Blood Prince. What happens when a rapidly maturing Renesmee and Jacob's wolf pack become more and more connected with the world of wizards? And how is Aro and the Volturi involved with He Who Shall Not be Named and his followers, the Death Eaters? Is it all connected?


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Thanks so much Jayne Gray! I appreciate that... and I'll try not to. When I first started writing Cullens go to Hogwarts, it was just coming to me and all could do was write - and so updates were almost daily back then. But I'm glad to know that even with the lastest delay, you are still out there waiting.

and thank you again for the encouragement! I really, truly, honestly appreciate it. :-)
Chapter 12: New Week, New Accommodations

** EDWARD **

It had been a week… a week since I finally clued in as a father and listened to the pain of my daughters thoughts. A week since Carlisle and I contacted Dumbledore in the early hours of the morning to discuss possible plans that might alleviate the conflict within Renesmee and ensure her safety and deal with the anxiety building in Jasper ever since he found out we’d gone to the Weasley’s and let them all in on who we are.

And what a week it had been. After completing every task on the list to the best of our ability, considerably better then any human, we moved into the new Bed and Breakfast Alice had foreseen, and we’d even been able to convince the owners to take a well earned holiday. The difference was remarkable. And the look on the lady’s face when she arrived and we announced we were leaving was priceless.

“You’re leaving?” she’d asked, a fury under her brow. Knew they’d rip me off. Never should have trusted…

“Yes.” Esme had replied politely, handing her back the pages, each item checked off. “We’ve fulfilled our agreement, but we simply can not stand to stay here any longer. It’s a shame. There was so much more we would have been happy to do, just for the joy of doing it.”

She stared blankly at the pages before her, trying to make sense of what was being said and the information before her. When she finally found her voice she replied. “B-b-but, you’re welcome to stay,” And she reached out, as if grasping for us to remain in place.

“No, I’m afraid we haven’t felt welcome since we arrived.” Esme had replied. “And I won’t subject my family to an unwelcoming atmosphere.”

Her revenge was so much more potent as it was applied with a kindness the woman didn’t deserve.

But, but… could have done more…leaving? Leaving me? The lady stared blankly after us as we drove away.

“Ding dong the witch is dead.” Jacob had sung as we drove off, prompting a long, breathless laugh from Emmett all the way to our new accommodations.

And Alice was right. They were, indeed, luxurious. Of course, who would doubt Alice?

Lupin had moved in with us a day after we’d settled. I’ll admit, I had alternative motives to him visiting. I wanted to get to the bottom of his self-imposed personal hell. I thought, if there was something good that could come out of my stupidity, perhaps it would be to help him. I smiled as I recalled a saying I’d heard once. Nobody is completely useless. You can always serve as a bad example. Ah yes, that I could live up to.

But, over the five days that he’d been with us, I couldn’t figure out how exactly one brings up the topic of being ridiculously self-deprecating. I ran it over and over in my mind.

Good evening, Remus. I understand you’ve been having a hard time with Tonks.

No – much to forward. And what would he say to that?

Remus, you’re being an idiot. Just go to her. She likes you too. I would know.

Absolutely ridiculous!

Remus, you know I read minds, right? I know what you’ve been thinking…

Okay, that sounded down right creepy.

So I continued to hover over him, waiting for an opening, an opportunity to help him see that what he was doing to himself and Tonks was completely unnecessary.

Renesmee had been back and forth to the Weasley’s a few times, facilitating our keeping a watch out for Harry, and increasing Renesmee’s enthusiasm for going to Hogwarts, not that it needed much more now that her pain over leaving Jacob had been dealt with.

“Where do you think we’ll be?” Bella asked one night as we made plans for Renesmee’s attendance at Hogwarts.

“I’m assuming we’ll be close by. Maybe at the cabin just outside of Hogsmeade. I think Dumbledore wants us near to keep an eye on Harry.” I’d replied. It had been on my mind too.

“I hope so.” She replied nervously.

“What’s bothering you?”

“It’s just that… it’s been so fast. And to me, she’s still a baby.” She blinked as the venom smarted her eyes, unable to cry.

I tucked her head under my chin and pulled her close then, wrapping my arms around her, stroking her forearm with my hand. I know, dear Bella. I know. It’s all going by so fast. But I couldn’t bring myself to share her pain. Renesmee was such a precious gift – a miracle. Every day I could spend with her I counted as a gift. Whether it was 7 years or 17 years, she’d grow up much to fast. And during those years, I’d do anything to ensure her happiness.

** SETH **

Darn, this was nice. Real nice. What, was I like two? Who cares? I laid my head back in the large white tub, the water hot, the jets on high… My eyes rolled back into my head as one of the jets hit a particularly sore spot on my lower back. How had I lived before this?

Good thing I’d given into the pixy vamp. Not that it didn’t take some convincing. I’d been a kid last time I took a bath, and it had been my mom fighting me into it after coming in covered in mud.

“Seth, trust me. You’ll love it.” Alice said, with that evil, knowing smile.

“Come on, Alice. Can’t I just use one of the other bathrooms with a shower? It’s not like you guys actually need yours!”

“Nope.” She said, emphasizing the p.

I growled low in my chest. “But it’s so… not me. I’m not a bath kinda guy.”

She looked me hard in the eyes then, “Believe me – you will be.” Her eyes bore into me like she was Yoda or something. What did she know? She couldn’t see my future.

But after that first day, I’d found a good reason to take a bath every day since. It paid off. Kristina seemed to like the way I smelled after. Like, really liked. In a way I’d not even guessed.

“Mmmm,” she’d murmured as I hugged her in greeting. “Are you wearing something?”

“Uh yeah, clothes.” I’d responded stupidly.

“No – like a cologne?” She asked, holding me tight, even when I loosened my grip, allowing her to pull away.

“Um no…” But I seriously searched my mind figuring out what I’d done different so I could make sure I did it again.

“I’m serious, Seth. You smell…. Mmmmm” she moaned and my stomach reacted in a strange way. And though I knew I should push her away as other thoughts came to mind, thoughts that had only come to me in dreams in the dark of night, I couldn’t. I had no power to fight against her attraction.

“Well, that’s good.” I’d chuckled instead, my mind getting so foggy I couldn’t think straight.

“Oh!” she’d pulled back and her face flushed bright red. “Seth, I’m so sorry. I can’t believe… I just… Oh Bugger!” she took another step back and looked down at the floor.

I realized I was breathing hard. I couldn’t reach out to her just yet and I felt bad about that. I wanted to comfort her. No, I needed to comfort her. But in this moment, I also wanted so many other things – things she wasn’t ready for.

It was another minute before I could speak again. “Are you okay, Kristina?”

“Erm… yes.” She took a big breath and looked back at me, “I’m fine.”

Something was… off… wrong. She didn’t sound fine.

“She probably just figured out that you stink!” Emmett slapped me on the back as he walked through. “Don’t worry Kristina. It’s so overpowering, I can see how your brain might be momentarily confused.”

Red. I saw red. I heard a growl and realized it was me as I shook, glaring at Emmett.

“Dude, chill out. I was just trying to ease the tension.”

“Seth?” I heard Kristina’s soft voice through the haze. “Are you alright?”

“Stand back Kristina.”

“No…” I heard the movement of fabric and then a soft cool hand breezed down on my chest, taking the anger with it.

“He’s okay.” Someone said.

“Seth – can you hear me?”

I took a deep breath and opened the eyes I didn’t realize I had clenched shut. What had just happened? I looked down at Kristina, standing there so close, so vulnerable and I’d almost phased… A shudder went through me as I realized what could have happened, what I could have done. Then I saw the small piece of wood in her hand. Okay, maybe not so vulnerable. “Yeah – I just kinda lost it there.” I replied, then ducking my head, “sorry.”

“It’s fine. And Emmett was just kidding you know.”

“Well not about him stinking. That part is true.” Emmett guffawed.

“Speak for yourself,” I shot back, not yet able to see humor in the situation.

Kristina sighed beside me. Emmett and Jacob – when had he gotten here? – sauntered back out of the sitting room. I pulled Kristina with me to the nearest couch and sat us down. I had to figure out what just happened.

She smiled up at me. “I’m glad you’re feeling better. I thought you were going to phase and I knew you needed me, but I was prepared to use a shield or a stunning curse if I had to. I hope you’re not terribly cross with me, but I figured it was prudent… given the circumstances.”

“And don’t be angry with Emmett, though I can see you aren’t really – not anymore. He was just trying to break up the awkwardness between us because… well, because I… Um…” And for once she was at a loss for words.

“I can see that. I’m not sure why I got so angry. I think I’m still getting used to being around you. My emotions are so… strong. And I’m really, really protective of you.”

“I can see that.” She replied quickly, “It’s in everything. You’re quite the proper knight in shining armor. But really, it is unnecessary, though quite lovely.”

“So what happened before – when you got here?”

She looked down at her fingers for a moment before sucking in a big breath. I braced myself for another long winded response, but all she said was, “I liked the way you smell.” And then the rest of the air burst from her mouth.

“You like the way I smell?” I felt my own cheek redden a little at that. She likes how I smell… cool. “So what’s so bad about that?”

“Well… honestly, nothing. It’s just… the way I expressed my appreciation.”

I was at a loss.

“I mean all the moaning and hanging on an all. I went on a bit, don’t you think?”

“I seriously didn’t mind.”

“Well, no, I could see that.” And then her eyes flew open and she clasped both hands over her mouth. After a moment a muffled “apologies” escaped through her fingers.

She blew my mind. “I love how you just say everything,” I chuckled.

“I don’t say everything.” She murmured, pulling her hands down from her face, a hint of a smile on her lips. “But you do smell particularly nice today. And I must admit, I had several improper thoughts.” She flushed again. “Seth, really. You must think I’m completely mad!”

“Not really.” I replied. Improper thoughts… what kind of improper thoughts? My mind momentarily reeled with possibilities before I reined it in. It was a good thing we wouldn’t be in wolf form anytime soon. Oh man – Leah. Leah would hear me. My sister would hear me. Bad enough I had to hear her occasionally recalling her marital bliss. I knew far too much about Cedric to really be comfortable around him. But for her to hear me, thinking about Kristina… ugg.

“Seth?” her eyes were boring into mine. “Hi, there you are. You’d left me for a moment. Thought perhaps you’d apparated and left your corpse behind.” She laughed softly.

“No, just… thinking.”


I shook my head. No way I was going to admit that to her. “It must have been the bath.” I finally blurted out.


“I had a bath – there were bubbles. They smelled nice. That’s probably what you’re smelling.” I blurted.

“Oh, well that would explain things.” She smiled.

And I’d bathed every morning since. I was gonna have to ask Alice where to find this stuff and bath in it after we left.

Of course, the down side, if you want to call it that, was that whatever was in the bath soap was doing something to our heads. The magnetic pull I’d felt since I first looked into Kristina’s eyes was, somehow, more powerful… and enhanced with electric shocks or something ‘cause all I wanted to do was press her body to mine and kiss her and act our a few improper thoughts of my own.

But I didn’t.

But I did think about it the entire time I relaxed in my bath, waiting for her to come over from the Diggory’s where she was visiting for the rest of the summer.

Shoot – the timer’s done, I thought as the jets turned off and the bubbles began to dissipate.

Oh – the timer’s done! I smiled. Kristina would be here soon.


What is wrong with me? I am completely out of control. All I want to do is run my hands all over that boy’s chest, inhaling his fantastic scent, running my lips… Get a hold of yourself. He’s going to starting thinking I’m some brazen h****. I shook my head. But the thought of pressing my lips to his chest was already firmly imbedded in my brain and I couldn’t get it out. I bet it would be brilliant. Completely brilliant.

I was mental. There was no other explanation. I must have lost my mind.

Relax, calm down, I told myself. You can’t let Seth see you all wound up like this. He’ll think you’re completely mad. Of course I’m completely mad. I’m talking to myself, aren’t I? Yes, Kristina, you are – and now you’re responding. Oh bugger!

I had to admit, the new accommodations were much nicer. And I only heard that crazy lady once, but once was enough. I’d not have wanted to stay their either. Pity though. I enjoyed sitting by the trout pond while he fished. Still, it was beautiful here. I enjoyed walking along the lane to the garden, lined with cherry blossoms, watching Emmett and Jasper battle some silly game on that screen thing, baking muggle style with Esme while Seth watched, or just being together, sharing the sofa, talking.

“You’re here!” Seth exclaimed and wrapped me up in his arms. Oh my – that scent. Everyday it turned my legs to gelatin. And his warmth. Mid-summer, one might find it unappealing, but to me it was so comforting.

“Of course.” I replied back reaching up, feeling relief and excitement all at once as his lips pressed to mine and then moved together. His lips parted slightly and I could feel the heat against mine. Then, tentatively, I felt something warm and moist. Did he… lick me? I pulled back. It was… nice. Well more then nice. I reached back up and licked him back. I think I rather did it wrong because he started to laugh. “I’m sorry if I’m completely inept at all this, but really, you are my first, well, everything.” I said in a huff.

He stopped suddenly, trying to not smile, “No it’s just… I wasn’t sure if you’d like it…”

“Oh.” I pondered that. Did he really think about it before he tried it? I mean, I’d assumed he just did it in the heat of the moment. A slip of the tongue as it was, I thought with a smile. What else did he ponder? Hmmm. “Well, it was pleasant. You can do it again if you wish.”

And oh my pumpkin pasties, did he ever. I barely had time to breathe and he put both hands on my face, pulling my lips to his. But instead of the gentle tender kisses we’d shared over the past week, this was urgent. His lips moved aggressively against mine and he didn’t merely lick me, he tasted me proper. It was enough to soil my knickers if truth be told.

I reached up, running my hands from his chest around his shoulders and then around his neck. My head was spinning, but this – this was worth getting tipsy. Oh my. I simply had to have more. I pulled myself closer, just as his hand completed their own naughty journey from my face, down my sides, wrapping themselves around my waist. And somehow, and even when I replayed it later I’m not sure how, but my legs lifted up and wrapped themselves around him.

Now, I’ve played piggy back several times in my youth, but it is an entirely different thing to be doing it while snogging. Entirely different. And let me say, it is for the better. Especially when the man you’re snogging is at least a wand length taller then you.

I heard a moan and was uncertain as to whether it came from me or him, or perhaps both of us. He tasted me again and I took a taste of my own. They certainly don’t teach you anything about this in charms. And how was he keeping me up all this time? And does it really matter? I think not!

And then, my head was pressing into something soft. Where was I? Oh the sofa. Our lips and mouths continued to move together while he laid us down and I briefly wondered if he was getting tired. Oh, perhaps not. “Kristina.” He whispered huskily.

“Um, yes?” I replied before going back to snogging him again and it suddenly occurred to me that I didn’t have to hang on quite so tight, which was indeed fortunate for now I could feel his shoulders again – and he really had fantastic shoulders.

“oh, Kristina…” he repeated. Perhaps he hadn’t heard me.

“Yes,” I panted as he began to move from my lips across my jaw to my ear. Oh yes, that is quite a nice place to plant a kiss – and a little bite. A shiver ran down my body. “Was there something you wanted to tell me?” I gasped out. I looked to his face to see if he was going to say something, but before I could bring my eyes to his face I saw past him to the doorway and there stood Cedric. Oh dear.

“Um, Seth…”

“No I…” he said before planting a kiss along my neck and trailing lower, “didn’t have...” another kiss, “anything…” another kiss “to say.”

“No, it’s just…”

“It’s just that you’re being completely inappropriate!” Cedric fumed from the doorway.

But that boy can move. Before you could say Madam Puddifoots Valentine’s Day Tea, he was sitting across the sofa from me, panting. As was I… and I felt suddenly cold.

Leah was standing beside him, a hand on his shoulder, tugging slightly on his shirt. But from the look on his face, it was clear. My new cousin would be paying proper attention to my daily visits. Oh bugger.

** EDWARD **

Today Nessie was attending Harry’s birthday. Much to Alice’s chagrin, it was going to be a quiet affair. Even Jasper hadn’t indulged her desire to go over the Weasley’s to “enhance” their birthday plans.

She might have fought us on it, but it came down to Nessie’s plea, “Can’t I just go there and be with them alone?”

And so we were delivering her to the front gate and then backing off to watch for danger from a distance. Though not so far that I couldn’t keep a watch on the thoughts and actions of those around her. And Lupin was, of course, invited.

“Ginny!” Nessie shouted as she ran up the steps. Nessie wrapped her arms around and swung her new found friend, who was six inches taller then her, in a circle.

“Blimey, you’re strong!” Ginny laughed as Nessie put her down. “We’re going to play a bit of two on two Quidditch later, but first, do you want to try my broom?”

“Really?” Nessie exclaimed.

Bella clutched my arm next to me as we hid in the upper branches of a nearby apple tree. “Do you really think it’s a good idea to let her… fly?”

My stomach tightened at the thought, but what were we going to do? Run out into the field and stop her? Perhaps. But then I thought of the way I wanted Renesmee to experience life, as much as we could provide for her. And the fact that she was, essentially as indestructible as we were. “Bella, she’ll be okay.”

And so we held each other’s hands, to keep ourselves in place while we watched our baby take her first magical steps. She straddled Ginny’s broom as Ginny instructed her to just kick off. She hovered momentarily about two feet off the ground and then moved forward hesitantly before she got into some trouble. I almost launched myself from the tree when she hit the dirt, but she jumped up laughing and jumped back on. This time she had a bit more confidence and it showed as she began to move forward decisively.

“Oh my, oh my goodness…” Bella exclaimed, her voice thick with emotion. “Our baby is flying. She’s really flying.”

I couldn’t respond. Something was stuck in my throat and all I could do was swallow as I watched her soar around the yard to Ginny’s words of encouragement and occasional instruction.

“You’re a natural.” Ginny grinned when Nessie finally landed and handed her back the broom. “I bet you’ll make a Quidditch team in a couple years.”

“Really, do you think so?”

“You’re flying as good as I was when I started Hogwarts.” Ginny nodded, then she lowered her voice, “and you’re already better then Hermione.”

Nessie grinned, “I can’t wait to get to Hogwarts.” Then she paused for a minute. “Um, Ginny. I know we’ll be in different grades but… will you still be my friend?”

“What are you talking about? Of course we’ll be friends!” Ginny exclaimed. “But I’m sure you’ll find many more.”

“I hope so…” she played with her fingers as they made their way back to the house, “I’m just worried, you know. I’m different. I’m not like everyone else.”

Ginny stopped and turned to face her, “You’re right about one thing. You are different. But in a good way. You’re talented, and funny, and absolutely gorgeous. You’ll be fighting off the friends and the boys. You’ll be brilliant!”

“Really? Do you have a boyfriend? OH, are you and Harry-”

“No!” Ginny replied in a sharp whisper. “No, Harry and I are not dating. He… he doesn’t really think of me that way.”

“Oh, I thought maybe.”

“No, Harry and I are just friends. I’m his best mate’s sister, you know.” She shrugged. “Besides Harry – he’s the chosen one. He could date anyone he wanted.”

The day went by without much fanfare or further excitement. Nessie was thrilled at being included in the casual festivities, afternoon tea with helpings of birthday cake all around, and a few gifts for Harry. I frowned as the discussion over cake turned dark. Several people were missing. I sent a quick text message to Carlisle that we needed to discuss it when we got home.

“But where will I get my wand?” Nessie asked, panicked when they mentioned that the wand maker we’d met two years earlier, Ollivander, was missing.

“You’ll make do with other makers,” Lupin replied. “But Ollivander was the best.” He frowned and turned to Molly, “If the other side have got him it’s not so good for us.”

Shortly after tea, several owls appeared in the distance. Bella and I watched as they approached, landing just outside the grounds, allowing their packages to be searched before taking them in. There were letters for all the students, including Nessie.

“It’s my book list!” she exclaimed after she broke the wax seal and looked down at the parchment. Magical Drafts and Potions, Standard Book of Spells, Grade One, A Beginners Guide to Transformation, The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self Protection, A History Of Magic…

“I’d highly recommend you also pick up a copy of Hogwarts, a History.” Hermione said. “Your parents may already have a copy.”

Indeed we did. But it was packed away in boxes of belongings currently in storage. We’d have to pick up a copy of her own.

“Look… look here.” Harry exclaimed.

“Bloody Hell, Harry. They’ve made you Captain,” Ron said as he grabbed the badge out of Harry’s hands.

“That gives you equal status with prefects!” Hermione cried happily, “You can use our special bathroom now, and everything!”

Ah yes, the Prefect’s Bath. I’d always wanted to take Bella to enjoy its secrets. Unfortunately we’d had missed out on the opportunity at the end of semester, after the student’s had left.

“Wow, I remember when Charlie wore one of these,” Ron said, dazed, as he intently examined the badge in his hands, “Harry, this is so cool, you’re my captain – if you let me back on the team, I suppose, ha, ha…”

“Well, I don’t suppose we can put off a trip to Diagon Alley much longer now you’ve got these,” Don’t know how we’re to pay for all this – all new texts… and new robes on top of it. Even with Arthur’s raise… Molly sighed as she looked over Ron’s list and then picked up Ginny’s. “We’ll go on Saturday as long as your father doesn’t have to go into work again. I’m not going there without him.”

And not without us.

“Mum, d’you honestly think You-Know-Who’s going to be hiding behind a bookshelf at Flourish and Blotts?” Ron chuckled. Foolish boy.

“Fortescue and Ollivander went on holiday, did they?” she glared back at him, her fiery temper flaring up, “If you think security’s a laughing matter you can stay behind and I’ll get your things myself-”

“No, I wanna come, I want to see Fred and George’s shop!” Ron replied hastily.

“Fred and George’s shop?” Nessie asked.

“They’ve started a joke shop,” Ginny quickly advised her. “They’re quite brilliant you know… created candies that will make you puke on demand. Or give you bloody noses. Or even make your tongue grow ‘till it’s ten feet long.” She said impressively.

“But why would anyone want…?” Nessie asked.

“They’re for jokes – to play on others. Or to get out of class.” Ginny grinned, “Anyway, we’ve not seen it yet and I’m absolutely aching to take a look around.”

For the rest of the afternoon, Nessie stood by and enjoyed watching Ginny, Hermione, Harry and Ron play two on two Quidditch. Later, upon Ginny’s prodding and much to Hermione’s relief, Nessie took her place for a bit. And I could have sworn my dead heart swelled with pride when she got a goal on Ron right before Molly called them in for supper.

Finally, when evening began to fall, we were joined once again. She kept her hand pressed to Bella’s cheek all the way home as she rode on her back, a constant stream of images of the day’s events flashing through her mind in rapid succession. They didn’t slow until we closed in on home. The length of the day was winning against her excitement and I knew it wouldn’t be long before she’d be sound asleep in bed.

And as she nodded off to sleep, the family joined once again, to discuss the day’s events.

“There have been Dementor attacks and the Death Eaters have been busy. They found Igor Karkaroff’s body up north. Florean Fortescue, the man who ran the ice cream parlor in Diagon Alley was dragged off. Ollivander’s gone too.” Lupin informed us.

“Carlisle, is it really wise for Renesmee to visit Diagon Alley given this information?” Jasper cautioned. “Perhaps one of us should go instead, pick up what we need and get out.”

Carlisle frowned, pausing to consider the disturbing news he’d just received today.

“Tell them, Carlisle.” I said, “We need to have everything on the table.”

He sighed heavily, “It may be nothing but… My colleague at Cambridge – I hadn’t heard from him in several days. I was waiting for some final results on the last few samples I sent him to confirm my theory. I was unable to reach him. And when I called the department, they said he’s not been in for a week. It’s summer break… it’s not terribly unusual for professors to take holiday in the summer but still… it’s not like him to take off and not tell anyone.”

“All the more reason to stay out of Diagon Alley.” Jasper replied.

“Do you really think they’d attack all of us, as a group – in broad daylight?” Emmett argued, his arms crossed, his biceps flexing.

“I don’t think the time of day is a concern to them.” Jasper replied.

“What about Harry?” Bella asked. “The Weasley’s are clearly going. Someone has to go to help protect him.”

“I’ll be going.” Lupin said definitively. “If only to watch from the shadows.”

“How dangerous can it be if the Weasley’s have already decided to go?” Emmett added. Besides I’ve heard about that joke shop – that sounds like fun… “Plus she’s gotta get a wand from someone and we can’t do that for her, can we?”

“If Nessie goes, I’ll be going,” Jacob said. “As will the pack. We can protect her.”

“I don’t like putting her in harms way,” Bella said slowly, “But she’ll be so disappointed not to be able to go with her friends.”

“Better disappointed then dead.” Jasper huffed, “Edward, surely you must agree. You of all people-”

He was right. I would rather keep her home, protected by all of us, vampire and wolf alike, then ever let her out of the house. She was my daughter, the second most precious thing to me in the world. She was my life and if anything happened to her, it would destroy Bella and I both.

I looked over at my love. When was it that I started looking to her first for wisdom over Carlisle? I thought back and couldn’t pick a day. Perhaps it was simply that we had become extensions of each other now.

Love, I believe we’ll be safe. And we can’t hide away. We’re here to do a job, to protect. If we don’t trust in our ability to protect our own daughter, how can we say we can protect another? We must believe in ourselves. We must believe in our friends. If we can’t do that, we’ve already lost.

I nodded once at her and turned to Carlisle, “We’re going.”

NOTE: And before you all ask or say anything - Alice did NOT forsee Kristina's reaction. She can't because it would involve Seth and Seth's a wolf. She did realize that Seth would enjoy a jucuzzi tub (I mean, who wouldn't). Now, did she have anything to do with the scent thing? That - I really don't know... yet! :-)

I hope you enjoyed it - and thanks so much to those of you who've sought out my new story Motorcycle Hunting on the other fan fiction site and left reviews there. I really, really appreciate it.

And finally - thanks to all your encouragement! As I mentioned a bit ago, I'm enrolled in a creative writing program starting this fall. It's through Humber College and I'm writing an original novel. So, here's hoping! And if it's within your belief system to pray, please pray that this will be a great opportunity and will open some doors.
Amazing chapter! I loved it :) and good luck on your novel!
Poor Ginny she doesn't think she is good enough for the choosen one :( i hope she rocks his world and he finally gets the nerve up maybe nessie could help with that! my favoirte parts are the krastina and Seth parts because relly the skys the limit on what can happen with them since they aren't really in the half blood prince :) love your story can't wait for more!!
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Sorry its a bit long, but i write as I read. So here we go.
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Jacob 'ding dong the witch is dead' I'm rolling all over the floor. Hilarious. Oh man!!!
Edward debating how to approch Lupin...Absolutely Priceless. 'Remus don't be an idiot just go to her she likes you too I would know. ok that sounded right down creepy Hahahaha. Oh Ericka...brilliant.

It amazes me how each point of view has its own essence from Edward, to seth, to Cedric. You capture their individual personality. I mean not to offend anybody but other fanfics I've read with different POVs and they sounded the same, but you its...amazing.How you go from the perfect and formal articulation of the beginning of the century to a 21st century teen.

Ah, crazy teen hormones. Poor Seth and Krsitina...a big no no. They're so cute and innocent I love it. And busted by the new found cousin. Pricesless.
Poor Jasper, if it was possible he'd had a heart attack and a stroke.

Good luck in the new adventure you about to embark, and I'll be praying for you to succeed.
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"What else did he ponder? Hmmm. “Well, it was pleasant. You can do it again if you wish.”

And oh my pumpkin pasties, did he ever." etc...
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the bath soap might be afrodisiac..:D
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I think that this is the nearest I've ever seen Esme come close to losing her temper.
" There was so much more we would have been happy to do, just for the joy of doing it "
" B-b-but you're welcome to stay "
" No, I'm afraid we haven't felt welcome since we arrived. And I won't subject my family to an unwelcome atmosphere "
" Ding dong the witch is dead " ... priceless, unless there's any witches listening !!!

Edward is still in a bit of a pickle, trying to find ways to reach out to Lupin, but I'm sure he'll manage it somehow. After all, he is the expert on the " I'm a monster " theme !

Had to grin at Seth and his new found love of bathing. He should know by now not to bet against Alice. Best to just give in and go with the flow. Of course, Emmett had to spoil the moment between him and Kristina, leaving Seth on the point of phasing .....
" A shudder went through me as I realised what could have happened, what I could have done. Then I saw the small piece of wood in her hand. Okay, maybe not so vunerable .... "

The blossoming interaction between Seth and Kristina is so sweet.
Her - " I like the way you smell "
Him - " My emotions are so ... strong. And I'm really, really protective of you "
Her - " And I must admit, I had several improper thoughts "
Him - " It must have been the bath ! "
He licked her.
She liked it.
Snorted at her - " I'm not sure how, but my legs lifted up and wrapped themselves around him. Now, I've played piggy back several times in my youth, but it's an entirely different thing to be doing it while snogging. Entirely different "
These two teenagers are on a journey through a maze of emotions with no map to guide them. They'll find their way eventually, but for now, they're enjoying solving the puzzle - together every step of the way.

Oh dear ! ... " It's just that you're being completely inappropriate " Cedric fumed from the doorway .... ( Anybody care to remind him how it was - and still is - with him and Leah in the beginning ? )

It was great to see Nessie having so much fun at the Weasley's, and it was good to hear Ginny putting her mind at rest about being different ( Shades of her father there, I think ! ) by telling her that - " You're talented, and funny, and absoulutely gorgeous "

Edward, SHUT UP about the Prefect's Bath. Step away from THAT thought. You will NOT take anyone else in there...... EVER !!!! Get over it.

With all that's going on, the visit to Diagon Ally has to take place, regardless of the moment. Nessie has to get all her stuff for Hogwarts, plus she has to be chosen by her very own wand ... and Uncle Emmett has to visit Fred and George's joke shop at least once.
It might be fraught with danger, but I think it will be fun.

What ? Carlisle's colleague from Cambridge has gone missing ... with the test results ... about vampires/witches/werewolves DNA ?
That is sooooooo not good .........

As always - loved it. Awesome Erica......
( Just being nosey again ! What's with the circ***tances ???? )
AMAZING !!! COMPLETELY BRILLIANT!! I lovedddd it :D Amazing author writes another brilliant chapter as always :) Hope you can post more soon of this story and the Motorcycle Hunting one too (: Loved them both :D POST MORE SOON... REALLY SOON :D
What a great chapter. "Ding dong The witch is dead" I loved that line.

Reading about Kristina and Seth discovering there true feeling for each other, it is so sweet. You can see how confused they really are about what they feel. I brings me back to being that young and innocent.

I couldn't stop laughing what Cedric and Leah caught Seth and Kristina together. It reminded me of when my parents walked on me with my first boyfriend.

Good luck with the creative writing program. I know you will do great. When you get published (not if, I just know it will happen for you) They won't be able to keep your book on the shelves. I will keep you in my prayers.


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