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The third story in Twilight-Harry Potter Cross-Over, the Half Blood Vampire follows the Cullens as they become further involved in the world of Harry Potter during the events of The Half Blood Prince. What happens when a rapidly maturing Renesmee and Jacob's wolf pack become more and more connected with the world of wizards? And how is Aro and the Volturi involved with He Who Shall Not be Named and his followers, the Death Eaters? Is it all connected?


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HBV Ch 17.pdf Chapter 17: First Day of School

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Loved it!!!!

ROTFLMAO! I knew far too much about Cedric to really be comfortable around him.
Kristina and Seth will only be allowed chaperoned visits from now on.

“It’s just that… it’s been so fast. And to me, she’s still a baby.” She blinked as the venom smarted her eyes, unable to cry.

I tucked her head under my chin and pulled her close then, wrapping my arms around her, stroking her forearm with my hand. I know, dear Bella. I know. It’s all going by so fast. But I couldn’t bring myself to share her pain. Renesmee was such a precious gift – a miracle. Every day I could spend with her I counted as a gift. Whether it was 7 years or 17 years, she’d grow up much to fast. And during those years, I’d do anything to ensure her happiness.

I don't know what I'm trying to say here. It just struck something in me.

Looking forward to more.
Good Luck with your class!
omg i love it!!! post more soon!!!
i loved it seth is so funny i hope he does not get in much trouble with leah, and hearing krastina's point of view was great i hope everything goes well when they get nessie things for school post more soon and good luck on your novel.
brilliant ! ilovedd every minute of it, every outlook, every detail.. the story is developing beautifully and i just can't imagine that it will get any better, but every chapter it honsetly does.. it's quite scary to be honest.... i mean, i set a bar on every chapter you give- & then iSay to myself "okay, this chapter was the best of them all point blank" and then the next chapter comes and i'm pleasantly disappointed that it was better than the last ; just keep those characters in your head active ! they truly know what they're doing . * iWill pray that doors open up for you with your class and the novel ; as i've said before & i'll keep sayinq- i'm just happy i'll one day be able to say "i knew her before the world acknowledged her brilliance ."
hi :)
iv finally caught up..
i use to be way way way way way way behind :)

i am madly in love with your story

can u please keep me updated if its not to much big of a deal

Excellent last line there...."I knew her before the world acknowledged her brilliance." I so agree with that statement! We are lucky to be a part of this!
thankss =] it's really true !
Loved it! As usual.

Can't wait for the next chapter

Rhi x

please =]
you are an amazing writer all of your ffs are soo good update soon i love it all
Chapter 13: Diagon Alley
** EDWARD **
It was a motley crew that gathered at the Weasley`s living room that Saturday morning.
“’elcome, ‘urry, ‘urry, come on in. Der jus’ getting ready to leave.” A musical voice met us at the back entrance.
“Is that-?” Jasper started to ask as Emmett stood, dumb struck, half way through the door.
Rosalie smacked him across the back of the head with force that would have shattered the frame of the house. “Get going.” She shoved him from behind. “Idiot!”
“Fleur Delacourt? Yes. She’s dating Bill Weasley, who has returned to work at Gringotts in London.” I filled them in.
Emmett hadn’t moved an inch.
A fierce growl ripped from Rosalie’s throat. “If you don’t move,” she hissed, “I’ll have to reconsider my stance on whether half Veela’s are human or animal.”
“Sorry babe!” Emmett shook his head and quickly stepped into the house.
Bella giggled, “Was he this bad before? I don’t remember.”
“When we went to the World Cup, he almost dove off the top stands.” I told her, and a faint look of recollection crossed her features.
“I think I remember something about that.” She said hesitantly, then frowned, “Do you find her beautiful?”
I pulled Bella to me, kissing her forehead. How could she possibly still be unsure? After all this time, after how clear I made it time and time again that she was the only one for me? “Bella, she may possess physical beauty passed down through her genetic make up, but she doesn’t hold a flicker to you.”
She bowed her head slightly in a way that I recognized from her human days, when it would have been accompanied by a flush of her cheeks. I couldn’t help but to tease her a little and I quickly allowed my hand to graze down her back and pinch her back side.
She jumped slightly, emitting a sharp “eep” as we passed through the house into the living room.
“This is most remarkable, most remarkable indeed.” Arthur Weasley remarked, clapping his hands slightly as we crowded into the room. “Edward, Bella, and Renesmee, so lovely to see you again.” He said a childlike grin on his face. “And you are getting ready to attend Hogwarts?”
“Yes, Mr. Weasley,” Nessie replied politely.
“To think, a muggle and a vampire producing a witch... simply remarkable.” Arthur murmured to himself again as he always did when she visited, his mind boggled with the strange set of events that would result in such a unique individual standing in his living room.
“I’m sure you know the others.” Carlisle interrupted.
“Yes, yes... well, not entirely,” he eyed Jacob and Seth.
“Ah yes, of course,” Carlisle replied, “And I’m sure Bill’s only heard of us, and Fleur,” he took her hand and kissed it genteelly, “I imagine you are a bit surprised to see Edward here.”
“No,” she said, “Bill ‘as told me e’erything.” She said demurely as she stroked his hair. “We are ‘ere to help ‘arry too, no?”
Carlisle smiled, “Of course, my dear. That’s what we are all here for.” And proceeded to make introductions.
I glanced around the room habitually. It was part of my vampire nature I could never turn off, the need to be constantly on alert for danger. Not that there are many dangers that threaten a vampire. Of course, over the past two years I’d become much more aware of the fact there were many more then I’d realized, but still. Regardless, part of my mind was constantly surveying those in my immediate vicinity, their thoughts, their actions, the expression on their faces, and today it failed to escape my attention that Ron Weasley was staring at Bella and I. I suppose he is a bit more pale than natural. But I would have thought he’d be white. And what about the fangs? Don’t vampires bloody well have fangs? And bloody hell, what about the blood?
I fought the amused expression from my face.
And Bella and him? While she was human? How would they even snog? When he tried to picture it I worked hard to ignore him and pressed on to other matters that needed my attention. Such as the matter of my likeness taking care of my precious daughter.
But I didn’t have to say anything. Cedric just nodded in my direction. Don’t worry, Edward. She’ll be with me every step of the way. And Leah and Jacob will be there, and Lupin, the Weasleys...
Yes, but only Cedric, Leah and Jacob were there specifically to watch over Renesmee. At least I could trust that Jacob wouldn’t let her out of his sight. I sighed. Again, entrusting him to take care of those I love most when I would be elsewhere. At least this time I’d be close by.
“Here,” Bill handed Carlisle a bag of clanking coins, “Dad said I should get it out of your vault for you. It’s taking about five hours for the public to get to their gold at the moment, the goblins have tightened security so much. Two days ago Arkie Philpott had a Probity Probe stuck up his...”
“Bill!” Molly Weasley exclaimed, cutting him off.
“The cars are here,” Arthur drew the attention away.
“Dad arranged for a Ministry car.” Ron whispered to Harry conspiratorially and  more than a little proud.
“So, we’ll all take the cars, except Edward and Bella. You’ll can the flu network to get to the Leaky Caldron.”
“I should be able to hear you from there as long as you stay on Diagon Alley.”
Arthur nodded, “Are you certain about this?”
I looked to Bella, and then to the faces of my family, including my daughter who anxiously, silently begged me, please, please, please... just let me be with my friends...
I nodded. “Let’s go.”
We saw them off first. It would be an hour before they arrived at Diagon Alley, plenty of time for us to catch up by flu network which was, essentially, instantaneous.
I stood by as I watched Renesmee jump into the car behind Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione. How in the world are we all going to fit in there? Rosalie thought doubtfully until she stepped in.
Emmett burst out laughing as he saw the interior of the car, a multiple of its exterior size. Knowing the ‘chosen one’ has some advantages. He grinned.
“Now this is what I call a stretch limo!” Alice chimed.
“Yep, all the room with the parking convenience of a compact.” Jasper added as he looked around in wonder. Should have suspected... he thought as he remembered the tent, Dumbledore’s cabin, and any of the other hundreds of wonders we’d experienced since entering this world.
I stopped Jacob as he stepped in. “Keep her safe.” I said sternly.
“Really? Don’t you think I’m just as anxious about this as you are?” He replied and I could see the crease in the brow of his young face. Still, I had to say it. If something happened and I hadn’t issued the warning, I’d never forgive myself. Who was I kidding, if anything happened, what I did or didn’t say mattered very little.
I suddenly felt the tightening of the useless organs in my abdominal cavity. “Maybe this is a bad idea.” I whispered quickly to Bella.
She squeezed my hand, saying nothing. But out of the corner of my eye, I could see the crease in her brow and I knew she was just as worried as I.
“’arry will be very safe wit’ them. You should not worry.” Fleur said as we watched them pull away.
“It’s not Harry I’m worried about.” Bella said softly.
“But of course. You are vorried about your leetle girl.” Fleur replied, “She ees in good ‘ands. The Veesleys are very protective.” She frowned slightly at that and turned to take Bills hand and return to the house. As they walked several recent memories flashed through her mind – the way Molly frowned whenever Fleur said something, how Ginny and Hermione shunned her, gagging at her behind her back, hurtful remarks that had been made when they thought Fleur was out of earshot. But when Bill wrapped his arm around her shoulders, she pushed the negative thoughts aside. ‘e is worth it... She thought looked up at him, love in her eyes.
I hugged Bella to me. She certainly had been worth it – worth the constant mental barbs, rude behaviour, in-hospitality of her father. Eventually he came around. Good people usually did.
“Can you hear them coming yet?” Bella asked, anxiously.
I was already concentrating, reaching for the first signs of the consciousnesses of my family. And then, there it was. I could hear Renesmee. I wonder what it will be like to get my wand? I hope I don’t explode anything. How does it know who to choose? At the same time she kept an eye on Harry and Ginny, still unsure that nothing was going on between the two of them. And, of course, a part of her was conscious of Jacob, sitting not far away providing both the relief of his presence and fear. I hope he doesn’t freak out... please, please, please don’t mention the imprinting thing... Like us, her half vampire brain was capable of keeping track of several things at once. The rest of the voice of my family quickly flooded my brain, sounding louder over the din. “They’re about ten minutes away.”
Another voice drew my attention then. Wots 'aken dem so ruddy long? “Hagrid's here!” I exclaimed, a bit of relief flooding through me.
“Oh good! He'll take care of them.” Bella agreed beside me.
“Here you are, then,” the driver said as he pulled up. “I'm to wait for you, any idea how long you'll be?”
Don't give him an exact time... never give an exact time, I thought mechanically, wishing I could somehow impress the thought on Arthur's mind.
“A couple of hours, I expect.” Arthur replied. Ah well, that's not too bad. He turned to the huge, wild-bearded form covered in skins and roughly made clothing that was Hagrid, “Ah, good, he's here!”
“Harry!” he boomed, almost killing him in his bear hug. At least Renesmee wouldn't be at risk of that. “Buckbeak – Witherwings, I mean – yeh should see him, Harry, he's so happy ter be back in the open air-”
“Glad he's pleased,” Harry replied as he winced away the pain of their reunion, “We didn't know “security” meant you!”
“I know, jus' like old times, innit? Oh Nessie!” He exclaimed as she flew out of the car and into his arms. “You're all big!”
She'd thrown her arms around his neck and given him a small taste of his own medicine as she used all her strength to squeeze. Then, she quickly pressed her hand to his head and a flood of pictures overwhelmed his giant mind.
“Yeh been busy!” he chuckled as he put her down and she became suddenly conscious of the spectacle she'd made of herself.
“Hey man!” Emmett gave him a quick manly squeeze, putting a little more strength into it then was absolutely necessary. Hagrid flinched. He was followed by Jasper.
“So good teh see yeh!” Hagrid chuckled, rubbing his arm after Jasper's greeting shot.
“We didn't know we'd see you here.” Jasper replied.
“See, the Ministry wanted ter send a bunch o' Aurors, but Dumbledore said I'd so,” he added proudly, thrusting his chest, puffed up with pride. “Let's get goin', then – after yeh” He made what might have been a gracious gesture toward the Leaky Cauldron, but it was simply awkward.
They made their way through the empty pub as we had before them. My family noted the presence of our scents as they passed through and knew we were nearby. I wished we could make this trip with her. Picking up supplies for the first day of school was something a parent should be part of. But Jasper was right. Though our friends and allies might know the truth, there was no sense in letting those who'd do us harm in on the secret. So Bella and I stood in the bare quarters of the Leaky Cauldron, hands clasped, anxiously watching through the eyes of our friends and family.
** more in next reply **
Chapter 13 continued...


What was that big oaf doing? I wondered affectionately as I watched Hagrid tap that silly pink umbrella against the brick wall in some random design. Oh wow! The bricks... they're moving... Oh... OH! I glanced around at the others. I guess they're not terribly surprised. I quickly wiped the shock and surprise from my face. Be cool, Nessie...

The place was old, like a scene from a Charles Dickens book, plastered with boring purple posters telling how to avoid Death Eatters. Okay, maybe not so boring. Just stupid. As if you could avoid a Death Eatter with a security question. I mean, wouldn’t the Death Eatter do a bit of research first? Then one caught my attention and I had to quickly remind myself that wizard pictures moved before I embarrassed myself further... I looked closely at one, the made face of a woman screamed silently back at me. Known Death Eatter ~ Bellatrix LeStrange. I shivered. That was the one who killed Sirius. My eyes smarted and I quickly looked away before the tears fell down my cheeks.

It was a sad sort of street. This wasn’t like the cheerful happy place Ginny described. Several of the stores were boarded up and the alleyway was full of little shabby stalls. I stopped at one with a roughly written cardboard sign: Amulets: Effective Against Werewolves, Dementors and Inferi. I snorted. As if. Then I glanced around at the others. Maybe they were real – I mean, they're magic, right? But the others seemed to eye the stall with the same sense of destain I felt.

The creepy man operating the stall approached us, “One to save your pretty head?” He asked me as we walked by.

Jasper growled faintly at my side while Mr. Weasley glared at him, “If I were on duty...”
“Yes, but don't go arresting anyone now, dear,” Mrs. Weasley interrupted, “we're in a hurry. I think we'd better do Madam Malkin's first. Renesmee will need to be fitted. I'm assuming you don't have any robe's dear?”

I shook my head no, and looked around, noticing that everyone hurrying to and fro about the alley was covered head to toe in long draping robes. Was that was I going to be wearing? I shouldn't have been surprised, but I'd never really thought much about it. Ginny and the others wore normal clothes at home. What was I supposed to wear underneath? Just panties?

“Well, Hermione wants new dress robes too,” Mrs. Weasley continued, looking down at her list, “And Ron's showing much too much ankle in his school robes, and you must need new ones too, Harry, you've grown so much – come on, everyone-”

“Molly, it doesn't make sense for all of us to go to Madam Malkin's,” Mr. Weasley said, “Why don't the children go with Hagrid, Cedric and the... er others, and we can go to Flourish and Blotts and get everyone's school books?”

Aw! Disappointment flooded through me. I wanted to see the book store. Ginny had told me about the mess of books stacked one upon the other, floor to ceiling. A store of magical books – some that even appeared to be alive. I marvelled at the wonder of it.

“I don't know,” Mrs. Weasley waffled and hope swelled. She eyed Jasper and Emmett doubtfully. “Hagrid, do you think-?”

“Don' fret, they'll be fine with me, Molly,” Hagrid soothed. My hope fell as Mrs. Weasley, looking uncertain, turned and took Mr. Weasley's arm and rushed away.
I glanced back at Ginny. She shrugged, smiled and headed off in the opposite direction after Hagrid. “Migh' be a bit of a squeeze in there with all o' us,” Hagrid said as he stopped outside a shop, and hunched down to look through the windows, scoping the place out. “I'll stand guard outside, all righ'?”

I looked over at the rest of our security detail and sighed. Who else would have four vampires, two werewolves, and two wizards on tow as they were fitted for robes. I glanced up at Auntie Rose. She'd understand the most of all of them. I reached up to touch her face, showing her what I saw – the huge group all waiting to crowd themselves into the tiny shop.

She grinned. “okay, I think Alice and I can handle this!” She said definitively. “You guys stay out here.”

“But-” Jacob started to object.

“You think you have better fashion sense then Alice or I?” Rose raised one of her perfectly arched eyebrows.

Jacob glanced from her to me with those pleading eyes. I knew what he wanted. It was hard for him to be away from me, hard to trust others. He was begging me to say something, to let him come. I just turned and followed Ginny into the store, Auntie Alice and Rose just behind me. I swallowed a little as the door closed.

It was only my half-vampire quick reflexes that stopped me from crashing into Ginny's back. They'd all stopped, staring straight ahead at something or someone.

“... not a child, in case you haven't noticed, Mother. I am perfectly capable of doing my shopping alone.”

Someone was tsking their tongue against the roof of their mouth. “Now, dear, your mother's quite right, none of us is supposed to go wandering around on our own any more, it's nothing to do with being a child-”

“Watch where you're sticking that pin, will you!”

Rosalie hissed behind me while Alice clamped down on my arm. I was about to ask her what was going on when Ginny moved just enough for me to see a pale, pointed face, white-blond haired boy wearing dark green robes, glittering with pins all along the bottom and the sleeves. He'd be sorta attractive if it wasn't for the set of his chin, his upturned nose and the scowl on his lips. Something about him said snob and I instantly disliked him.

“If you're wondering what the smell is, Mother, a Mudblood just walked in,” he sneered.
Mudblood? What is a Mudblood? I looked from Ginny to Alice to Rosalie who wore varying degrees of disgust to shock to downright loathing.

“I don't think there's any need for language like that!” a lady said as she scurried out from behind a large rack of robes with a measuring tape and a wand. “And I don't want wands drawn in my shop, either!”

That was when I noticed that Harry and Ron had stepped up, in front of the rest of us, wands drawn and pointing them at the boy. Funny. He seemed annoying certainly, and very rude. But a threat? I didn't feel any need for fear. There weren't many times in my life, I really had need to fear. A couple – a memory of red eyed vampires in long black robes, surrounded by others with varying shades of grey flickered to mind. I'd not understood what was going on then, but I'd felt fear. It was instinctual. But here, in this shop, with this annoying boy. No, there was nothing to fear here, was there?

“No, don't, honestly, it's not worth it...” Hermione whispered loudly.

“Yeah, like you'd dare do magic out of school,” the boy sneered. “Who blacked your eye, Granger? I want to send them flowers.” His gaze turned, then to Rosalie and Alice and recognition flickered in his eyes, followed by an even deeper scowl.

“What are you doing here? Though you'd have found yourself a different sort of company by now.” He addressed Auntie Rose.

“Company like that you're keeping these days, Draco? I don't think so.” she said with a sly smile.

“Pity,” he said, turning up his nose and looking away. “It'll be a shame to see you destroyed, like your brother.”

Auntie Rose glared back at him, but stood her ground. “I'm afraid, Draco dear, that there are many things in this world you've yet to learn... but perhaps you'll learn them from behind a double cell in Azkaban.”

“How dare you.” Another woman, with the same upturn of her nose, hissed as she stepped between the boy and our group. “And put those away,” she hissed at Ron and Harry. “If you attack my son again, I shall ensure that it is the last thing you ever do.”

“Really?” Harry said calmly, stepping forward, gazing steadily into the lady's face. “Going to get a few Death Eater pals to do us in, are you?”

The woman who'd now all but given up on any alterations squeaked. “Really, you shouldn't accuse – dangerous thing to say...”

“I see that being Dumbledore's favourite has given you a false sense of security, Harry Potter. But Dumbledore won't always be there to protect you.”

Harry looked around the shop, “Wow... look at that... he's not here now! So why not have a go? They might be able to find you a family cell in Azkaban with your loser of a husband and your son!”

The boy took a step toward Harry, but tripped over his unfinished hem. Ron laughed loudly.

“Don't you dare talk to my mother like that, Potter!” the boy snarled.

“It's all right, Draco,” the woman he identified as his mother said as she placed her hands on his shoulder. “I expect Potter will be reunited with dear Sirius before I am reunited with Lucius.”

Harry moved to do something with his wand. Hermione yelled, “Harry, no!” and grabbed at his arm, “Think... you mustn't... you'll be in trouble...”

The other poor woman who clearly worked here glanced back between our group and the boy and his mother wondering what to do. She shakily took another pin and started toward the boy's arm. “I think this left sleeve could come up a little bit more, dear, let me just-”

“Ouch!” the boy bellowed as the tangy smell of human blood hit my nose. I sighed, remembering the taste from when I was younger, when Grampa indulged me with donated blood. Before Mom and Dad pulled me aside and explained how it would be better to learn to resist now, before I developed too much of a taste for it.

Auntie Alice's hand was even more firmly clasped around my forearm, joined now by Auntie Rose on my other arm. What? Did they really think I was going to attack the annoying boy right here in the store?

“Mother,” The boy said in the most stuck up voice I'd ever heard, “I don't think I want these anymore!” He pulled the robes, pins and all, up over his head and tossed them on the floor at the poor lady's feet.

“You're right, Draco,” his mother said, glaring over at Hermione, “Now I know the kind of scum that shops here... we'll do better at Twilfitt and Tatting's”

I felt a tug on my arm and suddenly found myself tucked behind my Aunts and Ginny as I heard the boy and his mother stomp off and out the door. They didn't let me out for several seconds, until I heard Uncle Jas murmer “They're gone.”

What a strange situation. “Who was that?” I asked no one in particular.

“Draco Malfoy,” Ginny growled. “He's the most fowl, self-absorbed, idiot of a Slytherin... thinks he's all that just because his father's rich. Well I guess we know better – he's a Death Eatter like the rest of them.”

Malfoy... Malfoy... why was that name familiar? It was like a faint memory, a name voiced in another room while I was more focused on a book or playing with Jacob.

“What's a Mudblood?” I asked quietly, cautious of the way the lady was now shakily helping fit Ron and Harry while showing Hermione a set of robes that looked perfectly hideous.

Ginny turned to me, “It's a really foul name for someone who doesn't come from a wizarding family. Malfoy is what he'd call a pure blood. Anyone with something other than a wizard for a Mum or Dad, he'd call a mudblood. It means dirty blood.” she said quietly, glancing up at Hermoine to make sure she didn't hear.

Oh. So that's why they kept looking over at Hermione... and why Ron and Harry reacted so violently. “But then, I'm a Mudblood.” I said.

Ginny rolled her eyes, “No, you're not! You and Hermione are witches, pure and simple... now let's find you some robes.”

In the end Auntie Alice wouldn't let me leave until I had seven sets of plain black robes like the others, only each had some distinct design difference she and Auntie Rose had convinced the lady (who I discovered was Madam Malkin) to alter the robes with, along with five different types of dress robes. I stared down at my feet as Ginny gawked at the pile of packages, grasping the single set of new robes in the package she held to her chest. Was it weird to have so many?

“Did you see which way the Malfoy's went,” Rosalie hissed to Jasper too low for the others to hear.

“Down the street and over to that alley over there.” Jasper gestured in the opposite direction from where the others had turned. “We hid in the alley when they came out. They didn't see us. Emmett followed a short way after they left.”

“Do you think-”

“I didn't sense any apprehension.” Jasper replied. “Edward will know. I'm sure he's monitoring him right now. He always said Draco's thoughts were loud and uncontrolled.”

Auntie Rose nodded as we fell in step with the others who'd caught up with Mr and Mrs Weasley, carting a huge stack of heavy packages.

“Here, let us,” Uncle Jas offered and, after a moment's hesitation, Mrs. Weasley offered her first genuine smile and handed over the packages which he shared with Uncle Emmett.

The next store was an apothecary. Mrs. Weasley pulled out the piece of parchment with my list of items and hastily handed it to the shop keeper. I turned to look around and glanced around the shop. “Poison toad stool... eye of knewt... shell of dragon's egg...” I read through several of the items for sale. Cool...

“Dear Renesmee...” Mrs. Weasley called anxiously, “Please just say with the group, dear.”

I rolled my eyes, but returned to Ginny's side as Mrs. Weasley passed back packages to Emmett and Jasper.

“Why aren't you getting anything?” I asked Ron.

“Oh me and Harry are done Potions.” Ron replied with a relieved smile.

“Actually, I thought I'd get some owl nuts... for Hedwig.” Harry said.

“Brilliant.” Ron replied and picked up a box himself, wincing slightly as he counted out the coins from his pocket.

“Now we get to go to Fred and George's shop!” Ginny grinned as we left the store and hurried down the walk. I tried to ignore the way Uncle Emmett played with the various packages in his possession, periodically, tossing several in the air and catching them flawlessly. Auntie Rose hissed at him to finally stop when he started juggling 20 pages at once.

“You don't want to draw attention!”

Emmett just shrugged.

“Molly,” Cedric started as we made our way down the street, “Renesmee will have to get a wand. Do we know where-”

“Oh, of course!” Mr. Weasley replied, “I’d almost forgotten. With Ollivander gone, I’m afraid the only option is to visit Ulrich’s Imports. They don’t have a wand maker on site, but they’re bringing in supplies from Denmark. Here, I’ll take you. Molly you can take the rest to the shop.”

“We really haven't got long,” Mrs. Weasley said. “please hurry,” as she turned and hurried down the block, telling Hermione, Ron and Ginny “So we'll just have a quick look around and then back to the car. We must be close, that's number ninety-two... ninety-four...”

“It’s just over here.” Arthur led Cedric and I and our company of vampire and werewolf protectors across the street, gently kicking one of the bogus kiosks as we walked by.

“Hey!” the guy complained.

“You’re lucky I’m not on duty!” Mr. Weasley shot back and the guy shut up.

The shop had nothing more than a plain black sign with silver lettering. Ulrich’s Imports ~ Wands and More. It didn’t look like it had been open long. A bell tinkled as we stepped in.

“Excuse me,” a tall middle aged man stepped forward, reminding me of Grampa Charlie back in Forks and suddenly I missed him.

“We need to get a wand for the young lady.” Mr.Weasley replied, gesturing to me.

The man looked over at me and smiled kindly. “Will you be attending school in the fall?”

“Yes, I’m going to Hogwarts.”

He nodded, gesturing me forward with his hand. “The purchase of your first wand is a very important decision. Your wand must be an extension of yourself. It channels the magic within you to a focused point.”

I nodded, my head reeling. How, exactly did the magic channel into the wand? I swallowed, looking around the room. It was full of partially unpacked boxes, various jars and containers. Other than that, the place was quite sparse, empty... clean. I swallowed again and turned back to the man with the friendly smile.

“So, um... how exactly do I choose a wand?”

“It’s much like choosing a mate.” He smiled again. “It has to be a good fit for both of you... if you choose a wand that doesn’t want to be with you, well, that wouldn’t be terribly helpful, would it?”

I shook my head, no.

“Well, then, why don’t we take a look at you.” He patted the stool beside him and I hopped up. He took my hands in his, felt the pulse at my wrist, looked up into my eyes.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes, why?”

“You’re very warm. I thought maybe you were ill.”

I swallowed, more nervous than ever now. “No... I’m just warm.” I replied.

He smiled and nodded, “Well, then, I’m thinking maple. It seems to respond well to heat. Let’s start there. Now, let’s see... your arm, knuckle to elbow... about 13 inches. Okay.” He nodded as if confirming something to himself and set off to look over the boxes, pulling out several long thin boxes made of rich wood.

“Okay, let’s start with this one.” He opened the box. “Maple, 13 inches, dragon’s heart string.” He handed it to me with two hands as if it were made of crystal.

I stared at it. What exactly did he want me to do?

“Pick it up, see how it feels.”

It took me a moment and then I reached for the end with a handle. It felt a little heavy.

“Hmmm, not right.” He quickly snatched it away, put it back in the box and set it down on the counter. He pulled out another. “Maple, 12 and a half inch, phoenix feather.”

He held it out, but as my hand approached, actual sparks flashed out from the end.

“Okay, clearly not.” He pulled it back and put it in the box. The next four were similarly not acceptable.

“Strange.” He frowned. “Maybe I’m completely off on this.” He paused looking into my eyes again. “Maybe something a bit more flexible... willow... yes, let’s try willow...” he got up and brought back several more boxes of a lighter wood that had been grafted together. “Willow, 12 inches, unicorn hair.” He held it out. I picked it up. It wasn’t too heavy or too light. It felt comfortable.

His smiled got a bit brighter. “Give it a flick.”

There was a loud noise that sounded like Jacob after a couple chilli dogs. Emmett snorted. Alice twittered.

The man smiled, “At least we’re on the right track. I think we should stick to animals...” He tried several more. One did nothing at all, another spit water from the end with the sound of making raspberries, another practically flew out of my hand as soon as I touched it. After each, then man would smile and nod and reach for another.

“I wonder...” he got up and paused, picking out another wooden box. He stared down at it as he brought it over. “This is a very unique wand. In fact I was reluctant to bring it. There was only one made and I thought it was too valuable. But my mentor, the man who made this wand, assured me it was essential I bring it with me.”

He set it down on the counter. “The wood is Aconitum. Rarely used as the branches don’t normally grow large enough. The plants are usually harvested much younger for potions and elixirs. It’s flexible like willow, but it’s not particularly strong. Normally the wood protects the core of the wand. In this case, it is the core that makes it strong.” He said as he opened the box.

The wand stared back at me, gleaming, rich, beautiful. I wanted to touch it. Every part of me ached to reach for it and grasp the handle, feeling the wood between my fingers.

“You can feel it, can’t you?” he said softly.

I nodded silently.

“Take it,” he said.

I could have sworn the wand leapt from its box into my hand. It felt like a missing part of me had been reattached, like a hand or arm that had always meant to be there was suddenly reunited with my body. Without thinking, I flicked it and a stream of sparks elegantly flew from the end. I couldn’t stop, I waved it around, flicking it here and there, each time a new and wonderful effect emerged.

The man chuckled, “I’d say you’ve found your mate.”

I couldn’t believe the feeling – like I was full of joy. I laughed, “Thank you. Thank you very much!”

I ached when he took it from me to place it back in the box, wrap it in a package and hand it back. “Now remember, take care. It’s one of a kind.”

“I will,” I promised, reaching anxiously for the box, not happy until it was safely back in my possession. I turned to leave with the others, but paused by the open door. “You never told me – what is in the core?”

He sighed. “I wonder it if will bother you greatly. You see the core was made from the hair plucked from the head of a vampire.”

Mr. Weasley quickly took us back across the street and down, passing five store fronts until he paused in front of one and gestured for us to go in. The store was the one bright spot on the street of dreary, darkened storefronts. Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes stood blazoned on the storefront, the windows filled with bright, unusual and colourful objects. It was almost too much to take in at one glance and I found myself slowly looking through every inch of the display window making a point to notice every wonderful object.

Why Are You Worrying About You-Know-Who?
You SHOULD Be Worrying About
the Constipation Sensation That's Gripping the Nation!

Alice was closest. I reached up a touched her cheek. She giggled lightly, shaking her head. “Oh dear...”

Jacob chuckled lowly as he looked over the display. I grinned back at him. Surprised, he smiled back. “This is quite the place, hey Nes?”

I just laughed and nodded as I leapt into the store a little faster then I should have. It was crowded so Emmett, Jasper and Jacob quickly decided to wait outside. Anxiously, I fought my way through the crowd of people, trying to find Ginny to tell her about my wand and to find out if there might be other kids in here going to Hogwarts... but I couldn't help but be distracted with signs for “Skiving Snackboxes”. Ginny had explained her brothers had invented them to help you get out of class. I'd laughed, nodding my head knowingly when she told me, but I had no idea why anyone would want to get out of class. I was just pumped to be able to go.

I'd just come around one display in time to see Harry duck behind a curtain. Maybe Ginny was with him. I quickly caught up, pausing just outside the curtain, unsure if I should enter in, uninvited.

“We've just developed this more serious line,” One of Ginny's brother's said from behind the curtain. “Funny how it happened...”

“You wouldn't believe how many people, even people who work at the Ministry, can't do a decent Shield Charm,” the other responded. “'Course they didn't have you teaching them, Harry.”

“That's right... well, we thought Shield Hats were a bit of a laugh. You know, challenge your mate to jinx you while wearing it and watch his face when the jinx just bounces off. But the Ministry bought five hundred for all its support staff! And we're still getting massive orders!”

“So we've expanded into a range of Shield cloaks, Shield Gloves...”

Huh, I wonder if that's like what Dad used when he went to Hogwarts. I noticed a young witch with short blonde hair wearing magenta robes just like all the other people who worked here heading my way. Oh, no. Maybe I'm not supposed to be here. I quickly ducked out in the opposite direction and after diving around a couple of displays I bumped into Hermione.

“Oh sorry!” I said as I saw her pulling something away from her face.

“That's fine,” Hermione replied as if humouring me.

“Hey, the bruise on your eye's looking better.” I noticed.

“Yeah, Fred and George gave me something for it.” She replied. “They took Harry somewhere. I hope they're not into something illegal.”

I shook my head and looked around. “Have you seen Ginny? I've been looking for her...”

“Last I saw her over there.” Hermione replied, taking my arm and pulled me through the crowd toward the windows.

“Do you think they actually work?” Ginny asked as she saw us approach. She was holding a small iridescent jar that said Tropical Vacation. She'd taken it from a table with a sign that read Patented Daydream Charms.

A dark red one caught my attention, but as I picked it up, Hermoine quickly snatched it from my hands and put it back on a higher shelf. Not that I couldn't simply jump up and get it. “Your Mum wouldn't be too pleased if you got that one.” she said when I frowned at her. I huffed and took a few steps closer to Ginny to see what she was looking at, but she quickly put it aside as her cheeks flushed red. Ensuring Hermione was busy looking away, I quickly picked up a blue bottle Flying over the Andies...

“Haven't you girls found our special WonderWitch products yet?” One of Ginny's twin brothers asked. “Follow me, ladies...” he lead us away to a bright pink display near a window, surrounded by a bunch of giggling girls. I wondered if any of them would be at Hogwarts. Through the window, I could see Hagrid out on the street animatedly talking with Emmett, Jasper and Cedric. Jacob was pacing. I sighed and turned to the object of Hermione and Ginny's doubtful attention.

“There you go. Best range of love potions you'll find anywhere.”

Even without looking, I could feel Jacob's eyes boring into me as I eyed the products. How embarrassing. Why would anyone-

“Do they work?” Ginny asked.

“Certainly they work, for up to twenty-four hours at a time depending on the weight of the boy in question-”

“-and the attractiveness of the girl.” the other twin stepped up, “But we're not selling them to our sister,” he added with the same sort of expression Hermione had given me only moments before. “Not when she's already got about five boys on the go from what we've-”

Five boys on the go? What did that mean? And why did it impress me when I had no idea what that really meant?

“Whatever you've heard from Ron is a big fat lie,” Ginny replied calmly, picking up a bottle from the display. “What's this?” she tried to distract them unsuccessfully.

I stepped away, looking through the products as Ginny's brother's grilled her on which boy she was currently dating. Ug... dating. Like I need to worry about that. Then a bottle caught my attention, only because it looked familiar.

Scented Bubble Bath – guaranteed to meet the approval of both friend and foe.

I picked it up and looked it over, searching through my mind to where I might have seen this. Seth and Jacob's bathroom! I'd popped in to use it just last week, and there, sitting on the side of the tub was a bottle exactly like this. But how in the world did they get it? And why?

“Excuse me?” I said, interrupting the twins grilling. “Where do you get this?”

“We make it, of course. Just developed it in fact. One of our newest products. It's only been on the market for a month.” the one twin asked.

“Do you sell it anywhere else?”

“Well, we do have a few mail order customers.” the other replied. “but the only store is currently here... though we're looking at expansion.” he grinned.

“What does this mean that it's guaranteed to meet the approval?” I asked. There were some scents that most people liked, but how could they guarantee – I mean not everyone like every scent.

The twins shared a look like they were hiding a secret. “It really is a nice bit of magic... something we found in a potions book in Snape's lab when we were stuck in detention last year.”

“Yeah, but it's pretty dangerous.” the other chuckled. “Remember when I tested it-”

“Oh yeah!” The other laughed, “We only put a single drop in an entire vat of bubble bath. Anymore and, well, let's just say that a person would be in danger for their lives.”

“What did you put in it?”

The twins laughed uncomfortably, “That, my dear, is a trade secret. But you're welcome to try a bottle – our gift to you.”

“Not that we think you need it. But you're just starting Hogwarts... and you never know when you'll need to pass it on to a fellow housemate.”

“Yeah! I wish we had some of this back in third year. Remember Minging Mike McDougal? Phew, that kid needed some sort of intervention. I don't think even the Prefect's bath would have helped him...”

And just as they were launching into some foul scented memory, I noticed Hermione suddenly disappear, literally from sight. I could see where she'd just been a second ago. There was now a blank spot of space with nothing in it. And a moment later, the door to the alley opened but nobody left or came in. I couldn't stand it. I had to know what was going on. I quickly jumped out after them, only to collide with Uncle Emmett.

“Whoa, where to you think you're going?” He asked, catching me up into his strong arms.

“Nowhere – just for a...” I huffed in frustration. There was no way to know which way... or was there... I could smell them. Yes, they'd just been by here. “Uncle Emmett, would you come for a walk with me. I really want to see some of the other shops – just look around, you know? The others will be awhile yet. Can't we just go for a little walk – just you and me?” I smiled up at him, hoping he'd simply take the bait.

“No way – you're not going anywhere without-” Jacob started to object.

“Come on!” Emmett glared back at him, “You think anyone here is going to mess with me? Besides, we're just walking up and down the street.”

I grinned, knowing my battle had just been won. “We'll be right back... I just want to look in some of the stores...” I said as I grabbed Uncle Emmett's hand and led him down the street.

I set a fast pace down the street after their scents. Several shops down they’d turned left down another street, Knockturn Alley. We were only a few steps down when I was suddenly pulled to a halt by the arm now attacked to Uncle Emmett’s hand.

“Okay, why are we following Harry, Hermione and Ron?” he hissed.


He rolled his eyes in response. I sighed, “Okay, they just suddenly disappeared in the store and well, I just had to know where they were going.”

Uncle Emmett grinned. “Okay, but stay close. And if I tell you to do something, you have to listen, okay? Your dad’s not going to be too happy I followed you on this little adventure.” With that he took my hand and we quickly made our way down the street.

We hadn’t gone far before I was pulled into the narrow space between two buildings. “They’re just over there.” Emmett whispered. “Listen.”

Peering out, I couldn’t see anything, but I could hear them. Then there was a flicker of movement and I could see a running shoe just standing on the street. There was another flicker of movement and it disappeared, but it’s pair was suddenly there.

“Fantastic!” Hermione had just exclaimed as the footwear fluttered before our eyes. “Oh, I hope the door isn’t Imperturbable-”

“No!” Ron exclaimed, “Listen!”

And suddenly I could hear another voice in there with them, the voice of the boy with the pointy face, Draco Malfoy. The same voice I could also hear just a bit more faintly coming from the store just in front of them with the sign “Borgin and Burkes”.

“... you know how to fix it?” Draco was just finishing asking.

“Possibly,” a shop owner replied in a way that made me think he didn’t really want to help. “I’ll need to see it, though. Why don’t you bring it into the shop?”

“I can’t.” Draco replied, “It’s got to stay put. I just need you to tell me how to do it.”

“Well, without seeing it, I must saw it will be a very difficult job, perhaps impossible. I couldn’t guarantee anything.”

“No?” Draco sneered, “Perhaps this will make you more confident.” There was the sound of cloth being pulled against flesh, but nothing more than a gasp to identify what Draco had shown the man. “Tell anyone and there will be retribution. You know Fenrir Greyback? He’s a family friend, he’ll be dropping in from time to time to make sure you’re giving the problem your full attention.”

“There will be no need for-”

“I’ll decide that,” Draco cut the man off, “Well, I’d better be off. And don’t forget to keep that one safe, I’ll need it.”

“Perhaps you’d like to take it now?”

“No, of course I wouldn’t, you stupid little man, how would I look carrying that down the street? Just don’t sell it.”

“Of course not... sir.”

“Not a word to anyone, Borgin, and that includes my mother, understand?”

“Naturally, naturally,” the man... Borgin I assumed, replied.

And suddenly I was being pulled further into the space. How Uncle Emmett fit was beyond me, but soon we were completely covered in darkness as we watched the pointy faced boy pass on down the street.

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