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The third story in Twilight-Harry Potter Cross-Over, the Half Blood Vampire follows the Cullens as they become further involved in the world of Harry Potter during the events of The Half Blood Prince. What happens when a rapidly maturing Renesmee and Jacob's wolf pack become more and more connected with the world of wizards? And how is Aro and the Volturi involved with He Who Shall Not be Named and his followers, the Death Eaters? Is it all connected?


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Chapters in PDF and Hyperlink for The Half-Blood Vampire


HBV Ch 1.pdf   Chapter 1: A New Adventure

HBV Ch 2.pdf   Chapter 2: Just Can't Walk Away

HBV Ch 3.pdf   Chapter 3: Curiosities

HBV Ch 4.pdf   Chapter 4: Where There's A Will...

HBV Ch 5.pdf   Chapter 5: Love Lives and Love Lost

HBV Ch 6.pdf   Chapter 6: History and Biology

HBV Ch 7.pdf   Chapter 7: Young Love, First Love...

HBV Ch 8.pdf   Chapter 8: Hogwarts Recruitment Drive

HBV Ch 9.pdf   Chapter 9: Everything

HBV Ch 10.pdf Chapter 10: Complication

HBV Ch 11.pdf Chapter 11: Should I Stay or Should I go?

HBV Ch 12.pdf Chapter 12: New Week New Accomodations

HBV Ch 13.pdf Chapter 13: Diagon Alley

HBV Ch 14.pdf Chapter 14: Hogwarts Express

HBV Ch 15.pdf Chapter 15: The Sorting Hat

HBV Ch 16.pdf Chapter 16: Meanwhile Back at the Crypt

HBV Ch 17.pdf Chapter 17: First Day of School

HBV Ch 18.pdf Chapter 18: Malfoy Manor

HBV Ch 19.pdf Chapter 19: Life and Death

HBV Ch 20.pdf  Chapter 20: Restless

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Chapter 13 continued... and concluded

** EDWARD **

I was going to kill him. He was my brother, the best brother I could ever have, but I was definitely going to kill him... I sped down the street, slipping from shadow to crack to crevice, occasionally taking to the rooftops when the area was too open. It wasn’t hard to stay out of sight. I’d done it enough in my many years, and with everyone huddled over, hurrying from shop to shop, no one was paying too much attention to the half-crazed vampire creeping speedily down Diagon Alley and then, to the even darker and more deserted Knockturn Alley – the last thing I’d seen before their minds had moved out of range.

I could hear them now – not far away. Strange the effect the change in street had. It was as if any noise or thoughts from the adjoining street had been muffled until I stepped off the cobblestone of Diagon Alley.

Twenty-three seconds later I’d dropped between the two buildings with my precious daughter and about to be former brother and pulled them further away from the light.

“What the...” I paused noting Renesmee’s presence and chose some different words. “What were you thinking, taking her away from the group?” I hissed.

“Chill out. I kept her safe.” Emmett hissed back. “She wanted to see the shops.”

I rolled my eyes at the not only obvious, but also known lie. Would he never ever remember that I could hear him? “Interesting choice of vantage point. Tell me, were you planning to break in from the back, or simply testing your x-ray vision?”

“Listen – something is up. Harry, Hermione and Ron took off. None of the others noticed, so we followed. That creep, Draco Malfoy is up to something. He just left that shop over there.”

I followed his gaze and saw that Hermione was now in the shop conversing with the owner. Borgin... I picked his name from her head. Harry and Ron were still hiding under the invisibility cloak just outside the door.

“Is this necklace for sale?” she asked, looking into a glass case.

“If you’ve got one and a half thousand Galleons.” Borgin replied. His cool demeanour betrayed by the speeding up of his heart beat. Like many of the wizards involved in darker things, his thoughts were difficult to pick out, though not impossible. He was, apparently, not as well practised in the art of Occlumency as someone like Draco’s father.

“Oh – er – no, I haven’t got quite that much,” Hermione replied, looking over some of the other items. “And... what about this lovely – um – skull?”

“Sixteen Galleons.”

“So it’s for sale then? It isn’t being... kept for anyone?”

Kept for anyone? He thought suspiciously. Draco’s face flashed to mind quickly before he carefully protected his thoughts, a little more on alert.

“The thing is, that – er – boy who was in here just now, Draco Malfoy, well, he’s a friend of mine, and I want to get him a birthday present, but if he’s already reserved anything I obviously don’t want to get him the same thing, so... um...”

“She’s a worse liar then Bella.” Emmett chuckled. “And that’s sayin’ something.”

“Enough.” I hissed back at him, turning back just in time to see Borgin barking at Hermione to get out.

“Get Nessie back to the group,” I ordered Emmett. “I’m going to check something out.”

NOTE: So... it took awhile, but it was a long one. I hope you liked it...
AAAAAHHHHH --SO EXCITED ! Erica ; you're back on !!! =]
okay, time to go read && we get three parts to chapter 13 ? this is just too goood=) you made my day
that was really. interesting Erica ! it takes me back to when Edward and Bella first attended Hogwarts--. It's amazing to see how she reacts to everything the she'll look around to see if she's the only one surprised.. & her wand- iCouldn't believe it- vampire hair, yeah that wand was made for Nessie =] l0l....
hmm- iWonder what Edward is going to check out ! Great chapter Erica !! Well worth the wait =)
Great Job, Erica. I love it!
it was a looooong chapter!!

"I couldn’t help but to tease her a little and I quickly allowed my hand to graze down her back and pinch her back side.

She jumped slightly, emitting a sharp “eep” as we passed through the house into the living room."
i loved this part!! :D finally some fun in them!they really need it.

what do they really wear under the robes ?panties? :D

it was soo interesting with the wand!! i loved fit perfectly!!vampire hair...amazing!!

i've never seen things from fleur's perspective..i never realized how much she overhears and she still endures because of her love for bill.i have new respect for her

i was 100% sure edward would follow nessie and emmet once they were out of mind-reading range.

will edward search for malfoy and try to find out what he's up to? and why wasn't bella with's strange of her not to want to follow

i wonder if nessie will have an admiror..maybe even a boyfriend..jake wouldn't like thaaat.

P.S.: pleeeeaase respond to comments on older chapters when you have time.. :))
first..sorry about being so pushy about the comments (blushes) as long as you read them the reply can wait :))
second... i'm reading Motorcycle Hunting and it's great!!!!!!!!! i love it so far..all thoug tipical of edward to feel giulty everythime he does something to please himself..he should chill..sometimes vampires like it rough (chuckles)
yay!!!!!!!!! finally!!!!!!!!! this was great..... oohhh, can't wait for the next one!!
ah that Ron, always a crack up.
The wand guy its even weirder than Ollivander
What the heck "There was a loud noise that sounded like Jacob after a couple chilli dogs" that was just nasty but a funny commnet. LOL just caught me off guard. hahahaha.

Wow!!! That wand was perfect for her. Cool.

What happen to Hermione, why does she have a black eye?? Was that in the last chapter and I missed it?

I think That bubble bath thingy was the one that Kristina gave Seth, but why whould she?

"and about to be former brother" oh that overprotective fool Edward. LOL

I feel sorry for Fleur, but like she said love its worht anything. I mean she is snotty but cmon the others can ease up on her.

I just can't wait for mo'
As always grrreat chapter!!!!
i kept on checking my email everyday for your update. thank goodness its up now.
thanks for another great chapter erica.
now i have to wait for the next chapter again. :(
dont worry im gonna be a good girl and patiently wait, its always worth the wait.^_^
awesome update...:)))
Hi Erica,
I am sooooo sorry that I haved reviewed lately. A lot has happened and it was crazy busy. I did however between always kept reading this wonderfull story. Sometimes there were some weeks in between so I really enjoyed catching up with a few chapters. What can I say. It is all so wonderfull.
I love the way totally sprang it on us that Nessie is a witch. And it all makes sense!!!

I´ll be more faithfull now and review more often. Especially now that I have decided to quit my job and start taking my holiday that I had saved up. I´ll be in Canada, Montreal for work though in October, it would be great if we could meet. But I gues you are miles away, so that would be difficult.
Anyway I can´t wait to see what happens next.


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