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The third story in Twilight-Harry Potter Cross-Over, the Half Blood Vampire follows the Cullens as they become further involved in the world of Harry Potter during the events of The Half Blood Prince. What happens when a rapidly maturing Renesmee and Jacob's wolf pack become more and more connected with the world of wizards? And how is Aro and the Volturi involved with He Who Shall Not be Named and his followers, the Death Eaters? Is it all connected?


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happy for you getting a ton done with your writing class and i hope that at some point we get to read it :)
you are really a great writer.
i freeking love this story !!!
i just hope that you can post more soon because im like dying here lol
i just wanna know renesmee's reaction to hogwarts and all the classes :)
take all the time you need to get the chapter complete because i hate when people rush their chapters and say ohh sorry didnt have enough time or i have to go out now or something along those lines

keep up the great work !

It's ok.... as long as you don't give it up!
In my personal experience I felt hard to follow someone elses story line and use other people character. Bu then again, you've nailed every character of SM Saga books.
Good luck, now I'm on my wayt to read your story......yay i'm excited.
Chapter 14: Hogwarts Express


I was vibrating – bouncing up and down on my bed. I couldn’t sit still as Auntie Alice and Auntie Rose tried to fit one last necessary outfit into my trunk.

“I can’t see why you don’t just use one of our sets of luggage.” Auntie Alice said, annoyed as she set aside a pair of jeans and worked to shut the lid.

“Because this is what Ginny said all the other kids will be bringing.” Besides she’d already packed 10 pairs of jeans, and who knew if I’d ever wear them. I still hadn’t gotten the courage to ask Ginny what we wore under the long draping robes that were nestled at the bottom of the trunk around my caldron, the various potions ingredients and my books, on top of which were what Auntie Alice referred to as the bare necessities.

“I suppose we can get more things to you later.” She shook her head.

“Please don’t.” I said frantically, remembering Ginny’s trunk and what little she was bringing. “I’d be fine with’s a lot... really!”

Auntie Rose stroked my hair while Alice reconsidered and tried fitting in that one last pair of jeans. “What’s bothering you?” she asked.

I looked up at Auntie Rose. For some reason she’d always understood me best. I didn’t quite know why. “It’s nothing... it’s just, Ginny was telling me how the owls arrive in the Great Hall, delivering mail and, if a bunch of boxes suddenly dropped on me while I was eating...” I shuddered, imagining the embarrassment.

“Alice!” She said sharply, “She has enough.”

“But if I just rearrange-”

“Alice – she’ll be fine.” Auntie Rose said in her no-nonsense voice.

Alice looked up from her arranging to glare, but after a moment she sighed and shut the trunk. “Fine.” She huffed.

Wow. That was... surprising. I’d never seen anyone get their way against Auntie Alice. “And no packages?” I clarified while it looked like I might actually get my way.

She sighed heavily, looking up at me with that expression that made it seem she was in incredible pain. I didn’t flinch. “You’re killing me, Nes.” she huffed again and stomped out of the room.

I looked up at Auntie Rose with panicked eyes. I didn’t want to make Alice mad.

“Don’t worry,” Auntie Rose murmured, “Alice will be fine. This is your time and you want to fit in. I understand.” She continued to stroke the length of my copper curls.

“Thanks Auntie Rose.” I murmured back, leaning against her arm. “I’m going to miss you... all of you.”

“Yes,” she murmured, “but you need to do this. And you’ll be fine.”

“I hope so,” I replied, jumping up. The excitement hitting me again full force. “Ginny said to wear something Muggle to the train. We change into our robes on the way there.” I flew through the remaining clothing in my room, finding a pair of jeans and a comfortable sweater, or jumper as I was learning to call it. I smiled, thinking how for once I’d be wearing something Mum approved of. It was just too bad they couldn’t accompany me to the train.

“Muggles can’t go there.” Mr.Weasley had said hesitantly when Mom and Dad and Grampa and Gramma talked about the departure last night. “I think it’s because they don’t have any magic in their blood.”

Grampa frowned, “And, as we don’t have blood...”

“We won’t be able to go.” Dad said without inflection.

“But, if Edward was magic... well, wouldn’t there be magic in his... system?” Mom pleaded.

“Love, Mr. Weasley is right. And besides, it’s not worth the risk.” Dad replied.

I was shocked. Of the two of them, I’d expected Dad to put up the biggest fight about my going to the train unaccompanied.

“We’ll have Aurors, and, of course, Molly and I will be with them at all times.” Mr.Weasley vowed.

Dad nodded and took Mom’s hand just as she looked like she was about to object again.

So I bid them good bye at the Burrow, just as the Ministry cars pulled up.

“We won’t be far away.” Mom reminded me as she pulled me into a good-bye hug. “If you need us, just tell Dumbledore. He’ll get a hold of us right away.” She hugged me again. “and listen to your teachers. Don’t go wandering, especially into the dark forest... and don’t go-”

“Mom, I’ll be fine!” I huffed. Really, if she didn’t stop I was going to lose it.

“Be safe.” Dad said as he pulled me into a firm hug, kissing the top of my head. “I love you.”

I swallowed back against the tightening in my throat. “I will.” I nodded, pulling away. I took a deep breath and smiled at both.

That was followed by Auntie Alice and Uncle Jasper, who provided a healthy shot of calm and I touched his face saying thank you. The last thing I needed was to show them I couldn’t handle this. That got me through Grampa and Gramma. But then I got to Uncle Emmett and Auntie Rose. I don’t know what it was, but Auntie Rose had always been my favourite. She’d always been there. When Mom and Dad were off helping Harry, and Alice and Jasper were off doing research, Auntie Rose had been there every day. And I suddenly realized she wouldn’t be there at all... not for a very long time.

“Oh, Auntie Rose!” I sobbed as I wrapped my arms around her.

“Shhh” she whispered against my head, “You’ll be fine.”

“I know.” I replied. Uncle Jasper’s power helped me regain my control. “I’m really looking forward to going.” I assured everyone. “I’ll be fine. I’ll be great. I need to go.”

“Of course, honey.” Dad kissed my head again, “You'll be fine.” His words were compassionate, but his face was completely devoid in expression.

I smiled and turned to join Ginny, Harry, Hermione and Ron, already in the car, before I made and even bigger fool of myself.

“What happened to you?” I asked Ron, who was sitting red-faced and dirt-splattered, glaring at his sister. He said nothing, but his eyes narrowed even more at Ginny. “What happened to him?” I whispered to the object of his fury.

“Nothing much. Just stopped him from making a fool of himself over phlegm.” Ginny met his gaze without blinking.


“Fleur.” Hermione said her name like it was a profanity,“kissed Harry good-bye, and Ron anxiously ran over to get in line.” She was shooting daggers his direction. “Fortunately, Ginny's foot stopped him from falling all over her.”

“Oh.” I replied, glancing once at Harry who was staring dreamily out the window toward the burrow.

It was a very quiet ride to Kings Cross Station.

Two stern gentlemen met the car, Aurors I presumed. “Quick, quick, through the barrier,” Mrs. Wealsey urged us as we rushed through the busy station. I smelt the sweat and fumes as we passed by the numerous humans catching trains. Would our train look like that. “Harry had better go first, with-”

And suddenly Harry had disappeared into the wall with the two Aurors. I stared blankly at him as the others quickly vanished from site behind him.

“Are you coming?” Ginny paused, looking back at me between the platforms 9 and 10.

“Um... sure.” I said bravely, pushing the cart with my trunk and a cage with the cat I'd found on the trunk when we arrived at the station with a note from Uncle Em. Hope you like it – I couldn't resist liberating it from the Dragon Lady. I'd laughed as I looked in the cage. It was the cat that had taken an instant dislike to Jacob.

Ginny disappeared ahead of me as I approached the brick wall. “Here goes nothing.” I exhaled and winced slightly as I fought my natural instincts and pushed against the wall. I expected some sort of resistance. Instead I found myself pushing my cart on a mist filled platform toward an old fashioned steam train. I glanced back, expecting to see the backside of the brick wall, but instead there was a wrought iron archway with the words 'platform nine and three quarters'. Wow... cool. I glanced back and headed for the beautiful ancient train that said Hogwarts Express along the side.

Everywhere people were hustling about, fighting with trunks and cages and hugging their parents good-bye and I felt lonely all over again. I looked away and caught sight of a sign. Hogwarts Express departs at Eleven O'Clock. The train above read 2 minutes too. I took a deep breath, pushing down my emotion. I'd better get on the train.

“Oh, dear, I hope you have a good year.” Mrs. Weasley pulled me into her soft body. It was so strange being hugged by a human. It faintly reminded me of Grampa Charlie. “Are you going to manage with that trunk...” she eyed it doubtfully.

“I'll be fine.” I said, resisting the urge to remind her I could probably carry her and all her children's trunks on the train.

“Maybe I should get Harry... oh what is he doing? He's going to miss the train!” she huffed looking off to the side where Harry was talking to Mr. Weasley. I paused to hear that he was just going over the situation in Knockturn Alley. Just as well he decided to tell Mr. Weasley. He might be able to actually do something.

I took advantage of Mrs. Weasley's distraction, grabbed my trunk and cage and took off up the stairs to the train where Ginny had disappeared. She hadn't gone far. “Okay, I'll come find you in a minute.” she said to some boy who was urging her down the narrow hall. “I just want to say hi.” She turned away, her cheeks slightly flushed.

“Hey Nessie. I see you finally shook my Mum.” she smiled, glancing once back at where the boy had disappeared into a compartment half way down the hall.

“Yeah. She was afraid I wouldn't be able to carry my trunk.” I rolled my eyes showing how ridiculous that was.

Ginny giggled. “Well, it's not a bad way to get to meet a boy.”

“But why would I want-”

But then Harry joined us. “Fancy trying to find a compartment?”

“I can't, Harry, I said I'd meet Dean,” Ginny replied. “See you later.” she turned abruptly and started down the hall.

I was momentarily confused. Was I supposed to follow Ginny? Or did she mean she'd see me later too. Before I could decide, I froze, noticing all the eyes staring in my direction. I swallowed and looked down at my clothes. Could they tell? Did they already know I was a freak? Maybe this was a mistake.

But then, as I looked up I noticed they weren't staring at me, but several inches higher and behind me. I glanced back at Harry who was frowning looking after Ginny. “Right.” he said, looking around at all the staring faces, primarily female.

“Hi, Harry!” someone else called from behind us.

“Neville!” Harry said, relieved to a large awkward boy tugging gracelessly at his trunk.

“Hello, Harry,” a girl with long almost white hair and large, misty eyes greeted him. She followed behind Harry.

“Luna, hi, how are you?”

“Very well, thank you,” she replied, clutching a large magazine to her chest.

“The Quibbler still going strong, then?” Harry asked, happily.

“Oh yes, circulation's well up.” Luna replied.

“Let's find seats,” said Harry and I followed in line with them as they set off down the train. It was eery. Students stopped, struck silent and stared as we passed. I'd never felt so conspicuous and so alone. Where was Ginny? And why were people looking at us? And should I stick with Harry? Would he mind?

At long last they found an empty compartment and I followed them in, matching their actions as they stowed their trunks and took seats.

“They're even staring at us,” Neville said, gesturing to him and Luna, “because we're with you!”

“They're staring at you because you were at the Ministry, too.” Harry frowned as he shoved his trunk into the luggage rack. “Our little adventure there was all over the Daily Prophet, you must've seen it.”

“Yes, I thought Gran would be angry about all the publicity,” Neville replied, “but she was really pleased. Says I'm starting to live up to my dad at long last. She bought me a new wand, look!” He held out the long wooden instrument. “Cherry and unicorn hair.” he said proudly as I catalogued the differences from my own. “We think it was one of the last Ollivander ever sold, he vanished next day -”

“I got mine at Ulrich's Imports.” I offered, making my presence obvious for the first time, not quite sure how to intrude on the conversation.

“Oh, that nice... they're from Denmark, yes?” Luna stared at my wand dreamily, before ducking back into her magazine.

“Yeah... or so I'm told.”

“Erm, I should have introduced... Luna, Neville...” he said as a large toad leapt from Neville's hands, escaping under the seat, “this is Renesmee... or Nessie.”

“Good to meet you,” Neville offered his right in greeting. It smelled like frog, but I shook it anyway.

“You remind me of that boy, Edward... the one who died during the Triwizard Cup.” Luna said, peering over her magazine for a second.

“Um, really?” I gulped. Act calm, Nessie, I encouraged myself while I carefully placed a blank expression on my face.

“Yes, except he was much paler then you... Daddy said it was evidence that vampires are taking over at Hogwarts...” Luna shrugged, “Well, until he died.” she smiled and buried her head back in her magazine.

I glanced once at Harry, wide-eyed, allowing the momentary panic to show. “Don't worry.” he whispered.

“Are we still doing DA meetings this year, Harry?” asked Luna.

“No point now we've got rid of Umbridge, is there?”

“I liked the DA! I learned loads with you!” Neville exclaimed, dismayed as he crawled under the seat, looking for his frog.

“I enjoyed the meetings, too.” Luna said serenely, “It was like having friends.”

Harry just shook his head as a disturbance near the door drew our attention.

“You ask him!”

No, you!”

“I'll do it!”

A group of girls were gathered out side of the compartment, giggling and whispering something about a 'chosen one' and 'a bunch of losers'. My face flushed red in anger as one of them, with large dark eyes, a prominent chin and long black hair pushed her way in aggressively. A low growl rumbled in my chest, but none of the humans noticed.

“Hi, Harry, I'm Romilda Vane,” She smiled confidently at him, “Why don't you join us in our compartment? You don't have to sit with them.” She looked past pointedly at Neville and Luna, with only a passing glance me, as if I wasn't even worth considering, as if I was nothing.

I gritted my teeth and flexed my hands into fists, fighting the urge to hurl her through the large picture window to the fast passing ground. How dare she?

“They're friends of mine,” Harry replied coldly.

I grinned as the smile suddenly disappeared from this annoying girl's face, “Oh... Oh. OK.” She quickly retreated to her friends who whispered all the way down the hall.

“People expect you to have cooler friends than us.” Luna said. I felt a sudden affinity to her despite how closely she'd guess at the truth about us. She was disarmingly honest... it sort of reminded me of Cedric, minus the embarrassed blush when he realized he'd said something inappropriate.

“You are cool,” Harry replied quickly, “None of them was at the Ministry. They didn't fight with me.”

I had spent most of my time with Ginny, learning what it meant to be a witch, what to anticipate about going to Hogwarts, and, occasionally, listening to her talk about Dean. I didn't really get what the big deal was with guys, but if she was going to talk about anyone, I didn't know why she would bother with anyone other then Harry.

“That's a very nice thing to say,” I said softly.

“We didn't face him, though,” Neville cut me off, having finally retrieved his frog, “You did. You should hear my gran talk about you. 'That Harry Potter's got more backbone than the whole Ministry of Magic put together!' She'd give anything to have you has a grandson...”

Harry suddenly changed the subject. I watched him as the flush in his cheeks faded. He was embarrassed by the attention. Huh. So, he was, like humble, I guess. And he stuck up for his friends... Maybe I could sorta get the whole being interested in guys thing, if there were guys like Harry...

After a few moments, Luna peered back over her magazine, now wearing enormous colored glasses as she stared unblinkingly at me. “You don't seem to have many Wrackspurts.”

“A... what?”

“Wrackspurt... they're invisible, they float in through your ears and make your brain go fuzzy. But I don't see any floating around you.”


“See what I mean.” Harry smiled comfortingly at me, leaning over to whisper in my ear, “She kinda gets it right sometimes, but not many people will take her seriously. You'll be okay.”

And I felt my own cheeks flush in pleasure at his concern.


I touched my lips. They felt cold, though I could still feel the heat of where his had pressed against mine for what seemed like forever, and yet not nearly long enough. Blimey, what was I going to do without Seth for the next three and a half months? He'd said he wouldn't be far, but these last few weeks had been heaven. Did I really just think that? Yes, I certainly had and with good reason.

Everyday I ventured to the Diggory's where Seth was already waiting. I couldn't recall what we'd done every day. Just being together, really. But we could have been doing nothing at all...

Well, that certainly wasn't the case. After the incident with Cedric, well, we'd tried to stay out of the way. I just couldn't get enough of that boy – and the way he smelled. I could die just smelling him. I flushed thinking of one particular evening, walking through the local apple orchard...

“Kristina... hello Kristina.” a voice called over the din. “You're more absentminded then usual. What is the matter?”

I glanced up into the amused face of my house mate, Liz. She eyed me suspiciously. “You don't normally get this distracted unless there's some ridiculous novel involved.”

“Oh, just... thinking.” I replied back shortly.

“Thinking...” she stared back at me. “Kristina what is going on? You were in a daze getting on the train. You almost walked right past us waving at you from the compartment. And you've not said more then three words since we left the station.”

I glance around at my other friends, girls I'd called my mates since the evening we were sorted into Hufflepuff. We'd shared a room through all our years at Hogwarts, but the closeness I'd felt to them was nothing compared with what I had with Seth. And I suddenly felt completely shy sharing this moment with them. I already knew they'd giggle and ask embarrassing questions that would sully this as some summer romance.

“Did you meet a boy?” Lily asked, shocked.

“Oh my, you did!” Liz said, as my cheek flushed red, giving me away. “You've sat here for the past two hours and you haven't said anything. You really must tell us. Who was it? Someone at Hogwarts?”

I glanced from Liz to Lily and then the others, Helena, Erin, and Margaret. I had no hope. They were now all looking expectantly, waiting for the news I dreaded telling them. What did I say? That I'd found my soul-mate? The man of my dreams? They'd scoff. They'd want to know what family he was from and what he'd expect to do after graduation. I couldn't precisely tell them he was a shape-shifting wolf who fights vampires for a living. I glanced over at Margaret. Of the group, she'd always understood me best, knew when I needed some quiet time, when to just leave me alone in my room immersed in a good book or, conversely, when I really needed a bit of prodding to get outside.

“Let her be.” Margaret said slowly, “She'll tell us when she's ready.”

The others protested, but then Margaret pointed out the lunch trolly was coming and the story of my summer romance was forgotten amidst pumpkin pasties and chocolate frogs. I quietly excused myself to take a walk down the crowded hall.

“Nessie?” I found her wandering down the hall looking from compartment to compartment.

“Oh... hi.” She looked up at me shyly. We'd not had much time to get to know each other properly this summer. Well, to be honest, we'd had time. It was just that I was... otherwise occupied. And she had been spending quite a bit of time at the Weasley's.

“Have you been out here all this time?” I asked, aghast that Ginny or one of the others hadn't taken her in. I mean, really. What was the poor girl to do? She hadn't had to fend for herself socially, ever.

“Um, no. I was with Harry and Neville and Luna... and then Hermione and Ron joined us. But Harry and Neville got called to a meeting with one of the professors and, well, I wanted to see if I could find Ginny, but... oh!” She froze at the next compartment as she peered in through the window.

With a couple of hasty steps I caught up with her and looked in myself. Ah, of course. Ginny was lip-locked with Dean Thomas. Nessie stepped back, shaking her head slightly. It was hard to remember she was so young. She appeared to be a young first year, but I knew from Seth... my heart lurched as the thought of his name brought his face to the forefront of my memory... that she wasn't even a year old yet. What must she be thinking? Did she even understand human relationships? I barely understood them myself at her age. Some of the girls had already been swooning over boys when I'd started Hogwarts, but I honestly didn't understand the attraction back then... Well, that would change for her as it had for me, but it must be so confusing.

But how did that work for her? Jacob had imprinted on her just as Seth had on me... I scrunched up my face. It was so... unseemly. But he'd never seemed inappropriate with her – more like an older brother.

Nessie was now staring at me and I realized I'd fallen silent. I was used to being able to zone out with my friends. They rarely noticed. And when they did, they'd normally just go on with the conversation until I chose to join them again. This was a little more odd... “So, erm... you said Harry and Neville had a meeting?” How odd. I'd not heard of this before. They weren't prefects or anything...

“Yeah, with Professor Slughorn later... in compartment C.” she'd stepped away from the glass so as to not be caught looking in on Ginny and her boyfriend. “Well, maybe I should just go back and sit with Hermione and Ron...” she seemed hesitant. She needed to meet some of her own friends – probably why she went looking for Ginny in the first place.

“I was just about to go for a little walk down the train to stretch my legs. Why don't you join me?” Maybe we could find some other first years to introduce her to.

She brightened, “Sure... great.”

We took a leisurely pace down the hall. She had a much easier time compensating for the lurch of the train and squeezing through the crowds waiting for the lunch trolly that was making its way down at a much slower pace several compartment behind us. We walked mostly in silence until we passed the last group of students and had some space.

“Um... do you miss Seth?” she asked quietly.

I glanced down at her as we walked and back at the crowd of students who were paying us no mind. I realized she was the one person I could talk to about this, though perhaps not about everything... “Yes, quite a bit.”

“Jake says they'll be stationed nearby.” She said hopefully. “We might even get to see them once in a while.”

“Do you miss Jake?” I asked, curious. From what I'd gathered, she'd been dying to get away from him – or at least that's what Seth thought.

She glanced down at the ground, “Yeah... I mean I'm glad to be going and to meet new people and have new friends. But Jake's been there from the beginning. He's always been my best friend.”

I nodded. It was pretty intense, having someone so dedicated to you. If I hadn't been immediately attracted to Seth, it would have been annoying.

We were now at the end of the train, looking out at the tracks we left behind. We could go no further and yet neither of us were anxious to return quite yet. I could feel the pull tighten with every passing railroad tie. “Does it hurt... being away from him I mean?”

Nessie stared up at me with wide eyes, “Yes... does it hurt you, too?” I nodded. She breathed a sigh of relief. “I thought it was just me.” she continued, “I'm already some kind of freak.”

“Nessie, you are not! Why would you say such a thing?”

“You know about me, don't you?”

“I know enough. But you belong here just like any of the rest of us. Don't ever think of yourself that way, alright?”

She smiled faintly and nodded.

“Nessie if anything happens, if anyone gives you any trouble, never forget that you have friends, good friends here to help you. Besides you're my cousin, remember?”

Her smile broadened. “I hope I'm in your house.”

The thought made me laugh. From what I knew of her, Hufflepuff would be the last place she'd end up. “I hope so too,” I said when her face fell, “but I suspect you'll be in sorted somewhere else. They sort you by where you'll fit in the best, and I think you may be a bit too adventurous for Hufflepuff.”

“You're adventurous. Didn't you sneak into Dumbledore's office?”

“That was a very unusual day for me... I suspect, now, looking back on it, that Seth was somehow calling to me. I don't know why else I would have gone exploring like that.” I smiled at the memory. “Normally I'm a pretty timid person.”

“You don't seem timid to me.” she said, turning from the tracks, sighing.

She was right. I'd changed in the few months since I'd first seen Seth. Going to hang out with a coven of vampires and a couple werewolves. The girls would be shocked if they knew. We started walking back toward the din in silence. We'd gone a ways when Nessie stopped suddenly in her tracks. “The meeting,” she whispered, pointing a half a meter ahead to the compartment door.

“I wonder what it's about.”

She pressed a finger to her lips to silence me and began giving a commentary on what was going on behind the closed door to Compartment C. “They've just started. There are a bunch of students and an adult – it must be professor Slughorn... Oh, Ginny's there too...”

“What are they talking about?” I wondered out loud.

She glanced up and down the hall, but any students left in the hall, were far enough away and too engaged in their own conversations to noticed our whispers. “I'll try to repeat what I can hear...

“Well now, this is most pleasant.” Slughorn said cozily, “A chance to get to know you all a little better. Here, take a napkin. I've packed my own lunch, the trolley, as I remember it, is heavy on Liquorice Wands, and a poor old man's digestive system isn't quite up to such things... pheasant, Belby?”

“I was just telling young Marcus here that I had the pleasure of teaching his Uncle Damocles,” Slughorn continued, over the sound of passing dishes, “Outstanding wizard, outstanding, and his Order of Merlin most well-deserved. Do you see much of your uncle, Marcus?”

There was the sound of coughing stopped by the command, “Anapneo.”

“Not... not much of him, no.” a student gasped.
“I think it's Belby or Marcus...” Nessie whispered.

“Well, of course, I daresay he's busy,” Slughorn continued, “I doubt he invented the Wolfsbane Potion without considerable hard work!”

“I suppose,” Belby or Marcus replied, “Er... he and my dad don't get on very well, you see, so I don't really know much about...”

“I think it's Marcus Belby,” I whispered, putting it together.

“Oh,” Nessie nodded and continued her commentary.

“Now, you, Cormac,” said Slughorn, “I happen to know you see a lot of your Uncle Tiberius, because he had a rather splendid picture of the two of you hunting Nogtails in, I think, Norfolk?”

“Oh, yeah, that was fun, that was,” Cormac replied, “We went with Bertie Higgs and Rufus Scrimgeour – that was before he became Minister, obviously -”

“Ah you know Bertie and Rufus, too.” Slughorn sounded excited now, “Now tell me...”

I frowned, tugging at Nessie's sleeve. “It sounds like a bunch of the more popular, well connected folks.”

“That Slughorn... there's something in his voice.” Nessie shook her head, “I don't like it.”

“We might as well go back to our compartments, come on...” We were almost back to my compartment when I happened to look in on a group of six very young students. I knocked at the door and slid it open. Four of them looked up suddenly, wide-eyed and silent and I realized they were in awe and a moment later I also realized it was at me. How strange. The two who hadn't looked up were deep in conversation near the window. They were very well dressed and had that tilt in the head that suddenly reminded me of a Slytherin. They simply glanced once at me with disdain and continued on with their conversation.

“Hi, my name is Kristina.” I introduced myself. I was met with silence, though one girl raised her hand in a short wave.

“This is my friend Renesmee.” I gestured to Nessie who'd stepped confidently into the room. If hadn't known better I would have guessed she had no misgivings about this at all.

“Hi... Good to meet you...” a few of them ventured.

“I'm assuming you are all first years?” The four nodded and the two rolled their eyes.

“I'm a first year too!” Nessie said boldly with a large smile on her face. She held out her hand and, after a moment, one of the girls took it.

“Hi, I'm Natasha.” one of the girls said in a thick Russian accent. “you mus' be from America.”

“Yes,” Nessie said, “I'm from the United States.”

“Oh! I heard we had someone from there a couple years ago.” Another of the girls stood up and offered her hand, “I'm Miranda, but you can call me Mandy.”

“You can call me Nessie. Renesmee is a bit of a mouthful.”

The girls giggled in agreement and soon they were all chatting animatedly about the upcoming year and what they'd heard about Hogwarts and what they knew about magic. It reminded me of my first train ride to Hogwarts – when I'd first met Margaret, sitting quietly in a compartment on her own. We'd both been scared out of our minds, missing our families terribly and fearful of the unknown. If a seventh year student had knocked on our compartment, we probably would have soiled our knickers.

“So, I'll see you later.” I patted Nessie on the shoulder. She turned and smiled, mouthing a thank you, before I turned to leave her and return to my compartment and my friends. With a pang I suddenly realized, this would be my last train ride to Hogwarts. And then what?


Natasha, Mandy, Sola, Roberta or “Bert” she said to call her and I spent the rest of the journey just talking. I'd never spent any time with anyone my age. The closest had been Ginny and she was still a few years older and she was mostly interested in boys. I wrinkled my nose at the thought.

Natasha was the most exotic of the group. She had been born and raised in St. Petersburg. Her father had attended Hogwarts and moved to Russia soon after graduating, though she was somewhat vague as to what he did there. He met her mother, married and had her. Her life had been horrid. At times, they'd gone weeks without being able to get new supplies. Her father would disapparate when he could do so without suspicion and return with as much as he could carry. But their movements were constantly watched and they had to be careful, Natasha told us. I truly liked Natasha, and she already had a couple of wicked magic tricks, but something told me Natasha could never be completely trusted.

Mandy was fun. She smiled and laughed a lot. Her family was currently living in England, but she'd moved around a lot throughout Scotland, Ireland, and even half a year in France. Her father worked for an import/export business, securing magical supplies for many of the shops in the United Kingdom, which meant he was often away on trips to secure new sources of dragon's skin or eye of newt.

Sola was the quiet one in the bunch. She would have been the last to introduce herself, except that Mandy had pulled her arm and introduced her right away. She didn't say much except that she also from England, living out in the countryside near where Kristina lived. I wondered if their families know each other.

Roberta, or Bert, was a bit more gruff. She was from Northern Ireland where she lived on a farm with her five brothers. She wore her red hear in braids and dressed in a pair of shapeless jeans and a t-shirt. Aunt Alice would cringe at the sight of her. She was the tallest of the group and I could feel the difference in the strength of her hand and the effect hard work had had on her skin.

“Who are those two?” I asked, nodded at the girl and boy by the window.

Bert snorted. “They were 'ere when I got on.” she said in her thick Irish accent, “I asked if I could share the compartment and they had to hold a little convention to decide. From what I gather they're brother and sister, but they've not said more then two words to the likes of us.”

“I saw them on the platform.” Mandy said, “I didn't recognize their parents, but whoever they are, they've got money.”

Natasha glared at them. “Likely a couple of Slytherins.” and she made a noise in her throat that made it clear what she thought of that.

“What house do you suppose we'll be in?” I asked.

“I'm hoping I'm Gryffindore.” Bert said. “I wanna try out for the Quidditch team and I 'ear they've got some openings.”

“Wouldn't they all...”

“Naw, some of the teams got no one leavin' so they just keep 'em on. Truthfully I've not not a chance in hell, but I figger I might as well give it a shot. Plan on bein' a beater if I can. And it would be an honour to play along side Harry Potter.”

“My father said heez the 'Chosen One' – that he weel defeat He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named.”

“I heard that too,” Sola added quietly. “Do you suppose it's true?”

I didn't know what to say. I knew we were here to protect Harry, but I couldn't really tell them that. “Maybe... wasn't there something in the news paper...”

Natasha snorted, “The Daily Prophet? Dat piece of propaganda. One minute Harry Potter iz some delusional criminal, the next heez a national hero. Pleaz! My father sez he is a very important boy, that he must be protected at all costs...”

“But if he's so powerful, why would he need protection?” Mandy asked.

Time flew as we chatted on and before I realized it, the sky was dark outside and Hermione was poking her head into the compartment, wearing her long black robes with a large shiny badge with a P on it. “First years,” she said, very officially, “When we stop at Hogsmeade you'll need to come with me. Please put on your robes and get ready. We'll be arriving in about twenty minutes.” she smiled once at me, without indicating she knew me any more then the others and then left, continuing on down the corridor.

Now came the time I'd been dreading. Putting on my robes. Besides the fact that they were still in Harry's compartment, I had no idea if I was to strip down, or simply throw them over my clothes.

Fortunately, being with my new found friends provided the answer. Quickly they pulled out their new sets of robes, Bert's were slightly worn, while Natasha's a foreign look to them, and they did them up over the ordinary clothes they were wearing underneath.

“Aren't you getting dressed?” Mandy asked.

“I've got to go back to my other compartment. I left my trunk.” I started for the door, seeing Neville and Ginny pass by. “I'll be right back.”

As I entered the almost empty hall, I felt odd. It took me several moments to figure out why. While I could see Neville and Ginny and further ahead another boy I didn't recognize, I could smell Harry. And, when I paused to consider this, I could her another set of lungs in the hall breathing in and out and the faint step of feet somewhere just ahead of Neville following closely behind the other boy. It was just like at the novelty shop.

Just ahead, there was a commotion as the boy turned into a compartment. “What's wrong with this thing?” the boy said as he tried to slam the compartment door shut. Suddenly it flew open, throwing the boy backward. There was an uproar of noise and surprise before the door slammed shut.

“Where is Harry?” I asked, coming up behind Ginny and Neville.

“Uh... he's uh...” Neville stammered.

“He's off,” Ginny interrupted, “being an idiot.” she huffed. “Come on, let's get ready.”

We quickly retrieved the trunk and my cage with the cat who was now put out after being ignored the entire trip. I whispered apologies to it and returned to my friends, noting as we passed that Harry's scent still ended abruptly at the door to the compartment where the commotion had been earlier.

Once the train lurched to a stop, Hermione and several other upper year students wearing shiny P badges hustled us out of the train. Several other students who appeared to be first years as well, were gathered in one area.

“Tonks!” Hermione said excitedly to an official looking person off to one side. I looked up to see the familiar down trodden face of the Auror who was also a member of the Order. “I didn't know you were here.”

“Stationed at Hogwarts to watch out for Harry.” She said, looking around. “'aven't seen him. Where is he?”

“Honestly, I don't know. He had a meeting with Slughorn along with Neville and Ginny, but he didn't come back with them. He must be here somewhere – probably got off earlier. I've got to get the first years over to Hagrid.” and hurried us along to the end of the platform.

But I knew he hadn't come off the train. I couldn't catch his scent or hear his voice anywhere. I hung back, glancing once after Hermione and the group, and again back at Tonks who was searching the platform.

“I'll be right back,” I called to Mandy who was waiting for me at the back of the group and jumped back onto the train. The hallway was now empty, but I could still hear a single breath coming from part way down the hall. I ran faster then I should have, knowing no one would see me until I got to the compartment. Peering in I saw nothing, but he could still be hidden. I slid open the door and was immediately assaulted with his scent. Wherever he was, he was bleeding. I ran back to the entrance of the train.

“Tonks, in here... he's in compartment G.” I called out.

The train lurched again. It was going to leave.


NOTE: Thank you so much for your comments and messages of encouragement. It's been the busiest school start up at work, EVER - and as you know I'm starting my creative writing class and writing my own story... why did I ever agree to do this? Anyway, it's been a crazy month. Thanks for hangin' in there and waiting for this next chapter. And I know this has a killer cliff hanger, but honestly, that's where it ends! :-)
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