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The third story in Twilight-Harry Potter Cross-Over, the Half Blood Vampire follows the Cullens as they become further involved in the world of Harry Potter during the events of The Half Blood Prince. What happens when a rapidly maturing Renesmee and Jacob's wolf pack become more and more connected with the world of wizards? And how is Aro and the Volturi involved with He Who Shall Not be Named and his followers, the Death Eaters? Is it all connected?


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wahoo!! im so glade nessie is in gryffindor! and i wonder what natasha is?? hmmm hurry and write more i hate waiting so long on the chapters :((
great chapter glad that nessie got in gryffindor, sad that she is missing her family and jacob. can't wait to see what the knew about natasha. post more soon.
great chapter :) i wonder how jacob is holding up
OK - I've cancelled my " Let's go and take Erica hostage" air ticket - and you don't ever have to apologize for having a life outside of FF !
Hope things have settled down a bit for you at work and that everyone is healthy again. Please keep us in the loop as to how you're getting along with your writing classes, not that I'm sure that there's a lot more that they can teach you.
I really mean that.
You have a great imagination and a true flair for words, and remember .... SM wrote a blockbuster in all the wrong ways with totally the wrong format in completely the wrong tense.... nuff said ?

The Sorting Hat

Hermione - " Renesmee "
Nessie - " But... "
Hermione in prefect-mode is in seventh heaven and becomes - well - the Perfect Prefect....

Loved Nessie's reactions to her first glimpse of Hogwarts at night. There are so many things that she still has to discover, but Hogwarts will take some beating ( And I'm willing to bet that Professor McGonagell Knew who Renesmee was ! )
The ceiling in the Great Hall is one of my all-time favourites, and I always wish that I could have one just like it in our house. It fascinates me.... but not nearly as much as the Prefects Bathroom - LOL !

I'm glad that Roberta Doherty is in Nessie's House, for I've got a feeling that they're going to be good friends later on.

" Well, I know what you are " said the very clever Sorting Hat, sending Renesmee into a blind panic " Never had anyone like you under my brim before " ... and then " Griffindor ! " One wonders what on earth it would have made of her father, had it had the chance to sit on his head ?

Did Hermione really think that Nessie would leap on Harry and suck his bloody nose ?

Dumbledore makes light of his blackened hand when he addresses the students, but we know, don't we Erica, that this is so not good for the future. I hated this part - and I know that I'm going to hate it again later on !

It must be a real bind for Nessie to walk everywhere when it would be so easy for her to just jump to where ever she wanted to get to, but she has to follow The Prime Directive Of Vampires... keep the secret. She's in a building full of wizards and witches - no problem. Or is it ?

For the first time in her short life, she's out of her comfort zone of her family, but she still feels that she belongs. That must have been a thrill for her, tucked up in bed with her three new friends around her.

But she's missing Jacob. ( I'm sure he's as near-by as he can safely get, Nessie ! )

Looks like Natasha's hiding secrets as well... so Nessie's not alone in that sphere... hmmmm ?

Really enjoyed it Erica - but I've got to ask - when Renesmee was smelling the food that arrived when Dumbledore clapped his hands....... was it really cooked foot - or did you mean food ? It threw me for a second, and I had to go back and read it again. Not that I mind... cooked foot works for me !!! x x x
Give us more !!!! and soooooooooooonnnnnnn... We are waiting...its a long wait that you give us.....please pot soon. You are a brilliant writer....let us know at least when you plan to put up the next chapter !!!
Oh, wow. I finally caught up! I love this story! I can't wait until the next chapter is posted! Update me, please???
Please update soooooon!!!
i cant take the suspense!!!!
here is sign of peace
☆┌─┐ ─┐☆
 │▒│ /▒/
 │▒ /▒/─┬─┐◯
but this will only last as long as you update!
Erica r u going to update soon? please?

new chap soon? show off some of your new writing skills?..(please)
Eriicaa, pleasee post soon.
Im dying
thiss is torture
Chapter 16: Meanwhile, back at the crypt

** EDWARD **

I knew it was the right choice. I'd heard the arguments a hundred times in the mind of my father and I'd prepared myself for the time when I'd have to let her go.

It hurt.

No, hurt isn't strong enough. The pain was excruciating.

The only comparison was when I ripped myself away from Bella standing in the forest behind her father's house.

But it was the right choice. And that was what I clung too as I watched her get into the Ministry car, as I ran as far as I could following it until there wasn't enough foliage to cover my very un-human like actions... and then the sun came out and even making my way through the maze of buildings to heart of London was impossible.

So I returned to the woman who held the rest of my dead heart. And she smiled and held me and help me forget that I just willingly let my daughter leave my protection.

I wasn't alone in my grief. And as much as his claim annoyed me, I couldn't help but feel for the wolf that ran not far from me in my pursuit. Only he did not return. It was some relief to know that he'd be out there, following the tug on his heart, keeping watch over my baby, as he had kept watch over my lover not many years ago.

The preparations had already been made and later we'd be returning to the cabin just outside of Hogsmeade. It was our new home.

Dumbledore arrived at precisely two. “I see you're ready,” he said hastily as he looked around, not even making a pretence of asking for a cup of tea.

“Yes, except that we didn't send anything on ahead. I assumed a sudden arrival of luggage would draw too much attention.” Carlisle replied.

“Yes, quite right.” Dumbledore nodded and turned. Alice gasped as Dumbledore disappeared from her immediate future and saw why. The large protruding eyes of Dobby the house elf peered out.

“Dobby, can you arrange for the Cullen's things to be brought to my cabin?”

“Oh yes, Dobby would be very happy to help Master Dumbledore and the strange yellow eyes,” he said unenthusiastically while nodding his head and eyeing us all.

“Thank you Dobby. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.” Carlisle nodded his head.

“You, nod to me?” Dobby paused and cocked his head to one side curiously. “Dobby not have yellow eyes even acknowledge Dobby's presence before. Except to hit Dobby and tell Dobby to do evil things.” Dobby stopped immediately and clutched at his mouth with one hand as he made a fist with his other. He seemed to fight some compulsion to hit himself as he glanced up at Dumbledore. After a moment his body relaxed and his fisted hand released.

“Very good, Dobby. You should not hurt yourself. You are a free elf.” Dumbledore smiled graciously. And then, before Dobby could launch into another diatribe of thankfulness he added quickly, “But we are in a hurry. If you could.” he said as he gestured to the room sized pile of luggage and boxes.

“Of course, Master Dumbledore. It would be my pleasure, Master Dumbledore.” And with a snap of his fingers, Dobby and the entire pile of luggage disappeared.

“Are we going by Port Key?” Jasper asked. Emmett shared a fist punch with him.

“No, I'm afraid my connections with the Ministry are fading. There is an increased level of scrutiny and with Scrimgeor in place, he's sure to be over seeing every new Port Key. I'll simply have to transport you myself.

And so, as we all grasped his arm, we apparated from the enclosed back yard of the bed and breakfast to the clearing by the cabin just outside of Hogsmeade.

“Will you come in for a cup of tea?” Esme asked as we arrived.

Dumbledore smiled, “Certainly.”

Our belongings had already been sorted and put away in our rooms. I've got to get us a house elf. Rosalie thought as she admired Dobby's handywork.

“So, what do we know of the Volturi and our friend Mr.Scrimgeor.” Dumbledore asked.

“I'm afraid not much. Since returning from our trip to Romania, we've heard very little. Clearly he was planted a long time ago. The question is, how has he remained undetected by the wizards in all these years?”

“We see what we choose to see,” Dumbledore responded as he stroked his beard with his blackened hand. “I suppose the real question is, what will this mean – what will the Volturi do when Voldemort attacks.”

“Aro has no interest in sharing power with a human, magic or otherwise. He isn't in this for Voldemort's benefit. He wants a half breed, plain and simple.” Jasper said, then looked over at me. Sorry dude. I know you must be worried.

“Jasper is right. It was clear in his thoughts. He is intrigued. Why, I'm not sure.”

“It could simply be curiosity.” Rosalie offered.

I shook my head, “No, Aro is curious about many things, but he doesn't go to this amount of effort, risking his planted vampire, if he doesn't have a purpose behind it. He wants something in all this – some way to solidify his power.”

“He's just jealous of us. We're connected to the wizards, we have Renesmee... I think he's just trying to keep up with the Cullens,” Emmett scoffed.

“It's possible,” Carlisle hedged, but in his mind I saw he agreed with me. There was something else behind this. But what?

Dumbledore had to rush off. “Last minute preparations before the students arrive.” he said cheerily as he strode off into the clearing.

“So, are you ready to really talk about it?” my love called to me as she sat in one of the wingback chairs in our room. I thought I'd fooled them, but Bella knew me better then the family I'd spent decades with.

She got up and slowly, for a vampire, and made her way over. I looked into her now golden eyes, still so deep, still full of secrets. Her arms wrapped around me, sliding under my shirt.

“I thought you wanted to talk.”

She shrugged. Her hands stroked up my back. I reached for her chin and pulled her lips up to mine. Though she no longer ran at a much higher temperature, they still burned into mine. The venom boiled under my skin. I let my hands drift down from her chin. Her body, which always tempted me, now called to me.

In a whirl, she was across the room, back in her chair. “So, let's talk.” Mischief flashed in her eyes. I'd been right when I first met her in biology. She was my personal demon sent to torture me.

She sat back in her chair, legs crossed, hands folded in her lap, seemingly as innocent as those first days in biology. Thing was, she wasn't so breakable anymore. I growled and pounced.

I'd apologize about the chair later.

** JACOB **

The rhythmic feel of paws pounding against the forest floor echoed through my body and in my head. I could hear the hngh, hngh, of three sets of lungs breathing. Seth wasn't far behind. Leah was further ahead on the other side of the tracks with Cedric on her back. Ahead of them was the Hogwarts Express.

Do you think they'll see us?

No. I replied back shortly. He could feel the tug just as much as I could. He knew that the train and our imprints were 378 feet ahead, too far away to be seen. But we could feel them all the same.

Sigh. You guys...

Hey Leah. You don't have anything to worry about. Cedric's with you.

She thought about his body lying along her back.

Ug, Leah. Can't you keep those thoughts to yourself?

Hey. I had to suffer through the Jacob – Bella years. The least you guys could do is be happy for me.

We are. Believe me. Seth replied.
And truthfully we were. It was so much easier to share a mind with her now that every thought wasn't tainted with a bitter edge.

The sun fell and still we ran.

Man, how far away is this place? Seth whined as we started to climb. The ground had been gradually rising, but now it was becoming more mountainous. We leapt from rock to rock. It reminded me of home. All we needed was a river... oh.

How are we supposed to get across that undetected. Leah had paused at the top of the ravine looking down at the rushing water below as the tracks passed overhead. Cedric had slid off her back for a brief break.

We could just swim. Seth suggested.

It would be easy. But the bank on the other side was a sheer cliff. We'd have to phase back to scale the wall.

“Why don't you guys just cross on the tracks.” Cedric suggested as he watched us considering what to do.

What if a train comes? Seth eyed the track. It was 400 feet across. It shouldn't take us more then a couple seconds to cross.

Come on guys! Leah rolled her eyes and bounded off across the tracks. Cedric disapparated and reappeared on the opposite shore. Seth shrugged and leapt a third of the way . Two more jumps and he was safely across. I was on his trail.

“Where's Leah?” Cedric asked.

What does he mean, she just landed over... But as Seth looked to the piece of land we'd seen her leap toward, there was nothing. Her consciousness had suddenly left our minds. Without issuing the order, Seth was already across the track, picking up on her scent. He ran a short distance into the forest.

Someone was here... vampire...

“What is going on?” Cedric yelled, now at our side. “Where is Leah?”

I glanced over at Seth. He shrugged. She simply wasn't here, though her trail led off into the forest.

Wait a sec, Seth. I ordered. It would do us no good to lose him too.

“Cedric, what happened?” I asked when I phased back to human.

“I don't know. I apparated to where she landed. When I got here, I thought I overshot the spot. She was gone. Where is she? Can't you hear her in your head?”

I sighed. “I don't know what happened. We saw her land and then, it was like she silently disappeared out of our heads.”

“How is that possible?”

“I don't know.”

Seth whined, pointing off into the forest.

“We have her scent, and one of a strange vampire.”

“Well then what are waiting for?”

Whoever it was was moving fast. It had been less then two minutes from the time Leah disappeared until we took off into the forest, Cedric on my back, Seth running out ahead. How did Leah do this on a regular basis. He had to be 200 pounds.

Come on old man. Seth chuckled as he slowed a bit.

Shut up!

I suppose you don't want me to point out that you're slower then a girl?

Shut up, Seth,
I growled and snapped.

“What's going on? What's wrong?”

I sighed and ignored the question. How did Leah stand this? Somehow, with Nessie, we were able to communicate, share thoughts without words. This was just plain annoying.

I wasn't sure who sensed it first, but suddenly we'd halted. Cedric had leapt from my back and was poised and ready, his wand in hand. Seth was crouched ready to pounce. Similarly I was instinctively on high alert.

Someone is just over this outcropping. Seth thought at the same time Cedric pointed over the large ledge in front of us. I hoped they hadn't heard our abrupt stop. It seemed we'd been undetected, for now.

“How can they stand the smell?” an icy cold voice complained.

“Suffer in silence, please, Felix” a board, detached voice responded, sending shivers down my spine. I'd heard that voice before... in the clearing. The little girl leach, Jane.

“Well, where is he?” the first voice said, annoyed.

A sudden, ear piercing scream made the fur on the back of my neck stand up. Seth cowered, his head bowed, while Cedric covered his ears with his hands.

“I said to suffer in silence.” the cold venomous voice of Jane hissed as the howling ceased.

That leach is a real... witch.

I'm with you on that. I doubt even her own kind like her.

If there's only two, maybe we can take them.

Maybe... but if her brother was with her, we'd have no chance. And even with two on three, it would take both Seth and I to bring the big guy down.

“Where is your master?” Felix hissed quietly.

“I not be told my Master's bidding. I be told: go with the red eyes and I go with the red I eyes. I be told: fetch the she wolf, I fetch the she wolf. I be told: bring them to this point, and so I bring you here. I not be told what to do next.” a feeble voice sobbed.

“A house elf?” Cedric whispered.

The sudden popping sound of appration sounded just across the outcropping.

“You idiots. The others are just over the ledge,” a woman hissed.

“They are of no consequence,” Jane replied, bored, but in an instant she was at the top of the rock ledge, peering into the trees where we were now hiding.

“Demetri says they picked up your trail almost instantly.”

“It's this stupid elf. She didn't pull us back far enough.”

“It's not your place-”

“Not my place,” Jane turned away from us. “I'm sure Aro would be very pleased to be informed as to what is our place and what is not. I'm not here for my own pleasure, I assure you.”

“What are we waiting for, if they're here, why don't we finish with them now?” Felix growled.

“No, the Port Key. We must go,” the woman growled.

“No!” Cedric shot out of the forest and over the hill. We crossed the distance in a single bound, just in time to see Jane, a woman with a mess of dark hair and a crazed look in her eyes, a house elf who held Leah, in wolf form, in some sort of a lifeless trance as she hung over Felix's shoulders spin out of sight.

“No.” Cedric moaned.

It was well after midnight when we trotted into the clearing just outside Hogsmeade. Esme had a roast beef, a chicken, potatoes, corn, fresh bread and a bunch of that butter beer stuff that I was beginning to develop a taste for.

Dumbledore and Carlisle were gathered in the kitchen. Cedric had already explained what had happened by the time we phased and returned dressed in fresh clothing. I longed to go to the castle, to protect it and my imprint within. But we'd have to debrief first and, honestly, I was starved.

“Jane and Felix? But why not Demetri?” Carlisle mused.

“It sounded like he was staying away, wherever that woman, Bellatrix was before she arrived,” I replied. Cedric had identified her after they'd left.

“But why?” Edward asked as he entered the kitchen with Bella.

“Protection, maybe?” Esme asked.

“The Volturi guard don't worry about protection.” Jasper replied. He and Alice had followed Edward and Bella.

“True,” Carlisle replied, deep in thought. “There must be something else.”

“It sounded like he was tracking us. I'm guessing he told the house-elf where to take Jane and Felix to pick Leah up.”

“If that's the case, he may be tracking someone else.” Edward replied.

“Renesmee!” Bella replied.

“No, Nessie is safely at Hogwarts.” Dumbledore said. “She was sorted into Gryffindor, by the way.”

“Oh.” Bella smiled, rubbing Edward's shoulder.

“But they could have been tracking her, waiting for an opportunity. They may still be waiting,” Edward replied.

“Yes, I'm afraid that reality exists.”

“But what will we do now – about Leah. We have to get her back.”

“Yes, indeed. The question is, what do they want with her?” Dumbledore said, sitting back stroking his beard.

“Want with her?” Cedric repeated bleakly.

“Yes – as I recall you said the house elf said she was told to get the she-wolf. Make no mistake, Leah was targeted specifically,” Dumbledore replied.

Cedric let his head fall into his hand. He mumbled, “I should have been there with her. I should have stayed.”

“There was nothing you could have done, Cedric,” Edward said. “They were waiting for an opportunity. If it hadn't been then, it would have been at some other point. Now, we have to focus on getting her back.”

“But where-”

“A dark place... rock walls, iron bars... a dungeon...” Alice murmured as she looked off into the distance.

“Voltare?” Carlisle asked.

“No,” Edward and Alice replied at once. Edward continued, “It's much more rugged. There is no place in the Volturi palace that looks like this – at least no place I know of.”

“I'm getting more... it's a large manor...”

Esme rushed to get some paper and a pencil. As Alice stared off into the distance her hand sped across the paper. The page filled in seconds, several scene's appearing – a dusty stone cell, a large room with stone walls and a long wooden table, and finally a large manor house on a hill.

“Malfoy manor,” Dumbledore said, unsurprised.

“We'll have to get in... rescue her.” Cedric said, getting to his feet.

Dumbledore look up at him, his face grieved. Reaching out, he took Cedric's hand and nodded toward the chair. “That, my friend, will not be so easy,” Dumbledore said sadly. “Our sources tell us Voldemort has made Malfoy manor his headquarters.”

“Then we can attack and take him down at the same time,” Cedric said.

“No... I'm afraid if we were to attack now, without adequate preparation, Leah wouldn't be the only loss.”

Cedric baulked.

“Oh, no. My great apologies. We won't leave Leah to them for any longer then we must,” Dumbledore soothed. “But Cedric – this is where you must be wise. Acting rashly, reacting to what you've lost...” he shook his head. “Here is where you must be a soldier, Cedric.”

Cedric nodded his head reluctantly. “I know.” he seemed in pain. “I know this...”

Edward stepped up behind him and clamped a hand down on his shoulder. “We'll get her back.”

There was a silence that fell over the group for a moment. Interrupted by the scrape of a fork against a plate.

“What? I'm hungry!” Seth said to the group of heads that all swung in his direction.

Dumbledore chuckled. “Yes, yes. We must all keep up our strength.” He then turned to Alice. “Let's take a page from their book. Would you please keep a look out for any opportunity, any chance when Leah will be alone.”

“Yes, of course.” Alice replied.

“And we'll need to know if Leah returns to your consciousness. I fear the house-elf that is keep her mind hostage may come to an untimely end,” Dumbledore said sadly. “When that happens, there may be a moment when you can communicate with her. Let her know we're looking for a way to get her alone, to snatch her back to us.”

“Of course,” I responded. “I'll take the first watch. Seth, get some rest. You can spell me off at dawn.”

He nodded as he wolfed down a huge muffin.

“Carlisle, I need to get back now. But please keep in touch. If you hear anything, send word at once. We may have only a very small window of opportunity to get her back.”

Then, as he got up to leave, he paused to look to Edward. Some silent communication must have passed between them for Edward nodded, and then Dumbledore left.

** EDWARD **

If all is as I fear, Cedric will need you more then you know. Be there for him.

I rolled the words around in my mind. I'd only been in Dumbledore's mind a few times. It still didn't clear much up. If all is as I fear. Was he afraid Leah was already dead? No. I didn't believe that.

But what could be worse then death? What is it that Dumbledore took the effort to communicate with me in secret, to open his mind to me.

“Are you going to tell me?” Bella asked. She was watching me from the bed as I sat motionless on the only remaining chair in our room.

“Dumbledore is worried about Cedric.”

But that's not what has you deep in thought, is it?

I smiled as she gave me a peek into her mind. “I'm trying to figure out why they would have taken Leah – for what purpose.”

Bella nodded. I think I know.

My head jerked upward as I looked at her sitting sadly on the bed.

Think about it, Edward. Why pick a female? What is Aro interested in? What's he been after ever since the clearing?

It was almost as frustrating as not being in her head. Then, as she stared hard at me, it came. No!

Bella nodded. It makes sense. He wants a hybrid. He could use a human, but why not a wolf? They are inherently magical. And a lot more sturdy.

It made my stomach clench. “Let's hope you're not right.”

NOTE: HEY GUYS - sorry this took so long. There's no good reason other then just being really, really busy.
Thank you Erica for ending a nice and quiet Thanksgiving weekend.
I hope they get Leah back soon and Cedric can keep it together until they do.
I just love this story!!!
Great job!


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