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The third story in Twilight-Harry Potter Cross-Over, the Half Blood Vampire follows the Cullens as they become further involved in the world of Harry Potter during the events of The Half Blood Prince. What happens when a rapidly maturing Renesmee and Jacob's wolf pack become more and more connected with the world of wizards? And how is Aro and the Volturi involved with He Who Shall Not be Named and his followers, the Death Eaters? Is it all connected?


If you haven't read the other two, please click here for the first story in the Series, Cullens go to Hogwarts, placed during the Tri-Wizard Tournament or here for Dawn of the Phoenix: Cedric goes to Forks for the second book placed during Order of the Phoenix and Breaking Dawn.


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HBV Ch 1.pdf   Chapter 1: A New Adventure

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HBV Ch 5.pdf   Chapter 5: Love Lives and Love Lost

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HBV Ch 14.pdf Chapter 14: Hogwarts Express

HBV Ch 15.pdf Chapter 15: The Sorting Hat

HBV Ch 16.pdf Chapter 16: Meanwhile Back at the Crypt

HBV Ch 17.pdf Chapter 17: First Day of School

HBV Ch 18.pdf Chapter 18: Malfoy Manor

HBV Ch 19.pdf Chapter 19: Life and Death

HBV Ch 20.pdf  Chapter 20: Restless

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Whoa! Bella is right.!? Not the way I had imagined a new half breed. Fingers are still crossed that they get Leah out and that the only new hybrids in the near future will be little Cedric's and Leah's running around.
Love that we still get E & B. Bella 'distracting' E in the beginning. ;)
i loved it keep up the good work
So happy with the new chapter, Erica! Thanks for posting!

Cindy :)
Edward always did have a seriously possessive streak, and it's doubled now that nessie is in his world !
So it's easy to imagine his mental pain at her leaving the safety of his sight ( - and hearing - ), but at least he's beginning to realise just how much he owes to Jacob, past and present....

Loved Dobby's reaction to the ' yellow eyes ', and the fact that he resisted beating himself up over letting slip his dealings with the other ' yellow eyes '.

Rosalie echoed my thoughts exactly... " I've got to get us a house-elf " when they apperated to their new cabin.

Giggled at Emmett's remark about the Volturi ' Keeping up with the Cullens ' , but Edward's right - Aro's agenda is not that simple.

As to Bella and Edward's little ' chat ' ..... please tell Edward that I have some spare chairs in the garage that I can drag indoors if he wants to practice his growling and pouncing technique .... I'm always willing to help him iron out any problems for ( with ) him ...... anytime !!!!


" Man, how far is this place ? " Seth whined...
London to Scotland ? A rather long way, Seth, even if you are a werewolf !

They all crossed the rail-bridge, but one was missing.
Oh no ! Felix, Jane, Bellatrix, a female house-elf - and an unconscious Leah......
This is soooooo not good. Not good at all.

Dumbledore realised staight away that Leah was targeted, even as he tried to reassure Cedric that they'd do all they could to get her back.

Thank goodness for Alice and her ' visions '. Now, at least, they know where she's being held prisoner.
Malfoy Manor. Of course.

With Dumbledore's last thought as he left still in his mind, Edward's -
" What could be worse than death ? " was the question.
Well, personally, mating with Voldermort or Aro would come pretty high on my list - and I'm sure Leah would feel the same !

Bella nailed it when she said -
" It makes sense. He wants a hybrid. He could use a human, but why not a wolf ? They are inherently magical. And a lot more sturdy "

Yuk - yuk - yuk ... get her out of there .... NOW !!!!!

( Thanks Erica, I know how busy you've been, but this was great.) x x x x
*new reader* I LOVE ur work its awesome!!! POST MORE SOON!!
OHMYGOD!!!! That was amazing! Oh no, I hope Leah is okay. I hope Cedric zaps Aro in the butt, he deserves it.
no please say the leah will be ok i like her in this story and i hope they find her soon. post more soon. oh i loved it

Hey Erica....I hope all's well at your end. Its been sometime since you posted your update.

We are waiting to read ahead.




ya it has been a long time since you've updated hope you are well, and have time
 Chapter 17: First Day of Class


*** RENESMEE ***


Yuck! I hate porridge. It was hard enough not drinking blood, but porridge had to be the worst human food there was. Thank goodness for the eggs and bacon. I don't know what it is about eggs, but I could eat a dozen of them.


What do you think it's going to be like?” Mandy asked, looking down at the schedule Professor McGonagall had just handed out.


Vell, we have ze Dark Arts first, with Provessor Snape,” Natasha said, a mixed expression on her face.


Yeah, well, before that, I'm gonna go get my name on the roaster to try out for Quidditch,” Bert said with an air of determination. She got up and made her way down the table to where Harry, Hermione and Ron were sitting.


I'd held back earlier, watching Hermione in her roll as Prefect, showing people where to go, calling out a few students on broken rules and taking away a toy from one of them. She seemed so staight-laced, like Mom. Ron was way more fun.


They were talking about Care of Magical Creatures as Bert approached. Gee, I've got to figure out how to stop listening in on conversations. Bert returned shortly, after a very brief exchange.


Don't know yet, eh.” Bert said as she sat down and dished herself up a second helping of porriage. I wrinkled my nose against the smell. “Maybe this weekend. Truth is I ain't got a shot in hell, but I might as well try.”


Natasha eyed me quietly as I bit into my bacon. I watched her out of the corner of my eye – a trick Jacob had taught me. Oooo. I rubbed my chest against the sudden ache at the thought of his name. Where was he, anyway? He felt so far away.



*** Jacob ***


The string connecting my heart to the beautiful girl starting her first day of school pulled tighter and tighter as we circled out into the forest. Damn, what I wouldn't do to be there right now.


I hear ya!


Seth just concentrate – any strange scents?


No, nothing. Why are we doing this when we should be in there? His mind flashed to a picture of the grand and elaborate castle that was Hogwarts.


Dumbledore wanted us to establish a perimeter. And with all the additional magical protection, we might not hear Leah from inside the grounds, I reminded him.


Sure, sure. Do you think she'll phase? I mean do you think they'll let her?


He was more concerned then he let on. Of course the pull of the imprint was the strongest, but second was our pack.


I ignored his question. I had no answer. Who knew what these sick wizards would do. And I thought bloodsucking vampires were bad.


I know what you mean... A question flitted around the edge of his mind, but he wasn't sure if he should ask.


Spit it out.


Well, I was wondering... have you told Sam? I mean, I'd think he'd want to know.


It was something I'd debated through the night. Sam had no hold on Leah, but that didn't mean he wouldn't be concerned. I wasn't really sure what the right answer was to that.


He hasn't phased yet. We'll see... Seth, take another run back along the eastern ridge. I'm going to cut back through the forest. You never know when one of them have done that disappear-reappearing thing.


Sounds good – later.


I felt the increase in airflow through his lungs, the acceleration of the padding of his paws as he took off for the ridge that overlooked gully separating us from Hogwarts. He could feel himself getting closer and I could feel the pull as I turned away and headed back to the cabin.


Man, that is not a pretty sight. Cedric sat completely slumped over on the front steps. If he'd slept, it was in that position, but he wasn't sleeping now. Poor guy was staring at the grass floor of the clearing. Edward was speaking to him in hushed tones, encouraging him to go to his room, get some rest, eat.


It hurt to see the guy like this. It wasn't just that I liked the guy – which I did, despite his resemblance to the leach beside him. It didn't take much to imagine how I'd feel in his place. The confrontation with the Volturi, letting Renesmee go on the train, being away from her now when I had no idea how she was doing. I mean, anything could go on at that crazy school. They were doing magic in there for Pete's sake. Like real 'change-people-into-toads' fricken magic. What if something happened to her just in her every day class? I moaned as I snuck out behind the cabin to phase. Maybe I'd go join Cedric on the front steps.


I heard the thud-thud before I made it that far. Something big was coming in fast, and it sounded like Seth. He couldn't possibly have...


Edward's head jerked up to the approaching body. “He can hear her... She's alive.”


In the next moment Seth burst through the brush and the trees coming to an immediate stop in front of Edward and Cedric.


She's achy, but not hurt. They've... been testing her strength.”


Seth whined. Cedric eyed him suspiciously. I knew Edward well enough to know he was editing. But one look from Cedric and I decided that, for once, maybe it was warranted.


Edward continued on in short choppy sentences, translating whatever Seth was seeing through Leah's memories. “She's in a dungeon below a mansion. She saw it. It's the place Alice saw. Voldemort isn't there. No... someone's coming. She's gone.”


Cedric slouched back over, his head in his hands, his body shaking in grief. Seth whined.


No!” Edward exclaimed, “Not gone, gone, Cedric. She just had to phase back. She doesn't want them to know about the connection – how strong it is.”


He nodded weakly into his hands.


Listen, you've got to get some rest. You're no use to her like this. You've got to be ready for when we go get her back.”


Cedric sighed. It seemed as though he was lifting the weight of the entire pack as he stood and made his way up the stairs. Edward sighed as he watched him leave. Then turned and followed after him.


I turned back to Seth, “Okay dude, now you've got to tell me what is really going on, because if you think I believe that watered down, sanitized version, you've got another thing coming.”


I jogged off to the back of the house and phased back to get the full effect of the memory, perfectly recorded in Seth's mind.



*** EDWARD ***


I needed her. I needed her now. And she knew. Somehow Bella knew after the brief exchange on the porch that I'd need to feel her arms around me, her skin under my lips, to know for certain she was here and safe.


Do you want to tell me about it?” she whispered when I paused my passionate assault to just cling to her.


Bella... I just can't imagine. If it was you...” I shook. My stomach clenched at the memory.


They're torturing her,” Bella said. It wasn't a question.


They're testing to see how resilient her body will be if they attempt...” I could barely bring myself to say it, “mating.”


No!” Bella gasped.


One floor down Rosalie threw their dresser across the room. In the living room, Esme gasped, “Poor girl.” And, for once, Carlisle felt a surge of rage flood his system.


She doesn't want Cedric to know. She doesn't want him to worry.”


Bella shook his head. “He deserves to know... but still, maybe now is not the best time.”


Jasper spoke up from the first floor. “That might not be an issue. Cedric's gone.”



*** RENESMEE ***


I was edgy. Something was wrong. I could feel it. Jacob wasn't nearby and something was wrong.


I'm very sorry to interrupt, Ms. Mason,” Professor Snape glared at me from the front of the class. It wasn't the first time he'd picked on me. But for some reason I couldn't pay attention.


No, Sir. I'm just a bit nervous, Sir.”


Yes, well you should be. Tell me, what did I just teach the class?” He smirked triumphantly.


Fortunately, despite my lack of concentration, there was a part of my mind that was paying attention. “The Dark Arts are many, varied, ever-changing and eternal. Fighting them is like fighting a many-headed monster, which, each time a neck is severed, sprouts a head even fiercer and clever-”




I tried to pay attention. And when that didn't work, I put the carefully placid expression upon my face that I used when I didn't want anyone to see what I was feeling. Even then, Professor Snape accused me of day dreaming.


Still, I got the first curse, a stunning curse after only five tries. I was the first in the class. But I didn't dare point it out. Something told me he wouldn't be too happy about that.


After that, Transfiguration with Professor McGonegall was fun. Sure, she was strict and didn't take any crap from anyone. And it still seemed like she didn't really remember who I was. But we learned to turn a cup into a plate, and then into a soup bowl and then into a big fluffy pillow and that was pretty cool. Amazingly, I got it all right away.


Bert pointed to the boy next to us. His pillow was rock hard and full of broken bowl pieces.


At lunch, I noticed the ceiling of the great hall was crystal blue with a few wispy clouds. I used to love days like this – when everyone stayed home because they couldn't be seen. Uncle Emmett would make up some crazy game and Auntie Rose would knock him on the back of the head when it backfired and we destroyed one of Gramma's priceless antiques. Of course, with Cedric around, it was easily fixed.


And Jake and I would go for a run...


What were they all doing now?


I played with my pumpkin soup. Who would have thought so many foods could be pumpkin based? Where was he? I knew we couldn't be together here. That was kinda the point of coming. But not seeing him, not even sensing his presence... it was hard, really hard.


After lunch we had Charms and a more boring class I couldn't have imagined. All we did was learn to levitate a feather. I'd been levitating my entire bedroom furniture all summer. After quickly allowing the feather to rise and fall the squat little man, Professor Flitwick clapped his hands merrily and cried, “very good, very good!”


I sighed and looked around. There was a stack of books in one corner. Perhaps I could just move them about a bit. Reorganize. As soon as Flitwick turned to help one of my classmates – the boy with the rock hard pillow, I slowly raised the book from the top of the pile, moved it across to the side of the room and placed it quietly on a dusty table.


What are you doing?” Mandy whispered.


Practising...” I hissed back.


Professor Flitwick turned his back again and this time I dared to take two books at once. It was a bit trickier as they tended to move away from each other and yet pull on each other at the same time. At one point, midway across the room, the bottom one fanned out entirely and I thought I was going to lose it. When the both landed safely on top of the first I heard a collective sigh from my three friends.


Your going to getz uz in trouble,” Natasha glared at me.


I shrugged. I didn't know why but I felt the need to act out in some way. This time I took three books. By the time they'd landed on the table, our entire side of the room was watching.


Keep going, keep going,” I heard someone chant from behind me. Bert shook her head no, but I couldn't resist.


Five seemed to be my limit. The stack barely made it past the students desks when, suddenly, the books seemed to slip out of my spell and came crashing to the floor. Professor Flitwick spun around. His piercing eyes stared at the pile of books now sprawled out on the floor.


Who might I ask is responsible for this?” Professor Flitwick exclaimed looking from the mess to the rest of the room.


It was Ms. Mason, Professor,” a voice, sounding suspiciously like the voice that cheered me on called out. I turned to glare at it's owner. It belonged to a willow blond haired girl, who turned up her nose and smiled wickedly down at me.


That little minx,” Natasha hissed.


Professor Flitwick sighed. “Ms. Mason, I can not tolerate the reckless use of magic in my classroom. Twenty points from Gryfindor.”


My housemates moaned.


Are you happy now. Yer gonna cost us the house cup.”


By the end of the class, even the stone pillow kid was levitating his feather effectively. And I daydreamed about sunny days, and silly games, and running with Jake through the forest.


As we approached the great hall for dinner, Ginny caught up with.


Why don't you join our end of the table,” she offered happily.


I grinned. Ever since the train, she'd seemed to busy for me and I wondered if I'd done something to tick her off. As we approached we over-heard Harry explaining to Hermione and Ron how he'd followed hand written directions in his Potions text to create a perfect potion. Hermione looked pissed.


I s'pose you think I cheated?” Harry challenged her.


Well, it wasn't exactly your own work, was it?” she replied stiffly.


He only followed different instructions to ours,” Ron defended him. 'Could've been a catastrophe, couldn't it:? But he took a risk and it paid off.” He heaved a sigh. “Slughorn could've handed me that book, but no, I get the one no one's ever written in. Puked on, by the look of page fifty-two, but-”


Hang on,” Ginny suddenly said as she took a seat. Natasha, Bert, Mandy and I followed. “Did I hear right? You've been taking orders from something someone wrote in a book, Harry?”


She looked strangely alarmed and upset, though why I couldn't imagine. So what if he got a few tips from a past user. It worked, right? At least that's what it sounded like.


A knowing look passed between them. “It's nothing,” Harry said in a low voice. “It's not like, you know, Riddle's diary. It's just an old textbook someone's scribbled in.”


Riddle's diary?


But you're doing what it says?”


I just tried a few of the tips written in the margins, honestly, Ginny, there's nothing funny-”


Ginny's got a point,” Hermione suddenly jumped in. “We ought to check that there's nothing odd about it. I mean, all these funny instructions, who knows?


Suddenly Hermione pulled a book from Harry's bag and raised her wand. “Specialis revelio!” she said rapping it smartly on the front cover.


Nothing happened.


Finished?” he asked annoyed, insisting on the book's return. He grabbed it, but just like the stack of five books in Charms class, it slipped from his hands and fell the the floor.


As he quickly picked it up, I asked. “What is Riddles' diary?”


Hermione, looked to Ginny who looked to Ron. And, as if they suddenly noticed that we were there, they quickly changed topic for the rest of the meal.


In the dark of our room that night I wondered about that, and the big todo about Harry's book, and Professor Snape, and anything else that would keep my mind from thinking about Mom and Dad and Jake. And when I ran out of things, I finally turned over to face the wall and closed my eyes and silently cried as memories of a reddish brown wolf flooded my mind.



NOTE: I know these updates have been much slower lately. I'm working on my novel for my writing class and aside from that life has been crazy busy. I'll keep plugging away. Thank you so much for the comments, encouragement and notes... it does really help - even if it takes me forever to get back.

yay first comment!!! im soooo glad u finally updated!!!!! awesomeness!!!!! :D

So happy to see you posted! Keep up the great work!




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