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The third story in Twilight-Harry Potter Cross-Over, the Half Blood Vampire follows the Cullens as they become further involved in the world of Harry Potter during the events of The Half Blood Prince. What happens when a rapidly maturing Renesmee and Jacob's wolf pack become more and more connected with the world of wizards? And how is Aro and the Volturi involved with He Who Shall Not be Named and his followers, the Death Eaters? Is it all connected?


If you haven't read the other two, please click here for the first story in the Series, Cullens go to Hogwarts, placed during the Tri-Wizard Tournament or here for Dawn of the Phoenix: Cedric goes to Forks for the second book placed during Order of the Phoenix and Breaking Dawn.


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Chapters in PDF and Hyperlink for The Half-Blood Vampire


HBV Ch 1.pdf   Chapter 1: A New Adventure

HBV Ch 2.pdf   Chapter 2: Just Can't Walk Away

HBV Ch 3.pdf   Chapter 3: Curiosities

HBV Ch 4.pdf   Chapter 4: Where There's A Will...

HBV Ch 5.pdf   Chapter 5: Love Lives and Love Lost

HBV Ch 6.pdf   Chapter 6: History and Biology

HBV Ch 7.pdf   Chapter 7: Young Love, First Love...

HBV Ch 8.pdf   Chapter 8: Hogwarts Recruitment Drive

HBV Ch 9.pdf   Chapter 9: Everything

HBV Ch 10.pdf Chapter 10: Complication

HBV Ch 11.pdf Chapter 11: Should I Stay or Should I go?

HBV Ch 12.pdf Chapter 12: New Week New Accomodations

HBV Ch 13.pdf Chapter 13: Diagon Alley

HBV Ch 14.pdf Chapter 14: Hogwarts Express

HBV Ch 15.pdf Chapter 15: The Sorting Hat

HBV Ch 16.pdf Chapter 16: Meanwhile Back at the Crypt

HBV Ch 17.pdf Chapter 17: First Day of School

HBV Ch 18.pdf Chapter 18: Malfoy Manor

HBV Ch 19.pdf Chapter 19: Life and Death

HBV Ch 20.pdf  Chapter 20: Restless

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u updated!!!!!

I'm so happy now!!!

Now I have to go read it!!!

Aah my favorite Mutt: 

"It hurt to see the guy like this. It wasn't just that I liked the guy – which I did, despite his resemblance to the leach beside him. It didn't take much to imagine how I'd feel in his place. The confrontation with the Volturi, letting Renesmee go on the train, being away from her now when I had no idea how she was doing. I mean, anything could go on at that crazy school. They were doing magic in there for Pete's sake. Like real 'change-people-into-toads' fricken magic. What if something happened to her just in her every day class? I moaned as I snuck out behind the cabin to phase. Maybe I'd go join Cedric on the front steps."


“Okay dude, now you've got to tell me what is really going on, because if you think I believe that watered down, sanitized version, you've got another thing coming" As always, writing as reading. Other wise I'll forget. Jake has the best lines always, just like Breaking Dawn.


Poor Cedric, I hope they can save her in time, before they try to do that sick thing even worst than raping poor Leah

Gosh, Ericka why do you do this to our dear Cedric. You better bring her back safe and sound.


I think they should fill Nessie in, I mean her entire family are helping to protect Harry and are in too deep with the Order also. And she seems very talented just as Harmione, so she might be a good use.


Don't apologize for having a life outside of FanFic, especially when you're writing your own novel. Go Ericka, do your thing. Just don't forget about us. Take care

awww... poor Nessie.... poor Leah..... ahhhhh!!!!!  please, please update quickly!!!!

i like it,,

keep it posted..!!

Laughted at Nessie's pondering as to why she loved eggs so much.....

Shades of Isle Esme !!!


What's with Natasha and her watching our human/vampire/witch's every move ?


Poor Cedric....

At least he knows now that she's still alive, even if they have been ' testing her strength '

Oh dear, poor Leah.

And who the hell is going to be the rapist father of this nasty little experiment ?

Don't you just hate those Malfoy's !!!!!


And now Cedric has gone missing as well ? This is sooooo-o not good.


Snape is being his usual charming self ( Not ! ) ... but Nessie seems to be handling it well.

Looks like she's a natural at witchcraft - Hermione will be pleased !


I know I'm being squeamish - but please get Leah out of there before The Deed can be done to her. I know she always wanted a child...... but not like this ..........

they cant mate leah! ew for 1 thing and poor cedric 4 another.

omg her trust issues with vamps r gonna b bad again. 

poor nessie. she thought itd b easy bto b w/o her wolf

but it was a great ch. wheres ced?

great chapter Erica!!!! take your time and do the school thing, we'll wait for an update :))))
Erica! It's May!! Can you please give us something I'm dying! BTW i am not new it just took me awhile to catch up :)) love you!!!

Hey...I am so glad you finally found the time to update. I have missed reading your story and yes its been way too long. But I do understand what with work & kids. It gets way too hectic. But all the same...the story is gr8 as ever. I just hope you have more time update soon.




loved it! glad to see the update and good luck on the novel take your time do not rush. hope that they get leah back before anything goes wrong and cedric does nothing stupid. sad that nessie is missing jacob. post when you can. 

Thank you for a new chapter. :) 

hahah i loved it when nessie was levitating the books :p

but poor nessie at the end when she cried :(

glad you updated !!!




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