The Twilight Saga

Is fame worth it? A different take on the characters of Twilight and how they met. Edward is a famous musician who has a past demon that is about to catch up with him. Unfortunately it is just as he has met the woman of his dreams.
If you enjoyed my other story "No Choice" please read this and comment. By the way this time they are human. I was motivated by a picture of Rob Pattinson looking like he needed a friend :)
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Chapter one - A Meeting of Consequence
The view was nothing short of magnificent. I had uninterrupted views across the city towards the ocean and coastline as I looked out the, floor to roof, windows that graced our apartment. Such beauty should make me in a better mood but it wasn’t helping at all. I sighed and turned my head to quickly sweep my glance across the luxurious surroundings of the place we were currently calling home for a few weeks. Only the best for us and yet here I stood, feeling agitated and completely at odds with myself and my life in general. I felt a pang of guilt. How could I be so selfish? I had a life that most people would only dream about. A life full of fame, fortune and fun. Of course there was the hard work but no one else but us saw that; they just saw what they wanted – the lifestyle of the rich and famous and getting the kickbacks that naturally came with that role. Hard work wasn’t my problem, however; it was the loneliness and lack of privacy that was really causing me the heartache. Besides a handful of people including those who were currently in this room with me, and of course my parents, I could trust no one. Everyone had an ulterior motive in befriending me and although I was used to it by now, it didn’t mean I had to like it. Lately I was feeling more and more like something was missing and I feared that I would never be able to fill that gap, that over the past few months had become a huge gaping chasm. Music was no longer filling it for me, even though it was a passion I could never let go of. I wanted more.

My eyes naturally found Emmett and Rosalie as they sprawled across the lounge together. Emmett was watching the big screen and Rose was flicking through car magazines while her head rested comfortably in his lap. Emmett was idly playing with her hair with one hand as he clenched his other fist in the air every time his team did something he was happy with. Rosalie would unthinkingly adjust her position every time he moved a little too excitedly about the game and he would flick his eyes towards her with a “Sorry Babe” and the wind up would start all over again. The two of them looked so comfortable and I felt the loneliness prick away at my consciousness once again. It was no different with Alice and Jasper. They sat at the far end of the room, heads bowed over their game of chess; eyes sparkling and small chuckles escaping their lips at infrequent intervals when one got the better of the other. They were at complete ease with one another and I turned away from them in self disgust that I could be jealous of what the people who I loved most in this world, were lucky enough to have, and faced out the window again.

“I have to get out of here,” I murmured to myself but Emmett responded anyway.

“Are you ok, bro?”

“Sure. I think I might try and go for a run. The day is perfect for being outside. I could get rid of some of this excess energy.” I answered him as I headed towards my room to change into appropriate running gear.

“Do you want me to come with you.” Emmett questioned good naturedly but I shook my head in denial. I wasn’t about to ruin their time of rest – god only knew that we didn’t get enough of it while we were on the road.

Jasper looked up from his game to join in with the conversation. “ I noticed that there is a way out the back yesterday when I was talking to the hotel manager. I think it’s a staff entrance and exit. You might have a better chance of getting out undetected if you go out that way. It’s worth a try anyway.”

I reentered the room as he spoke, slipping a dark coloured t-shirt over my head. “Thanks Jazz. It would be kind of nice to go on a run without the world by my side.” I grimaced at the very real chance that this would happen.

“Yeh, well good luck with that.” Emmett chuckled and returned his attention to the TV. I said my goodbyes and headed towards the lift. I had a couple of hours up my sleeve before rehearsals and then tonight’s performance. I was hoping that I could use those hours discreetly, not with the world breathing down my neck.

I stopped the lift on the second floor and chose to walk down the last couple of flights of stairs to improve my chances of being unnoticed. On the ground floor I spoke briefly to the manager who directed me to the staff exit that Jasper had mentioned. Jim had been fantastic in keeping the media and fans contained outside our hotel so that at least inside we had some semblance of normality. Outside, though, it was a completely different ballgame. I placed my cap on my head and walked quietly out the door, head down to ensure I made eye contact with no one. I was not in the mood for idle interaction with people who did not care about me. I just wanted to get out of here as quickly as possible and go for a run, free from scrutiny. A big ask …… but I was going to try anyway.

I took a breath and opened the door, before rushing through it blindly, only to collide with someone coming the other way. Books and papers were instantly flying through the air as I heard a small hiss of frustration. I swore under my breath – I did not need this right now. I bent down to retrieve some of the books that had landed on the ground around me and that is when the scent hit me – it was all lavender and something else I couldn’t quite put my finger on, and it was intoxicating. I was obviously working on auto pilot because it wasn’t until I looked up from my own hands on the books that I realized someone was down on their knees also and that person was talking to me without me registering a single word. When my eyes met hers I completely lost myself in the depths of the most incredibly beautiful chocolate pairs of eyes that I had ever seen. I stared at the girl uncomprehendingly and she looked back at me oddly before blushing a rosy red. I inwardly shook myself out of my stupefied trance to try and take note of the words coming out if her mouth and realized that she was apologizing profusely for knocking into me.

“I am so sorry. I am such a klutz and I didn’t realise anyone was coming out the door. I should have been looking where I was going.”

At this point I should have responded with my own apology, especially considering I hadn’t been looking where I was going either, but I couldn’t speak. All I could do was look at her dumbly before offering her books back to her silently. She accepted them with a slight smile. “Um, thanks…. study, you know how it is. Trying to cram some last minute study in, once work has finished. I am really sorry. I hope I didn’t hurt you or anything….” Her voice trailed off and I was sorry that it did. There was something alluring and musical about the sound of her voice that was almost irresistible to me. I pulled myself up short. I was really losing it if I was having these kinds of thoughts about a girl’s scent and the sound of her voice when I had only just met her and hadn’t even spoken to her yet. Get a grip boy.

“No, not hurt at all. More just shocked and I am also so……”

I stopped as I heard voices in the distance calling out and knew instantly that my escape was about to become public. “Shane” said the disembodied voice, clearly coming closer. “Lindsay said she saw him in the foyer and then he just disappeared the opposite way. Maybe he came out a back way. Come this way….”

My eyes sought the door in a panic. I needed to get back inside quickly before I was found out here with this poor innocent girl. The media would have a field day with that one. I groaned when I realized that the only way back in was by key. The girl who was standing in front of me, with the confused look on her face, would have to have one but when I glanced at her hands they were just filled with books and no keys were in sight. Damn – there was no time.

“The key, do you have the key?” My voice was filled with urgency and she quickly reacted to it. She put her books down next to the bin and started to rummage through the tote she had over her shoulder. There was no time. I didn’t think; I just acted and before I knew it I had grabbed the girl by the wrist and pulled her towards a hiding spot between the wall and the large bins.

“Hey what the hell do you think you are doing?” she asked in a frightened voice. I placed two fingers against her lips to stop her from speaking.

“Trust me please. I’m not going to hurt you.” She must have read the pleading look in my eyes because she relaxed slightly and I was all of a sudden way too aware of her body pressed against mine and the feel of her soft lips against my fingers. Her heart was pounding in her chest way too quickly and I swore at myself for frightening her so much to bring about that reaction. I removed my fingers and we both listened as footsteps and voices came towards us. Her face was looking up at me wide eyed and I had the sudden urge to bend down and kiss her forehead to let her know that it would be fine. Of course I couldn’t do that. The fact that I could even think it was ridiculous. Instead I just shook my head slightly to encourage her to remain silent.

If we were caught like this it would be so much worse than if I’d just remained outside the door and accepted that I’d have to face the world and that I’d suddenly be linked with some innocent bystander in all the gossip magazines. The girl standing next to me, due to no choice of her own, did not deserve any of this. I cursed yet again in my mind. My lack of thinking coherently had put us in a potentially destructive situation. Ways of getting out of it ran through my head but none of them were satisfactory. I would be happy to accept whatever the media wrote about me; most of what came out as news about me were lies anyway; but I wasn’t willing to expose this girl to the scrutiny. I wondered briefly at this sudden surge of protectiveness towards a brown eyed girl without a name. I sealed the question into the recesses of my mind to look at later.

I had about given up hope that we’d get out of this unscathed when I realized that the footsteps had stopped heading our way and the voice’s conversation had changed.

“Jasper and Alice are heading towards the front door. Quick or we’ll miss them” Their retreating footsteps were like music to my ears. Alice – I could always rely on her uncanny ability to know when I needed help. I had no doubt their sudden show was all about me and would only last a few minutes before the two of them would retreat back to the haven of our room. I owed her big time.

Upon giving my attention back to the girl I noticed the confusion had not left her face and she was silently waiting for some cue as to what she should do next. I gingerly removed myself from her side and we were soon standing in the relative openness of the laneway again.

My embarrassment was immense so my response to the girl’s exclamation of “ Well….that was bizarre” was harsher than needed.

“Welcome to my life.” I winced at the coldness in my own voice and tried to bite back my next words but they were out before I could take them back. “It’s what you all dream about isn’t it. You’ve got a story to tell now. I hope they make it worth your while.” The sound of my footsteps almost drowned out her words as I began to jog away from her.

She was clearly bemused by the whole situation and I wasn’t helping. “Ok…..I am not so sure that I’ve ever dreamt of being dragged behind a dumpster by a total stranger but if you say so…..” She trailed off, obviously aware that she’d get no explanation from me as she watched me move away from her. I’d never felt so rude in my life…….. or so confused. I began to run faster, putting distance between us and as I went for my solitary run I wondered why a pair of chocolate brown eyes were still foremost in my mind.

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Hi Ash,

Thanks for your very detailed comment. Why would I be mad?

Renee is living in Jacksonville with her husband. Charlie does mention in this chapter that he and her mother would be very worried if she had chosen a career in the limelight. I haven't really done much with Renee's character yet although she will appear but not to any great extent. She is definitely alive and well - just not with Charlie.

Alice was writing to Bella the whole time they were in Portland. When Bella talks about Edward texting and ringing her, she also mentions that Alice had been staying in touch as well which she was very happy with.

Jake will be his normal incorrigible self don't worry. I don't dislike Jacob though so I have not made him this awful person that we should all hate. Bella wouldn't be friends with him if he was that bad. He will play a significant role in this story.

I will always make Bella a fighter. I see her as a strong person so I write her like that ( even though it might not be apparent straight away). Keep an eye out for that.

Thanks for liking the story and giving me such a lengthy comment to read back. I love it.
You've made the story completely your own Michelle, you've adapted the characters brilliantly! I didn't mean for it to sound as if you were just re-writing Twilight, because you're definitely not. Im just as hooked on your story as I was on Twilight and the rest of them, keep up the good work, hopefully you'll be posting more soon. X
Thanks Rachel. I didn't mean that you had made it sound any other way. I was just happy wt your comment that it had the overtones of Twilight, even though it was different. I am trying to write at the moment so I will see how I go with getting a quick post out. You never know.
Another of your amazing chapters Michelle
I love it
can't wait to find out what happens next
Keep writing
Hannah x
Thanks Hannah. I a sincerely happy that you are enjoying this story and hope that you continue to do so.
hi Michelle
a very loooooooooong chapter , IMPRESIVE!!
and i have got noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooothing to highlight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i loooooooooooooooved every part of it
from Charlie's rample which is not his usual deminour , to Jacob's insult kiss which is a typical Jacob behaviour to the last part of it
u know what is my favorite part;

I was happy when we finally got up to leave. I pulled my jacket on and we filed out of the restaurant; dad pushing Billy while Sue walked by his side and Jacob and I behind them. As always Jacob had his arm placed casually across my shoulders in friendly comradeship and we were laughing and shaking our heads at the stupid banter that Charlie and Billy were having between themselves. I was watching Jacob as I listened to his playful insults for his dad when he suddenly whistled and breathed “Nice car,” I moved my gaze in the same direction as him and froze. The car wasn’t what held my attention. It was the man beside it who was staring at me as if he wasn’t sure it was me. Alice stood by his side smiling merrily and waving.

“Edward,” I whispered and felt the elation course through me as I moved to head towards the two of them. Jacob tightened his hold on my shoulder and I looked at him in bewilderment. I shrugged out of his hold and gave him a ‘mind your own business’ glare.

“Oh no, Bella. Do not tell me you’ve got yourself involved with Edward Cullen,” Jacob was incredulous, and if I allowed myself to think about it, just a little too hurt. I ignored him and continued my path towards the person I had been longing to see for the past week. As I neared him I realized that his expression had changed and he was now beaming with pleasure. In that instant, without even having to touch him or speak to him, I knew that Edward and I had moved beyond the pretense of a friendship. We had so much more than that and it was time to explore the possibilities.

i am speechless, i was sitting on the edge of my chair when i saw the whole thing in my head and i was about to screeeeeeeeeeeem when i found out that u ended it there

Michelle , post the next chapter sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz , plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Hi Alias,
Really glad that you enjoyed this chapter. I thought you would be happy that Bella admitted to herself that what she had with Edward was beyond friendship, even though it was early days still.

I am trying to get the next chapter out earlier than usual so stay tuned.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting
love it!!!
Great, thanks
I came upon this story by a happy accident and I am so glad I did.


Please keep me posted and let me know when you have updates!!!!!

Chapter 17

EPOV – Homecoming

How could one week seem so impossibly long? My days had dragged on even though we were constantly busy with the concerts, rehearsals and charity events. The brightest moments in every day were when Bella and I interacted; whether it be by text or phonecall. I realized I craved those moments of connection; the time where it was reinforced to me just how much I wanted Bella part of my life. This was no innocent friendship or highschool crush happening; Bella and I belonged together and I was ready to make that happen as soon as I got to Forks.

So the inexplicably long week had passed and now we were in Forks. I sent Bella a message to let her know that we had arrived; that we were going straight to our house to see our parents and then I could possibly meet up with her. I anticipated her answering message but it never came. That worried me. Bella was always so prompt in responding to my texts. Surely she hadn’t got cold feet about me at this late stage of the game. In my mind I listed all the reasons why she was not answering me; flat battery, she was out busy, her phone had gone through the wash, anything that did not involve her suddenly having a change of mind about my presence in her life.

I tried to push all the negative thoughts to the back of my mind and concentrate on the welcome we all received from my parents. We had not seen them in a few months due to the busyness of all our lives and it was genuinely good to be home and back in their calming household. Esme, as always, was overwhelmed with the sheer happiness of having all her children back in her arms. Alice and I might be the only biological children but Rosalie and Jasper’s integration into our family as teenagers had been deep and complete, and she loved them as if they were her own. The same could be said about Emmett. When a person was loved by one of her children Esme gave of herself, accordingly, in response to that. I did not know of a single person who had the capacity to love as passionately as my mother. We all tried as hard as possible to be worthy of that unconditional love – she didn’t request that; we did it knowing it wasn’t expected but completely appropriate. Esme was our gift in life – the perfect mother to love us and support us through every pleasurable or dark moment in our lives.

As for my father; Carlisle was yet another aspect of our lives that I would be forever thankful for. He was a genius in his chosen career as a doctor and had saved countless lives through both his research and his gift as a surgeon. As a family man he was loving, patient and non-judgmental. I aspired to be like him when it came time for me to be a father. If I was even half the man I would be happy.

The seven of us caught up quickly on all that been happening and then we went our separate ways to get settled into our rooms. There would be plenty of time for talking later. Walking into my own room was wonderful; to be surrounded by my own things, my own books, my own CD’s, my own bed was comforting. There were only two places where I felt completely at ease and this was one of them. The other was the apartment I had brought in New York for myself two years ago. It was nice to be with family but sometimes it was even better to be on my own, in my own space. It had been the purpose of that purchase.

A light tap at my door put a stop to my considering thoughts and Alice poked her head in when I suggested to come in.
“Have you heard from Bella? I have sent her three messages and she hasn’t answered any of them.” She asked and I laughed. I had refrained from sending another text in case it looked too desperate. Alice obviously had no such qualms.

“Actually she hasn’t responded to mine either,”

“Oh, that’s a little strange. She must be busy or something. Hey mum just asked me to go down to collect a couple of things at the shops that she forgot for dinner. How do you feel about coming for a drive with me? We could get a feel for how the locals are going to respond to us this time.”

I agreed because I thought it might help me in the wait for Bella’s text. “Sure. I will drive,”

We grabbed my keys and headed down to the kitchen where mum was preparing a welcome home dinner for tonight.
“Hey mum, do you think it’s possible to have an extra person for dinner tonight?”

She stopped what she was doing and looked at me quizzically. “Sure Edward. You know I always cook too much but who are you talking about?”

Alice giggled and I shook my head at her. “I was hoping to ask Bella Swan over. I am not sure if she will be available but I just wanted to check in case she is.”

Esme was grinning as if she had just won the lottery. “Bella Swan, as in Charlie Swan’s daughter? How did that come about? We would absolutely love to meet her. Charlie has told us all about her. Oohhh. Edward is actually bringing a girl home. Wonderful, just wonderful”

Alice was now in full fits of laughter and I was embarrassed. “I don’t think we need to make a big deal about that thanks mum. As for how we know her, it’s a long story.” Alice and mum were beaming at each other in happiness.

“She’s lovely mum. You will really like her,” Alice assured and I pulled her away so we could head into town without any further inquisitive questioning taking place.

When we pulled up outside the shop we needed I scanned our surroundings and noticed that life was still plodding along at its usual leisurely pace in this town. It was so far removed from the fast paced action of our tour and constant busyness that I stopped to breath deeply with a contented sigh. Noone was taking any notice of us and if we weren’t getting out of my silver Volvo we would blend in quite well with the town’s happenings.

When the diner door opened and a man came out on a wheelchair I didn’t pay much attention beyond curiosity of who it was. Then I saw that he was followed by four people, one being Charlie Swan; Bella’s father. I found myself unable to move because behind him was Bella and she was laughing at something being said to her by a huge, russet skinned man who had his arms strewn across her shoulders as if it was the most natural thing in the world to do. The image did not sit well with me. I felt a stab of something akin to jealousy and revolted against that. I had no right to feel jealous of a person who was obviously important to Bella. Alice had moved around the car and was standing next to me now.

“What? What is it?” she was all concern and because I didn’t answer she just looked the way I was staring and stated happily. “Bella, cool.”

It wasn’t so cool. Bella was out with some guy who was way too close to her for my liking, she hadn’t answered my text to let her know I was here and I was feeling emotions that I was not willing to accept – the need to crush someone just because they were lucky enough to have something that I wanted desperately.

In that instant Bella looked up and her eyes met my own confused ones. She did not falter at all and the relief that enveloped my body was intense when I saw the mixture of longing and elation on her face as she shrugged her way out from under his arm and made her way towards me. He might be important to her but for the moment she was showing that I was more so. I took delight in that knowledge and then watched with interest as the guy tried to stop her with words, to no avail. He followed her instead but she was way ahead by this time.

She grabbed Alice in a welcoming hug as she peered at me through her eyelashes. How I had missed those eyes. Alice responded in her usual enthusiastic manner.

“Why didn’t you let me know you were here? I have been waiting for ages for your call or text or something,” She let go of Alice and moved towards me to repeat the performance. I wondered idly if I would be able to let go of her once she was in my arms but the thought was overcome with frustration when she had no sooner placed herself in my embrace, and my name was being screamed in adulation. I let go of her quickly but not before whispering “I missed you” into her ear and turned to face the oncoming teenagers who were squealing about seeing me. I placed a smile on my face and began signing autographs for the four girls who were now surrounding me. Bella had stepped aside and had a clearly bemused look on her face at what had just happened. Alice shrugged her shoulders at her and moved her further away from the admiring fans that I was automatically placating.

“Bella we did text you, several times actually. Check your phone.” Bella pulled her attention away from the interaction taking place with the girls and myself and pulled her phone out of her bag.

“Nothing. See. I have been checking constantly,” Bella held the phone up to Alice and Alice squinted at it.

“No wonder, Bella. Your box is filled. It’s flashing. Delete some of your messages and you might get ours. Jeez, don’t you ever clean out your inbox?”

Bella looked a little embarrassed. “Oops sorry. I am kind of renown for that. Hey Alice, I would like you to meet my friend Jacob,” Bella had just seemed to remember where she was and that Jacob had made his way to her side. He held his hand out to her. “Nice to meet you Alice,” He smiled and the jealousy reared its ugly head again for me. He was not an unattractive person and I hoped that Bella was not partial to that smile of his.

“Likewise,” Alice spoke in her normal musical voice and they smiled at one another. I disentangled myself from the girl’s once I had finished signing whatever they had thrust at me and went to join Bella, Alice and Jacob.

“Edward, this is Jacob. Jacob meet Edward.” Bella was looking between the two of us. I thrust my hand out to shake his hand and it stayed in that position for just a touch too long before Bella glared at Jacob and he reached out to take it. He had my hand in an impossibly strong grip and I realized he was trying to intimidate me with his strength. Little did he know that I was used to Emmett and his constant need to display his strength, so I did not even flinch. “Hello Jacob,”

“So you are the famous Edward Cullen that all the girls go mad for, hey. Must be hard to choose just one when you have such a smorgasbord available,”

Bella gasped and gave Jacob a scathing look of reproach. “That was uncalled for Jacob. How dare you insult him like that,”

“What. I was only stating facts. You saw what just happened with those girls. He would have girls and women throwing themselves at him all the time,” Jacob’s tone was petulant and I realized then and there that he was going to do anything possible to convince her that I was not good for her. That she was better off with him. There was no doubt about it, Jacob Black was in love with Bella and he did not want to lose.

Alice’s face had gone an awful shade of purple and her eyes were tiny slits of anger. I knew that I had to get her away before she erupted and attacked this Jacob fellow.

“I’ve never had trouble making choices Jacob and I have always been more than willing to fight for the things that I want so there is no need for your concern. I am sure that Bella has taken note of your warning though.” I looked at Bella and instantly felt sorry for her so I changed tack. “ It was nice to meet a friend of Bella’s, Jacob but Alice and I really have a few things to do so if you will excuse us.”

Bella looked at me in panic and I belatedly recognised that she thought I was going to let Jacob come between us and that I was just going to walk away from her. There was no possible way.

“Bella, we were all wondering if you would like to have dinner with us, tonight? Esme is cooking a welcome home dinner and would be more than happy for you to join us,” I spoke to Bella but found it difficult to ignore Jacob’s low growl of frustration. Bella turned on him. “Jacob, maybe you could go and let my dad, and yours, know that I have been held up for a few minutes. They must be wondering why we have taken so long to catch up with them.” Jacob looked like he was about to deny her the request but one more meaningful glance from her managed to convince him otherwise and he loped away without another word.

“He’s a little possessive, isn’t he,” Alice muttered in anger.

“I am really sorry for his rude behavior. We’ve been friends for a long time and sometimes he is a little over the top with the big brother routine.” Bella was watching me to see if I would accept her explanation. I decided I would for now. We were going to have to address his feelings for her at some point if we were going to have any type of relationship but it could definitely wait for another time.

I nodded and smiled at her to show that there wasn’t a problem and she appeared relieved. “So what about my invitation, Bella? Are you willing to spend a night of wining and dining at our home? When we’ve finished in the shop we could take you with us.”

The happiness and excitement came back into Bella’s demeanor and I enjoyed the change in atmosphere. “I can not think of anything I would like to do more. Just give me a few minutes to go and let my dad know what my plans are for the night,” she looked towards the four people who were standing next to the police landcruiser, trying to appear like they weren’t watching us. She muttered under her breath “and then a few minutes more to murder my so called friend who has some explaining to do.” For a very brief moment I felt sorry for Jacob; Bella was not happy at all.

Bella walked towards her father and Jacob and I made myself turn away from them all so I couldn’t see their reactions. Alice and I entered the shop, got what we needed very quickly and headed back outside. I was surprised to see that Jacob and the other two unknown people had disappeared and Bella was now standing with her dad only. She looked a little anxious, her face tight with some unspoken tension. For the second time today her expression changed when she saw me and it was as if a shadow had been removed from her face as she lit up in happiness. Alice and I moved the short distance over to where the two of them were standing. I held my hand out to shake Charlie’s. “Nice to see you again Chief Swan. I hope you don’t mind Bella joining us for dinner tonight. Esme is preparing a special homecoming meal for us and is looking forward to meeting your daughter.” I tried to keep my composure. It was important that Charlie Swan liked me and at the moment he was looking at me warily. He had always been polite to me before when our paths had crossed but I guess that was before I had shown an interest in his daughter. The smile Bella gave me did not quite reach her eyes and I wanted to reach out to her and give her some of my strength to make her feel better again.

Charlie’s grip was firm as he placed his hand in mine and then in Alice’s. “Glad to see you both back in town again. I know it will make your parents very happy to have you spend time here. Let them know that I send my regards. Have a good time Bella,” Charlie was a man of few words and he looked like he wanted to be somewhere else right now. “You will make sure she gets home safely, won’t you?” He stressed the word safely and I was all to aware that he was concerned with Bella being involved with us due to what he knew was happening in our lives. As chief of police here he would be in touch with our security people and would have a bit of an idea of what was going on. I couldn’t say I blamed him for his reticence.

“You have my word Chief Swan.” I hoped that he would understand just how much I meant that.

He nodded and got into his car before waving at us. Alice grabbed Bella’s hand and pulled her towards my waiting car.

“I can not wait until my mum and dad meet you. They are going to adore you just like the rest of us,” Alice began to rattle off all kinds of information for Bella about our family and what we had been up to. Bella was looking back at me in silent appeal as I followed them to the car. It all of a sudden occurred to me that I might have a difficult time getting Bella to myself tonight.

I needed to come up with a plan about that and quick.


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