The Twilight Saga

HP/Twilight crossover. Edward leaves Bella in New Moon and she goes back to London to live with her wizarding family. will fate bring these two back together? Will Harry and his friends find someone in need of their help? WHAT WILL HAPPEN? R&R EXB

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The Hidden World


Chapter 1 Leaving

Bella's P.O.V.


Edward has been acting strange ever since my disastrous birthday party. He's been more and more distant with me.  


I had to tell him about me. Maybe if he knew I was a witch then he might stop acting like the world meant nothing to him.  


Edward met me outside of my house. He had parked in the driveway, he didn’t intend on staying very long.  


I got out of the truck. Edward reached for my bag and set it back on the driver's seat.  


"Come for a walk with me?" he asked, still in that detached voice. This was it. I had to tell him, now.  


"Edward I--" I started as soon as we were a short ways into the forest, but he cut me off.  


"We're leaving."  




"We can't stay here any longer, Bella. People are starting to notice us," he said, leaning against the trunk of a large spruce tree, his eyes on the forest floor.  


I was in shock, my numbed brain wouldn't respond. "I'll come with you," I managed to stutter.  


"No." His voice was ice cold. He looked up to meet my gaze with a cold hard gaze. "I don't want you to come with me."  


"You... don't... want... me?" I couldn't wrap my head around it.  




I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes, but I forced them back. “No. Please, don‘t. Please.”  


I walked forward, my arms reaching for him. I thought for a moment he was reaching for me too, but his cold hands grasped my wrists and pinned them to my sides.  


“Take care of yourself, Bella.” He leaned forward, pressing his lips to my forehead.  


My eyes closed of their own accord.  


I felt an unnatural breeze, and my eyes flew open, but he was already gone.  


I walked a few steps into the forest shouting, before remembering the wand in my pocket.  


I spun on the spot, Apparating to the front door of my house.  


His car was gone. 


I Disapparated to the Cullens' big white house.  


I was just in time to see the gravel settle, as the Volvo disappeared.  


My knees buckled and my head fell into my hands, tears pooling in my palms.


I don’t know how long I sat like that when I made up my mind. I stood and made my way to the large front door. It was locked, but it didn’t matter. I pulled out my wand and muttered, “Alohomora.” 


The lock clicked and the door swung open. 


There were sheets on all the furniture. I walked up to where the piano stood on its platform. I pulled the sheet away to reveal the smooth, black finish of the lid.  I pulled out a fresh sheet of parchment from my pocket, and, using the music stand, I wrote my final words to the Cullens. 


I thought they had a right to know what I was. They trusted me with their secret, shouldn’t I do the same? 


“Dear Cullens,” I wrote. 


I am sorry that I couldn’t tell you this before. I never had a chance. 


By the time you find this I will probably be dead or really, really old. I’m not sure how soon you are planning to revisit this house. 


Okay, I’ll stop droning on and on and just get to the point. 


I’m a witch. Yes, I mean a spell-casting, potion-brewing, wand-waving witch. 


You guys don’t know about Hogwarts. It’s a school that teaches young wizards and witched about magic. The headmaster, Professor Dumbledore, asked me to come here to ask for your help. But, since it seems like I’ve chased you guys away, I’ve decided to go back to England, to Hogwarts. 


I love you guys and I am sorry that you don’t feel the same way.      




                            Isabella Tonks

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Chapter 2 Returning


Bella’s P.O.V.


I left the note on top of the keys, pulling the sheet back to cover the piano once again. Edwa--they would find it sooner or later.


I locked the front door before turning on the spot and appearing in my room.


I used my wand to pack everything in sight; shrinking them small enough to fit into my pocket.


“Bella?” called Charlie from the front door.


“Crap,” I hissed. I’d forgotten about Charlie.


I walked down to greet the man who was never my father.


Obliviate,” I shouted, pointing my wand in his face. I caught a glimpse of his blank expression before I Disapparated again.


When I arrived in Forks, Dumbledore helped me cast a spell on the people there; once I was gone they would forget who I was, and what I’d been doing there. I knew that the note I’d left at the Cullens’ wouldn’t be erased and they would remember me. Memory charms didn’t work on vampires.


I Apparated to be standing in the living room of a vacant house on the outskirts of Tacoma.


I looked around. On the ground, next to the crumbling fireplace was a broken picture frame.


Portus,” I muttered and the frame glowed with a soft blue light, before it settled, looking like any other picture frame.


I grabbed the Portkey, and felt the familiar yank on my spine as the ground disappeared beneath my feet.


My knees buckled under me as I landed in Professor Dumbledore’s office.


“Isabella,” said the old wizard behind the desk. “What a pleasant surprise.”


“Maybe not so pleasant.” I muttered.


“How so?” he asked kindly?


I began telling him of how I’d formed a friendship with the Cullens. How I had ruined the birthday party I never intended on having. How they had come to leave.


The only thing I left out was the extent of my feelings for Edward and the rest of them. Dumbledore didn’t need to know that.


“I am sorry to hear all of this,” he said when it was clear that I was done with my story. “Maybe you should go home and relax for a few days. Spend some time with your family.”


I nodded my head, and stood to leave.


“But, before you do, I have a proposition for you.” I hated when Dumbledore spoke so cryptically.


I hesitated, watching his eyes twinkle behind his half moon spectacles.


“Isabella, I would be honored if you taught Ancient Runes class in the coming year.”


“Me? Teach?” I was stunned.


“Of course, if you don’t want to, I underst—”


“Of course I‘ll do it. Oh my god, thank you Professor.” I forgot everything that I had just been talking about, if only for the moment.


“Do you mind if I use your fireplace, Sir?” I asked.


“By all means,” said Professor Dumbledore, gesturing with his hand.


I took out a small pouch from an inner pocket of my jacket. I scattered a pinch of the powder in the grate, causing the flames to roar and emerald green.


“Thank you, again, Professor,” I called over my shoulder before stepping into the fire, shouting the address of my parents’ house.


Once again my surroundings were whipped out of my sight.


I stepped out into the empty fireplace in our empty kitchen, brushing off the soot.


“Hello?” I called out, “anyone home?”


I heard light footsteps on the stairs.


“Who is it?” I heard the voice of my mother call out.


It was then that I changed. Not my clothing but my physical appearance. I, like my sister Nymphadora, was a Metamorphmagus.


I felt my hair shrink as I regained my usual shoulder length, curly black hair.


“Mum?” I asked.


“Izzy?” Her face appeared around the corner of the hallway. “Wait, what happens when you smell blood?”


“I pass out or I hurl,” I said with a smile. This was my security question; Mum always asked it.


“Oh Izzy, it is you.” She ran forward and encircled me in her arms. “I missed you, Baby. So, so, so much.”


I never really gave a thought to how much Esme reminded me of my mother. I'd missed my mother, of course, but the resemblance only reminded me more of him.


"Oh, Izzy," Mum said, rubbing her thumbs cross my cheeks, catching the tears that had spilled over. "What's wrong?"

"I don't want to talk about h--it right now." I slipped up a little, but Mum didn't notice. If I had said anything about him Mum would have brought on the Spanish Inquisition.

"Its okay, Izzy," she said, stroking my hair as she hugged me; letting the tears soak into the shoulder of her blouse.

Once I'd gotten control of myself, I remembered about my new job.

"Mum, Where's Dora?" I wanted to tell everyone at the same time.

"Oh, we never told you, did we?"

"Told me what?" I was getting annoyed by her cryptic behavior.

"Dora qualified while you were away. She's an Auror now."

My eyes bugged out of my head. "Seriously? That's great." I mean I'd never had any doubt that she could do it, but she was just as clumsy, if not more so, than me.

Mum looked at her watch. "They should be back soon," as she spoke she pointed her wand at a pot on the stove, which began to spurt steam at once.

"I'll go and put away my things," I called over my shoulder as I very nearly ran up the stairs to my room. I walked up the stairs, past the second floor, up to the third where there my room was located.

On my way down, I walked past Dora's room. I wondered what she'd been up to in the seven or eight months I'd been gone.
In the time I'd taken to unpack, Dad and Dora had come home.
I walked into the room. "Hi, Dad."

"Izzy!" Dora shrieked, and ran around the table to pull me into a bone-cracking hug.


"Dora!" I yelled back, even though she was so close. "Dora, I need to breathe!"


She chuckled as she released me. "I've missed you, Iz."


"We've missed you," Dad corrected her, pulling me into a hug. "It's good to have you back, Izzy"


"I missed you guys, too," I said, hugging him back.


He let go, and went to sit down, as Mum put a plate of food at his place.


"Oh, I just remembered," I said as I accepted my bowl of soup. "I saw Dumbledore, and guess what he said." I paused here for effect, but Dora spoke up.


"He offered you a teaching job, right?"


"Why can't you let me tell them anything?" I asked crossing my arms, pretending to sulk. "But, yes, you are right."


Mum squealed with delight and came around to give me another breath taking hug.


"What is this?" I asked in wonder as she released me. "Squeeze-Izzy-till-she-pops day?"


Dad chuckled as he spoke, "That's great news, Izzy. What are you teaching?"


"I'm teaching Ancient Runes beginning next year."


"Great," Mum exclaimed. "So we get to keep you for a while."


"Well, I'm going to bed. 'Night all." I stood up but just as I got to the foot of the stairs, Dora called out to me.


"Whaddya mean 'Night all'? It's only three o'clock."


"Here, but in Washington it's like seven. And, anyway, I didn't get much sleep last night." I said all this as calmly as I could, desperately trying not to think of why I'd been up all night.


"Okay, Iz, good night," chuckled Dad.


I walked up the stairs, and went into my room. I lay on the bed. I'd hoped that being back here with my family would put him out of my mind, and so far it had worked. But, now that I was alone, the memories came flooding back.


I couldn't think of anything but him. The last time I'd seen him when he was saying goodbye ran through my mind over and over again.


I wasn't sure when my memories became dreams, or, rather, my nightmares.


I was running through the forest, looking for something. It was then that I broke through the trees. I stood in a meadow. It wasn't there. No one, nothing was there.


"Bella," I heard someone say in the distance. "Bella, wake up."


My eyes flew open. I looked around the room, half expecting him to be there.


"Izzy, are you alright?" I recognized the voice now. It was Dora who was standing over me shaking my shoulder.


I burst into tears as I realized that he wasn't there next to me.  I could feel Dora's hand rubbing comforting circles on my back.


"Izzy," she started hesitantly. "Do you wanna talk about it?"


I loved my sister; she was always there when I needed her. I shook my head. I wasn't ready to talk about him just yet. I'd told Dumbledore the bare minimum about my life abroad; just enough to let him know that there was no more reason for me to stay there any longer. But I wasn't ready to seriously tell anyone why I was back so early.


"Okay," she said in a calm, but worried voice. "Just know that I'm here if you need me. I promise not to tell anyone."


I pulled her into a hug. "Thank you, Dora," I mumbled into her shoulder.


I released her, lying back on the blankets. Dora stayed for a minute, before walking out of the room.


I blew out the candle that she'd left in here and tried to fall asleep.


After a few hours I got up and lit the lamps around the room. I pulled out one of my old copy of Spellman's Syllabary. I guess if I'm going to be going back to school, I kind of needed some books for my students.


I went down to breakfast a few hours later.


Dad had already left for work, but Dora and Mum were still sitting at the table, talking.


"'Morning," I said as I took my seat next to Mum.


"What are you up to today, Izzy?" she asked as she passed a stack of toast to me.


"I was thinking of going to Diagon Alley, I need to get some books. But if you need me here, I'll stay," I finished, seeing her anxious expression.


"You can go, Sweetie. Just, can you take Dora with you? I don't want you out on your own."


I thought through her request. It seemed reasonable, I mean You-Know-Who is out there somewhere; and his supporters could be anyone out in the crowded streets.


I nodded. "I don't mind if Dora comes with me," I said, but, in truth, I did mind. We would be alone, and it would be the perfect opportunity for her to question me about last night.


"We can go after you’re finished with breakfast," Dora announced.


I washed my plate and went up to my room to get dressed.


It was then, as I looked into the mirror that I couldn't change. Every time I tried to, nothing happened; it remained the same brown color it had been in Forks.


I met Dora at the foot of the stairs, still wondering what was wrong with me.


We said goodbye to Mum at the door, before turning, simultaneously on the spot.

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