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The Honeymoon - Edward's POV (Chapters 2-7 of Breaking Dawn)
Twi, this banner is SO AWESOME! Thanks for sharing you're computer hacking genius with us lowly techtards. You are so talented it should be illegal. *grins*

Thank you, Sweet Cullen, for giving me permission to post this gorgeous picture. I have not found a more perfect depiction of Edward and Bella on Isle Esme ANYWHERE!

Lynn, thanks for making this. It looks like a book cover! (A VERY HOT book cover)

Thank you, Tami, for the honor of recognizing the Honeymoon with this banner. I really appreciate your support and friendship!
Ever since I received my first reader-comments on the old Twilight Saga website, I knew I wanted to write a PG-13 version. While my original story was intended for an audience of women like me (married, kids, etc), I wanted to share Edward’s POV with everyone who wanted more from that part of Breaking Dawn.

Somewhere along the way, The Honeymoon evolved into something much bigger, and I eventually wrote most of Breaking Dawn, Book 1 from Edward’s POV. However, the name, ‘The Honeymoon’, remains because that was my first inspiration.

I have a couple rules which I request that you follow:
1. If you want to share this story with friends, my preference is that you send them the link to this website. I don’t mind people e-mailing or even printing the story, but please do not post the file on any other website. I have chosen three websites to host the story, and those are where it will remain.

2. If you e-mail or print the story, do not alter it in any way. Most importantly, the dedication pages must always be included as part of the document.

1. I have included several songs that I feel match certain scenes within the story. Most are available if you search Youtube. I will try to add links soon. I encourage you to play them while you read those sections. You won’t be disappointed!

2. Many people have asked me what other stories I have written.

I have two other stories posted here:
‘Against All Odds’: This is a one-shot scene with Edward and Bella. Edward is mute, Bella is blind, but they discover love despite their disabilities.

'Fate Unfolding': This is a Halloween One-Shot where we see what MIGHT have happened if Edward had been strong enough to stay away from Bella when she first moved to Forks. Some things were just meant to be, one way or another.

3. Finally, this story is complete. I have no intention of writing any other parts of Breaking Dawn from Edward’s POV. However, the following authors have all written some beautiful stories. I recommend you read them!

Mary Hubbell, The Cottage, The Garden, Inferno, Swan Song, Sunset Serenades

Amber, The Meadow

CD, Edward’s Story from 1918 to the 1950’s

Jillian, Midnight Sun, the continuation

Erica, Eclipse EPOV

If I missed any, e-mail me and I’ll add them to the list here!

*** The Story is Attached to this Discussion as a PDF ***

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New twilight Fan/Maggie,

Read it again, side-by-side with BD and OMG!!! What an ending... "I fell to my knees, defeated. May soul descended into hell." I loved your version of the Honeymoon, you really captured the psychology of Edward. The closing scene with Rosalie, was awsome, I liked your personal touch on how each one of the Cullens reacted.

Are we going to see more from you in the future?
I wrote The Honeymoon side-by-side with Breaking Dawn. . . Reading it side-by-side with Stephenie Meyer's masterpiece is like. . . wow! thank you!

You will MOST DEFINITELY be hearing from me in the future. Twilight and Stephenie Meyer infected me with the writing bug. . . I really don't know if I'm capable of stopping.
BTW- I still need to recover from reading your fan-fic :-).
*fans Heidi* Feeling better yet? LOL
Hello NTF,

It has taken me way to long to comment and I want to apologize for that. Your work is incredible and absolutely on a professional level. Your detail, emotion, and imagination is exactly what it takes to be a writer. Please never stop, as I look forward to the upcoming NTF creations.

Now, I have read both stories of EPOV and may I say, I didn't realize that you were going to PG it down lol. I started reading it from the beginning (just for the whole affect) and I was like she changed it, nooo. I want to put in a special request! Please right the blue room scene for me and about 50 other crazy women that were wanting to read that third passionate scene, please :)

Either way, both stories were great and I thank you for finishing them!

- Megan
Megan, see? I told you I was still alive!

Thank you for using the 'P' word to describe my work. I had the goal of posting a publishable quality document, and I could not have done it without 1.The patience of all the readers who waited for my a***-retentive self to write, edit, re-write and re-edit 160 pages of material 2.The amazing ladies who sent me suggestions for scenes and additions to the story, most notably Little Elf, RoseT and Susan and 3. The unbelievable team of proofreaders who read and edited 160 pages of writing for me. . . in under a week! They are absolutely amazing, selfless, and wonderful: san_diego_gal, mortangel, BenAtWork, Tonya, Susan and Marli

As for the mature material. . . not on this site. Gotta respect the house rules, you know?

Thanks for sticking with me, I love you for it!

Can you send it to me? My email is
The story is attached to this discussion as a PDF file. Let me know if you have trouble opening it. Thanks!
"Breaking Dawn from Edwards point of view is like a completion of the original."

Hannah, you just made my day. THANK YOU! That was my goal and I am really glad I met it for a lot of readers. I hope you are done unpacking now, though. . . clothes left in suitcases get that funky smell. . . LOL

How was your trip? I hope you had a blast. I would LOVE to travel more!

Kanapapiki! *Smiles innocently*

*Gives NTF a week to recover :P* - *Missed NTF siff ;_; *

Where does One begin after having read probably one of the best stories ever written? Published, or not? Well...Let’s start off with. *Goes down on knees and hails to the one and only (that matters right now) Maggie Chambers.*
Okay, so hello Edward, I might as well be calling you Edward because my gah damn woman! You have literally captured the essence of our beloved Edward. Gah, I can’t even complete a single thought without jumping to an even better one! I’ve read this about three times, and you never seize to amaze me.

*Praises again*

Your writing. You’ve got that talent, and I know I’ve said it before, but gah damn, amazing. Aside from capturing Edward to the point of perfection, you made it feel like I was there, watching from a distance, yet able to feel every moment of it. The surge of energy just flows through anyone who reads it, it’s the craziest feeling, especially from reading it. How you wrote it, the vampirism and how everything is sped up, it just makes it like time is on a stand still for them. Savours the moment. And hot damn! I love being in Edward’s head, so much complexity and angst and then viola! So worth it at the end for him, just like for us waiting, diligently (might I add). So worth every second of the wait. (And now I feel like it’s incomplete! Like NTF HAS to finish EPOV. LOL.
*Hails again*
It captured me from the moment I opened the file. *giggles* My eyes wouldn’t let up, but I had to and it hurt so bad! Lol Gah horrible. Stupid human needs to sleep, stupid human needs to work, pff. Your writing, the words, and everything just puts the reader in hypnosis and they willingly allow themselves to get sucked in, a hurricane probably couldn’t stop them. (*WARNING* Do not read when there are sirens going off around your area, or in the middle of whatever dear Mother Nature throws at you. P.s. I didn’t contradict ;) :P...not really...I lie. Bite me.) I literally assimilated every ounce of writing, I was so engulfed by the end, I didn’t know what to say! Or how to express this sporktastic story!

Thank you NTF, thank you for sharing your talent.

I really hope you plan on writing soon, whatever it is that you choose, I just can’t wait to read your next gift to us. Know that you have thousands upon thousands already that are right behind you, cheering and dancing in the air (cause we have skills) and we’re here to support whatever you wish to write about. (I’m not really giving you a choice, to write or not missy! ;))

Oh and by the way. I love the ending. OH MY GAH! LOL SO freaking epic! ... “My soul descended into hell.” (It’s only one quote, but you get the rest) FREAKING LOVED IT! Oh man the fluctuation had me on the edge screaming, no, demanding for more!

Anyways, I’ve done enough taking space on your thread LOL, but it will never be enough to express how much I loved the story, and how awesomely, awesome you did.

You have one helluva great team by the way, your Beta’s did a fantastic job!

*I am not worthy... I am not worthy* hahahaha

P.S. Mrs. Meyers have better read this, it'll blow her mind, maybe even take you on, on a collaborative piece for all those MUST writes for EPOV ;) :P Hahaha *One can only wish*

*Lotto 649 $15million victory dance* LOOOOOOLOLOL

*pew pew* Chea!
I didn't even realize. . . wahoo! Thanks guys! Of course, most of those were requests for e-mails, not comments on the actual story. . . Those seem to end up directly in my in-box more often than not. LOL


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