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The Honeymoon - Edward's POV (Chapters 2-7 of Breaking Dawn)
Twi, this banner is SO AWESOME! Thanks for sharing you're computer hacking genius with us lowly techtards. You are so talented it should be illegal. *grins*

Thank you, Sweet Cullen, for giving me permission to post this gorgeous picture. I have not found a more perfect depiction of Edward and Bella on Isle Esme ANYWHERE!

Lynn, thanks for making this. It looks like a book cover! (A VERY HOT book cover)

Thank you, Tami, for the honor of recognizing the Honeymoon with this banner. I really appreciate your support and friendship!
Ever since I received my first reader-comments on the old Twilight Saga website, I knew I wanted to write a PG-13 version. While my original story was intended for an audience of women like me (married, kids, etc), I wanted to share Edward’s POV with everyone who wanted more from that part of Breaking Dawn.

Somewhere along the way, The Honeymoon evolved into something much bigger, and I eventually wrote most of Breaking Dawn, Book 1 from Edward’s POV. However, the name, ‘The Honeymoon’, remains because that was my first inspiration.

I have a couple rules which I request that you follow:
1. If you want to share this story with friends, my preference is that you send them the link to this website. I don’t mind people e-mailing or even printing the story, but please do not post the file on any other website. I have chosen three websites to host the story, and those are where it will remain.

2. If you e-mail or print the story, do not alter it in any way. Most importantly, the dedication pages must always be included as part of the document.

1. I have included several songs that I feel match certain scenes within the story. Most are available if you search Youtube. I will try to add links soon. I encourage you to play them while you read those sections. You won’t be disappointed!

2. Many people have asked me what other stories I have written.

I have two other stories posted here:
‘Against All Odds’: This is a one-shot scene with Edward and Bella. Edward is mute, Bella is blind, but they discover love despite their disabilities.

'Fate Unfolding': This is a Halloween One-Shot where we see what MIGHT have happened if Edward had been strong enough to stay away from Bella when she first moved to Forks. Some things were just meant to be, one way or another.

3. Finally, this story is complete. I have no intention of writing any other parts of Breaking Dawn from Edward’s POV. However, the following authors have all written some beautiful stories. I recommend you read them!

Mary Hubbell, The Cottage, The Garden, Inferno, Swan Song, Sunset Serenades

Amber, The Meadow

CD, Edward’s Story from 1918 to the 1950’s

Jillian, Midnight Sun, the continuation

Erica, Eclipse EPOV

If I missed any, e-mail me and I’ll add them to the list here!

*** The Story is Attached to this Discussion as a PDF ***

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*dancing in the air with TwiHigh, getting my boogie on* Hey, this is kind of cool, never tried it before. I'm glad you've got skills!

*sporktastic* Really? That is like the coolest word ever. And I can say, with absolute certainty, that YOU are the first and only person to ever call my story sporktastic. LOL Come on, we all know how cool sporks were. You remember trying to scrape up the last bit of mashed potatoes but those tiny tines kept getting in the way so you always missed a bit? Yeah, OCD all the way here. . . LOL

I miss you too, Twi. You bring out the crazy in me, and I love it! Thanks so much for your CONSTANT support and good cheer. You make me smile.

Love ya!
LOL, hot. Just missing the feathers haha.

The photoshop is getting better with these pictures, impressive :P
Robert Pattinson got a tan? When the heck did THAT happen? LOL

Thanks, Lynn. That's hot!
Made this awhile ago...In involves...a little loading time...

Loading...Roll your mouse over image after loading!

Design: Twi
Music: Boys II Men - I'll Make Love To You
Hey, thanks :D xD I used Adobe CS4 Flash Pro - (Awesome program, they've come along way) and with a touch of HavingALotOfFreeTime rofl.

The only thing missing is Edward and Bella...Or just Rob. Woo wooo woo LOL
You know, that would be awesome. . . Pity I suck with all photo editing software. . .
Twi, can you resend me the code for this? I lost it a LONG time ago and I would like to put it up in the discussion where it belongs. . . LOVE the sunset colors, so warm!
Okay, they just got up and Edward sees the bruises! Oh, the Angst! I am really enjoying this!! Thanks!!
So sweet, and the feathers!! Ahhhhh!!

Edward Cullen = Angst. that's why we love him! Thanks, Wendy! Where are you at now?
O...kay,where is the story? I wud love to read it.
click this

or at the end of NTF's note under "Attachments"
I just read your story and I think that you did and amazing job. It keeps to the true Edward form. I felt like I was reading a continuation of SM. You did a great job! I couldnt put it down. Thank you for the entertaiment.


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