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The Honeymoon - Edward's POV (Chapters 2-7 of Breaking Dawn)
Twi, this banner is SO AWESOME! Thanks for sharing you're computer hacking genius with us lowly techtards. You are so talented it should be illegal. *grins*

Thank you, Sweet Cullen, for giving me permission to post this gorgeous picture. I have not found a more perfect depiction of Edward and Bella on Isle Esme ANYWHERE!

Lynn, thanks for making this. It looks like a book cover! (A VERY HOT book cover)

Thank you, Tami, for the honor of recognizing the Honeymoon with this banner. I really appreciate your support and friendship!
Ever since I received my first reader-comments on the old Twilight Saga website, I knew I wanted to write a PG-13 version. While my original story was intended for an audience of women like me (married, kids, etc), I wanted to share Edward’s POV with everyone who wanted more from that part of Breaking Dawn.

Somewhere along the way, The Honeymoon evolved into something much bigger, and I eventually wrote most of Breaking Dawn, Book 1 from Edward’s POV. However, the name, ‘The Honeymoon’, remains because that was my first inspiration.

I have a couple rules which I request that you follow:
1. If you want to share this story with friends, my preference is that you send them the link to this website. I don’t mind people e-mailing or even printing the story, but please do not post the file on any other website. I have chosen three websites to host the story, and those are where it will remain.

2. If you e-mail or print the story, do not alter it in any way. Most importantly, the dedication pages must always be included as part of the document.

1. I have included several songs that I feel match certain scenes within the story. Most are available if you search Youtube. I will try to add links soon. I encourage you to play them while you read those sections. You won’t be disappointed!

2. Many people have asked me what other stories I have written.

I have two other stories posted here:
‘Against All Odds’: This is a one-shot scene with Edward and Bella. Edward is mute, Bella is blind, but they discover love despite their disabilities.

'Fate Unfolding': This is a Halloween One-Shot where we see what MIGHT have happened if Edward had been strong enough to stay away from Bella when she first moved to Forks. Some things were just meant to be, one way or another.

3. Finally, this story is complete. I have no intention of writing any other parts of Breaking Dawn from Edward’s POV. However, the following authors have all written some beautiful stories. I recommend you read them!

Mary Hubbell, The Cottage, The Garden, Inferno, Swan Song, Sunset Serenades

Amber, The Meadow

CD, Edward’s Story from 1918 to the 1950’s

Jillian, Midnight Sun, the continuation

Erica, Eclipse EPOV

If I missed any, e-mail me and I’ll add them to the list here!

*** The Story is Attached to this Discussion as a PDF ***

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That was my goal and I am relieved to know I achieved it for you. Thanks so much!
Lol banner ;) LOL
The story is attached here as a PDF. Let me know if you have trouble opening the file!
I finished it and it was sooooooo good! so the Edward we love to get frustrated with!!

Now, I almost died when it ended, but loved how "bella ran into Rosalie's arms" I remember in the book, I was so shocked that she did that, but did not understand at the time why! Now, so understand and so loved Rosalie for what she did, even if for the wrong reason's. I love how Tami, in Indian Summer, gave us a whole other way to look at things and give Rosalie her props!

Tami is one of the most grounded people I know. She is always looking at the characters with depth, compassion and understanding. I was psyched up about writing the airport/reunion scene from Edward's POV. It always fascinates me how, despite being able to read minds, he often is so far from hitting the mark with his thoughts and assumptions. You must have read Tami's commentary and my response on this discussion. . . He, he!

Actual still shots of the video posted below!!!

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i loved this it was beautifully written
Thanks, Equivamp! The characters and the story were beautiful material to work with. That Stephenie Meyer just has no idea how much we love her. . .
No words, other than "perfect" .... That was one of the best written fanfics I've ever read and I could totally believe this was the way Edward saw things.

Dare I type it? SM could have done no better.

Well I'm never playing Truth or Dare with you. You are a brave, brave woman. LOL

I don't know if she will ever finish Midnight Sun or go on to write more from Edward's POV. But, if she does, it will most definitely be better. It will be the real thing, and I am a sucker for 'authentic' Stephenie Meyer. Thank goodness we have Fan Fiction to help feed our addiction while we wait for more!!!!
Though it was a blessing to be able to read Edwards versions of everything that happened I must say that it ended far too quickly, but you are very talented in allowing us into Edwards head. Thank you for sharing.
Everyone who was waiting for 3 months for me to finish writing curses you. LOL

It didn't end too quickly. Edward took his sweet time on his trip down into abject depression and misery. I'm kind of glad he got out of my head. I was on an emotional roller coaster the entire time I was writing The Honeymoon.

However, it was my pleasure to write and share. And I am THRILLED to death that you enjoyed it!


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