The Twilight Saga

What are the hunger games?
Seventy-four years ago the thirteen districts started a rebellion against the capitol. They lost and distrcit thirteen was completly destroyed. Thus comes the hunger games, a way for the capitol to punish the twelve remaning districts by forcing them to submit a male and female tribute each year to fight to the death in a large arena of their choice until only one remains.
Okay, so as much as I LOVE the hunger games, I've been thinking of ways it could have been better. In this story it is the begining of the 74th Hunger Games and the outcome might suprise you....
Okay guys so this is how it's going to work you get to choose tributes! I'm going to put in two of my own but the other 22 come from you guys, I'll pick the ones I like best.

Also, you guys are going to be the sponsers and here's how it will work:
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*If you wish to switch districts, or both of your tributes die you can change
(you do not get to pick which tribute the supplies go to, only the district. feel free to ask if you don't understand anything)
Here are the districts if you do not know them (there's a * if they are full)
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Body Build:
Volunteered or chosen (if volunteered why?):
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Chapter 1- District 1 Reaping

"Max! Hey buddy." Alex said, trying to act like he wasn't nervous, this was his last reaping but he had his name in there 128 times. Everyone knew he was going to be reaped. Max wheeled up to him and grabbed his arms.
"Deep breaths." He said, Alex just nodded. Then Molly ran up behind them, her short black hair in pigtails in a green frilly dress. She had tears streaming down her face as she hugged Alex, her chubby little arms thrown around his middle. He was a good foot taller than her so she didn't see the tears begin to stream down his face.
Max took her hand and led her to the pen for girls; he gave her a hug and rolled off with Alex. Amy, the helper for district one grinned at everyone, assuming that as it was a career district everyone would be psyced to be picked. She began to read the capitol speech:
"The Hunger Games are a way to show the 12 remaining districts what happens when the rebel against the capitol and in memory of district 13" she read the rest quickly and then flung her hand into the girls basket, she pulled out a newer looking piece of paper and read off "Molly Adams." A small chubby girl with short black hair in pigtails and a long frilly green dress walked up to the stage. Her face was red and blotchy as she shook hands with Amy. She stood, waiting for some crazy pumped up girl to take her place, but they were all grinning thinking of how the girl would be slaughtered.
Amy cleared her throat and went on; she drew a paper from the boy’s basket and gasped.
"Max Adams." She said shakily, she saw a man weeping, and then a boy in a wheel chair tried to go to the stage.
"I VOLUNTEER." A young man said, he walked up, shaking slightly. Amy nodded.
"What's your name?"
"Alexander Hayes." He said. She grinned sheepishly and walked them to the justice building where they were told they had an hour before being transported by train to the capitol.
Molly was standing crying when her father ran in, he tried to sooth her but he was crying too. He handed her a small heart locket, she opened it to see a picture of a younger version of her dad holding a beautiful baby girl and sitting next to her mother while Max grinned broadly at them from next to the best, both his legs working perfectly. She sniffed and threw her arms around him before walking into Alex's room. He stood there hugging Max tightly and Max was crying his thanks. Molly went and hugged him too.
"Thank you for keeping Max safe." She whispered, he nodded. Max handed him a leather bracelet with 'Max' written on it in gold thread.
"Thank you." He said one more time, and then the peace keepers were there to take them away.

Okay guys so as many of you know, I forgot my email for my other I had to use a new one. So hello to any new readers please read and review. I will be posting the rest of the chapters soon but I would like to have all the disrticts filled before I post chapter 8 (which I haven't written yet, I'm almost done with 7)

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Chapter 2: District 2 Reaping

Samantha awoke to find herself in Kyle's arms. She smiled sleepily and her hand felt to her stomach. She would tell him tonight after the reaping while they celebrated. She was so glad it was their last year, and they only had six chances out of their giant district to be picked.
"Wake up sweetie." She laughed, kissing Ky's sleeping figure, he woke up and she could tell he was egger for a repeat of the night before. She laughed and so they did not get out of bed until half an hour later. She dressed in a black sating dress that went to just above her ankles with a slit running up her legs that only had one shoulder strap. She piled her hair on top of her head in elegant curls, then she laughed at Ky's attempt to dress himself. She straightened his tie and fixed his hair. They held hands as they walked and were reluctant to separate when they got to their separate sections.
Henry was the assistant for their district and he read through the speech with a passion before reaching into the girl’s basket.

"Samantha Robinson." He called hopefully, Sammy couldn't believe it, she wobbled up on stage and shook Henry's hand before sitting in the center of the stage, her arms wrapped around herself, rocking back and forth. He shot her a weird look and then read out the male tribute.
"Kyle Right." Samantha felt sobs rock her body and she blacked out.

* * * * *

She came to three hours later sitting on the train to the capitol; they didn't make exceptions for anyone so she had not been aloud to see her parents. Ky sat next her with a shocked look on his face and his hand on her stomach.
"The doctors examined you." He said his voice was lifeless; she knew that he must know now and remembered the seen she had planned.
"I didn't want you to find out like this." She whispered, taking his hand, he jerked away from her.
"So you regret it then? Think that our child is something to be ashamed of?" He snapped, she recoiled and felt tears stream down her face.
"No, I was going to tell you tonight, after the reaping while we celebrated. Not on a train that's taking us to our deaths." His face softened and he held her.
"Don't say that, we'll be okay,"
"No because only one of us will make it Ky, and I'm not going to be able to run for long."
"I'll protect you until it's down to the two of us...and then I'll make sure you get home." His face darkened and she began to cry even harder. Fury at the capitol seized her and all she wanted to do was scream and rage at them.
Ky and Sammy fell asleep in each others arm as they sped away to the capitol.

Okay guys, so I really need:
8: guy
10: both
11: girl
so thanks if you can make them :) lol, extra sponser points are : reviews! 20 pts for this chapter only
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Okay, haha sorry I finally got micrisift word up and running so I'm editing them
I am posting all of me from the other Hunger games :)
ame: Joanna
Nickname (if any): Joey, Joann
Age (12-18): 15
Gender: Female
District Medicine (6)
Hair: short black hair
Eyes: sapphire blue
Body Build: toned, tan skin, tall
Likes: bugs, animal, danger, fighting
Dislikes: peace, not doing anything
Personality: dangerous, not talkative, shy at times
Strengths: medicine, fighting, archery, sword fighting
Weaknesses: talking
Family: none
Friends: Katniss
Volunteered or chosen (if volunteered why?): V, cuz she wants to
Name: Zachary
Nickname (if any): Zach
Age (12-18): 17
Gender: Male
District: 6
Hair: longish blond hair
Eyes: cat like dark green eyes
Body Build: lean
Likes: making peace and helping others. that don't make he hates fighting. He looves sword fighting
Personality: thoughtful, calm, quiet
Strengths: sword fighting, long distance fights
Weaknesses: quick short distance fights
Family: his dad, but he died in the game
Friends: none
Volunteered or chosen (if volunteered why?): chosen
Name: Jonathan
Nickname (if any):"The Snake" by his whole District. Jace, only by the person who love him and can see that he just a scared little boy, Jay by the people that know him
Age (12-18): 17
Gender: Male
District: 7
Hair: messy reddish brown
Eyes: stormy gray
Body Build: broad, but lean, tall
Likes: fighting, blood, killing
Dislikes: peace, love and all of the goodness and HATES his district, he wants everyone to die (a lie)
Personality: cold, evil, mean, selfish. But inside, he is kind, quiet, scared and lost
Strengths: fighting, hunting, building
Family: Roman (dad, decrease), Dia, sister died in the game, because his sister died, he decide to hide his feeling. Mom, died when he was 2,
Friends: Isabella
Volunteered or chosen (if volunteered why?): Volunteered, :) cuz, he want to fight
If for some reason you do not what to be in a alliance or a romances please speak now: Speak
View on Capitol: he looove the capitol, he wants to be part of it on the outside, but in the inside he hates them greatly

Name: Isabella
Nickname (if any): Isa by Jay, Lizzy by everyone else
Age (12-18): 15
Gender: Female
District: 7
Hair: long, wavy blond hair
Eyes: spring green puppy like
Body Build: tall, curved, lean
Likes: nature, making stuff for people
Dislikes: liars, capital
Personality: out going, fun, sweet, carefree
Strengths: making weapons for people
Weaknesses: fighting
Family: Naomi, dead in the game, Zack brother died in the game, her whole family was chosen and they all died in the game
Friends: Jay, know him and love him like a little sister
Volunteered or chosen (if volunteered why?): chosen
If for some reason you do not what to be in a alliance or a romances please speak now:
View on Capitol: think they are mysterious and strange and bad
Thanks you :) I have all the tributes still but theres a max limit of how many you can put in the dissucion :/ o well lol
Chapter 3: District 3 Reaping

Vlad woke up with a jolt and grabbed his knife. He looked around and then smoothed back his unruly mess of hair. It was maybe five in the morning, the sun was just rising over the hills and he yawned deeply. He sat down at his table and began to tinker with a remote for his sun roof. He heard the peace keepers coming to wake the population and hurriedly hid it; electronics were not to be brought home.
He walked over to his closet and put on a camouflage short sleeve shirt with blue jeans that were ripped and faded. Then he took a ring off his dresser and threaded it through a sliver chain.
The ring was a delicate silver band with an elaborate bird rising out of it. It was a phoenix, a bird that had been once myth but thanks to the capitol was now a horrible reality. It electrocuted anything near it; it was the symbol of the rebellion that led to destruction of district 13.
And his life.
No one really knew that his parents had been in the rebellion, that he had in fact been born in district 13 seventy-four years ago. He sighed deeply and stared out the window, while he put the chain around his neck.

Ashlock Morgan was terrified. She was only thirteen but already her name was in the reaping forty-eight times. Why?
2 for herself and then tesserae each year for every member of her family, and still she was skin and bones. Because she lived with twenty four other people in a small house made for maybe eight.
She was tiered of it, she hated being the only one that could help and each year she became more frustrated. She lived with her mom, and three aunts. Every year they all had children, usually around the same time.
Within six years she was skin and bones, and then she turned twelve. She tried not to take too many tesserae's, skipping some people in case she needed to grab more rations at the end of the year, but they always ended up with too many people and not enough food.
She hated her family for this, and hated when they spent her hard earned money on liquor. She was fuming as she got dressed for the reaping. She knew she would be picked, but of course she wasn’t complaining too much. At least now she wouldn't have to do the dirty work herself.

* * * * * * *

Hugo Carbaribia bounced around happily as he read the capitol prepared speech to the crowd, then he picked a girl tribute.
"Ashlock Morgan." He said hopefully, a small girl climbed onto the stage, you could see her ribs poking out under what had to be called a rag. He shook her hand delicately and then selected the male tribute.
"Arun Hamilton." He called, before he could even see who this was a large boy, who looked more like a man stood up.
"I volunteer." Hugo nodded and shook the boy's hand.
"Your name sunny?"
"Vlad Zachary." He responded, Hugo again nodded and then walked them to the justice building. Ashlock waited with no hope for anyone to visit, but surprisingly one of her cousins ran in, handed her a ring with a small silver phoenix and ran out. She slipped in onto her fingerer and tried to figure out the inscription.
We Are Stronger Apart Then We Are We..... the rest was scratched off
Chapter 4: District 4 Reaping

Riley got up late; she was in a hurry having over slept. She tried to do something with her red curls but ended up breaking a brush trying to straighten them. Finally she gave up and just put on her white dress and walked towards the town square, walking gingerly on her hurt ankle. She was furious with herself for getting hurt the day before the games; she had been fishing illegally for her and her sister Olive. Olive was of course the older one, but she was always working and her job didn't pay much.
She had tried to keep herself in good shape the month before the games; she was prone to stupid accidents. Falling down stairs, cutting herself when she made dinner. Stupid things, but she was always extra careful the month before the games. When she arrived at the town square she lowered her eyes, there were white banners everywhere along with giant TV screens to broadcast speeches.

Suddenly she was back in this same town square, watching as a peacekeeper whipped her father.
"No!" He mother had cried, running towards him. A small ball of electricity hit her square in the chest and her body glowed blue for a few seconds before the life left her. Riley ran to her, hugged her tight and cried. Her father tried to go to comfort her and was shot too.....
Riley shook her head, trying to relieve herself of the horrid memory. She needed to focus right now.

C.J. Ratliff drew himself out of bed to find his dad in a horrible temper. He rolled his eyes and got dressed in a button down blue shirt with black pants. He then attempted to comb his blond hair to look halfway decent. He hugged his little brother and sister before walking out the door. He walked down the empty streets to his girlfriend's house, knocking on the little white door when he got there. No one answered so he used the spare key she had given him to walk in. He walked to her room and knocked softly.
"Sarah, it's Keith." She swore loudly and he heard something fall.
"Are you okay?" He asked worriedly
"Fine." Was her curt reply. He waited and then heard the sound of someone being slapped.
"Huh? What...?" Said a gruff voice
"Shut up, HE'S here you need to sneak out the window." Sarah whispered. C.J. felt his eyes fill with tears and opened the door to find a boy named Brandon lying in bed next to Sarah. Sarah sat there in shook, then the tears started to fall.
"C.J. I'm so sorry....." He couldn't stand seeing her cry; he hugged her close and soothed her then helped her grab the right things to get dressed before pushing her into the bathroom. Then he turned to deal with Brandon.
"You are....I'm going to....UGH!" He yelled, then his fist connected with the side of his face. He took him by the arm and dragged him to the front door and threw him out wearing nothing but boxers. He sat on Sarah's bed and waited for her to get ready before walking with her to the reaping. She made to kiss him, but he turned away and walked to the boys section. Hugo stood and told the capitol speech before pulling out a girl's name.
"Riley Frost." He called, a girl of about 15 with red curls walked onto the stage, limping slightly. The Hugo dug his hand into the boys basket and took a piece of paper, reading out
"Anthony Rivers."
"He died last spring of fever." a girl said, Hugo nodded and withdrew another slip.
"Craig Ratliff Junior."
Keith walked onto the stage shaking, shook Hugo's hand and then walked with Riley silently to the justice building.

Olive was there crying. "Come home for me Riley!" She yelled the second she walked in the door, flinging herself onto her younger sister. She gave her light blue barrette with a flower on it for her token, and then their hour was up and Riley was led to the train.

In Keith's room, his dad was yelling at him for being reaped and his little sister clung to his leg, begging him not leave. While Sarah hugged him tight. He shrugged them all off and walked out the door, walking to his certain death......
Chapter 5: District 5 Reaping

Josh started out slowly, gaining speed as he raced through the empty streets. He had two hours until the reaping and he was going to use them to train more. He had never been one of the overly obsessed people who fought to volunteer for the games each year, but he wanted to be prepared if he were ever chosen, he laughed at the puny weak kids that looked like they had never walked for more than five minutes.
They never had a chance.
He would though, and if he never was chosen, well... there were some girls who knew how to appreciate a body that was very in shape. He grinned to himself as he rounded the corner but then collided with someone.
"Sorry!" The both said at the same time, then pulled each other up while laughing. Josh had run into his best friend Zy, she was lean, with long dark brown hair that had gold highlights in it. He hugged her, putting her into a tight cage and growled jokingly. She shrieked and slapped his arm. Just then Steven and Deon happened to walk by, Josh pulled them into a bone crushing hug and there were complaints about how sweaty and gross he was. He ignored them.
"Think about it you guys, we may not see one of us again. Enjoy it while you can." He said grimly, that stopped them and tears gathered in Zy's eyes but she blinked them away. They silently walked to Josh's house and talked quietly as he changed. They had only half an hour left until the reaping so they decided to just walk to the town square.
When they arrived everyone was already there so their escort Halo started to read the capitols speech.
"And so we must reap from each district one male, and one female to pay the price for there districts attempts to subdue the capitol." She finished, she took a deep breath to steady herself and then reached into the girl’s basket.
"Naomi Taylor." She called, Zion watched in horror as little Naomi who had just turned thirteen climbed the wooden steps shaking. She wasn't aware of what she was doing but suddenly she was walking to the stage and volunteering to take her place. Everything was blurry and she didn't even notice Halo call the next name, but suddenly Joshua was there too, shaking Halo's hand and then walking with Zy to the justice building.
"Thank you." He said quietly, she nodded as three peace keepers showed them their separate rooms, but they just both went into Zy's.
Naomi ran up and hugged Zy tight, tears streaming down her heartbroken face as she thanked her repeatedly before handing her two small pearl earrings that changed colors based on the wearers mood. When Zy put them in the glowed a soft blue, but she wasn't sure what that meant.
Josh's brothers hugged him tightly and gave him a small worm bracelet; the worm would change to whatever color or style bracelet you wanted. It was a new design and he had obviously smuggled it.
Josh and Zy both had tears in their eyes as they waved good-bye to their families and boarded the train to take them to the capitol with promises of returning. As the door closed Zy collapsed into Josh's arms sobbing and he held her as the train speed away.
Chapter 6: District 6 Reaping
Joey awoke to hear an argument overhead. She hated living in this run down house. It was a community home, where orphaned children lived. I heard a dull thud and then Madge's screams at the kids stupid enough to be fighting on a day like this:
Reaping day
Joey shuddered and then smiled, recalling her dream from the night. It had been a pleasant memory from when she was seven. The coal train pulled into the station and they were having a field trip. She watched as a pleasant looking man hauled out bins of coal with a shy girl about Joey's age following him. Joey had grabbed her hand and pulled her into a garden where they played for hours.
Joey always wondered if she would ever see the girl, Katniss, again. She sighed and pulled on her blue reaping gown that matched her eyes and then brushed out her short black hair before walking to the town square.

Zachary woke up screaming, and then tried to quiet himself down. He had been having another night mare about his father, who had died in the hunger games seventeen years ago, leaving behind his pregnant sixteen year old girlfriend. Zach had been born three months later.
Zach often woke from nightmares such as these, he dreamed of ways his father may of died, he never knew how he really went because his mother had died during labor.
Zach dressed in his torn blue jeans and tattered blue shirt. They were the only clothes he owned and as it was he had gone hungry for a week to afford them.
He walked to the town center and stood in the pen of potential tributes as a bubbly Alkena who sported a neon green beehive of hair talked on and on before selecting a girl tribute.
"Haley Klamahia." She exclaims, clapping as a sturdy looking girl of about sixteen climes the stage,
"Any volunteers?" She asks, a small girl in a beautiful blue gown raises her hand and climbs the stairs, a determined look on her face. Alkena grins and then whips out a sheet of paper and reads aloud.
"Zachary Samuels" Zach walks to the stage silently, his legs shaking. He shoke Alkena's hand and then is lead to the justice building by peacekeepers. He sits in the room they lead him to, dumbstruck. There was a small knock on his door and small woman walked in and sat with him. She hugged him tightly, shaking slightly and handed him a small black book before walking out. He opened in to find a pen inside, and several pages filled with neat, slanting writing. He read the first line.
"My darling Rebecca, I am hoping I shall live but it is the hunger games and I doubt it, be sure my little man sees this or my sweet little princess....." Zach felt his eyes fill with tears and clutched the book to his chest, it had been his fathers token he was sure, and it would be his in the arena, not that he really had anyone to give it to if he died, but who knew.
Joey on the other hand was being yelled at by Madge for volunteering.
"I realize you're depressed, but this!" She threw her hands in the air hopelessly and Joey just sat in silence, when her hour was up she made to walk out of the room but Madge handed her a small wooden cross and told her to return safely.


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