The Twilight Saga

What are the hunger games?
Seventy-four years ago the thirteen districts started a rebellion against the capitol. They lost and distrcit thirteen was completly destroyed. Thus comes the hunger games, a way for the capitol to punish the twelve remaning districts by forcing them to submit a male and female tribute each year to fight to the death in a large arena of their choice until only one remains.
Okay, so as much as I LOVE the hunger games, I've been thinking of ways it could have been better. In this story it is the begining of the 74th Hunger Games and the outcome might suprise you....
Okay guys so this is how it's going to work you get to choose tributes! I'm going to put in two of my own but the other 22 come from you guys, I'll pick the ones I like best.

Also, you guys are going to be the sponsers and here's how it will work:
*Pick a district, I will put your name next to it
*Every time you review after a chapter, that district gets 5 points
*There will be special opertunites after every chapter to earn your district more points
*If you suggest a tribbute their district atomatically gets 10 points
*If you have any suggestions for the story (not stupid ones) it's worth 10 points
    -15 points if I use it
*If you wish to switch districts, or both of your tributes die you can change
(you do not get to pick which tribute the supplies go to, only the district. feel free to ask if you don't understand anything)
Here are the districts if you do not know them (there's a * if they are full)
1) Luxury items*        20 pts. Sponsers:
2) Weapons*               20 pts. Sponsers:
3) Electronics*            20 pts. Sponsers:
4) Fishing*                   25 pts. Sponsers: La.Tua.Cantante™
5) Scientific research* 40 pts. Sponsers: Zanica Cullen [τhа dгеамег™]
6) Medicine *               75 pts. Sponsers: Fighting to be Free~
7) Lumber *                 20 pts. Sponsers:
8) Music & Arts*          25 pts. Sponsers:
9) Book Writing*          30 pts. Sponsers: Deanna Dugan
10) Livestock*              20 pts. Sponsers:
11) Agriculture*           20 pts. Sponsers:
12)Coal mining*          20 pts. Sponsers:
Here's the application
Nickname (if any):
Age (12-18):
Body Build:
Volunteered or chosen (if volunteered why?):
If for some reason you do not what to be in a alliance or a romances please speak now:
View on Capitol:

there is also a poll up to see who will be the winner, please vote!

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Haha ikr? :P
Do you still need the girl for district 10? Cuz if you do I'll give you a tribute.


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