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The Imprint Chronicles: Summer To Remember--Embry's Imprint_COMPLETED!

This is a story about a girl, Jade Marin, who goes to visit her aunt in La Push over the summer. She's really into music and has some of her own. One day while at the beach, she runs into Embry Call. And that was almost love at first sight. There are some twists and turns to the story. So stay in tune! 

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Chapter Two: Page 1

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sounds really good keep it going!!
i will. hopefully chapter one will be done soon.


Chapter One:

We arrived to my new home for the summer. I was forced to visit my aunt against my own will. Eighteen years old and I still couldn’t make my own choices. The only reason I had to go was because my dad didn’t want to keep me and my little sister around all summer.
My eleven year old sister opened my door attempting to pull me out.
“Come on, Jade!” Dana yelled at me pulling on my hand.
“All right! I’m coming!” I stepped out of the car about to lose my balance. The smell of the great outdoors hit me then.
I could smell the trees and ocean. It made me sick. I missed my home of New York where the only smells were hotdog stands and sewers.
“We’re here!” my aunt Teri said pushing the front door open.
It was a small and quaint place. Not where I wanted to spend my entire summer. She led us down the short hallway to a room at the end. Opening the door I saw a room twice as small as mine from back home. It had two single beds, a dressed, desk, and closet.
“This will be both of your rooms,” she said placing come of our stuff on the floor.
“Wait, we have to share a room?” I asked her. I had never shared a room with anyone in my entire life. At home, mine and my sister’s were a good three rooms apart. Now I was going to have to share a room with her?
“Of course. There are only two bedrooms in this house. I thought you two would get along perfectly fine in here. But if you want, you could always sleep on the couch.” She gave me a light smile.
I remembered seeing the tiny couch in the living room. It was little and uncomfortable looking. Not my choice of a bed.
“I’ll take my chances,” I told her.
“Okay, well I’ll let you both get settled.” She walked out of the room.
I plopped down on one of the beds staring up at the ceiling. Then, I looked over at the bedside table. Sat there was a picture of a redhead woman and blonde. The redhead was my aunt. And the blonde was my deceased mother.
She died two years ago. And two years ago, my world fell apart. I had no more reason. My mom was my best friend. The one I talked to about any and everything. The only person I ever looked up to.
Now, she was gone. And I could never get her back.
I stared at the picture remembering all the good times. A single tear rolled down my cheek. One tear was all I had. I couldn’t cry anymore. My body just couldn’t do it. But now, one tear was enough to show.
sooo glad u kept it going its really good!!update soon :)
thanks! i'm writing more soon! most of the ideas for this was written in another one of my stories that i never finished. but i'm going to continue on with this one!
love it when r u going to post more!?!?!?!?!
right now!
love it!
Chapter Two:

I woke up to the sound of classical music playing throughout the house. I looked over at the alarm clock. It was only nine a.m. Not exactly the time to get up yet. But I couldn’t stand the loud sound of the violin screeching through the walls.
I got a dressed and walked into the kitchen. Teri was cooking breakfast while humming along to the music and Dana was sitting at the table eating.
“Can you turn that down?” I asked Teri.
“The music! Turn it down!” I yelled over the sound of the orchestra crescendo.
She went over to the stereo turning the knob to a light background sound.
“Sorry,” Teri apologized. “Do you want anything for breakfast?”
I looked around at the bacon and eggs. My usual breakfast was coffee. But the only drink I saw was orange juice.
“Um, no thanks,” I told her.
“Okay, suit yourself.” She piled the bacon on her plate on top of the eggs and sat down Dana at the table. “We’re going to the store after we eat. You want to come?”
“I think I’ll pass.” I didn’t feel like grocery shopping for food I wouldn’t eat.
“Well, you can do whatever. There’s always the beach. It’s no L.A. but it has sand and water. Take a jacket. It’s probably cool out.”
“I’ll consider it,” I said walking into the living room.

The only thing there was to do was go to the beach. La Push didn’t really have that much to it. Just the beach. It wasn’t at all crowded like my trips to California. And there was a light breeze out.
I sat down on a piece of driftwood watching as the waves rolled on and on. There was barely any sunlight. It was dark and cloudy. Dreary. Just like how I felt.
As I sat there, I heard a howling in the woods. It sounded almost like a wolf. Weird. I didn’t know wolves hung out in La Push. But I wasn’t scared. It wouldn’t come near me. It shouldn’t.
Then, I saw a group of guys coming my way. They all looked the same. Tall, tan, muscular. Some natives of La Push, I assumed. There were about five of them. And some looked more in control than the others.
I stared at them as they came closer to me. All of them were focused on the woods. All but one who was staring at me. Staring at me in the weirdest way. Like a blind man seeing the sun for the first time. Weird.
One of the others punched his shoulder. “Embry, come on!”
Then the others followed his gaze over to me.
“Oh shoot, guess that’s another one!” one of them laughed.
Another what? What were they talking about?
They all continued on to the woods. As they passed I caught their attention.
“I wouldn’t go in there if I were you,” I told them. “I heard a wolf howling a couple of minutes ago.”
They all laughed.
“It’s alright,” one of the one’s who spoke earlier said. “We know what we’re doing.”
The one that was staring at me, Embry I thought, pitched in with a worried look. “But you should probably go home.”
They all turned back around running into the woods.


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