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Isabella Swan and Emmett Swan are the new students at Forks High. There are lots of Casanova’s in the school, and they use all the girls at the school. They are actually used to getting any girl they wanted. Isabella happens to become bait at the school because she is beautiful and new. Edward Cullen, the captain of the football team is one of the Casanova’s, actually he is the leader. Bella becomes best friends with Edward’s sister and she tells her everything about her brother. Bella has a necklace of her deceased mother Renee and she wears it all the time… Emmett and Alice then come up with the idea of a Challenge for the guys… They are still interested in her after a few weeks and accept… What will happen????



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A Twist Of Life

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This story happens in the time when Bella has to choose between Edward and Jacob. The whole Twist in this story is that Bella doesn’t choose Edward, she chooses Jacob instead... Why? Because Bella has for some reason found a certain love for kids after she drives past a daycare and sees the mothers and kids hugging and kissing each other... Bella then thinks she can’t have kids with Edward, so she chooses Jacob. That was the hardest decision she ever had to make, but Bella went with her mind instead of with her heart. Bella then marries Jacob, has kids and is having a wonderful life.

After five years-(which then makes Bella 23 years old)- the Volturi went and checked with the Cullen’s to see if Bella was still human, and to their surprise Bella is not even with the Cullen’s anymore. That to them is danger because Bella could reveal their secret. They then find out where she is and go to kill her. That forces the Cullen’s to go and protect Bella and to let her know what is coming for her, because Edward just could not stand anyone hurting Bella because he obviously still loves her.

What will happen then, after Edward hasn’t seen Bella for five years and still loves her and Jacob feeling very protective of his family...

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Yeah:) LOL. That was a great one-shot! It deserves it. Congrats! =D

I can't wait for another update as well. When the inspiration boat comes in, I'll be happy. I need your help though Jesse. I wrote on your wall? Check it out. :)

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i luv it update soon plz
Hey Alyssa:)

Thank you:)
*Chapter 10-

Being the center of attention at school isn't a forte of my school career. What didn't make sense to me was how high schoolers would find this 'exciting' and actually take part in something like this. It makes no sense to me. I'm just playing along, being a good 'sport'. Because after all, I get something out of it- Humiliation to the guy species.

Over the past few weeks, Alice had gotten quite a few good pictures of the guys with me, begging for dates and stupidly trying to get the necklace off of my neck. Why they would actually try in the first place, beats me. Even with it being a replica, I still am very protective of it.

"Bella, do you think Dad would let me have a few friends over if I'd asked?" Emmett asked me, from his bed where he was throwing his football in the air and catching it again.

I looked up from my book and lifted my reading glasses with my index finger.

"A few friends?" I asked and he nodded, looking over at me, stopping his continual motion with the ball.

"Yeah. My friends at school. Dad would let me right?" He tried and I shrugged getting back to reading.

"Bella. Answer me!" He shouted and I glanced in his direction, irritated.

"How should I know? Ask him and find out!" I yelled at him.

"Geez, calm down. I just asked a question!"

"Yeah. A question." I sighed and glared at him before lowering my head to continue reading.

Emmett stood up and walked over to my bed, sitting on the edge of it, a concerned expression crossed over his features.

"Bells, are you okay?" He asked. I looked up at him and nodded slowly, confused.

"Yeah. Why?" I questioned, closing my book and laying it down beside me. If Emmett wanted to talk about feelings, I'd be all ears.

"You just seem different, that's all." He muttered and trailed his finger along a line on my bedspread.

"Well Em, if you haven't noticed, my hair is shorter, I've been wearing forced make-up and my clothing range has changed. Of course I'm different!" I chuckled and softly punched his shoulder playfully. He looked up and grinned.

"I'm not that dumb Bella. You're actually being the dumb one here. You know that's not what I meant." He murmured, a smirk threatening to break through on his lips. I smiled amd shrugged.

"Well, you know. Of course I'm different. There's a competition where I'm the prize. What would you do in such a situation?" I laughed and he shrugged.

"I guess you're right Bells. You know, you don't have to go through with this anyway. We could end it if you want." He murmured and looked up at me through his eyelashes before continuing to trace the pattern. I sighed and shook my head, hugging my legs to my chest.

"Nah, you know, its kind of fun. In a sense of well, you know... Funness?" I giggled, at a loss for words. "What I'm trying to say is that it's cool Em. Don't sweat it." I said and looked at my clock on my nightstand.

"Is that the time already?" I yawned and a chill ran down my spine. I giggled and lifted Emmett's head with my index finger.

"Em, remember. If you ever need anything, ever need someone to talk to, I'm here. Just know that, okay?" I whispered the last part and he looked at me, a softness in his eyes. He nodded slowly and smiled before leaning in to hug me tightly.

"Ditto." He murmured in my ear and I chuckled. The wonders of having a jock brother.


"Bells, I'll be working late tonight. There's this case about an animal thief," Charlie murmured, rolling his eyes, "And I'm on duty tonight." He smiled and put his coat on.

"Animal thief?" I giggled and Charlie nodded with a smirk.

"Yeah. Apparently some guy has been stealing peoples dogs or pet hamsters or something. The people of today, you know." He chuckled, as I walked him to the front door.

"Bye Bells." He greeted and kissed my cheek softly before retreating to his car.

"Bye Dad!" I shouted before closing the front door. I turned around with a smile on my face. Oh yeah, a Saturday dedicated to reading!

I walked up the stairs, quickly, excited to begin reading my newly purchased book. I'd already been pigging out since last night, so my chocolate mousse, reading glasses and comfy bed were already waiting for me.

"Hey Bells. I asked Dad and he gave me the okay to invite a few close friends over. They'll be here in a few minutes, if that's alright with you?" Emmett asked, stopping me just as I was about to enter our room.

I turned around and nodded. "Sure, Em. I'll be up here all night, reading. Just don't make too much of a noise, okay?" I told him and he nodded, saluting me.

"Yes Miss!" He hollered and I giggled.

"Good!" I turned around and entered the room. No Emmett. Just me and my novel. Things are falling right into place!


I'd been so into my book, that when Alice called me on my phone, I jumped, letting the phone drop under my bed. I regained composure and went onto my knees, reaching for the phone. Just as I managed to get it, the ringing stopped. I stared at the phone, rolling my eyes. "Nice."

And just as I was about to put the phone on my nightstand between Emmett and my bed, it rang again, startling me slightly.

I picked it up carefully this time pressing the 'answer' button with care.

"Hello?" I spoke into the phone, slightly confused.

"Hey Bell, it's Alice. I was just wondering if I could come over. Edward has gone to some party, leaving me here all alone. Could I?" She asked and I sighed, audibly.

"I don't know Alice. I kind of wanted to, I mean I kind of am reading. Its this exciting book about adventure and, and..." I murmured and sat down on my bed.

"That's okay Bella. I could like sit, and watch you read your book about adventure." She said excitedly and I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah. You'd let me sit and ignore you for an entire evening? I don't think so." I said and twirled my ponytail with my finger.

"Bella! Aw, come on. Don't be like that!" She moaned and I giggled.

"Alice, I see you everyday. Maybe some other time after school, okay? Okay!" I laughed and she groaned.

"Oh whatever Bella. I'll just die of boredness over here. Goodbye."

"Goodbye Alice." I giggled and ended the call.

Alice has been a great friend thse past few weeks. She's changed me, literally and figuritively. She's been great with everything. A true gem. She's even been able to handle her brother, Edward, whose been more than overeager to get dates with me and stuff. Whenever he'd see me, he'd flirt or something. Alice had been in charge of him, and I've been more than grateful.

I lied back and closed my eyes sighing, fiddling with my reading glasses, just relaxing. Times like these are mesmerising, where one could just not think about anything just resting, resting everything.

I suddenly felt slightly drowsy, probably due to the fact that my head was lolling on the side of the bed, up-side down. - opened my eyes quickly, getting a bit nauseous. And then I spotted my mousse, staring back at me. Just the think to push up my sugar level. I sat up and turned to grab it, only to find it empty. I groaned. Thank goodness I had another tub in the fridge! I sprang up and rushed out of the room, and down the stairs.

"Hey Bella!" Someone greeted and I stopped in my tracks, and turned my head. It was Mike. Emmetts friend.

"Hello." Was all I said before the other 10 guys greeted me. I swallowed hard, the nausea rising and rising.

I nodded in acknowledgement and glared at Emmett. "A few 'close' friends?" I asked and he shrugged, continuing to play his game on the x-box. I rolled my eyes and walked off toward the kitchen.

"Hot, Emmett. Your sister is smoking hot!" One of Emmett's buddies told him and Emmett groaned. "Yeah dude, you're lucky!" I laughed and walked into the kitchen, blushing.

Only to find Edward Cullen chilling at my kitchen table.

(-Authors Note-)
Hey alllllll! :)I hope you all enjoyed the chapter. It's just a little something:) "Save a penguin! Leave me your thoughts?" =D


Hi Lauren!

I was wondering about Emmet's 'few close friends'! 

Nice chapter. Please write more. I want to see what happens with Bella and Edward. (Surprise!)


Hey S:)

Lol. Yes, as we know Emmett, a few aint never a few. Lol.

Thank You. :)



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