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The Key To My Heart


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Isabella Swan and Emmett Swan are the new students at Forks High. There are lots of Casanova’s in the school, and they use all the girls at the school. They are actually used to getting any girl they wanted. Isabella happens to become bait at the school because she is beautiful and new. Edward Cullen, the captain of the football team is one of the Casanova’s, actually he is the leader. Bella becomes best friends with Edward’s sister and she tells her everything about her brother. Bella has a necklace of her deceased mother Renee and she wears it all the time… Emmett and Alice then come up with the idea of a Challenge for the guys… They are still interested in her after a few weeks and accept… What will happen????



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A Twist Of Life

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This story happens in the time when Bella has to choose between Edward and Jacob. The whole Twist in this story is that Bella doesn’t choose Edward, she chooses Jacob instead... Why? Because Bella has for some reason found a certain love for kids after she drives past a daycare and sees the mothers and kids hugging and kissing each other... Bella then thinks she can’t have kids with Edward, so she chooses Jacob. That was the hardest decision she ever had to make, but Bella went with her mind instead of with her heart. Bella then marries Jacob, has kids and is having a wonderful life.

After five years-(which then makes Bella 23 years old)- the Volturi went and checked with the Cullen’s to see if Bella was still human, and to their surprise Bella is not even with the Cullen’s anymore. That to them is danger because Bella could reveal their secret. They then find out where she is and go to kill her. That forces the Cullen’s to go and protect Bella and to let her know what is coming for her, because Edward just could not stand anyone hurting Bella because he obviously still loves her.

What will happen then, after Edward hasn’t seen Bella for five years and still loves her and Jacob feeling very protective of his family...

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The Key to My Heart
Chapter 11-

"Edward?" I said and stopped dead in my tracks. He looked up at me, his usually playful eyes soft with unspoken worries. He half-smiled up at me.

"Bella." He greeted and looked down at his hands, thoughtfully.

My eyebrows shot up in confusion and I took a step back quickly. I didn't expect him to be so... Passive. Something had to be wrong.

"What? No flirty pick-up line?" I asked, the words escaping my mouth before I could stop it. Though that could be a good way to find out what was wrong with Edward. Good thinking, Bella.

He chuckled silently and shook his head, which was still bowed over his hands.

"Yeah, about that Bella. I'm sorry for being such a jerk these past few weeks. I... Have no excuse, but that I'm trying to change. After..." He trailed and I gazed at him, lost for words. Edward Cullen just apologised? For being a jerk? Wow.

I suddenly had the urge to ask him to finish his sentence but restrained myself. I didn't want to seem too pushy. After all, the guy just apologised. I wouldn't want him to get irritated with me and...

"Bella... Would you-" but he didn't get to finish what he was asking because Em and his 'close friends' decided to walk in.

"Hello Bella." Tyler, greeted me. I looked toward him with a smile and nodded. He had probably only arrived.

Most of these guys here had tried to ask me on a date before. All of them actually, except Jacob. He was like the nerdy jock. The quiet, reserved and intelligent one of the pack. He always smiles at me when we walk pass each other in the corridors and with his locker being next to mine, it made that he even greeted me every morning when I retrieved my books from my locker. He seemed like a sweet guy. His brown eyes always seem to be shining with curiosity yet also reserved in a sense of not seeming over-eager. He seemed like a good friend to have. A good friend that could... Get Emmett's grades up. I smiled at the thought. I could never tutor Emmett, due to the fact that I had forgotten most of the work we'd learnt last year. The work that Emmett is doing now. Dad had asked me to try and get someone to help Emmett because he was barely sliding through with his grades.

Don't get me wrong, Emmett is a great football player. He could get scolarships probably anywhere he wanted. But having that athletic quality shouldn't be all Emmett is known or built for. Dad wants Emmett to at least have a decision of what career path he'd like to take. He shouldn't have to do something, because he's good at it. He needs to do something that he loves doing and that he's good at. Otherwise, life could become really boring and stressful.

I looked at Edward, deep in thought, and half-smiled at him, showing him that I had accepted his apology. He closed his eyes slowly, acknowleging his thanks. Ah, the beauty of body language.

The guys started to file out of the kitchen, with Jacob trailing behind at the back. As he was about to leave, I put my hand on his shoulder, making him stop. He turned around and smiled at me, that all too familiar sweet smile I got in the corridors of Forks High.

"Jacob. Could I talk to you for a minute?" I asked and he nodded slowly, his dark, neatly cropped hair shining in the light of the kitchen's fluoresent lights.

I smiled and walked toward the dining room on the other side of the kitchen, with Jacob behind me. As I got to the doorway of the kitchen, I turned around slightly and gazed behind me. Edward was watching our exit with distant curious eyes, his hand in his bronze coloured hair, strained.

"Goodnight Edward. It was nice talking to you." I told him and he nodded slowly, still as passive as ever.

"You too Bella." He murmured, and I turned on my heel and walked through the doorway.

As the door shut, I looked at Jacob and smiled.

"So. I brought you in here, to ask a favour of you." I muttered slowly, and he nodded.

"Sure Bella. What can I do for you?" He asked and I grinned, in thought, before sighing.

"Okay. Jacob, we all know Emmett isn't the brightest spark," I said, smiling slightly. Jacob chuckled and looked down at his feet before he looked up and nodded slowly.

"Exactly. So, I was thinking that maybe you could help him? Tutor him?" I asked. Jacob stood, looking down for several minutes before looking up and shrugging.

"I don't know Bella," he answered, his deep, husky voice seeming lost, "Emmett? Do you think he'll let me help him? I don't think so. He's a strong fella, Bella." Jacob joked, and I giggled.

"You know Jacob, Emmett is a really sensitive guy. On the outside he may seem hard, but inside, he's a little kid, afraid of the dark. I'm sure he'd let you if I'd asked and told hin how important it is. If he doesn't want to, then I'll take your theory of him being 'a strong fella' and throw my 'sensitive' theory down the drain." I laughed and he nodded.

"Okay, Bella. Sure. It would be a pleasure to help Emmett. They always say, 'Share your knowledge' and now I can." He laughed and I nodded slowly, not getting the joke but letting an amused expression cross my features. That must be one of those intelligent jokes.

"Whatever you say Jacob. Thank you." I said and he smiled.

"No problem."


Alice has been acting strangely these past few days. She never seems to want to be with me, except for the rare occasions when she told me that she had 'uploaded a new photo'. And of course when she noticed my clothing change from 'her' style to 'my' style'. But she seems more reserved and oddly happy, with a distant, thoughtful expression on her face more than usual. I didn't mind though. It was nice to have more time for myself. Though I can't stop myself from being worried. Something must be wrong or too right for Alice to be acting like this.

I rolled my eyes as I walked through the schools main exit door, toward the parking lot, because one egotistical guy had winked at me. He laughed and took that as a positive response.

I was walking down the stairs, slowly, with my head bowed down and my right hand gripping my backpacks strap. My hair, that has grown to the middle of my back since my 'transformation', blew out behind me as a steady but weak wind blew past me. I shivered slightly as a chill ran down my spine from the feel of the wind on my skin.

I decided on waiting in my car for Emmett, my car that my dad had bought for Emmett and I to travel to school in. It was nothing fancy, just a simple red truck that I adored. Emmett thought that it was a bit too old for his liking but a vintage nevertheless. He also offered to spruce it up a bit, which I agreed to in an agreement involving his extra studies with Jacob. I smiled as I remembered the conversation.

"Emmett, I've been noticing that your grades aren't too great." Dad murmured, as we were all seated around the dining room table at dinner.

"Well Dad, I have been passing almost everything... Except for Gym. I've been passing it exceptionally well." He said, twirling some spaghetti around his fork. I laughed while looking down, nibbling on my food a bit, listening to their conversation.

"Emmett, if you want to get into a good university, you're going to have to do more than pass by just a percent more that'll get you through. As I had told Bella." Dad smiled and dropped his fork.

"Well, I'd like to study something to do with sport. Whatever its called sounds like the thing for me. So passing Gym exceptionally well is all I have to do." He shrugged and chewed on a meatball.

"The fact that you don't even know the name of what you want to study says a lot to me," Dad said and I lifted my fork at Emmett,

"Beside Emmett. You have to pass everything well to get into university. I should know." Okay so that was a lie. Emmett does Spanish. He doesn't need that for the university to accept him. But a girls got to do what a girls got to do.

"Everything? I didn't know that." He said nonchalontly. "Could I have seconds?" He changed the subject, looking over at me.

"Emmett. Son, you have to take this seriously. Its your future we're talking about here. Spaghetti and meatballs ain't gonna save you." Dad said and I chuckled under my breath. Way to go Dad. By time someone put Emmett to task.

I had finished eating so I sat back, my arms folded, watching their exchange, amused.

"Okay Dad. So what do you expect I do? Study more? Extra classes? What?" He asked looking over at the stove at the same time.

"Em, over here, " Dad clicked his fingers in front of his face, demanding his attention. Emmett turned toward Dad, apologising.

"Okay. Well, Bella and I has organised a tutor for you." Dad explained and Emmett nodded in understanding, a serious expression on his face.

"A tutor. Great. What is that?" He asked and I laughed out loud. My hand flew to my mouth as I tried to muffle my laughter.

"Sorry." I said, inwardly chuckling. Emmett is going to need more than a tutor. Way more!

Dad had explained what it was and Emmett refused that some one help him. Someone that would make him feel stupid.

"Who is it anyway? Ms Hathing? Ms Grahams?" He asked and I shook my head.

"Jacob Black." I said, answering him. A grin appeared on his face as the words sunk in. I knew if I'd asked a friend to help him, he'd say yes. I know Emmett way to well.

"Jake, oh, that's coo-" he stopped, and thought for several minutes, sitting back, his arms folded.

"Wait. I'd like an exchange. I know for a fact that Bella organised Jake to 'tutor' me because, well, I just know. So, I'll accept the lessons if I get something in return." He set out his offer neatly, cleverly. I never knew he was THAT bright. I smiled.

"Yeah. What's it that you want, son?" Dad asked. Of course Charlie would do anything for Emmett to become smarter. He's Charlies only son, someone that shoulf shine with his life's lessons in mind. He should be an image of Charlie. Not that Charlie is even that smart, but oh well.

"Well, seeing that I don't get to drive the truck, I'd like to modify it- on my terms. I am driving in it anyway, which means I have to feel fabulous in it," I laughed, "Bella has no say in what I do." He said and I thought for a second. Its a win-win situation anyway.

"Sure Em."

"Yes! Oh yeah," he laughed in achievement, "When's this lessons starting?" He asked.

"Tomorrow." Charlie and I both said at the same time and Emmett backed up. I knew it'd be a win-win situation. Well for me anyway.

Emmett hadn't gotten to modifying the truck anyway due to the extra lessons and all the studying he had to do over the weekend. So I had knocked down two birds with one stone. I smiled.

As I reached the last step of the main building, I looked up and saw Edward sitting on a bench, all alone, in front of my truck in the deserted lot. I watched him, his actions and expression. He seemed lost, confused and even sad. I felt a swift sense of sympathy rising in me. Though Edward had been a jerk, he had apologised and I was more than satisfied with that. I was never one to hold grudges against people.

I walked across the drop-off point toward the bench where Edward was sitting on. I stopped just in front of him and smiled as he looked up at me.

"Bella." He smiled, slightly and I nodded.

"Hey Edward." I greeted and shifted, uncomfortably. He looked down again, before looking up and smiling.

"Sorry. I'm just..." He sighed and I shook my head before walking toward the bench and sitting next to him.

I put my right hand on his shoulder and he looked up at me, his eyes holding almost no emotion.

"What's wrong Edward? What's bothering you? I've never seen you like this before. You can talk to me. You can tell me anything." I said, slightly smiling. He looked at me from the corner of his eye before sighing. I've always had the need to make other people happy. Its not a nice sight when I see people sad or down.

"You really are sweet. Alice was right," he sighed and smiled half-heartedly. "Bella. A friend of mine, a really close family friend died four days ago." He sighed and I felt my throat tighten as I saw a tear trickle down his cheek. I never thought I'd see this side of Edward. The sensitive side. He wiped the tear away quickly and sat up turning toward me.

"At the tender age of 17, he had been killed. After hearing about it I realised just how easily life could be taken away from you. I'd realised just how short life is to be wasting your time with irrevelant things. Being a jerk isn't how I want to leave the world Bella. I want to be known for being the good guy, not the bad. I want to be known for actually being someone important. Bella, I want to leave this world happy." He said, and I noticed how his eyes were now tear-brimmed and his cheeks were flushed. I sighed deeply, fighting my tears back.

I reached out and embraced Edward. He seemed a bit tense in the beginning but then he loosend up and put his arms around me.

"I'm so sorry Edward." I whispered in his chest. He sighed and hugged me tighter, breathing in deeply. I pulled away slowly and looked into his eyes. He seemed a bit at ease, his eyes seemed less tense and he looked relieved almost.

"Thank you Bella. Thank you so much." He said and I nodded slowly.

"Anytime Edward. If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm here." I said and sighed while he nodded.

"Thank you." He smiled and sat back, sighing, relieved. His hands flew to his hair and his fingers raked through it.

We sat silent for several minutes, neither one uncomfortable by the silence. We just sat, staring straight ahead. To others, this must've looked retarded, or maybe even romantic. To me, it was a moment of realisation for both of us. A moment when we both found our inner-selves and embraced it, happily. Edward and I, on that bench, had both changed, even in the smallest way.

*Author's Note (A.k.a Lauren's Note:)*

I hope you all enjoyed the chapter:) Bells and Eddie have changed, as we noticed in this chapter. For better or for worse? That's the question.
Anyhoo, leave me some of your thoughts please? :)
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