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Isabella Swan and Emmett Swan are the new students at Forks High. There are lots of Casanova’s in the school, and they use all the girls at the school. They are actually used to getting any girl they wanted. Isabella happens to become bait at the school because she is beautiful and new. Edward Cullen, the captain of the football team is one of the Casanova’s, actually he is the leader. Bella becomes best friends with Edward’s sister and she tells her everything about her brother. Bella has a necklace of her deceased mother Renee and she wears it all the time… Emmett and Alice then come up with the idea of a Challenge for the guys… They are still interested in her after a few weeks and accept… What will happen????



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A Twist Of Life

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This story happens in the time when Bella has to choose between Edward and Jacob. The whole Twist in this story is that Bella doesn’t choose Edward, she chooses Jacob instead... Why? Because Bella has for some reason found a certain love for kids after she drives past a daycare and sees the mothers and kids hugging and kissing each other... Bella then thinks she can’t have kids with Edward, so she chooses Jacob. That was the hardest decision she ever had to make, but Bella went with her mind instead of with her heart. Bella then marries Jacob, has kids and is having a wonderful life.

After five years-(which then makes Bella 23 years old)- the Volturi went and checked with the Cullen’s to see if Bella was still human, and to their surprise Bella is not even with the Cullen’s anymore. That to them is danger because Bella could reveal their secret. They then find out where she is and go to kill her. That forces the Cullen’s to go and protect Bella and to let her know what is coming for her, because Edward just could not stand anyone hurting Bella because he obviously still loves her.

What will happen then, after Edward hasn’t seen Bella for five years and still loves her and Jacob feeling very protective of his family...

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Hey Shauny:)

Thank You!:) I'm glad you liked it.
I'll be sure to keep you posted.


update now plzzzzzzz or else u will hear from the volituri

Hey Calipso:)

I'll update real soon, don't you worry. And, The Volturi ... You wouldn't... But no need for them, Chapter 13 will be up soon. :)
Thanks For Reading:)


This is AWESOME!!!!

But please update soon, the only problem is I keep wanting to know what happens next, and it's really suspenseful. It's killing me, so pleeaasseeee update soon? For the penguin :)

Hey Jesse:)

Thank You:) Glad you think its AWESOME. (#ThumbsUp)

I WILL be updating soon. I'm so sorry for taking soooo long. School is becoming a bit hectic at the moment... Because my school year like just started and we're writing tons of tests and its almost time for our term examinations again. And then on top of that, I've got a whole lot of assignments due, so I've barely had time to even visit the site, barely even time to write. But I always find a way and make time. Sorry for ranting, just thought I'd explain myself so people could understand my delayed posting.:)

You know, I think I'll post tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow. I promise.

I'll do anything for that 'lil penguin:) He's too adorable! =}

Thanks For Reading:)

Chapter 13-

Edward POV

Bella. Bella Swan. If she had any idea how I actually felt. As I stared at her flawless face, I felt utter bliss. Utter bliss that coursed through my body at the mere thought of her being my friend. The fact that we have became close friends is a dream come true.

Bella stared straight ahead, at a bunch of girls on the main entrance steps, confusion covering her features. She seemed deep in thought, her eyes staring ahead, emotionless. It felt wrong for me to be staring at her like that. But sometimes I just can't help myself, Bella is intriguing to me, in so many ways. Her actions and kindness was something that helped me to learn from through my dark days. To learn to become a better person.

Sometimes, while I'm alone, with time to think... I think of my life, a few weeks ago. I was an arrogant, egotistical person who couldn't care a bit about the other joyful things in my life. I was somebody my parents couldn't have been proud of. My life, seemingly different know, is a much better example of how I would like to grow up. After Jared died... Things became a whole lot clearer. It became clear to me that life is way too short to be messing around. I should be focusing on passing my studies well. Being a good older brother and example to my sister. Being someone my parents could be proud of. Being Edward Cullen.

I sighed as I looked down at my cell phone. The message that had frightened Bella with its shrill, was from Alice.

'Hey Edward. You can leave for home. My friend will be dropping me off later. Nothing to worry about. Love you. -Alice.'

Third time Alice has had a 'friend' drop her off. Third time that I had sat and waited like a fool. Though I didn't mind, I had great company. I sighed as I shut my phone and looked up at Bella again.

What if she was right? What if Alice has been seeing someone? Someone that I didn't know? Did know? Someone that has made her happy. Happier than she's ever been. What if Alice was in love?

"Bella!" I heard someone call and my head turned toward the booming sound.

Emmett was jogging toward us, a smile that reached from ear to ear, on his face.

Emmett Swan is a force to be reckoned with. He is nothing like he looks. On the outside he's this humongously-looking guy, with unnaturally curly hair. But on the inside, he's just a big teddy bear. I remember just meeting Emmett, my eyes buldging out of my sockets at the thought of him being Bella's BIG brother. Literally. He scared me to the bone, but as I introduced myself to him, when that goofy smile crossed his features as I said my name, all fear was gone.

That brought memories of that evening when Bella and Emmett stayed for dinner and when we had planned on being idiots at the dinner, making the girls feel uncomfortable. I guess at the moment the plan seemed awesome because, well, we were crazy. We're classified to be more 'mature' now.

I smiled as Bella stood up. She stood, clutching at her book in her hands, her hair slightly shimmering in the light of the sun. Emmett bounded toward us, excitedly, as per normal, but this time he seemed more calm, more at ease.

"Hey Ed." Emmett greeted as he stopped in front of us. I nodded once, acknowledging my greeting to him. He smiled and turned toward Bella.

"We can go now. My extra class took longer than expected. Jake is a smart man." He murmured, and Bella smiled.

"Okay." She sighed. She turned toward me and winked.

"Goodbye Edward. Have a great day furthur." She said before leaning in to hug me. I stood up instinctively and wrapped my arms around her. She chuckled and shrugged, hugging me tightly. I took in a deep breath, taking in her scent. Taking in everything I could to make me remember this moment. The first time she had ever hugged me. I closed my eyes in satisfaction.

"Okay, break it up..." Emmett said and Bella chuckled in my ear, causing me to smile. I turned my head slightly and kissed her cheek, before pulling back. She smiled and clutched her book tighter, turning to Emmett.

"By time... Almost thought I was going to witness something..." He trailed, before Bella pointed to their truck.

"Go." Was all she said and I chuckled at her stern voice. Emmett backed-away, his hands up. I shook my head with a smile... What a crazy pair they are. As Emmett walked toward the truck with his head bowed in mocked shame, Bella turned and smiled warmly at me.

"Bye Edward." She greeted and I stood up.

"Bye Bella." I said as she turned to walk in the direction of her truck.

I sighed as I lost sight of her and sat down, gathering my thoughts.

Yes, Bella Swan... If she really had any idea how I felt about her.

*Authors Note:
Hope you all enjoyed it. If not, tell me, okay? :) I know nothing 'exciting' happened, but I thought that we should all just take a peek into Edwards new and reformed mind. And I just wanted to at least post a 'llil something:) Take a look at his feelings, get what I mean? :)

Yes, In celebration of my birthday, I updated. My first chapter for the first day of the 15th year of my life:) *20 February :)* Lol, its odd, but I thought, 'what the heck, let's update!' And it happened to be on my birthday...

So.... Leave me some of your thoughts? Or even a whooole lot? :) Any queries, problems or even ideas... Let me know:) And to those still reading, I'd like to say Thank You:) You guys are my motivation. :)


Thanks so much:)

Loved the chapter. Great to see it from Edward's point of view!

Thank You Seugnet:) Glad you liked it!:)

great update!  can't wait to read your next one.  Happy birthday by the way!

Thanks Kelley!:)

Awwww cute!!!! Please more soon!!!! I LOVE EDWARD NOW! and Emmett hehehe


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