The Twilight Saga


Thistles POV-


‘I’ve finally done it!’ I thought to myself as I ran through the words running for my life. My heart beat was audible in my ears and my breathing was rough. I looked around frantically for somewhere to go.


Then I saw it the half burnt sign that read ‘District 12’. I had heard of this place in the guard’s minds. This is where Katniss and Peeta Mellark lived, the two people who ended the rebellion and sentenced my life.


I ran as fast as I could down the road that the sign pointed to. I heard the motors of the car things behind me. I felt the ache in my legs and lungs. As I hurdled over things my mind raced, would Katniss be able to protect me? Could she still be a fighter or did she stop when the war ended?


I tripped and fell on my side. I let out a sharp cry as something dug into my side and my head. I didn’t have any time to look at my wounds so I clutched my side and started running. Within a couple of minutes, which had felt like hours, it started raining and I saw an opening.


I ran as fast as I could to the opening with my eyes half shut. When I reached the opening I saw three white houses, the two looked old and worn down while the one in the middle was well maintained. I headed for that one.


My head had been spinning for the last two minutes and now I could barely see.  I heard the wheels a couple miles away and opened the door. I stepped in and a man stood there.


He had blonde hair and green eyes. He looked about 30 maybe 31 but no older and he had burn marks above his eyes. I heard his thought ‘what the hell?’ “Katniss, Gage!” I heard him yell.


‘Yes I made it…’ I said to myself safe at last. I smiled and felt myself start to fall. Then I felt Peeta  caught me and he laid me down.


I felt two more people enter the room. ‘Oh god is she ok?’ someone thought and then I heard a higher pitched one. ‘Rue!’


‘Who’s Rue?’ I asked myself. As I started to drift into unconsciousness I heard a soft song playing in someone’s head.



Katniss And Peeta-


Aloe- Peeta and Katniss's Daughter-


Linx- Peeta and Katniss's son-






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Add me if u like the story so it will be easier for me to update u :)
luv it!! keep me updated!
thanks :) i will
yay! :) lol
thanks for reading it! :) you made my day
LOL i'm glad! It's really good!! when are you writing more?
tomorrow :)
Who the heck is thistle?
haha yeah its like the end of the series add on it's cooler when i write more sorry
Well i may put up the first Chapter tonight...
yeah :) but it maybe a little cause im doing my homework too


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