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Chapter 1


I allowed myself to fall back against my bed with a sigh of relief. “Finally finished.” I breathed out as I looked around my new room. I’d just finished unpacking everything from the boxes, that were now piled up by my door, waiting for me to take them away. That was what I hated most about moving around all the time. The packing and unpacking. It could be exhausting.

Mom had promised me this would be the last time we would move. Then again that’s what she’d said back in Florida where we’d just moved from. I prayed that Forks, Washington would become my new, permanent home no matter how small the town was. I’d lived in towns smaller than Forks believe it or not. Mom was a writer. She loved to visit new places to get new ideas for her stories so we’d moved around a lot my whole life.

I’d actually liked Florida too, heck I’d even taken the time to make friends in Florida. I had managed to finish out my entire junior year at Rosewood High, which was the longest we’d ever stayed in one place. I think that was what made me believe we would actually be staying there instead of moving. Again.

“Bri come here please!” My mother’s gentle voice called from downstairs.

I groaned before pushing myself off the bed and to my feet. I blew a wisp of blonde hair, that had escaped my loose bun, out of my face. I walked down the hall to the stairs. Mom wanted to repaint the hall so they were a deep red instead of the tacky yellow they were now. That was a task we were supposed to get to tomorrow after I got home from school. Knowing Mom we would never actually get that done.

My hand trailed down the stairs railing as I walked at a steady pace. I turned to the right and headed to the left and headed to the kitchen where Mom was waiting for me at. “Yeah Mom?” I walked into the kitchen, plopping down at one of the barstools.

“Can you get the mushrooms started for me please?” Mom used one tanned hand to gesture towards the stove where a frying pan and a pack of mushrooms sat.

“Sure.” I told her as I moved over to light the stove. I emptied out all the mushrooms into the pan, glad I’d learned to cook when we’d lived in Florida. Another upside of Florida was that I’d gotten a pretty good tan while I’d been there just as Mom had. I looked over my shoulder at her, taking in her appearance. She looked tired and I didn’t necessarily blame her because we’d been busy unpacking and getting settled in all day. Something Mom and I shared was our petite frame and the similarities ended there. She told me once that I got my looks from my dad whom I didn’t even know because he’d run off when I three years old.

The only thing I remembered about him was his warm smile and sea green eyes that I’d inherited from him. I wasn’t completely sure why he had run off. That was something Mom had never taken the time to explain to me so he must have hurt her pretty bad when he did. I’d thought about it plenty of times, wondering if he’d run off with another woman or maybe he didn’t love Mom anymore. I couldn’t see how he could have fallen out of love with her. Mom was, not only beautiful, but one of the kindest people I knew.

She could have dated after that but she never did. Any man would have taken her. She still looked youthful even though she was in her mid thirties. Her wavy black hair still had a shine to it and her china blue eyes sparkled with life. “Smells good Bri.” She commented as I stirred the soy sauce in with the mushrooms. We both loved stir-fried mushrooms with a little bit of soy sauce added in so we had it with our food as often as we could.

Once I was finished with the mushrooms Mom and I grabbed a plate and piled it up before sitting down at the island with bottles of flavored water. “I like this house. It’s not as big as the one we had back in Florida, but it’s quaint if you ask me. What do you think Bri?” She asked as she took a thoughtful bite of a mushroom.

“Your right.” I admitted as I looked around the bright kitchen. “I think I like it too.” Back in Florida we’d had a house by the beach so I’d gotten used to taking walks around sunset, enjoying the feel of the sun shining down. By the looks of the weather in Forks I was seriously going to miss the sun.

“Maybe we can go back and visit someday.” Mom suggested absently as she took another bite of mushroom. I shot her a look and she laughed at me. “Not to stay, just to visit. You’ve got to admit though, Florida was nice.”

I snorted. “Like California, New York, Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, and Ohio?” I shook my head in what was similar to disbelief. “New York City was too busy. Texas was too hot, California…was okay, and I straight up didn’t like Georgia and Louisiana. Ohio was fine, but that’s probably because that’s where I was born in the first place.” I pushed my mushrooms around on my plate as I thought back to Ohio. Sure it had been cold, but I loved the cold and really liked it there. When I was twelve years old we’d moved to New York. When I was almost thirteen we moved to Georgia and a year months later Texas. When I was fourteen we moved to Louisiana. Fifteen was moved to California and stayed until I was seventeen. Then we moved to Florida where I finished out my junior year. When school was only a week away Mom announced to me that we were moving to Forks, Washington. Not only that but she’d promised that would be the very last time we would ever have to move. She better hope she was telling me the truth.

“Did you finish unpacking all of your things?” Mom suddenly decided to change the subject and I figured that was for the better. She definitely didn’t want to get me started on a rant about how sick I was of moving around so much just because she wanted new inspiration. If she wanted more inspiration she could go stare at a bowl of fruit or something but no way was I moving again.

Being eighteen now I could just live here by myself if that was the case. I just refused to move again.

“Yeah I finished. It took a few hours but every poster, picture, and book is in it’s place. I even have an outfit picked out for school tomorrow.” I mumbled. To tell you the truth I wasn’t all that nervous about school tomorrow due to the fact I’d switched schools so many times I didn’t get nervous about meeting new people anymore.

“Well that’s good. If your up for it then we can repaint the halls tomorrow. I’m not too crazy about the yellow.” I nodded in agreement as I finished the rest of the mushrooms off and stood up to put my plate in the dishwasher. Mom got up too to put hers in along with it. Mom yawned and waved a hand at me. “You’d better get to bed and get some rest for your first day of school tomorrow.”

“That sounds like a great idea.” I kissed her cheek before jogging towards the stairs, looking forward to burying under my soft downy comforter. I slowed down as I reached the top of the stairs and began to walk to my room. Once in my room I paused in front of the mirror to take my contacts out and slip my glasses on so I could see what I was doing.

I let my blonde hair down from its bun, shaking it out. I pulled my violet comforter back and crawled under the covers. Taking my glasses off, turned the lamp beside my bed off and then snuggled in.

Once my eyes were close I took a few minutes to think everything over. My best friend from Florida, Alyssa, hadn’t called or even text me all day which I found odd. Back in Florida we’d been practically inseparable even though we’d only known each other for a year. I’d have to call her tomorrow. Knowing her she probably got caught up finishing the work she’d been assigned over summer because we’d spent most of our summer at the beach.

Alyssa and Sam had both been good friends of mine in Florida. Sam was a good guy, probably why we’d dated over the summer. I’d had to end it with him when I found out we were moving though. Sam and I never really had much in common. Where he enjoyed going to football games I would have rather stayed home reading a book or watching a good movie. Luckily he hadn’t been too upset when I’d broken up with him.

I turned over on my side to curling up and slowly drifting into a dreamless sleep.




Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

My hand reached out blindly, a groan escaping my mouth. I hated my alarm clock more than anything right now. I wanted to stay curled up in bed all day. I didn’t want to start over and have to make new friends all over again. But I forced myself out of bed either way because I had to go to school wheter I liked it or not.

After grabbed my clothes from my dresser I trudged straight to the bathroom which was right across the hall from me. I took a quick hot shower. Even though I’ve always preferred the cold I liked to take hot showers because it relaxed me, believe it or not. Once I was out I slipped into my faded jeans and a long-sleeved black shirt on. Deciding to let my hair air-dry, I ran a brush through it, put my contacts in, and brushed my teeth. I left the bathroom to go grab my book bag out of my room. I grabbed the gray messenger bag from its place in my rooms corner and slung it over my shoulder.

Before I headed downstairs where I was sure Mom was already waiting for me at, I made sure to get my cell phone off of my desk. I checked to see if I had any messages or missed calls. Turns out I didn’t which I still found odd.

“Morning Mom.” I said once I walked in the kitchen. The aroma of freshly made coffee drafted around the room. I couldn’t help but wrinkle my nose in disgust because I hated coffee. Mom chuckled when she saw the look I was making because of the smell.

“Good morning Bri. There’s some orange juice in fridge.” She offered.

“No thanks. I’m not thirsty.” I grabbed my keys off the counter, twirling them around my fingers. “I think…I’m going to go ahead and leave.”

“Okay then. Have a good day at school. Love you!” She called after me by the time I was already half-way out of the door.

“Love you too!” I shouted back, then headed for my car which was a cherry red ’69 Mustang that had once belonged to my father. Mom told me he’d left it when he left so she’d kept it in good shape over the years so I could have the car when I turned sixteen. I’ve been driving the car for three years now and I made sure to keep it in good shape.

I started the car, listening to it as it roared to life. I’d had Sam show me how to install the new stereo system in my car that way if I ever needed to do it again then I could. I sighed when I pulled out of our driveway. For the first time in the past three days I wanted to call Sam just to have somebody to talk to. He’d always understood how I felt about the moving around because he had moved around a lot too as a child.

When I got to Forks High I parked beside an old red truck. I eyed it warily as I got out of my car, slamming the door shut behind me. Shouldering my bag I started to walk across the parking lot, looking around at all of the students who were milling about talking to old friends, people they’d probably known since kindagarten.

I twisted my lips into a grim smile as I kept on trudging across the parking lot. I suddenly heard the sound of squealing tires, causing me to freeze right where I was at. Fear spiked through me as the sound stopped. Once I realized I wasn’t dead I peeked through one eye to see that a few students were staring at me. I shot them a quick look before turning my head to see a jeep just a few feet away from me.

I let out the breath I hadn’t realized I’d been holding. I ran a shaky hand through my hair, watching as the door of the jeep opened and somebody got out. I felt like sinking to my knees, but that would probably make me look crazy so I stayed right where I was. I turned around to face whoever had almost run me over, prepared to give them a piece of my mind.

But I froze. Again.

I’ll admit I stared. But you would have stared too if you would have seen the guy that got out. He was tall, around 6’5", and he had a muscular build. He would have been intimidating if I hadn’t had seen bigger guys than him. He had dark brown hair that was slightly curly, and eyes like no other I’d ever seen. They were the golden color of honey and I found that I couldn’t tear my eyes away. His skin was unbelievably pale, almost like he never got out in the sun.

“Run out in front of cars often?” His smooth voice had a teasing tone to it.

I blinked at him a few times before I could gather my wits and snap myself out of the small trance I’d been in. “Yeah it happens to be a hobby of mine.” I told him sarcastically.

The boy smirked at me, clearly amused by my response. “Well you might want avoid running out in front of me. I’m not the safest driver.”

“I’ll look forward to running out in front of you then.” I said, laughing mostly at myself. You’ll look forward to running out in front of him? Real smooth Bri. I mentally shook my head at myself and shifted my bag. “Anyways I have to go and…um get my schedule because I’m new here and all. See you around.” I spun around to walk off towards the high school, biting down on my bottom lip.

“Hey!” I instinctively turned my head when somebody shouted only to see a girl walking over to me. “You must be new.” I silently wondered if she were trying to state the obvious but I decided not to say anything aloud. My smart mouth had gotten me in trouble on more than one occasion and I didn’t want now to be one of those times.

“Yeah I am.” I said.

“I’m Stacci Locke. Nice to meet you.” She held her hand out for me to shake it. I took her hand warily, wondering why she was being so nice to me. “Come on I’ll show you to the office.”
“Oh. Okay…I’m Bri by the way.” I added awkwardly seeing as how she hadn’t asked me for my name in the first place. I glanced around at all the students we passed, wondering why she’d had to come up to me to talk in the first place.

“So Bri…I saw that you almost go ran over by Emmett Cullen.” I nodded, figuring she’d say something about that.

“Emmett Cullen.” I mumbled under my breath, memorizing the name for later as she led me to the front office. “Yeah he did. Hey I should be able to get it from here….so thanks.” I offered, not really knowing what else to say to her. It wasn’t often that I was at a loss of words. Perhaps it had something to do with that fact I’d almost gotten ran over.

Stacci’s pretty face fell, “Oh okay…well I’ll see you later today at lunch then!” She said excitedly before prancing off back down the hall.

I stared after her for a second with a raised eyebrow. Something told me the two of us were going to be friends whether I liked it or not. I suppose I didn’t mind. At least somebody was going out of their way to talk to me.






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