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This is my first fanfic ever! It's like The Last Song with the Twilight characters in it. It will mostly follow the story of The Last Song, but there will be some changes, like it will be in first person. There might even be some vampires and werewolves involved. Tell me what you think. And please, no copying. I'll post the first chapter when I get 5 comments. Add me as a friend if you want updates. Banners are welcome. Thanks!


Disclaimer: Stephanie Meyer owns the characters, Nicholas Sparks owns the storyline.


Here is the character guide, in case you read the book or saw the movie:

Ronnie - Bella

Will - Edward

Steve - Charlie

Jonah - Seth

Kim - Renee

Blaze - Leah

Marcus - Jacob

Teddy - Embry

Lance - Quil

Scott - Jasper

Susan - Esme

Tom - Carlisle

Ashley - Tanya

Cassie - Lauren

Kayla - Jessica

Rick - Mike

Mikey - Anthony (Edward's middle name)

Megan - Rosalie

Emmett - Rosalie's fiance

Alice is in it too!







all these beautiful banners were made by Alice_in_Wonderland


Chapter 1 - page 4

Chapter 2 - page 4

Chapter 3 part 1 - page 5

Chapter 3 part 2 - page 6

Chapter 4 - page 9

Chapter 5 - page 11

Chapter 6 part 1 - page 31

Chapter 6 part 2 - page 14

Chapter 7 - page 16

Chapter 8 - page 18

Chapter 9 - page 20

Chapter 10 - page 23

Chapter 11 - page 24

Chapter 12 part 1 - page 27

Chapter 12 part 2 - page 28

Chapter 13 - page 31


^^ I somehow messed up all the pages, but just so everyone knows, chapter 6 part 1 is on page 31

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awwh thanks!
and btw i love your pic lol
OMG THIS SOUNDS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!! you NEED to post this!!!!!! omg cant wait for more!!!!!
haha thanks!
write more
omg wow that was fast lol
I have most of chapter 1 written so I will post asap I promise
okay as promised here is chapter 1
its kinda boring, and most of the dialogue is straight from the book, but it'll get better i promise
this was really good, i liked how you're changing it. BTW, what'd you think of The Last Song? I laughed and cried so much. I love that movie. It had me smiling and laughing at some points and the end was like wow... and then i cried while seeing it. Jonah made me cry the most. Post more soon :)
same here
i saw it with my friend and her sister and we couldnt stop laughing and crying
and jonah was so cute! i loved his high pitched voice! lol
thanks for reading!
haha me too!
awesome! keep me updated!!!!!!
will do! and thanks for reading!


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