The Twilight Saga

This is the story of Jacob Black and Renesme Cullen. The love that they share and how much they want to be together. They are a perfect match. But when Renesme also known as Nessie finds out the truth behind what Jake did will she love him still or will she leave her one true love. When the Volturi returns what will happen with there love. Will Bella and Edward support Nessie in her decision or will they try and talk her out of it.



The Life I Live.... (Renesme and Jacob)

By: Tia Downs



Chapter One the First Time


It was 6'o clock on Friday night and I was so excited to meet with Jacob. It was our night together and a date with Jacob was always fun. He asked me out on a date when he came on his motorcycle to pick me up from my dance competition today. Dancing was my favorite thing to do, besides hanging out with my mom and dad and learning all the cool vampire stuff. I walked outside of the all glass double doors and saw him standing there waiting for me. I was so excited to see him that I ran and jumped on him. Jacob spun me around and then gave me a kiss. 

“hey, beautiful"

"Hi" I was still kind of shy around him. Even though we have been dating for seven months.

"How did it go?"

"It was so much fun, and guesses what?


"I won" He hugged me and expressed how happy he was that I won. Jacob always knew how important dancing was and he supported me all the way. I was ready to go because I was tired and I just wanted to go and relax in his arms. But he asked me a question that broke my concentration.

"Billy is having a fancy dinner party and he wants everyone to come and get dressed up. It’s going to be at this hotel called Fantasy. Would you like to go with me?" I didn't even hesitate

"YES, I would love to, I'm always ready to get dressed up, and I guess I got that from my aunt Alice"

"OK". He took my dance bag and put it across his shoulders. I hopped on to the back seat of the motorcycle put on my helmet that said across the top in big bold letters "I Love You, from Jacob". He was so sweet and it we were perfect together. When dropped me off in front of my small cottage. He said for me to be ready by eight tonight. I got off the bike and kissed him soft yet passionately. We said our goodbyes. I watched him pull off. I was in my shower remembering all that took place that day and forgot to watch my time. I jumped out the shower and looked at the gold clock on my wall it read 6:15pm.

"O.M.G". I was in a hurry known because; I had to be ready by eight. I wrapped my favorite towel around me and went into my room. I opened up my walk in closet door. The light instantly came on and I saw the perfect dress for me to wear with the matching shoes. It was an all red spaghetti strap tight fitting dress that stopped right above the knee with a slight slit in the middle. The shoes were all black with a strip of red going up the middle. I placed the outfit on my bed and put the shoes on the floor. I went back into my bathroom and put on the honey smelling body lotion that Jacob loved so much on my body and went back into my room to get dressed. It was a struggle to put on the dress but once it was on it fit me perfect in all the right places. I went back into my bathroom to put on my make up. I really didn't like cover-up, and neither did Jacob. So it was just mascara, eye shadow blush and lip-gloss. I straighten out my dark brown hair and put nice curls in it. Once my curls were bouncy I was finished with that. I ran back into my room because it was already 7:45pm and I still didn't put on my jewelry and perfume. I sat on my bed and slid my shoes onto my feet. I stood in front of my dresser and put on my gold necklace that was just right for the dress a gold diamond ring that Jacob bought me for my 24 birthday as I was reaching for my bracelet I heard my door bell ring.

"I'm coming" I shouted I quickly put on the rest of my jewelry. Sprayed the honey perfume that matched the lotion garbed my purse and walked slowly to the door. When I opened the door I heard Jacob say

"Wow, you look gorgeous" he smiled that crocked smile I loved so much.

"Thank you, and you look very handsome" I always loved to see Jacob dressed up because it brought out everything I loved about him. Jacob put his hands around my waist and pulled me close to him for a kiss. I didn't want him to stop but I new we had to leave.

"Come on beautiful'

"OK, love"

"Do you need something for arms just in case the hotel is cold?"

"No not really"


"Because as hot as you are, if I get cold I can just get closer to you and I know you will warm me right up" I winked at him and he smiled. He kissed me on my forehead and said "let's go"

I must admit whenever he kissed me on my forehead it always made me blush. I told Jacob OK, I made sure that my house was locked up and we walked along the lighted path that went all the away around my house. We reached his car and I stopped. He asked me what was wrong as he gazed into my eyes confused. 

"I just wanted to tell you how much I love you and how happy and proud I am to be called your girlfriend" 

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Things left off at such a crucial point.  I can't wait to see what happens next!

I love it please keep me updated! :D

There was silence between us for a while. I was going to take this opportunity to speak up. I saw the look my mom had she let out a heavy exhale

“Mom and dad please listen to me. I love Jake with all my heart”

This was my chance to plead my case with them

“I know that you guys are not a fan of his but I am I am willing to do anything to be with him. We are having a baby and I want to be with my child’s father. I know that I have put you guys through a lot and for that I am sorry. But I love Jake and we are going to have a family together. I know that you think I’m too young and I understand but you guys have to realize that you have raised me to do what is right you have raised me to be independent. I am not giving up on my dream of becoming a dancer I will succeed in that. But you must realize that this is the life I need to live. I will come and visit you guys as much as I can and I will bring the baby to see you as well just please let me do this, this is an adult decision that I have to make. I have to be the women that you both have taught me to be.”

My mom just looked at me I was waiting, waiting for her response to what I was saying. I wanted this I wanted them to trust that I will make the right choices. My parents have always been there to bail me out and I felt like it was my chance to show and to prove to them that I can handle this. I was standing by the window with my hands at my sides waiting for them to respond. My mom walked over to me and gave me a big hug. I wrapped my arms around her and she told me exactly how she felt. She pulled away from me and took both my hands in hers

“Nessie if you love him this much then I have no choice but to let you stay with him. I know that deep down inside he will take care of you and I also know that you make each other happy. I have tried to stop this but I cant no longer I am willing to let you do this and just know that we are only a phone call away”

My mom placed her hand over my stomach

“I really am happy for you but do I wish you guys were already married yes but I can’t help that factor. I will not stand in the way of you being happy anymore. I love you and I trust you with all my heart.”

I was crying my eyes out. My mom finally understood. She was excepting of me and Jake and the family we were going to have.

“But understand I still don’t like Jake but if he makes you happy then I will stand a side and let you be a woman.”

I was so happy to hear my mom say that. My mom was my best friend but these pass couple of weeks have been a strain on our relationship. I wanted my mom back and I finally got her. My dad walked over to me and kissed me on my forehead.

“I’m happy that you too can get a long it has been a long journey for both of you but Nessie baby. We love you and if you need us for anything you call us no matter what the situation or the circumstances and I expect you to live out your dream. You are an amazing young lady and you can stay”

I hugged my dad so tight that I didn’t want to let him go. It wasn’t until Aunt Alice came into the room that I let go of my dad. She had a big smile on her face I’m sure she already decided what she was going to say.

“Nessie I am so happy for you I agree with Bella and Edward this would be good for you and you will make an excellent mother to Jake jr.”

I put my hand over my stomach and whispered “Jake Jr”. It was relief in the room everyone came into the room and all agreed with me staying with Jacob my hole family with the exception of one.


Hi Lilly, Tia,

that was was a very sweet piece of writing.

I noticed the phrase "the life I need to live" which tied back to the title of the story really nicely.

And a very good cliff hanger at the end. Who is the one?

I'm really glad that Nessie has made up with Bella and they are agreed on the best way forward.

Great update.

Best wishes



 Tia wants to thank you for reading her story line. She has told me that you are one of the dedicated readers and she thanks you so much for that.Thank you so much for your comment. The next page will be coming soon. I hope you enjoy it


Lilly and Tia

I'm so glad they could find a solution and reconcile!  Can't wait for the next update!


Tia wants to thank you for reading the story again. The next chapter will be posted as soon as as she sends it to me 


Lilly and Tia


I LOVE IT !!!!!

Cant wait for more !!!!



Tia told me to thank you for still being a dedicated reader even though she was banned from the site but the next page is coming soon. I hope you will enjoy it.


Lilly and Tia

I looked around at everyone standing in the room and notice that aunt Rose was no where in the room.

“Grandpa where is Rosalie?”

“She is downstairs”

My grandpa was standing next to me

“She doesn’t want this for you Nessie”

Here we go again every time I wanted something there was always a complication. This was something I just did not understand at all. I mean she really hasn’t said much to me and now all of a sudden she was acting different. I was determined to find out what her dilemma was. I went out of the room first stopping at the bathroom to puke again. I cleaned my self off brushed my teeth and continued to walk down the stairs. There she was standing in front of the door leaning on the glass watching the trees as they blew back and forth.

“Hey Nessie”

“Hi auntie”

“I know that you are wondering why I did not come upstairs to congratulate you”

She knew exactly why I wanted to talk to her. I didn’t understand her. I mean I know that she told me she didn’t want this life for herself but she was happy that she found Uncle Emmet. So what was her issue with me being with Jake? There were a lot of things that I inherited from her. Like my dancing skills she taught me. I and Aunt Rose had a bond when I was growing up. We were emotionally attached to each other. I love her and I did value her opinion.

“Aunt Rose I don’t understand… what’s wrong? Do you not want me and Jake together?”

She walked slowly I heard the heels of her shoes clicking against the floor. She walked over to the couch and took a seat. When she sat down on the couch she patted the seat next to her. I walked over and sat down with one leg under me

“Nessie sweetheart it’s not that I don’t want you to be happy, because I do but being with Jake that’s the problem I have. I want you to live out your life I don’t want you to be tied down and watch your life pass you by. You are a beautiful young lady and you have so many opportunities but I’m scared that if you do this then you will be loosing out on your life. I know that you love him believe me I do but like I told your mom years ago this was not the life I wanted for myself and this is not the life I want for my niece he is not good enough for you and I feel that you should stay with us your family”

I just sat on the couch I adjusted myself this time sitting Indian style. I was soaking in the words of my aunt. “He’s not good enough” those words just kept playing in my head.

“Auntie I understand what you are saying but Jake is really important to me and I want to be with him. I know that you had a rough life and I understand that you did not want this but with me and Jake it’s different. He is not changing me into something else I am still going to be the same Nessie I have always been the only difference now is that I am with a shape shifter which is what I love about him. I know that you love me and I know that you want me to be with you guys but I have to do this for myself. I will still live out my dream and having this baby is going to enhance my maturity. I believe that I and Jake will be fine and we will make it auntie. I promise that I won’t let anything stop me from living out my dream. Besides I got my enthusiastic side form you. You have taught me so many things along with mom and Aunt Alice. You guys have been the example for me and I am only following the example that you and everyone else has laid out”

She sat on the couch and didn’t say anything. My aunt was very stubborn once she set her mind on something there was no changing it. I mean the whole earth could come crashing down and she would not move an inch. Aunt Rose was important to me and she new that I valued her opinion.

“Nessie I am not going to change my mind, but it’s not up to me majority rules and seeing as how everyone else said yes then I have to agree but understand that I am not happy with this decision at all. I hope that you guys do make it and I hope that you are happy”

She got up and walked outside. I felt a sharp pain go through my body. The words that came out her mouth hit there mark my heart was hurting “you don’t understand” I whispered to myself as I watched her walk away I just sat there with no movement. I think if I had any tears left in me I would have cried, but I cried so much over the last week that I had no more tears left inside. As she walked out I saw Jake come past her. He bumped her a little bit and she sucked her teeth.



She stormed out of the house and I didn’t see her anymore. Jake didn’t bother to ask me what was going on but I am sure it will come out sooner or later. Jake came in and sat next to me. I missed him so much and at this point I just needed him to be there with me. I didn’t even notice the bag in his hand until he sat it on the table and started opening it up.

“What’s that?”

“This is your chow for right know”

“Chow… you could have made it sound better”

We both chuckled. He pulled out a large drink followed by some fries and a small container. From the looks of it he must have got it from the diner in town. He laid everything out for me.

“I got your favorite”

“Oh yeah and what’s that”

I wanted to see if he knew what my favorite food was

“You’re double bacon cheese burger, cheese fries, and a chocolate milk shake”

“Why, thank you. So you think you know he huh”

“I know you very well”

I smiled at him as I reached for the burger. I felt the queasiness feeling coming back. I placed the burger back down and sat back on the couch leaning my head on the back of it.

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t feel like eating I’m nausea again”

“Ok so I will put it up for later but Nessie you know that you have to eat”

“I know just give me a few minutes. I sat on the couch and had to jump up and run to the bathroom. This time was different I was violently puking my stomach was hurting so bad that I didn’t notice when Aunt Alice came into the bathroom. I sat on the side of the tub with one hand on my head and the other hand on my stomach. I looked up at my aunt and she was holding a glass filled with what looked like water but it was too cloudy. She sat on the side of me

“Here Nessie drink this it will help with the nausea”

I didn’t even think to ask if it was going to help me stop all this puking and feeling sick I was willing to try it. I took the glass from her and drunk the liquid in one gulp. It was vey bitter it tasted like a bunch of lemons. It made my face cringe.

“Aunt Alice what is this”

“It’s freshly squeezed lemons”

“Aunt Alice why did you give me this it’s gross”

“Because dear it will help”

I sat there for a few more minutes and I must admit it did help me. The feeling left but the pain in my stomach didn’t leave at all.

“Come on lets get you cleaned up”

 I was moaning in pain I was still bent over walking towards the sink the pain I felt in my stomach was excruciating I have never felt a pain in my stomach like this. She helped me off the tub and washed my face fixed my hair and I brushed my teeth again. I turned to her

“Aunt Alice, why does aunt rose have to be so difficult?”

 She let out a sigh

“Well Nessie she has been through a lot and believe it or not she wants’ what’s best for you just give her sometime, she will come around”

I shook my head and said “ok”. I and Aunt Alice stayed in the bathroom for a while. I heard a commotion going on in the living room Aunt Alice was gone in a flash. There was screaming and arguing what was going on now. I could never catch a break.

I believe this chapter I really brilliant !!
Best of all,to me
I loved it !!
I can not wait for more !!
Tia write pleas in vampire speed and Lilly pleas post more soon !!!
Tell me when there's more !!!


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