The Twilight Saga

This is the story of Jacob Black and Renesme Cullen. The love that they share and how much they want to be together. They are a perfect match. But when Renesme also known as Nessie finds out the truth behind what Jake did will she love him still or will she leave her one true love. When the Volturi returns what will happen with there love. Will Bella and Edward support Nessie in her decision or will they try and talk her out of it.



The Life I Live.... (Renesme and Jacob)

By: Tia Downs



Chapter One the First Time


It was 6'o clock on Friday night and I was so excited to meet with Jacob. It was our night together and a date with Jacob was always fun. He asked me out on a date when he came on his motorcycle to pick me up from my dance competition today. Dancing was my favorite thing to do, besides hanging out with my mom and dad and learning all the cool vampire stuff. I walked outside of the all glass double doors and saw him standing there waiting for me. I was so excited to see him that I ran and jumped on him. Jacob spun me around and then gave me a kiss. 

“hey, beautiful"

"Hi" I was still kind of shy around him. Even though we have been dating for seven months.

"How did it go?"

"It was so much fun, and guesses what?


"I won" He hugged me and expressed how happy he was that I won. Jacob always knew how important dancing was and he supported me all the way. I was ready to go because I was tired and I just wanted to go and relax in his arms. But he asked me a question that broke my concentration.

"Billy is having a fancy dinner party and he wants everyone to come and get dressed up. It’s going to be at this hotel called Fantasy. Would you like to go with me?" I didn't even hesitate

"YES, I would love to, I'm always ready to get dressed up, and I guess I got that from my aunt Alice"

"OK". He took my dance bag and put it across his shoulders. I hopped on to the back seat of the motorcycle put on my helmet that said across the top in big bold letters "I Love You, from Jacob". He was so sweet and it we were perfect together. When dropped me off in front of my small cottage. He said for me to be ready by eight tonight. I got off the bike and kissed him soft yet passionately. We said our goodbyes. I watched him pull off. I was in my shower remembering all that took place that day and forgot to watch my time. I jumped out the shower and looked at the gold clock on my wall it read 6:15pm.

"O.M.G". I was in a hurry known because; I had to be ready by eight. I wrapped my favorite towel around me and went into my room. I opened up my walk in closet door. The light instantly came on and I saw the perfect dress for me to wear with the matching shoes. It was an all red spaghetti strap tight fitting dress that stopped right above the knee with a slight slit in the middle. The shoes were all black with a strip of red going up the middle. I placed the outfit on my bed and put the shoes on the floor. I went back into my bathroom and put on the honey smelling body lotion that Jacob loved so much on my body and went back into my room to get dressed. It was a struggle to put on the dress but once it was on it fit me perfect in all the right places. I went back into my bathroom to put on my make up. I really didn't like cover-up, and neither did Jacob. So it was just mascara, eye shadow blush and lip-gloss. I straighten out my dark brown hair and put nice curls in it. Once my curls were bouncy I was finished with that. I ran back into my room because it was already 7:45pm and I still didn't put on my jewelry and perfume. I sat on my bed and slid my shoes onto my feet. I stood in front of my dresser and put on my gold necklace that was just right for the dress a gold diamond ring that Jacob bought me for my 24 birthday as I was reaching for my bracelet I heard my door bell ring.

"I'm coming" I shouted I quickly put on the rest of my jewelry. Sprayed the honey perfume that matched the lotion garbed my purse and walked slowly to the door. When I opened the door I heard Jacob say

"Wow, you look gorgeous" he smiled that crocked smile I loved so much.

"Thank you, and you look very handsome" I always loved to see Jacob dressed up because it brought out everything I loved about him. Jacob put his hands around my waist and pulled me close to him for a kiss. I didn't want him to stop but I new we had to leave.

"Come on beautiful'

"OK, love"

"Do you need something for arms just in case the hotel is cold?"

"No not really"


"Because as hot as you are, if I get cold I can just get closer to you and I know you will warm me right up" I winked at him and he smiled. He kissed me on my forehead and said "let's go"

I must admit whenever he kissed me on my forehead it always made me blush. I told Jacob OK, I made sure that my house was locked up and we walked along the lighted path that went all the away around my house. We reached his car and I stopped. He asked me what was wrong as he gazed into my eyes confused. 

"I just wanted to tell you how much I love you and how happy and proud I am to be called your girlfriend" 

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Love it!  Awwe the baby is finally here!  can't wait to read your next update :-)

Lily and Tia,
i love it.... jakey jr.!!!!

Yes Jakey jr. Thank you for your comment and there will be more soon
Kelly...yes the baby is here :) but that doesn't mean it will be easier. Tia is working really hard and she tries to let me read what she has. Her next update will be posted soon.
Beauty of it all
It's been one month since Jakey jr was born and man was our child gifted. He is amazing. The night at the hospital I knew he would be special . I knew that there would be no person like him. He looked like jake. He even acted like him. We are the happiest family. Jake jr has become so close with everyone. He is like the light we needed to remove the stress and pressure. Me and jake decided to put jr in a gifted school with his grandma esme. It was late one morning when I noticed how gifted my child was. Jake and I were sitting on the sofa watching som t.v while jake jr sat on the floor and layer with his toys . I whispered to jake how much I love him and he kissed me on my forehead. I decided that I wanted to start teaching jake jr his numbers. Me and jake sat in half circle jake picked up jr and sat him on his lap to face me. Jr stopped playing and was really focused.
"jr look at mommy"
Me turned his head to face me

" ok baby one, two, three"

I held up my fingers as I counted and the response that I got from jr shocked me and his dad

"four, five, six"

We were in disbelief. This child is only a month and he counted his numbers. I tried again but using a bigger set of numbers

"eight hundred"

Before I could say the next he responded

"eight hundred one, eight hundred two"

Me and jake just sat there and lolled at each other. Jr wiggled his way out of jakes arms walked to where we sat the remote and turned the tv back on. I jumped on the phone to call someone anyone to let them know what just happened . When I turned around jake was on the phone with billy. I finally got the phone number I have been searching for.

" mom you are not going to believe this" I explained to her all that happened and she was intensely quite

"renesme bring him over"

I knew that was going to happen but I didn't mind. If it wasn't for jake being here I would have thought I lost my mind. I put on his clothes me and jake were already dressed. We walked out the door. I ran with jr in my arms all the time and he loved it. We came up to the house where we we're greeted by the family. Uncle emmet and my dad fought over who was going to hold him. As they started play fighting my mom walked over and just took him out my arms. She smelled

"hi baby. Even though your dad is a wolf you smell like a vampire".

She teased with jake . I was happy that everyone was getting along . My mom took jr and started sting with him. I felt peace over take me. I sat on the sofa with jake and started to think back to a few months ago. Before jake jr came it was hectic. Everyone was fighting tooth and the nail the voltori everything. My parents moved back to forks when jake jr was born because I was so sick afterwards that I could barely left him. They stayed in close contact with italy it seemed like they talked every minute but they really didn't. As I was sitting on the sofa going down memory lane. A small voice broke my concentration


It was jake jr. He said danger and pointed to the front door . A shutter came over me and I looked at jake.

Glad you're back!  Little Jakey comes from a very talented family and he seems to have even greater powers!  I wonder what he is warning them about in the end?  What danger is lurking out there to interrupt their happiness again?  Can't wait to see what happens next!

Seugnet de toit

Sorry it has been so long me and tia have been working very hard to get her other books published but she does have an update for you guys to read and be prepared for the new danger and new twist to the story she hopes that you guys will like it and read it


lilly and tia

really good update!  so glad he is gifted...wonder what the danger is?  can't wait to read your next update!



The new update will be posted by tommorrow night we have been working so hard on getting tia's other other books published but we have not forgotten about you guys



Lilly and Tia


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