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okay, so i just made up the title for this and let me explain why i want you to read this


this past year, as a junior in high school, i was part of the staff for the school newspaper. this class is an elective, but it counts as an english class because we have to write papers that are required with english classes, as well as our articles. The articles and the minmun requirement papers (english papers) are not enough to keep us busy throughout the year, sometimes i can go a week without doing anything in that class, so we have a project called a Masterpieve. A masterpiece is fourty-eight pages of our own writting, whether it be poems, haikues(however you spell that), or short stories. We turn in eight pages every 6 weeks of school and there are 6 six week periods, 3 each semester, and then we turn in all 48 pages at the end of the school year. Anyway, this year i had a little trouble getting everything turned in on time, earning myself a B in that class, which is horrible because that class is not in the least bit hard. I thought that if i got a head start on it, then maybe it would make my final year in high school easier. I was just hoping that people would take time to check this out and let me know if i should continue, and if you have any suggestions to where i should take the story, i would greatly appriciate them and welcome them. i only have about 3 pages hand written so far, so that isn't very long when it is typed up, but here is basically the overview. there are three main characters. Blake Carr obviously, the readers she things through her. She has this ability to feel others emotions, this was inspired by Jasper. She doesn't know how she can do it or why. This story is going to take her and her two best friends, who know about her ability, but don't have any powers themselves, on a journey that answers Blake's questions about her life. i don't know how to go about this, but i have an idea. She finds out somethings that she would rather not know about herself, and other things that she is thankful for. anyway, that is all ive got so far. and thank you for taking the time to read this, commenting, and contributing ideas if you do. anyway, thanks again.


so this is what i have so far..


story cover 1



story cover 2




     I don't know how or why i can do it, but i guess i've just gotten used to it. I've been like this for as long as i can remember. I can even actually remember when i was bored. No, i don't remember seeing anything or hearing anything when i was born, but i rememberfeeling the emotions; a mixture of relief, who i can only guess was from my mom, and joy. The emotions were so strong, like a wave pulling me under, trying to drown me. You see, i have this, i guess you could call it a  sixth sense. I can feel other peoples emotiongs.

    When i was little i owuld get so confused, i wouldn't know if i was feeling this, or if the feeling belonged to someone else. Sometimes i would feel the complete opposite of what i should be feeling. Like this one time, when i won the spelling bee in elementry school i should have been happy, especially since my dad said he would give me a dollar for every word i spelt right, but i felt angry and sad, probably because i was standing next to the boy i just beat. Talk about confusing!

    And that's not even the worst part! It is terribly uncomfortable when i'm in a room full of people. I try to avoid that if i can.

    Now i don't even think i have emotions, well, i obviously experience them, but they aren't mine. Another downside is that i can be a little bipolar sometimes because of it.

    The only upside to my, for want of a better word, ability, is that i make a lot of friends, reason being that i am really sensatve to peoples' emotions. Of all my friends, i would only consider two of them "true friends". They are the only two people that know of my "ability". Nolee Savitt and John Lerner. Nolee and i have been friends ever since we were six years old. We went to the same dance academy and have been there since. It's kinda of a strange story of how we became friends. It's like i gravitated towards her. I'm pretty sure it was her positve attitued and her optimistic outlook on life, plus she probably one of the most happiest people i have ever met in my life. So when she's happy, i'm happy. She's sociable, quirky, and very outspoken. She says some of the funniest things and a lot of what comes out of her mouth makes absolutly no sense at all. A lot of people like her, but unfortunately a lot of people don't. That's just because they are jealous of her, i would know.... i feel it. She can't help it though, it's just her personality and who she is.

     I've know John since the sixth grade, well, when i was in sixth, him fifth because he is a year younger than me. His family moved into a house a few blocks away from our school, which is only a few more blocks from my house, so we walked to and from school with each other. He became my other best friend when  he beat up this boy for making fun of my glasses(i have contacts now). That was probably the last time i felt my own true emotion, maybe i feel true emotions now, but i can never be 100% sure, and moving to bigger schools for Middle School and High School certainly didn't help any.

     John does wrestling and track, and he's pretty popular, but he is nice to everyone, even to the people that don't deserve his kindness.

     Nolee and i both just finished our junior year, john his sophomore. Finally, after what seemed like forever, Summer was here.


     "Hey, what are you doing today?" i asked Nolee throught the phone as i flopped down on my bed and turned on the T.V., Parentle Control was on.

     "Well, i was planning on sleeping  in a little longer since it is summer and all, and i don't have to wake up for school. That plan went out the window when you called me at seven in the morning." she said in a groggy voice.

     "Sorry about that, but i've been up since 5:30, i coudn't fall back asleep, and now i'm really bored, so...." i explained to her.

     "Well in that case..." she remarked sarcastically, then contiued, "anyway, yeah, i have no idea what i am doing today."

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thank you so so much for reading! yeah, i will go back and correct them when the time comes and before i turn it in, but for right now, i'm just trying to get it out there. thanks again!
It's good!!!
its really good cant wait to see what you come up with
Very good. If you ever need help with anything I'll be glad to help for I also write stories.


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