The Twilight Saga

The Light Of Our Existence - PG13 Written by Danielle and Melinda

Danielle and I are co-writing this story. It is set 16 years post Breaking Dawn. We will be doing chapter for chapter, i.e. We each write a chapter in a different POV...(I hope that makes sense)

Mel - Jacob's & Nessie's POV
Danielle - Edward's & Bella's POV

[All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer :) ]

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The Light of Our Existence

Table of Contents:


I walked into the pharmacy, quickly scanning the shop to make sure no one I recognised was anywhere to be seen. I swiftly found what I was looking for. I hid it in my jacket pocket and made my way to the check out. The cashier gave me a bright cheery smile, I grimaced back at her. I placed the item on the counter and looked down at the floor. I wasn’t in the mood for conversation, I could feel the cashier eyeing me pitifully.

“$10.90” She stated.

I paid and left without even making eye contact. As I was walking down the aisles to the exit I looked out the windows and noticed it was raining again. Pouring was more precise. It rained here in Alaska, just as much as Forks, but I guess that was the appeal. I dashed through the doors, the bell ringing in the process as it opened. I knew I had to make a quick run for it but I also had to make it look more human-like so I wouldn’t stand out. I hurriedly pulled my rain jacket over my head, the rain was whipping so hard at my face that it stung as I ran trying to get into my car without getting too wet. I hit the button on the key and the alarm disarmed. I climbed into my 1984 Mustang that Jacob had rebuilt for me and started the ignition. I pulled out of the parking lot and made my way home. I was going to have to get this over with as quickly as possible. The house would be empty for at least another hour or so. I didn’t know what I was going to do. How was I going to tell Jacob? I promised myself I wouldn’t think about any of this until I found out for sure. I was finding it so hard to not think about this at home as I know Dad would go crazy, he already knew something was up because whenever he was near me I would start reciting Wuthering Heights word for word.

I pulled into our drive way and killed the engine. Our house was so beautiful, it was right beside a large creek and backed onto a forest which made it easy for hunting. As you walked through the entrance, all the rooms were combined in a open style plan. The walls were painted a light green which complemented the décor and the rear wall was full length glass, just like our home in Forks. There were three stories, with the top two making up the bedrooms and of course downstairs which was the living area. Jacob and I were both on the second level along with Carlisle‘s office. Our rooms were separated by a two way bathroom which we shared. Dad and Mum still had a separate little cottage style home out the back which everyone had help build and the rest of the family were up on the third level. I had been very specific about not living in the cottage with my parents, they frequently woke me up and it was just repulsive to even think about what they were doing! Jacob and I rarely ventured to the third level, for obviously reasons. I quickly retrieved my package from my car.

“Hello?” I yelled as I flew up the stairs three at a time.

No one was here, I knew that but I was just so paranoid that I had to double check. I slammed the bathroom door shut and took the test out of its brown paper bag. I skimmed the instructions and tore the test from it’s packaging. The instructions were simple enough. Pee on the stick and wait three minutes. One line meant negative. Two lines equalled a positive result. I did the test, replaced the cover and sat it down on the vanity to wait. I started pacing. Since when did three minutes feel like a whole year?

My mind drifted… going over everything, trying to work out how this was probable. I was a week late, but that wouldn’t necessarily mean I was pregnant. My period was often not on time, but I also hadn’t been sexually active either. My heart pounded in my chest. We were so careful. Dad was going to literally kill Jacob if this result came back positive. We had been together for the last two years, but only recently decided to further our relationship. Jacob was quite reluctant knowing all too well of Dad’s views of premarital relations. But I was the one to push it, I couldn’t handle the chemistry anymore. All the pent up tension was getting out of control. The only thing we had to do was not think about it around Dad, but even if he got a glimpse of Jacob’s thoughts. Jacob always claimed them to be fantasies and not actual events. Three minutes was up.

I timidly walked to where I had left the pregnancy test. My whole body was shaking with nerves. Please let it be negative I chanted in my head over and over again. I was afraid to look. I tightly squeezed my eyes shut as I reached to pick up the test, this result had the capability to turn my whole world upside down. I opened my eyes the tiniest bit and looked down at the end result. My heart stopped, my head whirled, the pregnancy test dropped, in slow motion to the floor with what seemed like a loud bang. I placed my arms around my torso and hugged myself. It was positive. Tears welled in my eyes and overflowed seconds later. I couldn’t do this. I wasn’t ready to be a mother. Maybe I should take the test again? They could be inaccurate… Ha! As if I’d be so lucky. What was Jacob going to say? And Dad? He was being to be turbulent! I slumped to the floor in defeat.

I couldn’t manage to bring myself out of the darkening hole that was consuming me. I had never in my life been depressed - I had no reason to be, but this felt terrible. All I could think of was seeing my beautiful, Jacob. I went and curled up on my bed to wait for him. I forced myself to think about something other than the fact that I was pregnant. Me. Renesmee Cullen - a knocked up teenager, the only difference from this cliché situation was that I knew I’d always have Jacob; well at least I hoped I would. I heard the family arriving home downstairs. I concentrated hard on not letting my mind slip and started going over my homework.

“Ness!” Jacob called out from downstairs. His voice always sent butterflies through my stomach.

“In my room…” I replied.

I could hear Jacob stomping up the stairs. Where had he gone? He seemed to be taking an awful long time. He finally appeared, coming through the door of the bathroom which we shared. His eyebrows were squashed in a tight frown, his face was drained of colour. He had an expression of disbelief and fear etched across his beautiful features. In his hand, he was holding the pregnancy test. Oh crap.

“Nessie….” He choked out. “What the hell?!?”


“Bella, darling. Is that really necessary?” I asked.

“Yes Edward, It’s looking too serious,” she complained.

“But its fine nothing is going on, believe me. I read Ness…er…Renesmee’s mind everyday and Jacob as well,” I replied.

“Well I still think she should move back in the cottage. I miss her being with us all the time. Now it’s Jacob, Jacob, and
Jacob. We can schedule our “us time” when she’s not there,” she pleaded.

“Honey, she’s sixteen now. She wants space. Remember how you were with Charlie? You were barely with him besides cooking for him,” I grinned.

“That was different. Jacob sleeps next door from her.”

“I stayed in your room every night,” I reminded her.

“Edward, this isn’t about me it’s about her,” she insisted.

Bella…still stubborn as always.

“Bella I insist that you allow her to stay there. If you want I can have a schedule so the three of us spend some time together,” I persisted.

“And maybe some time with just me and her too,” she pleaded.

“Very well then,” I said.


“Promise,” I grinned.

“So what should we do tonight?” she asked.

I swiftly came close to her and kissed her neck softly.

“You know what I think we should do…”I whispered into her ear.

She stared into my eyes. And then took my hand gently and held it tightly.

“That is a great idea,” she agreed.

I then just gazed at her thinking about her touch, her scent, and the way she made me feel blew my mind away. How she
was the only women who could literally take my breath away.

“I love you,” I said.

“I love you much more,” she replied.

“That’s not possible,” I grinned.

She then aggressively grabbed me by the arm and kissed me with a passion it almost knocked me over. I kissed back, as I our lips moved in motion.

Suddenly I felt a drop of rain streaking down my cheek. I pulled back gently. Then felt her not resisting.

“We should get home. We can get back to what we started, when we get home,” I insisted smiling.

“Fine,” she muttered.

She then quickly came close to me and moved her lips towards mine, but paused right when our lips touched.

“But I’ll race you there,” she grinned and quickly sprinted off.

I then trailed behind her. I could see the wind blowing through her glowing brown chocolate hair. She slowly glanced over at me and smiled.

What the hell are we gonna do?

Is that Jacob? I suppose we’re almost home. I completely forgot why we were racing; I just remembered thinking about Bella.

How did this happen? We were safe…Maybe I'll ask Ness to re-do the test, just to make sure that it was, um.... correct?

Safe? What does that mean? And re-do a test?

Dad is gonna kill Jacob, oh my god... this is all my fault... What's Mom going to think? She's going to be so disappointed, Nessie thought

Oh my beautiful baby girl, why was she so worried and upset?

Oh crap I think they’re coming…okay what to think about besides me being a father? , Jacob thought.

What! That damn mutt got her pregnant!

I began to run faster, passing Bella. A sudden rush of anger ran through my body, the anger was taking control. I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about killing him.

"Hey Edward! I knew you were holding out on me!" Bella laughed as I was now in front of her.

I couldn’t look at her. She would know something was wrong. I kept my jaw tightened and my eyes towards the trail, making sure she couldn’t see my face.

The heat was rising within me as I neared the house. I could already imagine myself ripping him into pieces. Every single tear in his body would make him pay for doing this to Nessie. I could see the house now, the door was open. I ran faster, so I could kill Jacob quicker and get on with it. I raced through the door and up the stairs.

Someone’s here… its Edward I can smell him, Jacob thought.

Oh god he’s here. Okay time to recite Wuthering Heights. Chapter 1, “1801—I have just returned from a visit to my landlord…” Nessie thought.

I ignored their thoughts. I ran through the door finding him and Nessie sitting on the bed. I grabbed him so quickly he couldn’t flinch. I pushed him on to the wall with such force it made a clashing noise.

“How could you do this!” I yelled as I bashed his head onto the floor, gripping my hands on his neck.

I could feel him defending himself. But it was not enough strength; it was the fall that made him weak.

What the—d-mn it Edward! Get the h-ll off me you blood-sucker! It wasn’t supposed to be like this. We used protection for crying out loud! I’m sorry okay! What do you want me to say? It was a mistake, like with you and Bella... Jacob thought.

I ignored his thought, hearing his voice in my head made me even more irritated. I felt him trying to push me away. I heard his screaming ringing in my ear. He was trying to talk but my grip blocked his esophagus.

“I…I…am sor...ry,” he choked.

Dad stop! Please I love him. He’s the father of my baby! Nessie thought.

I couldn’t bear to look at her. I didn’t have the strength to look in her eyes and see the pain for this dog… like Bella did.

“Edward! What the hell are you doing! Let go of him!” Bella shouted.

“Dad, please. You’re hurting him,” Nessie shrieked.

“I can’t… Bella, Nessie is pregnant,” I said through my teeth clenched.

Oh god. Here we go, Nessie thought.

Bella paused to let the words sink in. She finally spoke.

“Nessie, what the hell were you thinking! Do you have any idea what excruciating pain you are going to go through!” she said choking.

All the words Bella said reminded me how bad it was when she gave birth to Nessie. All the yelling, tearing, and pain that happened just got me more outraged. I smashed his head into the floor again. I felt something crack in his skull; I could feel the blood leaking onto my hands.

I felt him trying to push me off of him but it didn’t work. I stayed locked on his neck choking him vigorously, I was in no control.

Edward, please. Not in front of Nessie, Jacob thought

My hand loosened a little.

“Jacob can you hear me? Answer me!” Nessie screamed as the tears flowed.

“Ness…ie…” Jacob moaned but suddenly stopped talking.

Oh god! Why isn’t he talking! Dad stop it! You're killing him! Nessie thought

Bella tried my arms away but they were locked on his neck.

“Edward don't! Killing him won’t solve anything!,” Bella yelled.

Wait …was he dying? I couldn’t feel him fighting back anymore. I couldn’t even hear his thoughts. My hands began to tremble from his neck. I finally let go.

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I wanna dedicate this Chapter to the fabulous Daniela! Thank u for ur confidence in me! Luv ya :) xxx


“Ness…ie…” I couldn’t gather anymore strength to finish my sentence. I wanted to tell her how much I loved her and how sorry I was. I felt it necessary to explain to her that I never regretted anything, how much I wanted our baby but my heart was tearing at the edges just thinking about the pain which she would go through, I knew I‘d have to speak with her about this… I wasn’t going to sit around and watch Nessie go through what Bella had… It killed me seeing Bella like that, I most certainly didn’t want Renesmee to have to endure it as well.

While Edward had been choking me, I was fighting against the blackness that waited with open arms. I struggled for the much needed air to soothe my lungs that were beginning to burn from the lack of oxygen. I could hear Nessie sobbing, how I wanted to be able to comfort her. I tried to speak again, but Edward had such a grip on my throat that it made it impossible. I couldn’t continue to fight against the pull toward the darkness. Slowly, my vision turned blurry and I could no longer focus on my Nessie. Everything went black and I welcomed the numbness with gratitude.

I could hear a high pitch buzzing noise ringing in my ear, it was irritating me. Why wouldn’t it go away? It was just as annoying as Blondie… always there, never leaving or quietening. I kept my eyes tightly closed, I wasn’t ready to face reality or Edward’s wrath. I’d already copped the full force of his temper, I didn’t want a second round just yet. I inhaled deeply… I couldn’t smell any of the Cullen’s only Nessie's beautiful scent. I opened my eyes slowly. I looked around, I was in my room laying on my own bed. The medical equipment surrounded the bed. I turned my head and immediately smiled as I locked eyes with Nessie. She grinned back with her eyes sparkling.

“Hey” She sighed. “Glad you’re awake.”

I pulled her into a hug and kissed her forehead. “Missed you Nessie.”

I wondered where Edward was, surely he wouldn’t allow her to be here with me. I pushed all thoughts of him aside. I needed to talk to Nessie about the… I mean our baby.

“Ness, how are you feeling?” I asked. I wasn’t sure how to bring up the subject, I was always so straight forward. I assumed that would be the best way to go about it.

“Fine” She was looking at me confused. “I should be asking you that.”

I dismissed her statement. “So Nessie…” She was eyeing me worryingly. I smiled and ran my fingertip down the side of her cheek. Her eyes broke away from my gaze. She started to bite her lip, it was one of her nervous habits which she inherited from Bella. I wasn’t about to make her look at me, like I normally would. If she didn’t want to gaze at me, that was fine.

“What are you thoughts on the…er… our baby?” I whispered, I waited for her answer while absently playing with her hand, circling patterns into her palm.

“What do you mean by that?” She demanded quite shocked by my question. She knew exactly what I meant, she was just trying to stall.

“You know what I mean… Do you want to… keep our baby?” This wasn’t a subject I ever wanted to cover, but we didn’t know how this pregnancy was going to pan out; after all I was human and Nessie was half human. But that was beside the point, I didn’t want to see her in as much pain as Bella was.

Nessie obviously wasn’t expecting that I would bring that topic up. There was a quick intake of breath. She furiously ripped her hand out of my grasp and jumped off the bed. “Jacob! How could you even think that!” Her beautiful velvet voice raised ten octaves, her cheeks flushed from her rising irritation at me.

I was looking at her while she paced my bedroom. Her expression was pained. Grief captivated my heart. I sighed heavily. “I’m sorry Ness, we need to have this talk though…” I trailed off startled, Renesmee was standing over me, seething.

“Jacob Black!” She hollered. “I am keeping our baby, if you don’t want to be a part of this then leave - NOW!” She screeched as tears flowed freely down her face. Oh my beautiful Nessie, she had misunderstood completely. Everything had been blown out of proportion.

“Ness…” I reached up and wiped the tears from her eyes. She closed her eyes, not wanting to look at me. I didn’t blame her. “Renesmee…” I tried again. “Look at me, please.” I pleaded. Her eyes flew open and I saw misery within them. “I want our baby more than anything.” She was shaking her head, not wanting to hear my words.

“I don’t wanna hear it Jake… you don’t have to try and pacify me.” She stated blankly. I mentally scolded myself for even rising the subject. I was going to make sure Nessie understood though.

“I am not just saying that to make you feel better Ness, I honestly want our baby… I just can’t stand the thought of you going through the pain. I was there when your Mum was pregnant with you… I saw the excruciating pain she suffered. I refuse to see you go through it.” Her breathing was no longer rapid, it was almost normal. She was calming down. Thank God, I hated seeing Nessie all wound up, especially when I am the reason.

I was waiting for her response, she had shifted herself from above me and was now sitting on the side of the bed. I started to stroke her back. “Mum and Dad have already given me this talk… I know what to expect Jacob, I promise you it will be worth it. I am willing to go through whatever I have to, to have this amazing little person.” She had turned around and placed her hand on my face.

My mind was filled with breath taking images. Renesmee was cradling a perfect little baby in her arms, it had dark black hair like mine. Nessie was smiling lovingly down at the beautiful baby while it’s wide chocolate brown eyes lit up as it also smiled back at her. The next image was of myself and our baby. In this image the child was a toddler. We were running around playing together. Happiness and love radiated off of us as I chased the child around. The images faded and Nessie was staring intently into my eyes.

“Now do you understand?” She asked as her face came within an inch of mine. I nodded, I fully understood what she meant. Even if I was against Renesmee having to deal with the torture that this pregnancy was going to place on her body, I wanted this baby as much as she did. Our decision had been made. We would stand together, as always.
hey love it like always!!! keep up the good work <3 <3 <3!!
Hey!! this was good!!!! =) keep on writting!! now what would happend???
yeah, what's going to happen?!!!!
that was great. i lov this story.
Great guys!! you did an amazing job!!! Waiting for next chap!!

Thanxs 4 these ones!!!
I loved it!!!!!!!!
Please write more.
OMG!!! this is really good!!!!!!!!!!!! write some more pleasee!!!!
Oh wow, that's REALLY good

It's great that it's from all different people's POV and I love the bit where Edward freaks out, it's sooooo Edward.
I love it, of course i do. Surprised that she is pregnant and we didn't get the sex scene (BAHAHAHAH) but i still love it!!! Will wait for the next one. xo
Everyone!! This is my little sister!! ^^^^

If we put in the sex scene, the story would get deleted, the mods are strict!

Love u miss u

dang the mods!! lol! everyone love the sex scenes!! :)


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