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The lone wolf girl (Leah's story) Chapter 11: Billy's Admission

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“Can I ask you something Jake?” I looked up at his dark brown eyes. “Are you happy? With the vampires I mean, are you really happy following them around?” he looked away and then up at the stars. “I’m happy because Renesmee is, that’s all that really matters.” He looked back at me “When you imprint Leah it’s not a maybe thing, you know bone deep how you feel for that person.” He continued. “And how do you feel about that person?” he chuckled. “Like all your life you’ve been holding your breath and then when you see that person it’s almost as if you’ve taken your first breath as though they become your oxygen to live.” I looked at his face and knew he meant it. Renesmee was his oxygen and all I needed to do was find my own. “That’s deep Jake” he chuckled “Yea, well don’t let it go to your head.” I rolled my eyes and looked up. “Will I ever find that one, like Renesmee is to you?” Jake’s eyes snapped to mine. “You’re asking me?” I nodded “Wow, our relationship has grown.” He chuckled and saw the seriousness in my eyes and sobered. “Ok sorry, well Leah do you want it?” at my nod he frowned. “I don’t know when, I don’t know where, but I do know that somewhere out there your imprint is just waiting for you. I thought Quinn was your imprint but seeing as Dwayne too is one, well I don’t know what to think. I think no one knows what to think.” He looked back up at the stars. “Because I’m not what everyone expected. Because I am different and unusual.” I looked down at the ground and pawed at it for awhile. “Yea, exactly!” at the look on my face he smiled “Well it’s true Leah, your different and not what anyone expected but who cares, that’s just the truth. You are who you are and if your just like the guys well then you’ll find that someone to imprint on, it might not be Quinn or Dwayne, but think of it as this, you have all your life maybe even eternity to find out.” I nodded feeling good for the first time in days. “Thanks Jake” he smiled “My pleasure.” I rolled my eyes and turned to lie on my back to look up at the darkened sky.

“Now can I ask you something?” Jake asked “You just did!” sarcasm was a big part in the relationship/ partnership Jake and I had. “It’s a bit more of advice then a question.” I looked at him and tried to discern the look on his face but couldn’t “What’s up Jake?” he had his head in his hands and his elbows on his knees, he looked so much the little boy he was inside. “Well just choose none, Quinn and Dwayne are not what you need, there not who any of us think they are.” I was confused and irritated at his lack of explanation. “Spit it out Jake, what is it that you know?” he looked away and then I heard it someone else had phased. “Not now!” I nodded “Hey Leah, mom is looking for you.” Seth, thank god. Jake shot up and looked down at me. “Race you back?” I nodded and stood. “Bet you I’d win!” he laughed “What are the stakes?” he asked “Eternity of slavery” he thought for a moment “Deal” I smiled “Good cuz my room needs major cleaning.” And then we both bolted of laughing.

“There you are!” Quinn bolted up right and ran straight for me. “Yea here I am what’s wrong Seth why’d you call is everything fine?” Seth looked troubled. “Spit it out, what? Emily?” I asked panicked by his still silence. “No, Dwayne. He…” Seth paled and I stopped breathing. “He’s gone” I looked at Quinn who was standing next to me holding out his arms for me to hug him. He didn’t look happy nor did he look sad. “What happened? How did this...” I asked but it was Billy who answered me. “He came across two cold ones and since none of us could hear his thoughts we were too late to help.” Seth finally undone and hugged me “We thought since you could hear him you were with him.” He exhaled and melted into my arms “Shush, I’m fine Seth, really I heard nothing.” My voice cracked at the end. I didn’t hear him, why? “He probably didn’t want you too. Connections like what you had with him were purely a personal thing he could block out certain thoughts and so can you.” Billy explained seeing the questions in my eyes. Quinn caught my attention on the other side “I’m sorry, I know how much you cared for him.” He apologized and walked away into the house. “Quinn, I…” but what could I say? I love Quinn but Dwayne was different, how could he die just like this? Jake put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed it a bit. “You ok?” he asked and I nodded “Thanks Jake, could you check on Quinn for me and tell him I’m going home so if he wants to talk he’ll know where I’ll be.” Jake frowned but did what I asked. “Come on Seth we better get home to wait for news on Emily. Thanks for answering my questions Billy.” I smiled and kissed his cheek. “Anytime, be careful those bloodsuckers haven’t been caught. Jared, Paul, Quill, and Embry are on patrol so no need to worry, but just be careful.” Something was bothering Billy, something he wanted to tell me but privately. “Seth go on ahead I need to ask Billy something.” Seth hesitated for a few minutes but when I smiled he nodded.

Billy turned towards the garage at the back of the house. “What’s wrong?” I asked him “Is it about Dwayne?” he shook his head. “No, it’s about Jake.” I frowned, Jake? But Jake is fine. “What are you talking about?” Billy stopped. “There’s something wrong, with the Cullen’s and him, otherwise he wouldn’t leave Renesmee.” I knew Billy was right; it was what I’ve been trying to ask Jake. “I know.” I stated and caught his attention. “I figured you would, you are after his all his Bravo, you and Jake have a connection as well, Leah. I saw it the moment you two were born.” A tear escaped from Billy’s eyes. “Your father was my best friend, aside from Charlie he was the only one who understood the pressure’s I had. I was there for the birth of the first Clearwater, and of course for Jake’s. I knew you were destined for greatness, and Jake is a third generation wolf. He was born for this, but you, you were always different, always searching for greatness. It worries me you won’t realize until it’s too late, that your greatness has always been with you.” He looked off towards the tool shed. “I promised your father I would help you, I promised I would look after you and Seth.” He broke off; I walked behind him and put my hand on his shoulder. “And you have, you’ve done more than anyone else could.” I’ve never seen Billy like this. “Jake, He’s in trouble, I don’t know what or how, but I feel that he is. It’s the only explanation that he’s here and Renesmee is not. You have to find out!” His change in subject surprised me, I thought of Jake being here away from his bloodsucker, but if Billy can see trouble in it then it must me a lot. “Why me?” I asked still a bit taken aback. “You’re the only one who can, he opens up to you, not like anyone else. You’re his second in command even if he refuses to be in command. Help me please Leah.” The desperation was enough to make me stutter. “I-I can d-do what I c-can, Billy.” And then I turned and left, before the weird vibe I was getting off of him started to grow.

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