The Twilight Saga

                                                  I can't escape this Hell

                                                 So many times I've tried

                                                 But I'm still caged inside

                                     Somebody get me through this nightmare

                                                    I can't control myself

                                  So what if you can see the darkest side of me

                                No one will ever change this animal I have become

                                             Help me believe it's not the real me

                                            Somebody help me tame this animal



I held her in my arms, tears falling down my face slowly. How could I have done this to her?! I loved her!


Iris's eyes were wide, but blank. Her face was pale, almost blue. There was nothing left of her now. It had been an accident. But I had taken her life away.


" Help!" I finally managed to cry, even though I knew it was too late.


I knew I couldn't stay here now. They would never want to help me learn control. They would think I killed Iris on purpose. No one would believe it had been an accident. They wouldn't believe I had loved her.


I would never get close to anyone ever again. It was far too risky. I should have known that before. But I couldn't stop Iris from loving me as well.


My hands shook slightly as I brushed her brown hair from her face. I could hear them comming now. So I knew I needed to leave. I pressed my lips to her cold ones briefly, then let her lay on the ground.


They were getting closer now. But I closed her beautiful eyes gently first. She looked more peaceful now. But it only made more tears fall. I had no choice but to run.


Stumbling through the woods, I heard them get to her. I kept going without looking back, knowing I could never go back there again. Rob the Virtuous would know what I had done. Hatred flared through me just from thinking about him.


The sirens blared around me already. I ran faster, desperate to get away. The police were already comming. I whiped at my tears furiously, trying to keep my vision clear. But I finally tripped and fell to the ground.


The flashlights were only yards away. Now I knew I couldn't get away. So I just curled up on the ground and waited for them to take me away, wishing I could just die like Iris.


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i love the book dark visions and am really glad you are writing this fanfic about it!


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