The Twilight Saga

The Long Road Home: The Journey of Alice and Jasper

This is the story of the long and winding path that Alice and Jasper took to finding each other, and eventually the Cullens.

Dear readers, I'm sorry I haven't posted recently, but I was very ill and had a lot of issues in "real life" that simply took all of my time and energy. Now I'm back, getting into the swing of things again, and am working on the next chapter. I should have it out shortly. Until then, please refresh yourselves and prepare for it! The unfortunate deletion of all the fanfics on this group has caused all my lovely comments by you, my wonderful readers, to disappear into the ether, but I hope this is a good opportunity to gain new readers and inspire the old ones again! Thanks for sharing their journey with me! Happy reading!

***Also, the lovely portrait of Alice & Jasper at the top is by an excellent artist named AliceXZ, find her other awesome works on!***


Chapter Index: Simply click on the link to read!
Chapter One: Crossroads

Chapter Two: Lonesome Texas Highway

Chapter Three: Detour

Chapter Four: Dead End
Chapter Five: Rue de Paradis
Chapter Six: Road to Perdition
Chapter Seven: London Underground
Chapter Eight: Highway to Hell, or My Eighty Years of Darkness
Chapter Nine: Scenic Byway
Chapter Ten: Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Chapter Eleven: Merge
Chapter Twelve:The Path to the Altar
Chapter Thirteen: Lover's Lane
Chapter Fourteen: Blind Spots and Speed Bumps
Chapter Fifteen: The Path of Discovery
Chapter Sixteen: Off the Beaten Trail

Chapter Seventeen: Out of Africa
Chapter Eighteen: Road Work



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Hi Jessica - hope you're feeling better now - and I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad that you decided to stay with us for us while longer !

I know it's been awhile since you've updated this, TLRH, but it's so good that it was no trouble at all to slip sraight back into it and carry on the road trip with Alice and Jasper.

Fantastic chapter ... great to have you back !!!!
Hey Margaret, thank you very much, yes, I'm feeling tons better! I'm so glad you enjoyed the chapter, I hope it was worth the wait! :P AGain, thanks for reading and commenting, I appreciate it very much!
im a new reader, and i love your fanfic!!
It's just awesome!!
Thank you Kylie, I appreciate you reading and taking the time to comment! I hope you'll finish it, I only have a few more chapters to go, and if you like this one, maybe you'll like my others, which are l intertwind. Check my page, click on the links. And thanks again!!
Hi, Jess,
I rec'd your msg last week and read the chapter. I'm glad to see they are finally getting out of Africa. I'm anxiously awaiting for their meeting with the Cullens.
I liked this chapter. Very involved. Glad to hear you are "back in the saddle" of writing. I know how mine is going--spurts and stops, but that is just the way it goes. I'm getting there and having a good time. That is what it's all about. If it wasn't fun, I couldn't do it. I'm sure its the same for you.
Patty P.
wow, love this chapter, your doing such an amazing job on this story, I love your writing pleas post more soon, can't wait
I'm glad you're feeling so much better. I've been thinking about you the whole time you've been having your difficulties. Then losing everything here on top of it!

I'm glad Alice and Jasper finally get to leave Africa. The Elders may be better than the Volturi, but they're just as arrogant. You made me feel the depth of Jasper's rage and fear, and the "anguish of (their) pain." Even if it was supposed to work out for good in the long run.

You did something different this time. The title isn't some kind of road, like all of the other chapters. Does that mean something?

I've been wondering when and why their memories are going to be unlocked. I hope you plan to let us in on that secret. Or am I missing something from the books?

I'm sorry it's almost done. :*(**
plaese keep writing ! this is so good....
hey! where's eighteen? Now that the meeting is over, where's the cullens?

Finally, here is chapter 18...the remainder will be done by Christmas, or no presents for Mom! ;)


I am so happy you are back and ok!!!!!!!!   I loved the last chapter  and can't wait for more!!!!!!  =)

Hi Sam, thank you, and I'll have more up tomorrow, I think!


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