The Twilight Saga

The Long Road Home: The Journey of Alice and Jasper

This is the story of the long and winding path that Alice and Jasper took to finding each other, and eventually the Cullens.

Dear readers, I'm sorry I haven't posted recently, but I was very ill and had a lot of issues in "real life" that simply took all of my time and energy. Now I'm back, getting into the swing of things again, and am working on the next chapter. I should have it out shortly. Until then, please refresh yourselves and prepare for it! The unfortunate deletion of all the fanfics on this group has caused all my lovely comments by you, my wonderful readers, to disappear into the ether, but I hope this is a good opportunity to gain new readers and inspire the old ones again! Thanks for sharing their journey with me! Happy reading!

***Also, the lovely portrait of Alice & Jasper at the top is by an excellent artist named AliceXZ, find her other awesome works on!***


Chapter Index: Simply click on the link to read!
Chapter One: Crossroads

Chapter Two: Lonesome Texas Highway

Chapter Three: Detour

Chapter Four: Dead End
Chapter Five: Rue de Paradis
Chapter Six: Road to Perdition
Chapter Seven: London Underground
Chapter Eight: Highway to Hell, or My Eighty Years of Darkness
Chapter Nine: Scenic Byway
Chapter Ten: Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Chapter Eleven: Merge
Chapter Twelve:The Path to the Altar
Chapter Thirteen: Lover's Lane
Chapter Fourteen: Blind Spots and Speed Bumps
Chapter Fifteen: The Path of Discovery
Chapter Sixteen: Off the Beaten Trail

Chapter Seventeen: Out of Africa
Chapter Eighteen: Road Work



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Chapters four through six!
Chapter seven through nine!
Chapters ten through twelve!
Chapters thirteen through fifteen!
Chapter sixteen! Seventeen will be up soon!
Not too long. I'm thinking 2 more chapters til the meeting, because there is a 2-year gap between when A & J met and when they met the Cullens. So finishing up things in Africa, then a little time alone, then family time! ;) Thanks so much for reading!
SOOOOOOO Glad you are reposting this!!! I never got a chane to finish :(
Glad to have you along!!
So happy to see that you've re-posted, Jess!
Thanks, Marie!! ;)
Chapter 17! Finally! Sorry for the two-month wait, guys, but life, illness, and writer's block seriously got in the way!!! Hope you enjoy it, please comment...since the other ones are gone, sniffle...I did post here again because I haven't finished updating my pages on other sites. The next chapter will not take so long to get out, I promise! We're most done with this voyage!
Thanks Allison!! I'm getting started on it tonight!


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