The Twilight Saga

Okay Bella is a Vampire, and her and Edward have been in love for awhile. But Bella has a secret that shes kept from Edward and his Family. She has two brothers Damon and Stefen. In this story Stefen, is mean like Damon but not as mean.
My names Bella Salvatore, but people around her know me as Bella Swan. I came to Forks to run away, from my family, I asked my Uncle Charlie if I can stay with him. He was a vampire but he didn't like it so he started spiking his coffe with this plant, I guess it lets you act and live as a normal human. I'm a Vampire, and I am in love with a vampire named Edward Cullen, hes the nicest person I know. My family doesn't know I'm here living with uncle charlie, and if they did know they would either bring me back to where they were, or worse send my brothers. Well I got to go I have school.
" Bella tell me something I don't know about you", Edward said. It was the end of school, and Edward was driving me home, the others were in emmets jeep.
" Uhh you already know everything about me ", I lied.
" really are you sure theres nothing I don't know about", he protested.
" honestly you know everything".
" well you don't know everything about me". his face turned serious.
" i'm in love with this vampire, with long brown hair, and a slim figure. she lives with her uncle. and goes to Forks high school". It took me a while to realize he was talking about me.
" Is this person pretty?"
" Extremely".
" Does she love you back". I said getting closer.
" I think she does". He said getting even closer, and then we kissed, until a black crow came and smacked into the car window, causing us to both jump.
" Stupid bird, now where were we". Wait a black crow. No, No, no, it can't be, they can't be.
" Sorry got to go", i said while jumping out the car, we were infront of my uncles house. I waved then ran inside, and straight up into my room and looked out the window. I heard a slight flicker of wind.
" What are you doing here", I said sounding irrated.
" Now Bella is that anyway to talk to you brothers", Damon said.

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Love it, please post more soon.
this is really good plz keep me updated
plz post more
i love vampire diaries!!!! this is awesome!!!
this is a really good story so far!! plz keep me updated :)
ooh! this is gonna b good! please update me on this!
please post more and update me.
keep writing
please keep me updated :L and post more soon!
" What are you doing here", I said sounding irritated.
" Now Bella is that anyway to talk to your brothers", Damon said.

" What brothers? I don't have any". I said walking toward the door. I felt soeone grab my wrist.
" Bella were sorry okay", Stefen.
" Answer one question, did you know what was going to happen that night", I looked at both of them. The both stared at eachother and then looked at the ground.
" I knew it", I said running out.
" Oh great now what, how are we supposed to get Bella to come with us when you can't even lie. I swear Stefen you are so whipped", Damon said.
" Shut up Damon, this is your fault anyway".
" How?"
" Its was you all your fault that night, and when we came back and saw what happened we ran like to cowards".
" You know what Stefen do you not think I wasn't hurt to see my little sister gone the next day, and to know it was my fault".
" I don't know, but anyway we have to rent a hotel or something until we get Bella to come with us".
" Fine, but I get my own room".
If i could cry i would there would be a puddle of my tears around me right now. How can my brothers just think they can just waltz into my life like nothing happened. Man I am so angry right now, I punched a tree and it fell over. Oh great, just perfect, man I am such a monster. I ran back to uncle Charlie's house.
" Bella I saw a crow, does that mean....", Uncle Charlie trailed off.
" Yeah their back".
" Why?"
" I guess they want me to come back with them or something".
" So are you going back with them", Uncle Charlie said looking at the ground.
" And leave my poor uncle to fend for himself I think not", I said trying to lighten up the mood. He smiled, and with that I walked up to my room.
I rolled over and looked at the clock 8:15, oh da**n I'm late for school. I didn't feel like driving my old slow truck so I decided to take uncle Charlies mustang. I jumped in the car and sped to school. I pulled up in the school parking lot, and ran to biology at inhuman speed. I opened the door and walked in.
" Nice of you to join us Miss. Swan". I nodded and walked to my seat next to Edward. Second later Edward passed me a note
~Bella why were you late~
~ Its a long story~ I passed the note to him.
~ I'm listening~
~ In fact its so long I think it would bore you.
So i think we should just drop the subject
and pay attention to Mr. Banner~
He looked at me curiously, i tried to smile, but it came out like i was hiding something. But I swore every five minutes I saw a black crow tapping on the window.
School passed in a blur. I was walking to my car when someone grabbed my wrist, man people have to stop doing that. I turned to the person, it was Edward.
" Bella please tell me whats going on, you know I can't read your mind".
" Honestly Edward nothing".
" Bella we tell each other everything, what is it your hiding".
" Nothing-". Was all I could finsh, because my brothers were walking toward me and Edward. Holy crap.
" Hey Bella whose your friend", Damon said.
" No one, now go".
" Bella who are they?", Edward said.
" I'm Stefen, and this is Damon were Bella's-".
" Friends", I interrrupted.
" Friend who need to go now".
ooo! this is gonna be good! write more!
i luv it please write more soon and can u please add me so i can keep up thanks.


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