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Is this what it feels like? She thought, her eyes slowly rolling in the back of her head. This was completely cheating her of what she thought it would be. How in the hell did everyone make up the stories on how it made you feel like you were burning alive? She just felt like she had jumped off of a building; her heart felt like it was coming to a stop. Then all the sensations were over, and all of those happy memories she once had? They’d just disappeared, and then she saw him with his camera held up to his eye. This was not a good time.



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Prologue (up top)

 Chapter One



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Continue. And keep my updated when you do.

It pulled me in.



Chapter One: The New Girl

                Another mission to go, this was actually her third in only seven months. That was actually quite astonishing for such a ‘young angel’. A few people were actually quite jealous. She combed a brush through her unsurprisingly wavy hair. Her blue eyes seemed only a bit dull before she reminded herself of one thing: this mission was a boy. She hadn’t really ever talked to boys, she was fascinated by them. Sure she met some of the other people around the village were boys but they were daft or uncharming. She giggled happily, skipping down the stairs with a large grin on her face. Her mum kissed her on the forehead once.


                “Have fun, Sloane!” Her mother called. She was a very tall, model-like woman with wavy chestnut brown hair that reaches her mid-back. Sloane is somewhat like her mother, a normal tall – not one that makes her tower over people – with blonde hair that runs down to her mid-black with blue eyes she inherited from her father and pale skin from her mother.


                “See you later!” She called as she slipped on her shoes. They were slightly worn, but they still looked nice. They were black converse she’d gotten seven months ago. If Sloane was your friend, you would know she keeps up with everything. Literally. She arranges her colours the best she can in ROY G BIV, her clothes are arranged by season, and her shoes are arranged by how long she’s had them. It didn’t make sense to anyone, who couldn’t find what they were looking for in her house, which is why they ask Sloane who can find it in under a second.


                Passing out of the house, she grabbed her school ID for Mountain View Academy. It was a complicated school. Her ID bag contained her full name, if she was allowed to the pool at any hours, if she was allowed in the upper floors, and a barcode. The barcode served many different purposes as one thing. It said what ‘wing’ she needed to be in at what time, her schedule, and how much ‘lunch money’ was in her account. It was a bit insane; it was so many security checks for one school! Shaking it out of her mind, she walked out onto the white ground, standing in the small little circular tube that shot down almost immediately. She yawned, covering her mouth and frowning. Yawning could be so annoying. As she began to walk, her mood completely changed from the frown to the happy, smiling face of before. A happy energy was literally radiating off of her, and she didn’t know how she could tell that. Her eyes held a sweet smile that invited everyone inside. Sloane glanced at her Identification Card (if the real initials are IC, why are they called ID? Oh this is a question to ponder). Her name was ‘Sloane Marie Styles.’ It was fancy for even her. She started to fabricate an entire story. Her mum and dad were upper-class citizens who were traveling in the world and stopped to hang around her for a while. Then, when the job was good and done, she’d tell everyone they were moving and be gone in an instant.

                With a laugh, she confidentially strolled through the door with her head held high, and when she was inside the cafeteria for breakfast, she waved at a few girls who started waving her. She easily joined the pair of girls, conversing with them about shoes before she felt a pair of eyes looking at her, she turned easily, her eyes looking at this absolutely gorgeous boy with brown hair and blue eyes. Or maybe it looked brown but it was black, she couldn’t tell. But she knew his eyes were stunning. They were absolutely gorgeous. He shot her a grin and she gave a hearty smile, waving back happily.


                “New Girl; do you know who that is?” One of the girls, Willow Hastings, asked. Her mouth hung agape, as if she couldn’t believe it. When Sloane shook her head, her blond hair shook. It smacked her face once or twice. It was straight now. “That’s! He’s! He’s Liam Xavier Tate,” Willow finished with a sigh, her chin resting in her hand, her eyes a dreamy haze. “But he’s the most popular kid in school – so he overlooks most of us.”


                “Make your mark,” Sloane grinned as she stood up and pranced right over to the ‘It Boy’. “Well, ‘lo there. My name is Sloane Marie Styles, I’m a new girl and don’t introduce yourself. You are the talk of the café, already, mate,” She grinned, holding her hand out for him to shake.


                The boy look taken aback, his hair was black. This was actually strange, he paused and looked around, and everyone was watching them. He laughed widely, taking her hand in his. “Sloane Marie Styles? Fancy name, darling. It’s nice to meet you.”


                “Come sit with me and my friends today. It’ll be better than your everyday life,” She hooked an arm through his and led him to her table, sitting down and pointing at the empty space. “We don’t bite you, dear!” Sloane rolled her eyes, and he finally took a seat.


                “I am the New Girl, I am making changes,” Sloane whispered quietly under her breath, smiling softly.

I like! I love how she just went up to the most popular kid. She has some guts!


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