The Twilight Saga

Stickers POV.

Patch was chatting with a random guy in the corner, batting her eyelashes and playing with her fingers as she spoke. He
smiled, a gleam in his eye. He knew he was gonna get lucky. Stupid men.
They're all the same.
I was sitting at one of the booths by the wall, facing the dancefloor. Club Marriott was full tonight, not one
ounce of space available to walk over and grab Patch's arm to drag her
Hex was walking toward me, swaying a little, a nearly empty tequila glass in her left hand. A wicked smile split her face
when she saw me. She slid into the booth across from me.
" gotta try these things." she giggled and held out her tequila.
"I've had em, Hex. They mess me up." I replied, sipping my water.
"Come on. Have a little fun. You're such a stick in the mud." she grinned wider, if possible.
I just shook my head. My sisters were out of their minds to think I
wasn't fun just because I wouldn't get drunk and pull a random man into
the closet with me. I wasn't like them, that was all. But no, they had
to think I was boring. Paranoid.
Hex stood, accidentally spilling her tequila all over the table. She looked around and saw a
rather attractive guy watching her. With a smirk, she bent over and
licked the tequila up off the table. The guy smiled evilly, licking his
I grimaced. "Was that really necessary?"
"It was if he liked it." she winked and walked away from the table, sashaying
by the guy on purpose. She licked her lips as she did so, and he
followed her down the steps and onto the dancefloor.
I pulled myself up, straitening the leather skirt Patch had forced me into. A
tall, lean, blond guy stared at my legs, trailing his eyes up to mine.
I flipped him off as I walked away.
I found Patch across the dancefloor, far away from where she had been having a conversation with
her 'boy toy' for the night. She was crying at the bar, mumbling at the
bartender to get her another drink.
I sat next to her. "Something wrong?"
"I wanna go home." she answered, pushing her hair out of her face. When
she didn't continue, I hopped off my stool and pulled her with me. She
wiped her eyes and followed me as I dragged her out to the car.
"Stay." I warned her, turning to go back inside.
Once inside, I scanned the scenery for Hex. I found her backed up against
the wall on the far side, where the lights didn't hit, kissing the same
guy that she bent over for. I pushed him out of the way and grabbed
Hex's hand before she could protest. I got her into the car next to
Patch, who was staring out her window. I climbed in the driver's seat
and started the car, driving away.
It was silent. Patch sniffled, and Hex was glaring at me through the rear-view mirror. I
smiled at her and she rolled her eyes, looking away.
We arrived at our apartment, and I lead them inside. I brewed some coffee to sober
them up, and then went to change out of the ridiculous outfit I was
In my room, as I flicked on the light, someone was standing in the middle of it. They wore all black, even a mask. When
the light was on, their head snapped up to stare at me. I counted to
thirty in my head before they pushed past me and down the hall. I stood
there, shocked, until Patch screamed.
I rushed into the kitchen and the mysterious person flew out the front door. I stared at the open
door, confused. When I turned, Hex was in the middle of sipping coffee,
her eyes wide. Patch was swaying, trying not to faint. I stood straight
and backed into my bedroom, shutting the door. I slid my back down the
door, finally landing on the floor. I twiddled my fingers as I thought.
A burglar. But what did he steal? My room was untouched. The apartment
was clean. We'd just paid all the bills and bought groceries, so our
money was low. There was nothing.
"Stickers?" Hex called, knocking on my door a few seconds later. I froze.
"C-come in." I stuttered, skittering away from the door and sitting on the end of my bed. She opened the door and peeked inside.
"You okay? She stepped in, shutting the door. She climbed onto the bed next to me and sat criss cross.
I shook my head. "Not in the slightest."
"That was freaky. Patch just called the police. They'll be here soon."
I nodded, laying down. I set my head in her lap and she stroked my hair. "You think he was looking for something in particular?"
I felt her shrug. "I dunno. Where did he come from?"
I gulped. "My room."
The room was silent. Fear and confusion hung in the air, pressing down on me. It made my room seem crowded, stuffy.
Finally, she spoke. "Maybe we should call this something more than a robbery. After all, he didn't leave with anything."
I shuddered. "What would we call it?"
"A murder attempt?"
I whimpered. She shushed me gently, running her fingers through my hair
like a brush. Patch opened the door, a full mug of coffee in her hand.
She smiled slightly and closed the door.
"Want some?" she held out the coffee for me. I sat up and took it, then glanced at the clock. It was three in the morning.
I sipped the coffee, looking straight into the cup. I felt Patch sit
beside me, and heard someone sigh. I felt a tiny bit more safe between
my older sisters, and I lowered the mug from my mouth to speak. "Should
we call mom?"
Immediately, Patch and Hex shook their heads in unison.
"You know how freaked out she gets." Patch began.
"She'd drop everything and move down here. We don't want that. It'd mean
harder life for her, and less life for us." Hex finished, making a face
of discomfort at the thought.
I sighed. The buzz if my cellphone in my pocket made me jump, the coffee in my mug spilling out
and onto me. I gasped, not expecting the sudden warmth seeping through
my clothes. Patch laughed and took the mug away, setting it on the
bedside table. Hex looked irritated. I knew why, some coffee spilled on
her, too.
I smiled apologetically and pulled my phone out of my pocket. David was calling me.
"Hello?" I sounded shaken.
"Hey, Angel." I sensed him smiling. It made the corners of my mouth pull up in a smile of my own.
"Hi. Listen, I have to cancel tomorrow night. Something came up." How many times has that been said before? Yeesh.
"Oh..." he sounded disappointed. "That's okay. What happened?"
"Um..." I looked at Hex. She shook her head. "Family issue." Also said too much.
It was quiet for a beat. "Are you lying?"
"No, no. I just...I have to go." I closed my eyes, feeling awful.
"Okay. I love you, babe. Call me when you can."
"Deal. Love you, too."
He hung up. I set the phone next to the mug on the table and put my head
in my hands. "He knows I'm lying. Now he probably thinks I don't want
to date him anymore."
Patch patted my back. "He loves you. Just because you cancel one date doesn't mean it's over. Calm down."
I stiffened, hearing a sound that didn't belong in the scene we were in.
It sounded like the clang of two pans colliding, and it sounded
Hex must have heard it, too, because she got out of my bed and walked out of the room.
"Hex!" I hissed. Patch didn't move.
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I love it!!!!!!!!!
I love it also. Not sure where your going with it. Is it at all "Twilight" related. update soon.
Thanks. I came up with the names. I like them. :) And no, it's not Twilight related at all.


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