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The Midnight after Twilight (Renesmee's Story) Chapter14: The Search (pt.2)

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Hey everyone, i know it's been a while since i last posted a story but here it is... hope you guys like it:)

“Jake, Jake, Jake” I sat up, sweaty and exhausted. It has been three days since Grandpa Carlisle sent me on my journey through the forest to find Jake, Sam, and Leah. The dream I just had was a strange, scary one. It almost felt real, I could still feel the heat emanating from where Jake grabbed me. “What was that?” I asked myself. The worst part was, when Jake touched me I saw what he wanted me to see. It was dark, just like it was now but I was in a room or was it Jake? Was Jake locked in a dark room? If so why? Jake was a strong werewolf and so was Sam, Leah was Jake’s second in command so she was a leader in a way. So there must be a connection, whoever took them took the two Alphas’ and the only Bravo. So the pack was leaderless? But who and why? These questions filled my head and then I drifted off to sleep again. It had been two days of no sleep, of constant hiking and running, I may be half vampire but I was also half human and needed just as much sleep as any.

The next morning was no different as the last two, I awoke to sunlight and birds chirping but there was still a chill that rested at the pit of my stomach. “Renesmee” I heard a whisper and turned around to see who it was, but no one was there. “Jake?” I swore it sounded like him. “Jake, is that you?” nothing. The wind blew again “Renesmee” I heard it again. “Jake, where are you?” I asked and heard nothing again. Was I losing my mind? The wind picked up again “Go home, Renesmee” either I’m going crazy or Jake really is talking to me. In my world anything could happen, if vampires and werewolves exist, if my breed existed then anything can happen. “Go home, I’ll be fine” ok this was freaky. I looked around me again but still nothing, I was alone in the forest just like I’ve been for the past few days. “Jake, I need to know, where you are?” the wind stopped completely. “Jake? Jake, answer me damn it!” I screamed and tears began to streak my cheeks. I didn’t realize how much I needed him until that very moment. “Your everything to me.” I whispered to him, mostly I whispered it to myself. My destiny may be with Nick, it may be with Jake, either way it was with one of them and right now to have the two most important people around was what I wanted. My memory flashed back to the dream I had all those months ago of Jake, Nick and I in the cabin sitting, laughing, and talking.

After that stricken morning I continued my quest to find Jake and the others. This time my motivation was anew and the sense of rightness sent me to turned this way and that. If it were true and Jake and I had a pull then I’ll find him, all I need to do is open my mind and follow my heart.

Jake, where could you be? I asked two hours later. I searched half of the forest so far, I was no good at this and Billy knew it. Then why did he send me and not the others. The wolves knew more than I, did Billy think it was one of my kind who took Jake? Is that why? The thought sent a chill down my spine, the Volturi. I knew there was a reason they were delaying, spending their time coming to my family. They wanted me alone and now here I was, but was it true? Billy, he sent me alone out here, he wouldn’t have done so if he didn’t think I’d be safe. Pushing the thought out of my head I continued my journey.

It was a twilight when I decided to stop and rest. I hunted on my way but my stomach growled for human food. I craved for a hamburger and fries and I wondered of Nick, what was he doing? A howl in the distance took me out of my reverie. It was loud and near, it had to be one of the wolves. I dropped the half eaten granola bar and ran in the direction of the howl.

In the cover of sunlight, under the wide spread canopy of the trees overhead I saw them, Jake, Sam, and Leah all phased and sitting with their backs to me. Sensing my presence Jake’s ears stood up. I was about to walk towards them when I heard them, one deep voice and a small graceful voice. “Have you told the masters?” the graceful voice asked. The deep voice humped and moved to stand in front of the wolves. “You are all going to change back to your human forms, is that understood?” there was a growl and then a whimper as man kicked Leah, both Sam and Jake started growling uncontrollably. “Stop it.” The woman spoke and the growling ceased. “Now listen, we are going somewhere, you all have to stop your whining and do as Anton says.” She moved to stand next to the man named Anton. The wolves phased and stood. “Put on your clothes, were going to be walking through a village.” They all did as she said. Why were they following her command? Why wasn’t Jake escaping? “You sure are a demanding woman.” Sam spoke and the lady just looked at him and smiled. “Thank you, it’s my gift. Didn’t I tell you to shut up? Obviously not so shut up.” She spoke in a light joking manner but the command under it was heard. So she was a vampire that much I could smell. She was also gifted, a strong one at that. She could command and control. “What if she doesn’t come?” the man asked. “Then we find her” Jake growled at that. “Do you have something to say dog?” Anton asked. “That’s right, come on let’s start walking.” Were they talking about me? Was I what they wanted, if so, I’d gladly go in place of Jake, Sam and Leah. At that moment the man went up to Leah and touched her face. “Maybe we could leave one of them, just for her, a gift from us?” the man looked at the lady, who was leaning against a tree smiling. “Maybe” the woman said. Then I saw Jake tremble and stood in front of the man. “If you want to take someone’s life, take mine leave her alone.” He spoke but his voice was unfamiliar, I’ve never heard him talk like that. “Well Mutt I just might.” And then the man was leaning down towards Jake’s neck. I saw red…

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that was soooooooooo good keep writing keep me posted.
This story is really good! I'm so into it! Is chapter 15 up yet?
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AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i looooved it!!!! please add me as a friend and keep me posted. it would be my dream come true! promise me that you'll keep on writing. you're the best.

love lara
Please post more i just started reading it and i need to know who is doing this to jake!!!!!


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