The Twilight Saga

Bella Swan has just lost a friend. Someone very close to her whom she felt like she loved. He died before she could tell him though. Now she is going to therapy three times a week to Carlisle Cullen. One day at a session, Dr. Cullen's son visits. That was where it all began. 


                                   I was told there was no cure for the depression I was under. 
                                                                                No exception.
                                   But sometimes miracles happen. And sometimes there are exceptions. 

Main songs for the story are:
Miracle: Paramore
The Only Exception: "     "
All I Wanted: "    "

AN: This story is not going to be like 20 chapters long. It's going to be shorter than others but not a one shot. The chapters may be long though (they won't be in the posts; they'd probably be made up of several posts). This because I just came up with this story and I know it's going to be shorter. 

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thank you!
i love paramore!!!and the songs too!they are my favorite...
LOL! so does that mean you like it??
can't wait, Ana!!!! :D
eep! me either! :D
i dont want to rush you, but i cant wait for another story of yours!! Your an awsome writer
aw thanks! i'm about to start on it!
OMG start writing like NOW i already love it! lol
i'm writing at this very moment! thank you!
AN: I am taking bits and pieces from New Moon because it relates so much. I hope you understand how Bella is feeling right now. And I hope you like it. Please read and comment! I'll put more of the chapter up possibly tomorrow or Thursday.


I stared out the window as the pain made a pitter-patter sound against the glass. I could hear it running through the gutters. Drip Drip Drip.
This was my average morning. Waking from a dreamless sleep. Tired eyed but unable to do anything except listen as the rain fell from the clouds that loomed over the small town of Forks day and night.
The sky outside was finally turning from black to gray showing the sun supposedly was up.
I rolled out of the bed and stepped over to my bedroom window pulling back the ruffled curtains. Sure enough, the sky outside was massed in cumulonimbus fluff.
The streets were blinded with rain.
This was the perfect place for me. A place that described me.
I was always told that the death rate was high in Seattle because it was so dark and dreary. People went mad in this kind of weather.
I however, went mad earlier on.
My name is Bella Swan and I have a major depression disorder.
Two years ago, my best friend died. We had been friends forever. And I was really starting to feel deeper feelings for him. I was almost ready to tell him how I felt. Then…he disappeared out of my life. Was taken from me.
At the time, I was living in Phoenix, Arizona.
My mom couldn’t handle me anymore. She thought at any moment I would go jumping into the Grand Canyon or put a blade to my wrist. But I wouldn’t do that. The most harmful thing I did to my body was stopped eating. I didn’t feel the need to anymore. I didn’t feel the need to do anything anymore.
So, Mom shipped me off to Forks to live with my father.
I didn’t know him that well. I had only spent a small part of my life with him. The little bit I can’t remember from when I was an infant. And my summers over there.
I had never really liked it compared to my sunny home in Arizona. And I wasn’t willing to leave either.
I fought and fought and fought. I didn’t want to leave the only place that I knew. Where all my memories of…him existed. But at the end, I gave up in defeat.
Now, I was living here in the town that never shines. But the lack of sunlight never bothered me. I worshiped it. Less sun, less pain. The sun was a reminded of the past I had decided to put behind.
But just because I put it behind me didn’t mean I was willing to start over.
I was out of high school now. And I hadn’t planned on college. I was going to take the first year off though I planned on waiting much longer.
My days were spent inside the house or at my therapy sessions.
Yes, therapy. It was the only way Charlie, my father, would take me in. He thought it would help me out. But so far, nothing.
thank you!


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