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Nobody knew, but Sirius Black married Heather Roberts, a girl from Ravenclaw. It was kept quiet because they knew it would be a problem should Voldemort rise to and even greater power.

Allyson Rose Black was born July 1st, a month before Harry Potter. While Sirius knew he had a daughter, he hadn't seen her because he was so deeply involved with helping his best friend, James. Heather was also helping a friend, a young Muggleborn witch that had been in her house at Hogwarts, Andrea Wynhard.

A leak of information compromised Andrea's hiding place, and she fled to Heather. No sooner had she informed Heather of the intrusion, Death Eaters appeared and demanded for the 'fugitive.' Heather instructed Andrea to take Allyson, and flee. She died that night, standing against the Death Eaters, but her sacrifice saved Andrea and Allyson.

Without an idea of where to go, Andrea first took Allyson to her father. Sirius gladly took Allyson, and Andrea disappeared. It wasn't much later that Sirius had to give Allyson up. And though it pained him to do so, he left her in a muggle orphanage. She was fortunate to be adopted just weeks later into the Lilson family.

Andrea felt responsible for what happened to Heather, and therefore purposed to keep tabs on Allyson as she grew. The muggles unexpectedly moved to America.

So, the years went by, Ally grew up. Any outward magical abilities were dismissed, and she never knew she was adopted. But as her eleventh birthday nears, Ally becomes increasingly aware that she's 'different'. Will her secret past finally catch up to her? Even across the sea? OF COURSE!


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yesyesyes! i love sirius; keep me posted, please!
I love it! This is one of the first fanfictions I've read on here (even though it was only the prologue), and it will be one of my favorites! Can't wait for the first chapter!!!:D
Plz post!
POST OR DIE (laughs) Just joking or am I ? (O.O)

=_=" ooey....



posting more as soon as i stop accidentaly deleting the first chapter every time i have it almost done....

do what i do free write and if you like it post it :)

i am, it's just gets harder to rewrite what i've already written several times...



it sounds great
Chapter 1: the neighbor's house:

Ally's POV:

i was so ready for school to be over. it was the last day, and the teacher was forcing us to sit through a series of long, boring 'educational' movies. not that i was too thrilled about summer. for some reason, during the school years, i drifted away from all my friends. it hasn't been a hardship, i suppose i need a little time to figure myself out. that's what dad says anyway. except, i'm not sure he's an expert on social advice, being shut in the basement for a good part of the day, working on the sequel to his book.
'for your eleventh birthday ally, i'll dedicate this book to you.' he promised. my birthday was in four weeks. there was no way he would have the book done by then, but i suppose he said it because my mother is always bugging him to attend to his paternal responsibilities. it didn't matter that much to me, if i hadn't overheard my mother talking about it, i wouldn't have even cared to play along with my dad.
 the movie about bully prevention was absolutely riveting. the guy in the second row actually stopped snoring. then i noticed the murmuring. glancing at the clock, i knew why. two minutes to zero hour. i sighed and slouched back in my seat. i was going to take my time. no need to be trampled in the effort to get out of school sooner. the only thing waiting for me was my weird babysitter. so, the bell rang, and while everyone began to stampede out, whooping and calling out to friends, i slowly got out of my seat and gathered my things. by the time i had made it out to the hall, all that was there was the few kids who were burdened down with things from their lockers and some stray wrappers. i had cleaned my locker out yesterday, but i still had my sweater in there.
 as i approached the locker, i was startled when it banged open. a boy down the hall glanced back at me. i quickly grabbed the door to pretend i had just opened it. he continued to walk away. my heart was racing, and my

hands were trembling. it had been a

while since anything weird had

happened. when i say weird, i really

mean random, unexplainable events,

such as doors opening with no visible

help, clothes i hate crumbling to dust in

my hands, a broken china figure

mending all by itself....
i considered the incidents as i left the

school. i suppose i could just be crazy,

and they didn't actually happen, and i

have some sort of mental illness. once

again, my thoughts were abruptly

interupted when a familiar honking

i looked up to see my

babysitter/neighbor annie waving at

me from behind the wheel of her white

toyota corrola. every time i look at it, i

wince. there's hardly a square inch of

space that isn't dented, scratched, or

otherrwise disfigured. to say the least, she's not quite an outstanding driver, but i've managed to live this long. i still say a silent little prayer before boarding the distressed vehichle.
'how was school ally?' annie asked as i put my seat belt on. 'pretty boring. we watched movies all day.' i said simply. 'oh, well, it was the last day. do you have any summer plans?' she asked. 'well, i don't have any plans, but my parents might.' i said. 'hm.' she murmured. it took me a moment to realize we weren't going anywhere. i looked at annie. she had been staring at me. 'is something wrong?' i asked. she blinked and seemed to remember what she was doing. 'no. just lost in thought for a moment. ah.....yes, lets go....' she said, then began to pull out.
annie could be a little absentminded sometimes, off-road as well. i can't remember how many times she's burned food because she left it on the stove, or lost her purse, or gotten lost in a shopping mall. and she's not stupid, in fact, she's very smart, her brains just seem to fall out sometimes. mother says she needs to get married, a husband would straighten her out. dad just says she's young and is still figuring out life. i really don't care. i've just gotten used to her constant mistakes.
at her house, i usually watch tv and try to ignore all the smells of the strange plants she has. annie's cat is a gigantic grey striped tom who likes to sit in my lap. having a large, furry warm animal on your lap in the heat of summer can get very annoying. so, while i sit here with a fuzzy furnace on my lap, annie is on another one of her rants about computers.
'.....if they wouldn't make the bloody things so hard to turn on, i wouldn't say anything! i called the 'technical assistance' number, followed all of their instructions, and it still won't come on. i spent a pretty penny trying to get the newest thing, what a fat lot of good that did me.....' she fumed while banging around in the kitchen. i looked over at the computer, set out on a desk in the corner. it wasn't plugged in. wow. i could just leave it.....yeah, and she'll end up throwing it all away. i sighed pushed the cat off my lap. 'annie.' i called. she was muttering to herself. '.....stupid muggle contraptions....' she said that word alot, muggle. i assumed it was a cuss word. 'annie.' i said again. 'huh? what is it?' she asked. 'the computer runs off of electricity. you need to plug it in.' i said, bending down and plugging the plugs in to the nearest outlets. i leaned over and pressed the power button and the screen lit up. annie walked over, amazed. 'oh, i see now, it's just like the tv and the microwave. i should have known that....' she said. 'well, what else could it run off of, magic?' i asked. 'well, that's an idea they may try to consider, it would be a whole lot easier.' she said matter of factly.
another annie quirk. she seemed to believe in magic. she constantly buys products that claim to work 'like magic' only to discard them soon there after, usually with the phrase 'real magic is better.' dad said its just her way of stating she believes in higher things, whatever that means. magic would be nice, yes, especially if it would explain the unexplainable. but if you think of it that way, i suppose magic would be unexplainable as well.
i helped annie with her computer until i had to go home. the rest of the day went on as usual, chores, dinner, tv and bed. i went to bed and realized that this summer was going to be a real drag. then i found myself thinking about magic. wouldn't that be nice? i heard a considerable amount of ruckus outside and peeked out through the curtains. it was just annie, dragging her trash can to the curb to be picked up in the morning. she was the only one who could make that much noise to do such a simple task. on those thoughts, i fell asleep. magic and the next door neighbor.

Love it! I DEMAND MORE!!!!!!!!
























Please write more! :)


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