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Every puzzle has different pieces; for the most part the pieces are bright, happy… something you enjoy looking at.  But then there are the pieces towards the corners; always dark, shadowed… these are the pieces you would much rather remove from the puzzle altogether.

It seemed as though that were the consequence now, being what I had become.  The every growing puzzle that belonged to me grew depressingly darker with every happy moment I had.

Shouldn’t it be over?  Shouldn’t I get a free ride because of what I had been through in my life so far?  It seemed to be I had been through more craziness than the average human; it would only be fair, right?

It seemed like a joke now; my puzzle.  It would only be a matter of time before the whole thing was dark.






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OMG !!!!! that was omg!!!
thats all i can say ...
i cant believe bailey doesnt want to become a vampire.. maybe it was all the medicine she was on but still she was renesmees best friend and she hurt her like that.. it made me want to cry..
even though it was a sad chapter it was great !!


I know I'm like who wouldn't want to be a vampire right? I know I would wanna be a vampire :P

wahhhh!!!! bailey should choose vampirism!!! i mean, edward and all the others were transformed without anybody to fall in love with our whatever. more soon!!!
noooooooooooooooooo! dont let her die!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great chapter - but you're not done YET - right?! I can understand Bailey's POV -- maybe it's Nessie who has to 'grow up' a little!! Will read your next chapter soon - just wanted to give you ' 2 thumbs UP'!!
dang...she aint have 2 phrase it like that...but i understand what bailey was saying...nessie - jake, bella - edward, alice - jasper, emmett -rose, carlisle - esme..bailey...she'll b the female edward b4 bella....
i cant beleive bailey!
i still loved it though!
wow didn't expect that
20. Second Guessing.
(Bailey’s p.o.v)

What had I done? I had never seen Renesmee give a look with such… hatred in it before… not even when she talked about the Volturi… not even when she knew she would get hurt in the big fight… never.
She had spit at me, glared at me, and turned her back, leaving me to deal with the realization that I would die in a matter of days. Not months, not weeks… days.
And my best friend wouldn’t be there when it happened.
Tears rolled down my face as I silently came to grips that I would die alone.
Or even worse; would I die with my family around? My mom had called my dad finally last week, and he said he would drive as fast as he could… but would he be fast enough? Would he and my brother make it down here just in time to see me die? Or would my mother call them while they were on the road to tell him it was a wasted effort?
A sob escaped my lips at the thought of never seeing my brother again before I died… not seeing my father I could handle, but I missed my brother extremely… I hadn’t seen him in years. A nurse passing by outside happened to hear me, I held back my cries as she walked in, but I couldn’t hide the fact that my heart had both stopped, and leaped frantically in the past few minutes. She looked at the readings on the monitor and shook her head at me.
“Bailey, you need to calm down dear, we won’t be able to release you tomorrow if you keep this up.” That sent the heart monitor into a frenzy again.
“No… no I’m okay.” My voice cracked again, she could hear the sob building up in my throat. She patted my arm and began to walk away.
“Maybe we should give you something to calm you down…”
“No-“ she had already walked out the room again. I knew what she meant; morphine. A dose small enough to not numb my body, but a dose large enough to put me to sleep for more than a few hours. I would be asleep until they discharged me. I would wake up and go straight home. She thought she was helping me; assuring that I would go home tomorrow by making sure I would panic unnecessarily over anything. If only she knew how necessary my panic was.
I wouldn’t be consciously worrying about what lay ahead for me. That was comforting. But I would be able to think unconsciously… to dream about it. In itself dreaming was worse. My dreams were always so much more vivid than my thoughts.
Before I knew it I was sobbing again. Air pulling up my throat and making me breathe so heavily that it seemed I wasn’t sucking in any air at all. I was hyperventilating. I was borderline hysterical. The only thing that would change that would be for Renesmee to walk through the door. But she didn’t.
The nurse took forever. She always did. I hated the night nurses, they always seemed more focused on making Forks hospital a copy of the Grey’s Anatomy TV show, rather than being focused on the patients. But it gave me more time to think before I couldn’t keep my eyes open for more than five seconds at a time.
I hadn’t meant for what I had said to come out so horribly hateful. I had nothing against them…nothing whatsoever. They had been there for me countless times, all of them had been.
But the idea of becoming a vampire… I just couldn’t see it. I ad never seen it happen. Never even experienced a fraction of the pain it would cause. Three days of excruciating agony. Agony that nothing could be compared to… not even the pain of dieing. Which led me back to the words I had said to Renesmee.
I knew Renesmee wouldn’t keep this to herself. They would all know, and even Bella, who in my eyes seemed like the most understanding of them all, would be hurt by my words.
I imagined Alice’s face when Renesmee told her what I had said, I could easily see the expression; her eyebrows pulling up in the middle, her eyes growing wide, her lips quivering. She would be hurt most of all, next to Renesmee. Alice truly loved the person she was; the fact that she was a vampire included.
Carlisle would be hurt too; he was so compassionate and kind… always trying to make up for what he was. And I had so easily pointed out why he would never make it up. Even though I truly didn’t believe he was a bad person… he was so much more a father figure in my life than my own father had been, even when my parents were still together. I couldn’t believe I had hurt Carlisle.
And Esme… she had told me herself she considered me her daughter, along with the others in the family. How could I hurt my own mother?
I felt my heart race, and heard the monitor recognize the change. My nurse could hear the beeping from outside and, as if she had forgotten about me, ran back in with the morphine in her hand. I buried myself in pillows, squirming away as far as I could.
“No, no please… I really don’t need it! I’ll be fine!”
“You’re right,” she said tauntingly. “You’ll be fine… right after I give you this.” She tapped the syringe and connected it to my IV before pushing the plunger down and walking out of the room.
I felt the effects almost immediately. My vision blurred, and the room spun, threatening to make me puke. But I held myself together. Morphine had always done this to me. It took longer to work its magic on me… but once it had, I was out.
I fought hard against the tired feeling forcing itself on me, trying to think more before I couldn’t anymore.
What would I tell them when I got out?
Would they even be around for me to tell them anything?
Would they ever forgive me?
And the last question I asked myself before I completely gave up on fighting the morphine; What if I decided to change my mind… would they care to change me, or turn their backs?
Loved it!!:D
so good...... bailey............. dont let her die............ :(

update!!!!!! immediately!!


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